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Cardano (ADA) 3 Reasons for a November Bull Run
In today's video we cover three reasons why CryptoCurrently expects a bull run for #Cardano #ADA in the coming weeks. The first reason is their partnership with metapps plus. This company is based in South Korea, and their Point of Sale (POS) devices are in over 30,000 retail stores. Metapps plus is expected to go live with ADA support in November 2018. This will give real world use to ADA and could see it's adoption increase significantly within the region. The second reason ADA could see a price increase is the #Trezor support coming for the token before the end of October. The ability to safely store your balance offline will increase the adoption of the crypto as investors feel more comfortable securing their investment. The last reason CryptoCurrently is predicting a bull run is the potential for a #Coinbase listing. Based on past performance, when a coin is listed on Coinbase, the price increases significantly. As we have most recently seen with 0x, and BAT, simply based on speculation. ADA is at the top of the Coinbase list for potential listing, if this were to happen, a major price hike would follow. LINKS: https://theoofy.com/19641/cardano-ada-ready-to-take-the-market-by-surprise-cardano-ada-price-prediction-ada-usd-wed-oct-24/ https://ambcrypto.com/cardano-ada-receives-support-from-the-trezor-hardware-wallet-along-with-other-cryptocurrencies/ https://ethereumworldnews.com/the-rise-of-basic-attention-token-bat-due-to-coinbase/ SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, Dusty BC, CryptoCurrently
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Stellar #XLM - Partnership With Fidelity? - Prime Trust Partnership - Bull Run Coming?
In today's video CryptoCurrently briefly covers some exciting news about #Stellar #XLM. In the first article we take a look at the potential for a partnership between #Fidelity and Stellar. There are some strong reasons why this theory may come to fruition. Tom Jessop, is the head of corporate business at Fidelity, Tom is also the formal head of the company #Chain. Chain has already entered a partnership with Stellar, Chain and LightYear (the for-profit arm of Stellar) joined forces to create Interstellar. This gives a strong indication that Tom will bridge the gap between a Stellar and Fidelity partnership. The addition of Fidelity would be a major win for the Stellar #blockchain. In the second article we take a look at the newly announced partnership between Stellar and Prime Trust. Prime Trust is a qualified custodian that is fully regulated and offers custody tokens to interested investors. The company has recently announced it will be adding tokens based on the Stellar Blockchain. As more assets become tokenized on the Stellar Blockchain, legitimate partnerships such as Prime Trust will further drive the adoption of Stellar. LINKS: https://www.cryptoglobalist.com/2018/10/16/stellar-xlm-what-are-the-chances-of-fidelity-getting-on-the-stellar-network/ https://smartereum.com/37878/stellar-latest-update-primetrust-makes-major-move-on-stellar-as-xlm-trades-in-green-stellar-news-today/ SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, Dusty BC, CryptoCurrently
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Cardano (ADA) - Side Chains - Native Library React
In today's video CryptoCurrently will provide a quick update on #Cardano and the #ADA token. First we take a look at the use of side chains, as #IOHK has released some information surrounding them. The side chains will allow a "source" blockchain (using a proof of work mechanism) to interact with a "destination" blockchain using a different consensus mechanism. This will allow for the creation of remote ICOs. exchanging currency between blockchains, and allow for Atomic Swaps to occur between untrusted parties. Cardanos version of side chains will be more decentralized than other platforms offering similar services. Lastly we take a look at the release of open source natice library, React. This will allow third party developers to easily create mobile applications for Android and iOS that connect with the Cardano Blockchain. LINKS: https://unhashed.com/cryptocurrency-news/cardano-developer-iohk-reveals-sidechain-technology-blockchain-interoperability/ https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/atomic-swaps.asp https://www.crypto-economy.net/en/cardano-ada-opens-its-open-source-native-library-react/
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Stellar (XLM) - 7 Reasons For Major Gains 2019 and Beyond - IBM - Starlight - StellarX - Bakkt
