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Aggressive Growth Strategy Overview
Portfolio Manager Evan Bauman describes the Aggressive Growth Strategy's investment philosophy, investment process and key attributes. Learn more at https://www.clearbridge.com/strategy-selector/institutional-separate-accounts/aggressive-growth.html
Scott Glasser on Risk-Adjusted Returns
ClearBridge Investments Co-Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager Scott Glasser discusses the relationship between risk and returns in the stock market, the implications of rising market volatility and his outlook for equities.
Investment Impacts of the Trump Victory
Senior Portfolio Specialist Jeffrey Schulze, CFA discusses what the Trump election means for both the broad stock market and specific sectors, including financials, energy and health care. See more at: https://www.clearbridge.com
Introduction to ClearBridge Investments
ClearBridge Investments is a leading global equity manager with $110.8 billion in assets under management. We are committed to delivering long-term results through active management as we have for more than 50 years and continue to offer investment solutions that emphasize differentiated stock selection to move our clients forward. To learn more about us visit https://www.clearbridge.com/
Large Cap Growth Strategy Overview
Portfolio Managers Peter Bourbeau and Margaret Vitrano describe the Large Cap Growth Strategy's philosophy, investment process and key attributes. Learn more at https://www.clearbridge.com/strategy-selector/institutional-separate-accounts/large-cap-growth.html
Anatomy of a Recession: Probabilities vs. Possibilities
In our latest AssetTV webinar, Investment Strategist Jeffrey Schulze, CFA presents a third-quarter update to his market and economic outlook. By separating possible from probable risks facing investors, Jeff explains why the indicators in the ClearBridge Recession Risk Dashboard continue to signal a low risk of recession. He also examines eight themes likely to drive markets over the next 12 months.
Energy MLP Strategy Update
1Q18 Update: Portfolio Manager Chris Eades discusses energy MLP companies' performance in the first quarter, the likely effects of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's recent ruling on interstate pipeline tax allowances and the supportive macroeconomic and fundamental environment for energy MLPs.
Mary Jane McQuillen 1Q16 ESG Update
Portfolio Manager and Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investment Mary Jane McQuillen reviews the first quarter from an ESG perspective, provides an update on the Sustainability Leaders Strategy portfolio, and discusses the relationship between ESG factors, quality and investment performance.
Hersh Cohen 1Q16 Dividend Strategy Update & Outlook
Co-Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager Hersh Cohen talks about oil prices and the economy in the first quarter, how the Dividend Strategy performed in the roller coaster market, and his expectations for dividend-paying stocks going forward.
Understanding Value Creation: A Framework for Capital Allocation Decisions with Brian Lund, CFA
Portfolio Manager Brian Lund, CFA, explains the key concepts underlying his recent White Paper on capital allocation decisions.
International Growth Strategy Update
Head of Global Growth and Portfolio Manager Elisa Mazen highlights the team's diversified approach that targets three types of growth companies -- secular, structural and emerging growth stocks -- the drivers of first quarter results and her outlook for developed and emerging markets. See more at: https://www.clearbridge.com
Dividend Strategy Overview
The Dividend Strategy Portfolio Management Team outline their investment philosophy and investment process, and highlight the Strategy's key attributes. Learn more at https://www.clearbridge.com/strategy-selector/institutional-separate-accounts/dividend-strategy.html
Aggressive Growth Strategy Update
Portfolio Manager Evan Bauman highlights recent strength in the energy and health care sectors and identifies the catalysts that could lead to a significant and durable shift in market leadership, including a normalizing volatility environment, unsustainably low valuations in some industries and an uptick in merger & acquisition activity.
Select Strategy Update
Portfolio Manager Aram Green discusses the different types of companies and investment strategies the Strategy targets, the substantial role of technology in the portfolio and across equity markets, what sectors have driven recent performance and where he is finding attractive opportunities.
Aggressive Growth Strategy Update
4Q16 Update: Evan Bauman gives a review of the market's fourth quarter, highlights of portfolio performance and his outlook. See more at: https://www.clearbridge.com
Webinar: The Anatomy of a Recession: What To Look For and Where We're Headed
In a new AssetTV webinar, Investment Strategist Jeffrey Schulze, CFA walks investors through his approach to the capital markets and the global economy, explains why the indicators in the ClearBridge Recession Risk Dashboard are typically good predictors of future economic weakness, and how mostly green signals indicate the current bull market and economic expansion have more room to run. See more at: https://www.clearbridge.com
Chris Eades 3Q15 Energy MLP Update and Outlook
Portfolio Manager Chris Eades gives an update on the energy master limited partnership (MLP) market, including his take on the recent volatility seen in the asset class, the future of the energy MLP business model, and his long-term outlook for energy MLP stocks.
