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London Travel Tip - Prepaid Sim Card
If you're staying in London for more than a couple of days, get a prepaid sim card. So much cheaper than other options. Seriously, don't trust your phone company back home to get it right. I had no service when I tried that the year prior. This way is the best way to go. Takes a little effort and time, but have lunch near the place. Totally worth it.
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Ororo Heated Jacket Review IV: Battery Life Times
For this review, I test out the battery life on each setting of the Ororo Heated Jacket. The results? Actually, not too shabby.
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IRS Phone Scam Recorded and Played Along With
I waited WEEKS for one of these calls, and kept missing them. I even called them back twice. Their phones are always busy or the voicemail is full. Finally, I got to talk to IRS Officer Steve. We had fun! Well, I did. (Seriously though, be aware of these scams. They say a LOT of gibberish that may sound like legit boilerplate for the IRS. But remember that the real IRS MAILS you information before ever calling. Let your more gullible friends or family know to just hang up and then block the phone number.)
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Ororo Heated Jacket Review II: Outside in Seattle (Bellevue)
Okay, the medium was too small. The large might be a bit too big, but erring on this side is preferred. I've been using it about a day now and it's serving me well in 30+ degree weather. Notably, it keeps the back and chest warm. You'll still need gloves and a cap to protect other body parts. I like it a lot. Even inside, I tend to use it to stay a little warmer than the thermostat. If you tend to get cold easily, this is a godsend. Well, a $150 godsend at least. Product Information can be found on the company website: https://www.ororowear.com/collections/men/products/men-heated-jacket-black
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Joseph 2010 at Tri-Valley Repertory Theatre
Watch a quick montage of the many wonderful moments from Tri-Valley Repertory Theatre's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." Playing through August 8, this show is sure to be a sell-out production. Order tickets at the Bankhead Theater.
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Review of I Love Kickboxing. What to expect if you join. Pain Perhaps.
A solid place for a great workout. It's big on conditioning and heavy bag work, though not focused on competitive sparring. Good for adults and kids, and you're not likely to get injured ... unless you bang up your knuckles on the heavy bags. The people are great. The atmosphere is conducive to improvement. Check out the video; then check out the place.
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2002 England London Dungeon
Yes, it is silly and cheesy, but if you go with the right people, it can be a lot of fun too. I guess you just have to know what kind of person you are. The video pretty much sums up the kind of place it is. Live a little and check it out. Now, mind you, this was in 2002. I'm sure it's changed a lot since then (updating in 2016). The next time I'm in London, I'll likely return, although they did move locations. (How are there 2 dislikes?!? I mean, the video doesn't claim to be anything at all. It's just some pseudo-infrared recordings of a tourist attraction in London. But hey, suum cuique.)
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All Shook Up Video Trailer
TVRT proudly presents "All Shook Up" at the Bankhead Theater in Livermore, California, featuring the songs of Elvis Presley and based on William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night."
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Swedish Krona
A whole new currency to learn. Of course I usually just hand over a fistful of coins and trust the shop clerk to do the rest. It saves both people a LOT of time that way. And most seem to like helping.
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70s Candy Box Review
Nostalgic candy of the 1970s. This was such a cool gift from my friend in Texas. I ate all the candy far too fast though. I may have a problem.
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Product Review: Wireless Microphone (Hotec)
I needed something inexpensive, but not too cheap. I mean, it has to sound somewhat decent. This does the job. I'm not comparing it to anything else. For me, I think it suffices just fine. REMEMBER: THIS IS A FAST AND SIMPLE REVIEW. I just show that it works. How well? I can't say. It moves sound --- with what purity and to what extent...well, that's beyond the scope of this review.
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Canon 77D Review - My First Thoughts
This isn't an in-depth review. I don't cover specs or deep comparisons. I just give the basics and how I feel when comparing it to the Canon 550D (my previous camera). Summary? Well, you'll have to watch the video for that.
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Dyna-Glo Propane Heater Review -- Awesome Amount of Heat!
Winter isn't coming, winter is here, and I haven't got time for the cold. I invested in a propane heater to rescue myself from the cold depths of winter. The results? Quite helpful! For me, I needed the safer option, but this is also pretty powerful and heats a garage fairly fast.
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Exploring Pompeii: Travel Video
We booked a 40-person bus tour. Was that the best option? Well, the seats were comfy and the ride was smooth. Not worrying about fees or parking was great. There are many fine pros about a large tour. Mainly...it was cheap! But you don't get to pick and choose what you see. Time is limited. There were a few things I would have liked more time at. And other things were missed entirely. However, it's a trade-off. And the city remains. I can always return. This was just a taste. Pompeii is amazing. Very crowded in high summer (July) and quite warm. But not pouring down rain. And I'll take the former over the latter any day of the week. Lots of history there. Do check it out!
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Product Review: Slime -- Flat Tire Fix
Does it work? I wish. But even with a very small hole in my tire, this product did nothing to help the situation.
