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Agile Discovery - Arlen Bankston
Susana interviews Arlen Bankston on the process of Lean/Agile Discovery. Agile helps us "Build the thing right" and discovery helps us "Build the right thing". Teams are increasingly finding that these things must be done in conjunction to truly maximize the flow of value.
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Advanced ScrumMaster Skills Hour
One of the first Certified Scrum Trainers, Arlen Bankston, facilitates a power hour of Scrum Master skills and tips. Plus, get your questions answered about the Scrum Alliance Path to CSP® and preview the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster class. Visit LitheSpeed.com to learn more about the ACSM class and Agile coaching and training
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Lean Product Discovery with LitheSpeed
Sanjiv Augustine explains what to expect from LitheSpeed Lean Product Discovery consulting. Music Attribution: "Monster" by Six Umbrellas Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Six_Umbrellas/The_Psychadelic_And/2_Six_Umbrellas_-_Monster) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/
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Esther Derby - AgileCoachesCamp2014
In the first of my video series I chat with Ester Derby. We talk about Organizational Models and analyzing team dynamics vs individual coaching. Among other ideas we discuss the following change models. Hackman Model: http://www.team-diagnostics.com/the-model.php BJ Fogg Model: http://www.behaviormodel.org If you are interested in the video of this interview please go to the LitheSpeed Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/LitheSpeed Thanks Bob Payne
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Agile Training with LitheSpeed!
Peek into the LitheSpeed office and learn about our training style from Sanjiv and Arlen. Music Attribution: Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix) by spinningmerkaba featuring Morusque, Jeris, CSoul, Alex Beroza ccmixter.org/files/jlbrock44/33345 CC Attribution (3.0) (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)
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Agile Outside IT - Arlen Bankston
The trajectory of Agile methods continues upwards and outwards; not only into new organizations and industries, but increasingly beyond the realm of technology. This is leading to a set of cascading challenges and opportunities that lie in the application of Agile values, principles and practices to non-software domains. This workshop will explore a jargon-free framework based upon lean and agile methods that is easily grasped and applied in non-software development contexts. Examples of real-world applications in human resources, marketing, real estate, education and more will be shared and discussed, and exercises will help participants plot out how these methods might be applied in their own personal contexts. See more at https://lithespeed.com/
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Atlassian's Ship It
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Interview with Steve, an agile contractor (he does house construction and remodeling). I discovered that Steve uses agile and lean techniques to manage his Baltimore/Washington DC based construction business.
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LeanUX - Arlen Bankston
Susana interviews Arlen Bankston about LeanUX and it's use for teams wanting to incorporate iterative discovery with their Agile Delivery.
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Penny W. Atlassian - 20% Time
Penny W. from Atlassian describes their innovation technique - 20% time.
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Scaling Scrum with Scrum@Scale
In this webinar, certified [email protected] trainer Luiz “Q” Quintela breaks down the [email protected] basics. Topics include: [email protected] - What and Why The Executive Action Team Agile Organization Design The Product Owner Cycle The Scrum Master Cycle Linear Scaling Scrum of Scrums Meta Scrum Scaling the Daily Scrums This webinar is a quick but complete overview of what [email protected] offers. Visit LitheSpeed.com to learn more or chat with the LitheSpeed team about Agile coaching and training.
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Certified Scrum Product Owner: Train with LitheSpeed
Become a CSPO with Arlen Bankston, cofounder of LitheSpeed. Music Attribution: "Kokokur" by Pitx (http://ccmixter.org/files/Pitx/15328) 2008 - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)
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Can I have my cake and eat it too? Of course, as long as it is one slice at a time!  Raj Indugula
Do you love the idea of capturing customer requirements with lightweight user stories, but are struggling? Although user stories have been around since the early days of agile and fairly ubiquitous, teams continue to struggle with creating effective user stories that are truly useful in communicating the essence of the customer need and establishing the shared understanding between themselves and their customers. In this session, we'll revisit established patterns and principles of user stories and learn concrete strategies for creating user stories that capture our customer's needs, as well as tips for avoiding the most common pitfalls that many teams fall into when they first begin working with user stories. Leveraging easy to understand everyday examples we will collaboratively apply proven strategies and patterns to create small pieces of useful, testable functionality, and explore strategies for getting stories to “ready” and “done”. Outline/structure of the Session -Thinking in Stories -Story Types and Personas -Splitting Stories: Why and How? -Getting to Done: Lightweight techniques to creating acceptance criteria -Q & A Learning Outcome -Understand what makes for a good story and that story writing is a collaborative activity -Understand why we split stories and get familiar with different patterns to use and how -Understand the role of acceptance criteria in clarifying story boundaries and get familiar with example mapping as a lightweight way to collaboratively elicit acceptance criteria See more at https://lithespeed.com/
