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Breakout trading vs fake out trading
A simple idea that the two don't go against each other but co-exist in their own capacities in the trading world.
Using high leverage to your advantage in Forex
High leverage is a big no no for most because it essentially reduces the margin consumed per trade leaving more margin available to take more trades. Hence it lures traders into over trading. Well then is it really the high leverage that's the culprit here or a faulty mindset that is digressing beyond solid risk/money management strategies to put more capital on the line? This video explains that the very idea of high leverage can actually be used to be more safe than most.
Why is being selective so difficult
A few major reasons why I think people fail to be selective in their trading.
The importance of being picky and selective
Its not uncommon to see people believe a winning trading system contributes the most to finding consistency over the long haul. While that's true to an extent, I personally believe the real essence of consistency lies in the depths of a mindset conducive to attracting that level of success. Being selective with your trading opportunities goes a long way in proving that you possess that ultra-important mindset edge.
Identification of Trouble Areas and Timing Exits
Response to a question posted at the discussion thread at Forex Factory. Its not uncommon to see people nail their entries but miss out on timing the exits well mostly. 100% accuracy is a terminology that the markets don't understand but nailing the exits at least most of the times is taking yourself way ahead in the race to consistency.
EUR/NZD analysis 26th Sept 2013
Response to a question put up at the forex factory discussion thread about a possible trade setup on EUR/NZD

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