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Moccamaster Review -- For Those That Must Have Great Coffee
It's not cheap. I'll put that out there first. However, for some, the investment is worth the price. And it does make a damn fine cup of coffee. Would I pay that much for it? That's all in the review.
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Review: 3D Printing and 3D Printer: Ender 3
I finally joined the 3D printing game. And wow, I've learned a lot in the past few weeks. It's an amazing hobby, with so much potential. I mean, you can build almost anything you desire. If you learn to model, then it's a great help. There are several free modeling programs out there, with videos to teach. Overall, I'm having a great deal of fun with this, but it helps a lot to get the glass hotbed and figure out the proper temperatures. Oh, yeah. And also pick up a can of Aqua Net.
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Certain Dri Round II
After almost a year, I figured I could try another round of this. Actually, I had it near my desk, so I tried it on occasion here and there, but I figured maybe a good attempt would be a full week of use. The results? Alas, the same. It's in the garbage now. Just no luck. But individual results may vary. Some have success with this product. I envy them.
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Club Quarters Hotel
Checking out the Club Quarters hotel.
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Foot Massage in Taiwan
I will never forget this foot massage. And that's because of the PAIN! Now, I have a high tolerance, but wow, it was extreme. There are many nerves in the feet--you could torture a person that way. And I think they were! Granted, my friend spoke Taiwanese and was likely telling the lady to use extra force to make me suffer. And suffer I did. It was still fun. Just tell the person to go lightly. Or learn the word "gentle" in Taiwanese or Mandarin. The other parts of the massage were very nice. The price was great too.
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Product Review: CO2 Inflator
If you're biking a lot and flat tires are a concern, this makes a nice addition to a riding kit. Granted, it's still wise to carry a pump, but this offers a nice feature that a pump does not have. And it was totally necessary for me on one ride.
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Ororo Heated Jacket Review V: A Return to Seattle (Night Skiing)
With a backup battery in hand (in coat) I headed back up to Seattle (Bellevue, well, Snoqualmie) to see how the jacket faired in night skiing (snowboarding). It did pretty well. I used two less layers this time and was warm enough. It was a tad warmer than the previous visit (if 28 degrees is warm) and I never felt cold in the core. The spare battery worked great when the main one drained. I don't have the exact times yet. It seems close, though perhaps a little less than the original battery. I'll keep testing for that. As always, like or comment (as they all help considerably).
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Ororo Heated Jacket Review III: Snowboarding in Washington
Here's a fun test: seeing how the jacket does in 28-degree weather (and colder!) Up in the snowy mountains, I had to see if the jacket would help me fight off all that is cold, harsh death. The verdict? It's hard to say. Product Information can be found on the company website: https://www.ororowear.com/collections/men/products/men-heated-jacket-black
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2002 England Paris Return Train
Now, we're taking the Chunnel and returning to London. It was a memorable trip.
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Helsinki Music Group
Some great string music in Helsinki, Finland.
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Exploring Capri -- No Wonder the Rich Love it Here!
Often the best places are the ones you can only visit by boat. And Capri is not to be missed. The views are amazing and if the weather is nice, the place is paradise (but with crowds). For time of stay, I think one full day is fine. Once on the island, there are lots of restaurants and shops, but if you don't shop much and have your belly full, then the activities do decline fairly fast. Definitely worth a visit though. And a boat tour will offer many things to do before and after the island (waterfalls, swimming, grottos, etc.) Cheers! James
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Sanctuary House Hotel
Thoughts about the Sanctuary House hotel room.
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Black Mirror Season 4 Rankings --- My Top Pick May Surprise You
I meant to take it slow, but they were too good! Still, only one can claim the top position. I rank episodes so my opinions can become yours. Seriously though, don't watch this until you've seen the full season.
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1960s Candy Box - Opening and Exploring 1960's Candy
Review of 1960s candy. Let's see what my good friend sent me this time around.
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Travel Adventure: Snowboarding at Snoqualmie Summit
Hey, why not? It was a fairly cold day on the mountain; however, a fun time, we all had.
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Trying Betel Nuts
Trying out some Betel Nuts in the streets of Wulan. Quite the different experience.
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Ha Long Bay - Narrated
Created on May 21, 2011 using FlipShare.
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Review Transparent Bulk Pre Workout
I try new pre-workout supplements from time to time and review them for others. Remember, I'm no professional. Lifting is just a hobby for me, so take it as just one guy's opinion. That said, it's effective and has an okay taste (none of them seem to have great tastes, but many do have awful tastes). I'll review it again once I complete the first container. Background music from https://www.bensound.com (support awesome stuff!)
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Acting 101: Musical Auditions - Part II
It's the whole nine yards: acting, singing, and dancing. Musicals can be the most difficult auditions for many. Just so many aspects to it, and one must excel at all of them. Part II covers preparing for the audition. What to bring and what songs to sing (and how much).
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Krakow Salt Mine in Poland
This was my second tour aside from Auschwitz. The tour led groups far down into the earth to see how salt was mined a long time ago. But they didn't just mine. They made exquisite carvings and even a chapel for workers to marry or pray. This is a must see when visiting Krakow. Highly worth it. It's like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," only with a salty theme instead of sweet. Created on April 4, 2009 using FlipShare.