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Flow and Leadership with Sanjiv Augustine
Agile in Government Workshop at LitheSpeed 12/3/18 Flow and Leadership with Sanjiv Augustine
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Teams that Plan Together, Plan Better : Big Room Planning in the Enterprise
Hosted by Mario Sylvia Any kind of planning is an exercise in uncertainty. Especially so, in large enterprises where delivering value to the customer involves mutliple teams across disparate functional silos. Made popular by SAFe’s PI planning event, Big Room Planning has been used successfully by many organizations to connect the work of their agile teams to the overarching business strategy and to what they can deliver. In this webinar, LitheSpeed consultants share their story on how Big Room Planning ideas are being used to align teams, stakeholders, leadership on desired business capabilities, surface uncertainties, dependencies, and reach shared understanding and consensus on achievable outcomes in the near-term. It is our hope that some of the ideas discussed and resources shared will help you and your teams with your own near-term planning horizons. Outline: - Problem Context - 1-Day Agenda - Planning Artifacts - Outcomes & Improvement Ideas See more at https://lithespeed.com/
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Disrupting Ourselves  Moving to a Teal Organization Model  - Bob Payne
In his book Reinventing Organizations, Frederic Laloux describes the “Teal Organization” model. Teal organizations have an evolutionary purpose, self-managing teams with little or no organizational hierarchy, and individuals who bring their whole person to work rather than putting on a work face when leaving the house. Zappos is the most talked about organization attempting a transition to Teal. Bob Payne describes how his organization is becoming a Teal Organization. Since the concept of Teal is not a specific recipe, they are basing their transition on practices gleaned from other organizations and their history of helping truly agile organizations. LitheSpeed is starting the path of delegating most authority to team members including profit sharing and hiring decisions, using a Spotify Tribe model and extreme transparency, implementing a simple set of peer-based operating procedures, and deemphasizing titles. Bob shares lessons on building the organization, culture, and systems to support the transition. Although it’s early in the journey and the road is sometimes rough, Bob is excited about the prospect of a Teal future. Come hear the good, the bad and the ugly side of this long days journey into teal. See more at https://lithespeed.com/
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2018 Agile Learning Certification Roadmaps  Unpacked
With host Mario Sylvia and Raj Indugula - special appearance by Arlen Bankston. See all of our current trainings and more at http://www.lithespeed.com
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The Role of the Agile Leader - Agile Leadership Academy®
In this informational webinar, we'll provide a starting point for anyone interested in Agile Leadership. Learn what it means to be an Agile leader and how to map out your professional development path. Whether your organization practices SAFe®, Scrum at Scale, LeSS, or its own agile methods, we'll discuss your role in promoting and agile culture and transforming your teams. Participate in an Agile Leadership self assessment and discover how our mentors can help you grow. Following discussion of the basics of Agile Leadership, we'll open the floor to questions about the Agile Leadership Academy® program. Learn about the new Scrum Alliance® Certified Agile Leadership Credential 1 and how you and your team can obtain it. During this interactive webinar, either listen in the background or ask away- we'll discuss Lean and Agile leadership, the CAL 1, and the new management track of the ALA. See more at https://lithespeed.com/
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Scrum @ Scale Overview
Learn about the [email protected] Framework with LitheSpeed. More at lithespeed.com/scrum-at-scale
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Agile Coaches Camp 2014 - Agile Coffee Guys Brett Palmer and Jon Jorgensen
I chat with Brett Palmer (@brett_palmer), Jon Jorgensen (@waterscrumban) from the Agile Coffee Podcast. I met Brett and Jon at the coaches camp in 2014 and when they mentioned that they would like to chat on the AgileToolkit podcast. Little did I know that they also had their own podcast and that I had listened to a few episodes myself. Agile Coffee Episodes. http://agilecoffee.com/category/podcast/ We chat about the coaches camp, podcasts and a bit about SAFe. Enjoy Bob Payne
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Test Driven Dominos - GLASCON
George Dinwiddie and Bob Payne sharing a moment of TDD at the Government Lean Agile Software Conference. The video cut short but you can see the first part of our TDD talk with Test Driven Dominos and our introduction.