In today's video CryptoCurrently will cover seven reasons why #Stellar #XLM has the potential to see a successful 2019 and beyond. The first reason is the creation of Interstellar. The for-profit arm of Stellar, Lighyear, merged with Chain, creating the new body Interstellar. The partnership with Chain brought multiple companies along with it, including NASDAQ, Citigroup, and VISA. All of these partners are deeply involved with blockchain. NASDAQ has recently developed a Newswire service, and VISA has launched a #blockchain based Digital Identity system with the help of IBM. The second reason for a successful 2019 is the rise of STOs (Security Token Offering) these are set to out pace ICO in the future as ICO investment is risky. The STO will allow individuals to invest in companies that are already exist and have working products. The tokenization of assets is set to increase as the years go by, and Stellar has been a pioneer in the market. The third reason is the partnership between Stellar and IBM. IBM has partnerships with around 90% of the financial institutions in the world. This will likely see a major adoption of World Wire, a blockchain project created by IBM to facilitate cross boarder payments in near real time. IBM is also working on hundreds of other blockchain projects across the world. some of which include a Blockchain App Store, and Trade Lense, to track global logistics. The fourth reason is the newly developed #Starlight. The Starlight technology will allow for instant, secure and private transactions that are feeless. These transactions can only be made using Stellar's native token, XLM. The fifth reason is StellarX the decentralized exchange created by Stellar. The future of crypto trading will be done on exchanges that are Decentralized and Feeless. The decentralization will add security and privacy and the feeless transactions will allow investors to keep all of their profits. These types of exchanges will dominate the future. The sixth reason is the possibility of a partnership with Fidelity. While this is speculation at the time of writing, there is a small chance it could happen. Tom Jessop, a member of the Fidelity corporate team, was also the head of Chain. This close relationship could see Tom bridge the gap between Stellar and Fidelity. The final reason is Bakkt. While there is no official release date, it is expected that Bakkt will launch by the end of 2018 or early 2019. When this happens, investment from institutions will flood into the cryptocurrency markets. This will have a major impact on Stellar XLM, and all major projects with working products, use cases, and solving problems for the future. LINKS: https://www.cryptoglobalist.com/2018/10/27/stellar-xlm-3-reasons-why-stellar-will-make-it-big-in-2019/ https://usethebitcoin.com/nasdaq-patents-new-blockchain-newswire-service-technology/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/visa-set-to-launch-blockchain-based-digital-identity-system-with-ibm-in-q1-2019 https://blocktelegraph.io/ibm-trials-blockchain-app-store-now-has-500-blockchain-projects-worldwide/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/canada-border-agency-to-pilot-ibm-maersk-tradelens-blockchain-platform https://hacked.com/steller-lumens-xlm-unveils-starlight-instant-payments-channel-via-interstellar/ https://www.investinblockchain.com/stellarx-live/ https://hacked.com/stellar-lumens-quietly-leads-crypto-market-recovery-as-fidelity-rumors-circulate/ https://www.investinblockchain.com/unconfirmed-bakkt-approval-november/ SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, Dusty BC, CryptoCurrently
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Cardano (ADA) - New Partnership EMURGO and SOVC - IronX Echange -
In today's video, CryptoCurrently will cover some exciting news for the #Cardano #ADA community. In the first article we take a look at the new partnership between #EMURGO and #SOVC. The two entities are set to combine their experience and technical capabilities to increase the speed of bringing new projects onto the market. SOVC is no stranger to helping develop decentralized applications (Dapp). SOVC has helped many start ups succeed, including the famous Bitmex. If EMURGO and SOVC and bring several, high-profile projects (such as Bitmex) to the Cardano #blockchain, the success for ADA will be set in stone. Next we take a look at IronX, the new cryptocurrency exchange set to go live by the end of the year. IronX has completed its private token sale, and managed to raise over 22$ million. The public sale is set to go live November 1st and run through December 15th of this year. This is also a big deal, because IronX is being created by IronFX, a foreign exchange with a active user base of 1.2 Million users. LINKS: https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/10/12/cardano-ada-emurgo-partners-with-sovc-to-launch-dlab-the-future-is-bright-for-cardano/ https://www.blockchainreporter.net/2018/10/30/ironx-cryptocurrency-exchange-raises-22-3-million-in-cardano-ada-powered-private-sale/ https://ironx.io/ https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/cardano-ada-blockchain-beginners-guide-to-ouroboros-daedalus-csl-and-ccl/ SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, DustyBC, CryptoCurrently
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Digibyte (DGB) and AT&T Partnership??