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Pike Place Clam Chowder Review
Pike Place Clam Chowder has a crazy long line. Prepare to be there awhile. It's not bad, though I didn't find it amazing or anything.
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Hanging out in Torku
Exploring Torku, Finland.
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Scotland Edinburgh Castle
This place definitely rivals the Tower of London, and has a much more creative Crown Jewels exhibit. If you're only in town for a day, this is a must-see place.
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2018 Italy -- Naples and Its Famous Pizza
Italy, 2018 -- Exploring Naples. It was a quick few hours in the historical city of Naples, but quite interesting. And of course, we had to try the world-famous pizza. It was ... okay. Music: You’re free to use this song in any of your videos, but you must include the following in your video description: Bushwick Tarantella by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300002 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Certain Dri -- Sure, Great Reviews from Others,  But Does It Truly Work?
I wanted this to work so much. It sounded just like the best invention other, especially for anyone that sweats a lot. And yet ... well, the review tells the whole story.
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Par 4 for Murder Rehearsal
Just a few snippets of us preparing in the Green Room before our Murder Mystery Dinner Show at the Castlewood Country Club in December, 2011.
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Ororo Heated Jacket Review - Tech: 1, Winter: 0
A heated jacket, you say? SIGN. ME. UP! And I guess take my money. But okay, I'll bite. We sent a man to the moon and now this. Life is good. The verdict? Well, watch the darn video! Okay, it's pretty good. Nice and warm. The size I tried is medium, but I'm returning it for a large and that's rare for me. It's very seldom that large fits. The battery is a good size--not a massive brick. How long it will last remains to be seen. I have to wait for the large one to arrive... Which happens the day after I fly to Seattle (where it's cold!) Product Information can be found on the company website: https://www.ororowear.com/collections/men/products/men-heated-jacket-black
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Breakaway Review - Learning to Swing Dance in Oakland
While we can't turn back time, we can recreate a time long past. One way is by dancing to a bright and hopping style done roughly seven decades ago: swing dancing. But one has to learn how. With modern dancing being more of a free-for-all improv style, swing dancing is a bit more complicated. Luckily, there are lessons and places to practice. Once such place exists in Oakland, California, and I ventured out to test the waters. The waters were nice.
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Trader Joes Chicken Vindaloo
I too can evaluate food!
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Ororo Heated Jacket Review - Blue Camouflage Jacket
And now for something not completely different, but perhaps a little different. This coat is like the standard black one, but with a few changes here and there. Check out the review. And of course like or subscribe to stay updated on the latest reviews. For more information on the jacket, or to buy it directly from Ororo, visit here: https://www.ororowear.com/collections/men/products/ororo-camo-heated-jacket-navy
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Sorrento Ebiking -- Taking an eBike around the hills of Sorrento, Italy
This was a fun adventure. The electric bikes are "pedal assist," so you do have to churn the legs quite a bit, especially when you hit the hills. It was my first foray into the world of electric bikes, and it inspired me to build my own. In this video, you see the stone walls of the city, and some of the amazing views once you ride up the hills. Do LIKE or SUBSCRIBE! I have more videos regarding ebikes on the way!
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Ororo Heated Jacket Spare Battery Review -- Are Knockoffs Worth It?
Well, first and foremost I had to have a spare battery. I could not freeze while I waited for the power pack to charge (and yeah, 60 degrees is freezing for me). It was either spend $70 on a brand name, or try a knockoff from China. Well, warranty be damned, I opted for the cheaper one. And I'm glad I did (so far at least). The times are less and the quality is ... well, just watch the video for the details.
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Royal Scot Hotel Day 2
Reflections back at the hotel on day 2
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2015 Sea Crossing England to Ireland
My list of ferry crossings is growing. There's not much to see once at sea, but with a tablet and a movie, it's all good.
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Custom Electric Bike -- Built from a Kit on eBay
First, sorry it's a little quiet. I recorded around 3am, and well, I didn't want to be too loud. So the ebike is built and rideable. In short: it's awesome! I highly recommend such a project if you want a new adventure. And the cost can range depending on if you have a donor bike already and don't go too crazy on the battery. I actually would probably buy a smaller battery if I had to do it all again. I don't use the full power 99% of the time. Thus, a 100-watt motor is also overkill. But DO GET THE LCD monitor! The kits without the monitor are useless for pedal assist, and twisting the throttle all the time is not that much fun. I made this mistake and it cost me a fair amount. Finally, it goes without saying, but do be careful. These things are nowhere near as fast as motorcycles, but a substantial motor on the wheel can be dangerous if not respected. Take great care around traffic (and pedestrians). And when the riding is about over, consider turning off the motor before coming to a stop and dismounting--just to be extra safe. But enjoy! And leave a comment if you have built one too. I would love to hear more stories. Oh yeah, and USE A HELMET!!! (If you don't already)
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