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Agile Metrics to Drive Business Agility
Hosted by Roland Cuellar Learn more at https://lithespeed.com/
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Managing Dependencies with a Portfolio Alignment Wall
Bob Payne in discusses a common scaling approach for maximizing the effectiveness of Individuals and Interactions by using best fit Processes and Tools. Combined cross team planning, visualization dependencies and managing value delivery across teams is common in all scaling approaches. In this webinar, Bob will talk about the interdependent design of these systems and the inevitable tailoring of such systems to best enable delivery. Learn several common patterns in Portfolio Alignment Visualizations and how they enable the people to rapidly understand the work and align effort to deliver in an ever evolving environment. Leave with a learned approach to focus on both the people and describing how the tools support the people. See more at https://www.lithespeed.com
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Agile Team Models for Handling Many Small Projects - Roland Cuellar
Much has been written about how to scale agile up to large programs, etc. SAFe, [email protected], LeSS, and other models have been designed to bring agile techniques to big projects involving dozens of teams and hundreds of people. But many organizations that we talk to have the opposite problem: lots of small projects all going on at the same time. Traditional agile methods are mostly designed around the idea of one stable team serving one project or product. But this is simply not a reality that exists in most large organizations where there are often dozens or hundreds of small projects going on. Staffing and team strategies for these environments can be a real challenge. In this talk, Roland Cuellar discusses various staffing models for dealing with this situation and the pros and cons of each.
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Project Portfolio Management and Its Impact on Project Delivery
Many organizations struggle with how to improve project performance and significant effort is placed on project management efforts. However, many of the issues that we see in project delivery have their origin upstream at the portfolio level. Challenges with schedule, scope, quality, and alignment are often natural outcomes of inadequate portfolio management. In this session, we will discuss portfolio management and it’s direct impact upon cost, quality, and schedule. We will then demonstrate methods for using agile ideas such as visualization, WIP limits, timeboxing, and other tools for dramatically improving project portfolio management and resulting project delivery. See more at https://lithespeed.com/
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Accelerating Business Side Agility
LitheSpeed Webinar Series with Roland Cuellar Agile often starts as an "IT thing" that development teams do to improve software development and quality. But in many cases, the business side is still, more waterfall and traditional in its approach to funding, approvals, and requirements. In this webinar, we will hear an experience report from Roland Cuellar on how we have accelerated business-side agility by: -Re- organizing from functional silos to Product-Based Value-Stream Teams -Redesigning the business requirements process to achieve a continuous flow of MMPs into the teams -Utilization of Big-Room-Planning techniques to create alignment across a wide set of stakeholders and dependencies -Design of a Product-Manager-to-Product-Owner fan-out concept to achieve omni-channel digital delivery -Design of a portfolio-level visualization system to track the flow of MMPs across multiple investments simultaneously The result is a 67% improvement on the business side velocity, combined with 15% cost reduction. See more at https://lithespeed.com/
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eWSJF VMO Portfolio Decision Making: Are you working on the right things?
Are you “going Agile” but your executives are still asking you for Gantt charts and delivery dates? Here’s an exercise to do with them instead. Usually, they just want to know when to check back on “the project”, and whether or not their money is being well invested. To answer the last question, many teams have discovered the “Weighted, Shortest Job First (WSJF)” method of project prioritization. Basically, if you have two items of equal effort, but one has twice the return on investment (ROI) of the other, do the one with greater ROI. And if you have two items of equal ROI, but one can be done in half the time, do the shortest job first. But that’s not enough. We all know of projects that had great promise, but customers wouldn’t pay for it. Lean Startup has discovered that emotions are one of the best leading indicators (predictors) of future product success. Emotional-WSJF (eWSJF) balances customer demand with Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), i.e. "this only has true business value if we can deliver within 2-3 sprints." I use eWSJF within my teams to prioritize Epics, and I’ll show you how to use it to keep your executives happy! It replaces the conversations about “Show me a Gantt chart,” and “When will this be delivered?” My executives instead ask, “Have you talked to any customers?” or “Can you build it faster?” To which my teams respond, “Yes we have talked to customers, and they’re even helping us beta test it!” and, “The next version will be delivered in two weeks, and here’s what it contains.” Explore eWSJF with LitheSpeed's Pete Oliver-Krueger.