In this video we discuss the growing need for cyber security as the value of #crypto increases. A recent hack on an AT&T phone causing the loss of 23$ million further drives home the need for #DGB to step up and become the "go to" security option for smart devices around the world. LINKS: https://cryptoglobalist.com/2018/08/18/digibyte-dgb-att-sim-jacking-highlights-a-strong-use-case-for-digi-id/ https://www.theverge.com/2017/9/18/16328172/sms-two-factor-authentication-hack-password-bitcoin
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VeChain (VET) - Major Blockchain Success Story - Bull Run Coming With World Largest Partnerships
In today's video we cover one of the greatest articles I've ever read about a cryptocurrency, namely, #Vechain #VET. This article does an amazing job of explaining how the VET token will increase in value in the coming years. It is important to note, that the VET token is NOT a currency, this article explains why, and how its massive partnerships will increase its value. In short, to use VeChain's #BlockChain technology you must pay the "gas" price in THOR (VTHO), which is created by holding the VET token. This means that all partners of VeChain are required to purchase the VET token to produce their own THOR to be able to use the blockchain. This is why the size of the partnerships are so important. The larger a company is, the more they will use the blockchain, the more THOR they will need to produce, and the more VET they will need to purchase, increasing the demand and price of the VET token. When it comes to scale, Vechain has partnered with some of the largest companies in the world. To name a few.. 1) DNV GL - one of the worlds largest logistics companies, using the VeChain blockchain to track their entire fleet 2) PICC - Peoples Insurance Company of China -, using Vechains blockchain to streamline the insurance industry. 3) BYD - China's, and one of the worlds largest electric car manufacturing companies, using Vechains blockchain to track carbon emissions. These three partners alone will have a massive use case every day of VeChain's blockchain, requiring a massive amount of THOR, and a massive purchase of VET to create the THOR. The list of partners continues to grow for VeChain, and as VeChain creates easier on ramps to the purchase of VET, through FIAT/crypto pairs, we can expect to see a massive increase in price. The last article we cover details the VeChain foundation financial executive report. This article sheds some light and transparency into how the foundation has been spending its funds. It is stated that more and more financing of its projects are being paid for in the VET token, and less being paid in FIAT, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. This is fantastic news as it is proof that consumers are extremely confident in the future value of the VET token. This also adds legitimacy to the VeChain foundation. SHOUT OUT: Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Decentralized tv, Chronic Crypto, DustBC, CryptoCurrently LINKS: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4205774-vechain-will-next-major-blockchain-success-story?page=2 https://cdn.vechain.com/vechainthor_development_plan_and_whitepaper_en_v1.0.pdf https://xbt.net/blog/vechain-blog/vechain-foundation-financial-executive-report-reveals-major-developments/ https://nulltx.com/vechain-price-strong-momentum-courtesy-of-cnbc-foundation-report-and-oceanex/
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Tron (TRX) - Will it Hit 12$? - HyperPay Support - BitTorrent Advertising
In today's video, CryptoCurrently will cover the latest news surrounding the most mentioned #cryptocurrency, #Tron, #TRX. We begin my taking a look at the new addition to the HyperPay wallet. HyperPay is self described as the world's first on-chain and off-chain crypto wallet. The off-chain ability of HyperPay will allow for 0 transaction fees, and 0 latency transfers between HyperPay wallets. This is a major step for the TRX community as the Tron token has been added to yet another wallet for Point of Sale and Peer to Peer transactions. Next we take a look at the future price of Tron (TRX). The article states that based on the performance of Tron, in terms of daily transactions and social media dominance, TRX has to potential to reach $3.75 by the end of 2018. I do not share this same analysis, but i would not be disappointed if it were to happen. Lastly, we take a look at BitTorrent, and their new feature to allow for the advertising of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This is big news as BitTorrent has roughly 100 Million monthly users, and 45 Million daily users. This will provide a massive audience for projects, and the perfect target audience as the user base is mostly made up of young, tech-savvy individuals. DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser, this video is for entertainment purposes. LINKS: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/hyperpay-cryptocurrency-payments-provider-adds-tron-trx-coin-support/ https://www.hyperpay.tech/ https://cyclicmint.com/why-will-the-undervalued-tron-trx-hit-12/ https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/11/heres-how-tron-and-bittorrent-are-changing-the-way-crypto-advertises/
