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ABC News report on HBO's "Captain Midnight"
In April 1986, then-25 year old John MacDougall jammed the signal of the Home Box Office (HBO) as a means of protesting the channel's decision to charge satellite television viewers $12.95 per month.
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Former NSA boss: "We kill people based on metadata"
May 11, 2014: Speaking at a debate in April, former intelligence boss and retired Gen. Michael Hayden admitted the NSA uses metadata to "kill people." Video courtesy Johns Hopkins University.
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HD: KTVU erroneously reports Asiana Flight 214 pilot names
"Sum Ting Wong" and "Ho Lee Fuk" were likely not the names of Asiana Flight 214 that crashed at San Francisco Airport on July 6.
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Edward Snowden's Christmas Message 2013
Released December 24, 2013. [Channel 4 UK/Praxis Films]
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Full surveillance video of WMAR Baltimore standoff
May 13, 2014: Full surveillance video of the confrontation and standoff at WMAR-TV Baltimore.
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Paula Deen's Second Apology Video
Paula Deen's less-polished apology video.
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Jenna Lauer, witness in George Zimmerman trial, errs on Twitter testimony
June 27, 2013: Witness Jenna Lauer erred on Thursday when she testified under oath that she did not follow George Zimmerman's brother Robert on the social media website Twitter. See Jenna's Twitter profile before it was mysteriously deleted - http://bit.ly/19G7Suu
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Beirut explosion interrupts live television broadcast
[December 27, 2013] A car bomb blast in the Lebanese capital of Beirut interrupted a live television broadcast on "Future TV" Friday morning.
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CSP video of Sandy Hook Elementary School after shooting
Released by the Connecticut State Police on December 27, 2013 (partial video, edited to remove "redactions")
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WEEK-TV meteorologists scramble for shelter during tornado coverage
November 17, 2013. Video from WEEK-TV Peoria, Illinois.
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Runner captures Boston Marathon explosion
A runner's camera captures an explosion at the Boston Marathon on Monday. At least three people are dead and over 140 people injured following the blast. Live coverage - http://bit.ly/11jwbKG
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Rep. Michael Grimm confronts NY1 reporter after SOTU
January 28, 2014: A NY1 reporter was confronted by Rep. Michael Grimm over an unplanned question following the President's State of the Union address.
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KTVU erroneously names Asiana Flight 214 pilots
"Sum Ting Wong" and "Ho Lee Fuk" were likely not the names of Asiana Flight 214 that crashed at San Francisco Airport on July 6.
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CSP video of Adam Lanza's home
Released by the Connecticut State Police on December 27, 2013.
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Extended: Wing walker Jane Wicker dies after Dayton plane crash
June 22, 2013: Eyewitness video captured the final moments of an air stunt at the Dayton Air Show. Wing walker Jane Wicker and her pilot were killed in the crash.
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Al Qaeda media arm announces new English language magazine
March 9, 2014: Al Qaeda's media arm as-Sahab released a new video on Sunday teasing the launch of an English-language magazine called "Resurgence." The video used excerpts from a Malcolm X speech as well as ABC News footage of the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, an attack that may have been inspired by a previous al Qaeda magazine called "Inspire." More details from NBC News - http://nbcnews.to/Ob6U3q
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Paula Deen's Third Apology Video
Matthewkeys.net | twitter: @matthewkeyslive | This one, shorter than her second, seems to be addressed directly to Matt Lauer. Watch Deen's Second Apology - http://youtu.be/nu6Us7fpr00 Watch Deen's First Apology - http://youtu.be/tDOezlc52z0
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Surveillance video of CTA train derailment in Chicago
March 26, 2014: Surveillance video of a train derailment in Chicago leaked on the video sharing website YouTube Wednesday evening before it was abruptly removed.
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Former DNI Michael Hayden slams Sen. Ron Wyden ove James Clapper question
May 11, 2014: Former Director of National Intelligence Gen. Michael Hayden slammed Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden for questioning current DNI James Clapper on the topic of domestic surveillance months before classified documents were leaked by Edward Snowden. (Video: Johns Hopkins University)
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Gen. Michael Hayden: NSA "damn near perfect"
May 11, 2014: Speaking to students and faculty at Oxford University, former Director of National Intelligence Gen. Michael Hayden questioned news reports that focused on classified information leaked by Edward Snowden.
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Gen. Michael Hayden defends spying on German Chancellor Merkel
May 11, 2014: In an interview with an Oxford University student newspaper, former DNI Gen. Michael Hayden defended the NSA's spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other world leaders.
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Paula Deen's First Apology Video
An unofficial Paula Deen YouTube channel published this edited apology video, then removed it, then published it again as unlisted, then removed it.
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Jane Wicker's plane crashes at Dayton, Ohio air show
June 21, 2013: Eyewitness video captures the moment in which stuntwoman Jane Wicker's plane crashed at the Dayton, Ohio air show on Saturday.
