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The Right Way To Buy Options -  Long Vertical Spread
www.SkyViewTrading.com Most traders start out buying options because it’s the simplest option strategy to understand. If you think a stock will go up, you’d buy a call. If you think the stock will go down, you’d buy a put. Well this is NOT a very good trading strategy because you’ll lose money every single day due to time decay. No smart investor is going to buy a depreciating asset and call it an investment. Watch this video to learn a better way to buy options to make a directional bet on a stock but WITHOUT time decay hurting you. We’re going to show you how to trade the Long Vertical Spread to accomplish this. Also, make sure to sign up for our FREE 3 Video Lesson Series at www.skyviewtrading.com! Adam Thomas Sky View Trading what are options how to trade options how to buy options option pricing options explanation stock options option strategies Vertical Spread Option Strategy Vertical Spread Iron Condor Bull Call Spread How To Trade a Vertical Spread option trading basics option time decay
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Option Trading Basics - Simplest Explanation
www.skyviewtrading.com Stock Options can be SO boring to learn. In this video, I explain what options are by relating them to something everyone can understand. And also, why they exist in the first place. Watch this simple video to finally understand options that have been rattling your brain trying to learn. Adam Thomas Sky View Trading option trading basics what are options option trading explanation stock options explanation how to trade options
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Iron Condor Options Trading Strategy - Best Explanation
www.SkyViewTrading.com The Iron Condor… Don’t let the name intimidate you. It’s actually pretty simple and is one of the most powerful option strategies that exists. The strategy consists of a short call and put, and also a long call and put as protection to limit our risk. This way, we are able to sell option premium even with a small account and with very little risk. Watch this video to learn how to trade the Iron Condor to make a low-risk non-directional trade that allows you to collect option time decay and also capitalize on high Implied Volatility. Also, make sure to sign up for our FREE 3 Video Lesson Series at www.skyviewtrading.com! Follow us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/skyviewtrading Like us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/skyviewtrading Adam Thomas Sky View Trading how to trade an iron condor iron condor tutorial what are options option pricing options explanation stock options option strategies Iron Condor Iron Condor Option Strategy option trading basics option time decay
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Intro to Option Spreads
Want to see more?: www.skyviewtrading.com If you want long term trading success, you HAVE to learn how to trade option spreads. These can be very intimidating and boring to learn... until now. I created this video that should teach you the basics of option spreads in 5 minutes. Watch this 5 minute video and get started learning why spreads are an absolute must. Enjoy, and let me know if you still have questions! Adam Thomas Sky View Trading option trading options 101 option spreads vertical spread calendar spread strategy trader how to trade options credit spread debit spread calls
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3 Common Psychological TRADING Mistakes
See more at www.SkyViewTrading.com A large part of successful trading comes from mastering your mind and your thoughts. Sadly, many traders are making psychological mistakes and don’t even realize it. Let’s talk about the 3 most common psychological mistakes traders make… We’ll also include some suggestions for you if you are struggling with any of these. Enjoy! Adam Thomas www.skyviewtrading.com cut losses option profits trading strategy strategy trader trading mistakes biggest mistakes traders make how to best trading strategy option strategy option trading options stock trading forex trading
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How to Make Money Trading Options - The Vertical Spread
www.SkyViewTrading.com The Short Vertical Spread (aka Vertical Credit Spread) is the most basic options trading spread. A Short Vertical Call Spread is a bearish/neutral strategy that consists of a Short Call and a Long Call… And a Vertical Put Spread is a bullish/neutral strategy that consists of a Short Put and Long Put. Use this option spreads strategy to sell option time premium with very little risk and capital. Quit letting time decay ruin your trades and start letting it work in your favor. You can trade this strategy with an account size of just 2k while allocating very little capital to each trade. Watch this video to fully understand how this strategy works and how to trade it. Also, make sure to sign up for our FREE 3 Video Lesson Series at www.skyviewtrading.com! Adam Thomas Sky View Trading option spreads strategies option strategies Vertical Spread Option Strategy Vertical Credit Spread Iron Condor How To Trade a Vertical Spread option trading basics option time decay consistent options income
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Options Trading: Understanding Option Prices
www.skyviewtrading.com Options are priced based on three elements of the underlying stock. 1. Time 2. Price 3. Volatility Watch this video to fully understand each of these three elements that make up option prices. Adam Thomas www.skyviewtrading.com what are options option pricing how to trade options option trading basics options explanation stock options
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thinkorswim Tutorial - How to use the Analyze Tab
www.skyviewtrading.com In this thinkorswim tutorial, we show you the power of the Analyze Tab. In our opinion, thinkorswim is by far the best platform available to traders (especially option traders). It just takes some getting used to. That's why we made this tutorial showing how we use the analyze tab everyday to monitor positions or analyze current trades. At Sky View Trading we are professional options traders and educators. We teach our members our proven methods of making consistent money each month by trading options. We have strategies for all account sizes and skill levels including aspiring new traders to more advanced traders trading six-figure portfolios. We teach our strategies and mindsets that are required to be able to trade successfully over the long term. We trade with an edge in the market that 90% of options traders often ignore. This edge is a tribute to our success and the backbone to the way we trade. We focus our trading primarily on options. Options are an amazing trading instrument because we are able to trade with an extremely high probability of success where we can make money without having to predict the future direction of a stock. 10% of traders make 90% of the money in the stock market. At Sky View Trading, we strive to be as real and as transparent as possible as we teach you to become a part of that 10%.
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SPX options vs SPY options?