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DigiByte (DGB) - Q4 Projects That Will Drive Mass Adoption and Launch #DGB To The Moon
In today's video we cover two articles surrounding recent developments for the king of cyber security, #DigiByte #DGB. In the first article we cover three projects the DigiByte team are set to release in Q4 of 2018. With the successful launch of these projects we are expected to see a massive increase in the adoption of DGB, it;s liquidity, and ultimately, its price. The projects include.. 1) Scheduled and Repeated Mobile Payments - For mass adoption to take place, mirroring the current payment methods of banking systems will be imperative to the adoption of #crypto 2) Address Book for Android and IOS - Making the storage of long and complicated public keys similar to the storage of phone numbers will drive mass adoption, This will provide easier access for those new to this technology, or for people who do not classify as "tech savvy" 3) Increased Fiat Pairings on Exchanges - This will make DGB more resilient to the price swings of Bitcoin BTC. Removing the "middleman" of ETH and BTC will also make the purchase of DGB faster, cheaper, and less complicated for novice or beginner users, resulting in an increase of adoption. The second article we cover does a fantastic job of explaining why great projects like DigiByte will begin to rise as the promotion of crypto starts to fade. Digybyte was never one to get caught up in hype and hoopla, instead they focused on developing the greatest technology on the market. Their hard work and dedication is starting to pay off with a recent partner in Antum, using their DIGI-ID technology. This will mark the beginning of the "standard" of online security as more companies realize the vale of the Digi-ID security features. So, as the hype of the crypto markets start to fade, a few projects will stand tall as the leaders of the industry, and DGB will most certainly be among them. SHOUT OUT: Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Decentralized tv, DustyBC, Chronic Crypto, CryptoCurrently LINKS: https://www.cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/09/digibyte-dgb-interesting-developments-in-q4-that-will-lead-to-mass-adoption/ https://www.cryptoglobalist.com/2018/09/10/digibyte-dgb-crypto-promotion-is-fading-time-for-good-projects-like-dgb-to-rise/
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DigiByte (DGB) - Mass Adoption Coming! New Partner ChangeHero will Bring in the BULLS
In this video we cover a brand new article surrounding #DigiByte #DGB and their new partner #Changehero. With the ability to purchase $DGB directly with fiat steadily increasing it is only a matter of time before mass adoption sets in. We are already seeing the currency gain traction in failing countries such as Turkey and Venezuela, as easier ways to purchase DigiByte become available the adoption of this #currency will only grow exponentially. Digibyte stands the best chance to succeed in mass adoption as well, as they are the most scalable (designed to scale on chain), one of the fastest, one of the cheapest and hands down the most secure #crypto on the market. We end this video covering two more articles that will assist in the #MassAdoption of #cryptocurrency. As more and more companies are entering the market, making "all in one" technologies with the ability to store, buy, sell/exchange crypto; the ease of access will aid in mass adoption as they tear down the complicating structure plaguing the top cryptocurrency exchanges. SHOUTOUT: Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Chronic Crypto, CryptoCurrently LINKS: https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/04/digibyte-dgb-products-like-changehero-will-drive-up-dgb-mass-adoption/ https://www.bizjournals.com/losangeles/news/2018/09/04/mycrypto-raises-cash-for-cryptocurrency-gateway.html https://www.scmp.com/business/article/2162873/hong-kong-blockchain-start-rolls-out-asias-first-cryptocurrency-visa-debit
