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Mining 2018 RX580 (Micron) 8GB ONLY 30MH/s!!
Hello Everyone! I wanted to show you my current findings on how I achieved 30MH/s on my Micron memory based MSI Armor OC RX 580 8gb. I am sure you may or may not get the same results but this is how I was able to get MORE MH/S out of my card. Please note I am not a pro Youtuber just wanted to spread the wealth instead of you having to buy it on Ebay for up to 15 bucks.PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR UNMODIFIED BIOS BEFORE FLASHING USING GPUZ!! In the ATI Flash folder you have the modified bios at the bottom of the folder. If this video worked for you please like or donate if not it's ok I know your just starting out :) Bitcoin Wallet: 3GyEEF2oZwGBbXQh2EKFEhGXL8MoNqKqXz Etherium Wallet: 0x3c87ff45397d07fd519bebdaf058857ebdf3b42b TOOLS: MSI Afterburner: http://download.msi.com/uti_exe//vga/MSIAfterburnerSetup.zip GPUZ: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/techpowerup-gpu-z/ FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK!! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF IT BRICKS YOUR CARD. PLEASE TRY CHANGING YOUR SETTINGS FIRST IN GLOBAL SETTINGS BEFORE FLASHING THE MODIFIED BIOS!! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y6MJxyPOQsRHpEiC9OczBqvhHCfeTGZ3
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OMG! EVGA B-STOCK! 980 FTW for 289.00!!
I recently stumbled on the EVGA B-STOCK from a spam tweet I received from EVGA. This 980 FTW for 289.00 was a steal bit I bought a 980 TI FTW for 330 with shipping included. Just remember to check periodically to see if 980 ti pops up!
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