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Netflix CEO Hastings: HBO boss' password is "Netflix Bitch"
January 22, 2014: Responding to a question about sharing passwords, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to analysts on a conference call Tuesday that HBO CEO Richard Plepler's password for the HBO Go app is "Netflix Bitch"
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NSA boss Keith Alexander slams reporters over leaks
October 25, 2013: In an interview with a Department of Defense media outlet, National Security Administration head Gen. Keith Alexander said he was troubled by reporters who leaked classified materials obtained by individuals, adding that he wish there was a way for courts to stop such leaks from happening. [Music was mixed in by original source]
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Raw video: 7-alarm fire burns homes in Fairfield, California
[August 26, 2013] A seven-alarm vegetation fire spread to over a dozen homes in Fairfield, California. Two homes were severely damaged.
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Russian helicopters enter Ukraine airspace
Feb. 28, 2014: Eyewitness video obtained by MatthewKeysLive.com on Friday shows Russian helicopters enter Ukrainian airspace near the town of Sevastopol.
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Photographer says Ferguson police "need to shoot some people"
August 18, 2014: An unidentified news photographer is caught on an open mic suggesting Ferguson police "need to shoot some people to stop" ongoing civil unrest in the Missouri town.
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Cell phone video shows Ryan Chamberlain arrest
2-June-2014: Eyewitness video captures the moment manhunt suspect Ryan Chamberlain is detained by San Francisco police officers.
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NTSB releases new Asiana Airlines crash video
December 10, 2013: The NTSB released new video showing the July crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 in San Francisco.
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Michael Hayden: NSA agents suffering because of Snowden
May 11, 2014: After accepting an award from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, former Director of National Intelligence Gen. Michael Hayden said NSA agents are suffering because of intense media coverage following the domestic and foreign surveillance programs by Edward Snowden.
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Raw video: South Napa earthquake damage
[Not for broadcast] August 24, 2014: Raw video of earthquake damage in Napa, California.
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Raw video: 2014 South Napa earthquake
[Not for broadcast] August 24, 2014: Raw video showing structural damage to buildings in Napa, California following a 6.0-magnitude earthquake.
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Napa County Earthquake: Mobile home park fire
August 24, 2014: A mobile home park catches fire following a giant 6.0-magnitude earthquake in Napa County, California. [not for broadcast]
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Fire erupts at Younkers building in Des Moines
March 29, 2014: A massive inferno engulfed the top floors of the old Younkers building in Des Moines, Iowa early Saturday morning.
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NOAA GOES Satellite Loop: Western U.S.
February 28, 2014.
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Glenn Greenwald: NSA can collect 1 billion phone calls daily
June 28, 2013: During a Skype address to a convention in Chicago, Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald disclosed the existence of a document that claims the National Security Agency can redirect into a repository some 1 billion cell phone calls daily. [Socialism 2013 conference]
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Truck attack on Baltimore TV station WMAR
May 13, 2014: Eyewitness video captures a suspect ramming a maintenance truck into the front lobby of Baltimore ABC affiliate WMAR-TV on Tuesday.
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State Department's comments on Egypt (June 23, 2014)
June 23, 2014: The U.S. State Department remarks on three journalists jailed in Egypt.
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WMAR surveillance video of truck crashing into TV station
May 13, 2014: WMAR-TV surveillance video of a man ramming a stolen landscape truck into the ABC2 Baltimore TV studio.
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Former spy boss defends NSA surveillance with same story at two events
May 12, 2014: Former Director of National Intelligence Gen. Michael Hayden defends controversial NSA spying efforts by telling the same story about his citizen advisory panel at two different events. The account differs slightly at each event.
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Eyewitness video of Malaysia Air Flight 17 crash
July 17, 2014: Eyewitness video purports to show the aftermath of the crash of Malaysia Air Flight 17
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Russia's Vladimir Putin welcomes U.S. President Obama to G-20 Summit
September 5, 2013: Pool video of U.S. President Barack Obama being greeted by Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit.
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South Napa Quake: Rep. Mike Thompson visits Red Cross shelter
NOT FOR BROADCAST: August 26, 2014 - Rep. Mike Thompson visits a Red Cross shelter housing evacuees from the South Napa earthquake.
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Former spy boss Hayden: No real change at NSA
May 11, 2014: In a speech to students and faculty at Oxford University, former intelligence boss Gen. Michael Hayden said President Barack Obama made no real modifications to the NSA's controversial spy programs.
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Gen. Michael Hayden defends keeping NSA dragnet spying a secret
May 12, 2014: A supercut of former Director of National Intelligence Gen. Michael Hayden defending the NSA's once-secret dragnet surveillance program.
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Raw video: South Napa Earthquake Damage
NOT FOR BROADCAST: Filmed August 26, 2014: Damage from a 6.0-magnitude earthquake that struck Napa, California on August 24, 2014.
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WTXF "Aereo" Segment
Airdate: 24/April/2014
Views: 102 Matthew Keys Live

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