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Stellar (XLM) - SmartLands Billion Dollar Partnership - Tokenizing Real Estate and Agriculture
In today's video we cover some exciting news about a new partnership for the #Stellar #XLM #blockchain. Smartlands, a company that specializes in tokenizing agricultural assets, and that is built on top of the Stellar Network, has entered a partnership with Colliers International. Colliers International is self described as.. "a top tier global real estate services and investment management company with more than 13,000 skilled professionals operating in 69 countries. What sets us apart is not what we do, but how we do it. Our culture encourages people to think differently, share great ideas and create solutions that help our clients accelerate their success" Smartlands and Colliers look to solve all the issues surrounding Real Estate today by partnering together. Collier will bring in the high level clients, and smartlands will tokenize their assets. These tokens will represent a very large value, and result in increasing the value of the Stellar Network. LINKS: https://coingape.com/stellar-based-smartlands-aims-trillion-market/ https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/smartlands/ https://www2.colliers.com/en https://ethereumworldnews.com/heres-stellars-xlm-new-decentralized-exchange-with-zero-fees/
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DigiByte (DGB) - DigiAssets - DigiTrustPass - DigiZipper - HitBTC $TUSD Pairing - CoinGecko
In today's video CryptoCurrently will cover some upcoming projects for #DigiByte #DGB. We begin by taking a second look at the Bitfinex exchange listing, where Digibyte was given a BTC and USD pairing. Followed by a new pairing on the HitBTC exchange for $DGB/$TUSD. This is great news for DGB. New listings and pairings on exchanges can have a positive impact on DGB, but lets take a look at some projects coming soon that will add to the real world use cases of DigiByte. First we take a look at the tweet coming from AntumID. In the tweet AntumID lists the name of two new projects set to release in 2019. The first project is named, DigiTrustPass, and the second project is called DigiZipper. While details on what these projects aim to do have yet to be released, you will be updated as soon as I have the answer. Another project coming soon is DigiAssets, The launch of this project will allow for the launching of ICO's and Decentralized Applications (Dapps) on top of the DigiByte #blockchain. As we have seen the success Dapps can have for projects, such as ETH and TRX, the same success will likely be seen for DGB. Since the DigiByte is one of the most secure, and fastest projects on the market, developers can be expected to flock to the DGB blockchain. As stated in the tweet from Rudy Bouwman, it will also be infinitely scalable. LINKS: https://cryptoglobalist.com/2018/11/04/bitcoin-cash-bch-digibyte-dgb-electroneum-etn-3-cryptos-to-hold-in-november/ SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, DustyBC, CryptoCurrently
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Cardano (ADA) - Set to Skyrocket Before Main Net Launch - Rust Aiding Decentralization and dAPP Dev
Today's Video will show the Winner of #cryptocurrency socks! In today's video CryptoCurrently will cover three articles surrounding the only project backed by science, #Cardano #ADA. In the first article, out of the cc press, we look at how cardano stands a chance to skyrocket before the launch of its mainnet. With a shift in focus to marketing, the Cardano team will push to increase awareness about the project, especially in the Asian market. With Asia having the largest number of cell phone users and connections to the internet, the Yoroi wallet will see deep penetration for ADA into this geographic gold mine. Cardano has also released the ADA "credit card" that can be pre loaded with ADA tokens and spent in over 11,000 retail stores. In the second article, out of ethereum world news, we look into the specifics of Cardano's project, Rust. This project will allow developers to create #Decentralized applications on the Cardano #blockchain quickly, and easily. A list of "tools" for these developers include.. 1) Cardano Package 2) Cardano C Package 3) Cardano CLI 4) Cardano Network Protocol 5) Hermes Package 6) Cardano Storage Library In the last article, from crypto recorder, we detail why Cardano is a sleeping giant in the crypto world that will soon surprise everyone. Being the only project backed by science and peer-review, Cardano has set itself apart from the rest, in terms of quality and efficiency. The project will be extremely scalable, fast, secure, and will likely gain adoption for use in Government and big business. LINK to Kryptoez: https://kryptoez.com/ 15% Discount Code: CC015 LINKS: https://theccpress.com/cadano-ada-sets-to-skyrocket-before-its-mainnet-launch/ https://ethereumworldnews.com/cardano-rust-project-tools/ https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/10/08/digibyte-dgb-cardano-ada-two-sleeping-giants-that-will-take-the-market-by-surprise/ SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, DustyBC, Decentralized TV, CryptoCurrently