ESG Investment Program Overview
Investing to make an impact can be achieved through investment strategies that integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into the stock selection process. Portfolio Manager Mary Jane McQuillen outlines how these strategies enable investors to reap the benefits of responsible, sustainable business and promote positive change through company engagement, proxy voting and raising awareness of ESG issues. Learn more at https://www.clearbridge.com/esg.html
Sam Peters, CFA, Chapter 2
ClearBridge Investments Portfolio Manager Sam Peters, CFA discusses the landscape of the stock market.
Schulze on CNBC's Power Lunch
ClearBridge Investment Strategist Jeffrey Schulze, CFA joins CNBC's Power Lunch to discuss his optimistic outlook for equities in the year ahead. Jeff also explains why he likes the energy MLP sector in particular. - See more at https://www.clearbridge.com/perspectives/video/2017/4q/schulze_cnbc_powerlunch.html
International Value Strategy Update
Portfolio Manager Sean Bogda, CFA, pinpoints the impact of trade tensions and tightening U.S. monetary policy on international equities, most notably in emerging markets, portfolio strength in energy and health care, and the outlook for value stocks in the second half.
Post-Election Outlook: Divided Congress
Investment Strategist Jeffrey Schulze analyzes the implications of a split Congress. A Democratic House should slow deregulation and health care reform and remove the prospect of additional fiscal stimulus, which could cause tariffs to become a greater drag on growth.
International Small Cap Strategy Overview
Portfolio Managers Sean Bogda, CFA, Paul Ehrlichman and Safa Muhtaseb, CFA explain the International Small Cap Strategy's investment philosophy, investment process and key attributes. Learn more at https://www.clearbridge.com/strategy-selector/institutional-separate-accounts/international-small-cap.html
International Value Strategy Overview
The Portfolio Managers for the International Value Strategy explain its investment strategy, investment process and key attributes. See more at https://www.clearbridge.com/perspectives/video/2016/international-value-overview.html
Small Cap Growth Strategy Overview
Portfolio Managers Aram Green and Jeffrey Russell, CFA, outline the investment philosophy, investment process and key attributes of the ClearBridge Small Cap Growth Strategy. See more at: https://www.clearbridge.com/perspectives/video/2016/small-cap-growth-overview.html
Aram Green on AssetTV Small Cap Masterclass
Portfolio Manager Aram Green contributed his views on small cap growth stocks in a recent AssetTV Small Cap Masterclass. During the discussion, he explained how innovative business and disruptive models are enabling smaller companies to take market share, the qualities ClearBridge seeks in new investments, opportunities in the IPO market, and the importance of strong company management teams to success. See more at: https://www.clearbridge.com Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The opinions and views expressed herein are of the Portfolio Managers listed as of the date shown, and may differ from other managers, or the firm as a whole, and are not intended to be a forecast of future events, a guarantee of future results, or investment advice. The statistics have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but the accuracy and completeness of this information cannot be guaranteed. Neither ClearBridge Investments nor its information providers are responsible for any damages or losses arising from any use of this information.
Large Cap Growth Strategy Update
Portfolio Manager Margaret Vitrano discusses late-cycle technology leadership, the benefits of media consolidation and managing portfolio risks posed by trade tensions with China and the strength of the U.S. dollar.
Small Cap Spotlight: ClearBridge PM Aram Green reviews the year so far for small caps.
Small Cap Spotlight: An uptick in interest rates may drive investors to rebalance asset allocations and leave some gems on the floor. ClearBridge PM Aram Green reviews the gains in small cap stocks this year and assesses the prospects for this asset class.
Vinay Nadkarni on Active Share Investing
ClearBridge's Head of Financial Intermediary Distribution, Vinay Nadkarni, explains the firm's approach to Active Share Investing, its sources in a given portfolio, and the role it plays in both investment management and product pricing.
Dividend Strategy Update
4Q16 Update: PM Michael Clarfeld, CFA, offers his review of the fourth quarter, an update on portfolio performance and his outlook. See more at https://www.clearbridge.com
ClearBridge's Jeffrey Schulze on AssetTV Outlook Masterclass
ClearBridge's Investment Strategist Jeffrey Schulze recently participated in AssetTV's Legg Mason 2018 Outlook Masterclass, where he provided his views on equity volatility, the resilience of the bull market as well as potential strengths and risks in the economy. See more at: https://www.clearbridge.com/perspectives/video/2017/4q/schulze-assettv-outlook.html
Upside Enthusiasm: ClearBridge PM Mike Kagan on the market and the months ahead.
Upside Enthusiasm: As the U.S. economy shows slow but steady growth, recent talk of the Fed easing its foot off the accelerator is a good sign for equity investors. ClearBridge PM Mike Kagan reviews the sectors that are currently performing well and scopes out the months ahead.
Large Cap Growth Strategy Update
Portfolio Manager Margaret Vitrano reviews recent drivers of market and portfolio performance, which stocks and sectors currently represent good opportunities and the importance of the consumer heading into 2018. See more at https://www.clearbridge.com
Introduction to ClearBridge Investments
CEO Terrence Murphy introduces ClearBridge Investments.