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Double Aces
Why People Should Care: Do your retrospectives feel like a waste of time? Is participation like pulling teeth? Or do they devolve into chaos and bickering? Double Aces uses a 5-step structure that gets the conversation flowing, ensures that everyone is respected for their contributions, resolves misunderstandings, and fosters a collaborative spirit. See more at https://lithespeed.com/
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Sprint Planning and Progressive Elaboration   the Realm of the Product Owner
Do you struggle to keep your team focused during Sprint planning sessions? Are you frustrated that a seemingly simple discussion takes longer than it should? Does your Sprint planning ceremony take hours to complete? Are your stories truly “ready” for the team to begin work?' Join Michael as he describes some simple yet effective tools and tips for being a successful product owner. We are going to learn how to “get ready to sprint” so the team is happier, more productive and delivers what you need on time. After all, this begins with YOU! See more at https://lithespeed.com/
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Tom Paider - Author of the Lean IT Field Guide - Lean+Agile DC 2016
I speak with Tom Piader at Lean + Agile DC 2016. I have worked with Tom for many years and always love to see how he has helped transform his organization. Enjoy Bob Payne
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Advanced Agile Coaching and Management- The Improv Effect and LitheSpeed
Join LitheSpeed and The Improv Effect for Advanced Agile Coaching and Management (formerly Coaching and Training) at LitheSpeed HQ - Herndon, VA April 25-26, 2016. Dysfunction and apathy within the ranks can derail an organization’s vision, which is why it is essential to evolve the way you engage, motivate and develop your team. Advanced Agile Coaching & Training will give you a practical toolkit for managing Agile teams, teaching you—through experience—advanced personal and group facilitation skills and exercises that will reinvigorate and take your performance to the next level. Register at lithespeed.com Music is "I dunno" by grapes http://ccmixter.org/files/grapes/16626 Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Business Agility  Impact Mapping
Hosted by Roland Cuellar and Leila Rao Learn more at https://lithespeed.com/
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LitheSpeed Certified ScrumMaster Training Reviews
Three ScrumMasters-in-training review Sanjiv Augustine's CertifIed ScrumMaster course at our Herndon HQ on July 15, 2015.
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Peter Green
I discuss the Laloux Culture Model with Peter Green (@tptman) at the Scrum Gathering 2016 in Orlando. He has a great explanatory video for Teal and how Agile Fits in. See the video here https://vimeo.com/121517508 Enjoy
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Agile Coaches Camp 2014 Ty Crockett
Ty and I discuss the Agile Coaches Camp experience and his work with teams in the Dallas area. We spoke at the Agile Coaches Camp. Enjoy the video.
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Thiagi - Agile Coaches Camp 2014
I speak with Thiagi at Agile Coaches Camp 2014. He gave a wonderful keynote that added quite a bit of energy to the conference and kicked off the Games Day portion with style. Games are a critical tool for learning when we are children and we must continue to that tradition as we get older. While I have always enjoyed simulations and exercises in my coaching I personally have rediscovered games on the personal and professional front over the past 5 years. Kids and Thiagi will do that for you. http://www.thiagi.com Enjoy Bob Payne
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AgileDSM2014 - Brandon Carlson
Brandon and I talked about his work in Agile Transformation and the Agile Des Moines conference. I was happy to be a part of the first dsmAgile and it is alway great to chat with Brandon. Next Agile Des Moines is April 10, 2015 http://dsmagile.agileiowa.org Enjoy -bob
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Agile Coaches Camp 2014 - Tim Ottinger - Safety in Software Development
Tim Ottinger talks about his work within Industrial Logic to make the transition to Agile safe for organizations and the people delivering the transformation. We spoke at the Agile Coaches Camp in 2014. Enjoy the talk
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AgileGamesDay2014 Lego Serious Play - Ellen Grove and Andrew Annett
Ellen, Andrew and I talk about Lego Serious Play at the Agile Games Day 2014. I first encountered the serious play series at this Games Day. It is an amazing system and I hope to use it in my Agile coaching and consulting soon. I think you will enjoy this interview as much as I did. Here are some links to Serious Play: - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_Serious_Play - http://www.lego.com/en-us/seriousplay/ Thanks Bob Payne
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BenFoster - The Right Product Backlog - LeanAgileDC2015  1 SD 480p
Ben joined us at the Lean Agile DC conference and spoke about Building the Right Thing rather than building the wrong thing right. He works as a product strategist with startups. Hope you enjoy the talk.
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Russ Wangler - Agile Leadership Explored
I speak with Russ Wangler on a variety of topics related to Agile and Agile Leadership. We chat about the critical role of leaders, middle management, teams and individuals in the delivery of software systems. We also explore some of dogma around Agile and how to scale and de-scale Agile implementations. Enjoy -bob payne
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Karyn Hayes-Ryan - Agile Executive Forum 2016
Sanjiv Augustine chats with Karen Hayes-Ryan about the Agile Executive Forum 2016. See more at https://www.agilealliance.org/agile-executive-forum-2016/
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Scaling Playbook: Adapting Agile for Larger Endeavors
Is your organization trying to use agile methods on large programs? If so, do any of these issues sound familiar? Difficulty achieving agility on large complex programs, trouble synchronizing across multiple teams, balancing agility with architecture and design, getting complex epics and stories to 'dev-ready'? Explore specific plays you should be making at the leadership level to shift from Agile teams to an Agile organization. These plays will provide guidance to anyone interested in scaling Agile methods to large efforts, and will be useful for all roles. Visit LitheSpeed.com for support scaling Agile.
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Agile DC Executive Summit 2014
Center for Innovative Technology Herndon, VA Hosted by LitheSpeed
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