Get more free videos like this at www.skyviewtrading.com There is no doubt about it; SPY options are way more liquid than SPX options. But tonight I share with you WHY I choose to trade SPX over SPY. Free Members Only Video Lesson at the Link Below Without Any Signing Up... Just click and watch!! www.skyviewtrading.com/increase-your-probability-of-success/ Adam Thomas Sky View Trading
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When to Cut Losses Trading Options
"Cut your losses small and let your winners run"... If only it really were that easy. Trust me, it isn't. Check out this video if you ever struggle about where to cut losses. What you learn is probably different than what you've ever seen online but that's a good thing, as 90% of traders actually lose money because they listen to bad (usually free) advice... Enjoy! www.SkyViewTrading.com Adam Thomas ---------- Sky View Trading Adam Thomas Iron Condor Stop Loss Stop Order Market Order Limit Order Options Cutting Losses Taking Profits Risk Management
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See more at www.skyviewtrading.com There are 4 big mistakes almost every trader makes. Luckily, they can be easily fixed. These mistakes I highlight in this video are probably things you haven't heard before. Luckily we can flip these points around and come up with a very powerful trading strategy. Charlie Munger once said, "problems frequently become easier to solve if you turn them around in reverse... unless you're more gifted than Einstein, inversion will help you solve problems". This is what I did in this video. I use inversion to show you exactly why 90% of traders lose money, and how you can capitalize on their mistakes. Adam Thomas www.skyviewtrading.com cut losses option profits trading strategy strategy trader trading mistakes biggest mistakes traders make how to best trading strategy option strategy option trading options
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IS THE STOCK MARKET PREDICTABLE? | Efficient Market Hypothesis
www.SkyViewTrading.com Is the stock market predictable? Many would argue YES... But the Efficient Market Hypothesis says that it's impossible to “beat” the market because all current and relevant information is already factored into the stock price. Most traders defensively argue against this theory because if it were true, then that means they can’t outperform the overall market… So why even try? It is up to you to decide for yourself... We, on the other hand, are advocates of this theory that the markets are incredibly efficient. But we see it as a GOOD thing because we know that as long as we are trading liquid assets, the pricing is always very fair. In this video, we show you a demonstration of Market Efficiency, and we also explain what this means to our trading. Adam Thomas Sky View Trading is the market rigged stock market predictable how to predict the stock market how to pick stocks efficient market hypothesis efficient market theory market efficiency how to trade options options trading stock trading
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Sky View Trading Live Trade in GLD
www.SkyViewTrading.com Adam Thomas In this video, I make a live trade in GLD (Gold) Options. I compare the Implied Volatility between GDX and GLD and decide that GLD is a better fit. I trade a skewed Iron Condor to accompany my Bullish opinion on GLD, as well as take advantage of the high Volatility. My strike selection for this option strategy allows me to have no risk to the upside.
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$4,300 Trading Profit on iPad
www.skyviewtrading.com As I was managing my trades today on my iPad, I decided to talk to you about a recent trade I closed in SPX. I put on a bearish trade in SPX on February 12th when SPX was trading at 1850. Well, today I was able to close this trade for a profit of 4,300 even though SPX rallied over 200 points against me! The video wasn't planned and is very casual. Regardless, hope you enjoy! Adam Thomas Sky View Trading Iron Condor Trading on iPad Mobile Trading Iron Condor Options Trading Options Option Spreads Sky View Trading Review
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Margin Requirements & Risk in an Iron Condor
In the free video, I go over how to calculate your risk and your margin requirements when trading an Iron Condor.
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Managing Calendar Spreads in Facebook (FB)
www.skyviewtrading.com In tonights free video, I explain how to manage a calendar spread that is going against you to possibly turn it into a winner.
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Trade Review - POT
www.SkyViewTrading.com Knowing when and how to adjust a position is one of the trickiest parts about successful trading. In this video, I break down my recent trade in POT and show you how I managed to turn a $350 per contract loser into a breakeven trade.
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How To Succeed in Trading Options
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Trading FB Earnings
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Trading on a Laptop with Limited Screen Space
www.skyviewtrading.com As a trader, we have the luxury of being able to trade anywhere we can get an internet connection on our laptop. However, many of us use multiple displays while trading at home and find it hard to adjust when we are trading on a laptop as small as 13 inches. I have a very unique trick that allows me to trade very effectively on a laptop with limited screen space on a Macbook.
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Experiment: Theoretical vs Actual Probabilities
I wanted to see if the theoretical probabilities lined up with the actual probabilities. After all, I do consider these probabilities on every trade I make so it only makes sense to see how accurate they are. These two probabilities are Probability ITM and Probability of Touch, and they are found in the ThinkOrSwim option chain. www.skyviewtrading.com
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High Volatility in LNKD
The high IV in LNKD is providing us with opportunities. Let's take a look at a trade I placed in the LNKD options today. www.skyviewtrading.com
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Bullish in Caterpillar (CAT)
Almost every stock is over extended here.. I'm short just about everything.. I needed to add some long positions to my portfolio to offset some of my upside risk. CAT is one of the few stocks I like to the long side here.. Let's take a look at my trade in CAT options and why I like this trade. www.skyviewtrading.com/become-a-member/
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Free Trade Idea in GDX Options
GDX has an Implied Volatility that is in the upper end of it's range (in the 86th Percentile to be exact) And there were a few trades in there that made a whole lot of sense. Let's analyze these trades. www.skyviewtrading.com
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Live Market Action - CAT Follow Up
The markets got hit hard today. I've been waiting on this move for awhile now. Yesterday I uploaded a video highlighting a trade I entered in CAT where I got long via a bullish option strategy. In this video, I go over the importance of mean-reversion, as well as an update on the long CAT trade in this down market.
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