Appreciation Strategy Overview
Portfolio Managers Scott Glasser and Michael Kagan discuss the investment philosophy, investment process and key attributes of the Appreciation Strategy. Learn more at https://www.clearbridge.com/strategy-selector/institutional-separate-accounts/appreciation.html
Casting a Wide Net for International Growth Opportunities
Portfolio Manager Elisa Mazen makes the case for international equity investing, explains the International Growth Strategy team's diversified approach to sourcing growth ideas and highlights sectors and regions offering compelling long-term growth dynamics.
Jeffrey Schulze on AssetTV Equities Outlook Masterclass
Investment Strategist Jeffrey Schulze, CFA reiterated his bullishness for global stocks in a recent AssetTV Equities Outlook Masterclass. During the discussion, Jeff explained why the current economic expansion has room to run, highlighted sectors where he sees opportunity and described how a return to normal volatility levels should be a boon to active managers. See more at: https://author.leggmason.com/content/clearbridge/en-us/perspectives/video/2018/2q/assettv-equities-outlook-masterclass.html
International Growth Strategy Overview
The Portfolio Managers for the International Growth Strategy explain its investment strategy, investment process and its key attributes. Learn more at https://www.clearbridge.com/strategy-selector/institutional-separate-accounts/international-growth.html
MLP Masterclass with Michael Clarfeld, CFA
A spectacular turnaround in U.S. energy production — and demand for yield in an environment of persistently low interest rates — has led to increasing investor demand for shares of master limited partnerships. In this edited segment, ClearBridge Investments Portfolio Manager Michael Clarfeld, CFA joins Asset.TV moderator Evan Cooper to discuss what's fueling the popularity of MLPs and precisely where in the domestic oil and gas patch the opportunities lie.
Nasdaq TradeTalks on ClearBridge ESG ETFs
ClearBridge's Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investment Mary Jane McQuillen and Senior Research Analyst for Financials Stephen Rigo, CFA, recently joined Nasdaq's Jill Malandrino for a TradeTalks discussion about the importance of ESG for investors and how it works as part of ClearBridge's two new actively managed exchange-traded funds (ETFs). For more information about the new ESG ETFs, see the press release at https://www.leggmason.com/content/dam/legg-mason/documents/en/corporate-press-releases/market-perspective/2017/cbi-esg-etf-launch-release.pdf
Safa Muhtaseb on AssetTV International Masterclass
Portfolio Manager Safa Muhtaseb, CFA joined AssetTV to discuss opportunities in Europe, emerging markets and the benefits of active management for international investing. See more at: https://www.clearbridge.com
Impact Investing Masterclass with MJ McQuillen
Mary Jane McQuillen, ClearBridge's Head of ESG Investment, in AssetTV's recent Impact Investing Masterclass.
PM Margaret Vitrano on Active Investing in Technology
Attractive technology investments can be found outside mainstream benchmarks, says Portfolio Manager Margaret Vitrano.
Scott Glasser Market Update and Outlook
Co-Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager Scott Glasser discusses two of the most significant market topics of 2015 – commodities and liquidity – and offers his outlook for 2016.
Michael Testorf on AssetTV International Masterclass
Portfolio Manager Michael Testorf, CFA participated in AssetTV's International Masterclass, where he provided perspective on the recent equity sell-off, the benefits of a weaker dollar for U.S. investors in international strategies and why he sees strong growth potential in Europe and emerging markets. See more at: https://www.clearbridge.com
Evan Bauman Mid Quarter Update as of August 28, 2015
Following the recent spike in stock market volatility, Portfolio Manager Evan Bauman provides an update on his and co-PM Richie Freeman's views of the market, their current portfolio positioning, recent performance and changes to their outlook.
The MLP Market - An Update from Michael Clarfeld, CFA
ClearBridge PM Michael Clarfeld, CFA, discusses the current state of the Energy MLP market, his outlook for 2014, what to expect for MLPs in a rising rate environment and more.
Hersh Cohen in AssetTV's 2015 Market Outlook Masterclass
Hersh Cohen, ClearBridge Investments' Co-CIO and Portfolio Manager, gives his view on the prospects for the continuation of the "Golden Age" of dividends in 2015 in an excerpt from AssetTV's 2015 Market Outlook Masterclass. To earn CE credit and see the entire Masterclass, visit http://www.asset.tv/ For more on ClearBridge, visit http://www.clearbridge.com/
Sustainability Leaders Strategy Overview
The Sustainability Leaders Strategy Portfolio Management Team outlines their investment philosophy and investment process, and highlight the Strategy's key attributes. Learn more at https://www.clearbridge.com/strategy-selector/institutional-separate-accounts/sustainability-leaders.html
MJ McQuillen on AssetTV Responsible Investing Masterclass
As part of the recent PRI in Person Conference in San Francisco, ClearBridge's Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investment Mary Jane McQuillen joined AssetTV's Responsible Investing Masterclass. In a wide-ranging discussion, she addressed performance benefits of considering ESG factors in the investment process, impacts made by public companies and the importance of company engagement.

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