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DigiByte (DGB) - Price Set to EXPLODE  with a new partner and the rising desire for apolitical $$$
In this video we cover several, new, and exciting articles around the greatest alt coin of all, #DigiByte #DGB. In the first article we take a look at why the the rising desire for apolitical currency will put DigiByte among the market leaders. With citizens losing trust in their state-backed fiat currency they are looking for a decentralized option, and DigiByte is providing that solution. In the following article we take a look at a new partnership between DGB and Antum, a Belgium based company with a market across the entire EU. This is big news for DGB and is really the beginning of mass adoption of the #DigiShield technology that stands to benefit the financial sector, as well as social media giants. We finish the video up with two articles. The first of which details the need for the DGB team to release a clear cut road map of future goals and milestones for DGB, followed by positive news on how Digibyte has performed in the markets the past few weeks and YTD. The future is certainly looking bright!! LINKS: https://cryptoglobalist.com/2018/08/28/digibyte-dgb-and-the-rise-of-apolitical-money/ https://cryptoglobalist.com/2018/08/30/digibyte-dgb-antum-opens-the-way-for-digibyte-adoption-in-cybersecurity/ https://captainaltcoin.com/digibyte-dgb-clear-roadmap-with-fleshed-out-goals-and-milestones-would-tremendously-help-the-coin/ https://cryptoamber.com/2018/08/31/digibyte-dgb-officially-released-blockchain-v6-16-4-new-improvements-up-and-running/
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Cardano (ADA) - November Bull Run After Metaps Integration Completes - 3 Reasons #ADA will pass #ETH
In today's video we discuss the most recent news coming out about #Cardano #ADA. In the first article we cover the integration of the ADA token into the #Metaps plus mobile payment platform. This partnership was announced in Q2 of 2018, but a recent announcement from #EMURGO reveals that the integration will be complete and go live in November 2018. This is a major development as the Metaps Plus platform has over one billion downloads. This will drive a major increase in awareness of Cardano ADA and increased awareness could lead to an increase in price. In the article that follows we cover three reasons why Cardano ADA #marketcap will surpass that of #Ethereum #ETH, they include.. 1) The ICO Ethereum sell off 2) Technically Superiority 3) Potential Future Gains In our third article we cover the 4 vital upgrades coming to Cardano in their version 1.4 update, to include, 1) Daedelus wallet coming to Linux 2) New Testnets 3) Integration of Rust 4) and Back end improvments In the last article we here what Charles Hoskinson has to say about his time at Ethereum, and why he chose to leave the project and start Cardano. LINKS: https://www.cryptoglobalist.com/2018/09/14/cardano-ada-integration-with-south-korea-mobile-platform-metaps-plus-set-to-go-live-in-november/ https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/13/3-reasons-why-cardano-ada-will-overtake-ethereum-eth-by-market-cap/ https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/cardano-ada-cryptocurrency-and-blockchain-project-shares-5-vital-upgrades-in-1-4v/ https://ambcrypto.com/cardano-adas-charles-hoskinson-speaks-about-his-time-in-ethereum/
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DigiByte (DGB) - The Global Currency Of The Future - Outpacing Feeless Coins
In today's video, CryptoCurrently discusses several reasons #DigiByte #DGB stands the best chance for global adoption, and why it will outpace fee less coins in the future. When thinking of which coins could take over as a world currency, Bitcoin #BTC and Ripples #XRP come to mind. Problems with BTC 1) Majority of mining is done in China, giving them the ability to manipulate the currency. 2) Bitcoin has very slow transactions when compared to DGB and XRP. 3) Bitcoin has very high transaction fees when compared to DGB and XRP. Problems with XRP. 1) Heavily centralized when compared to DGB 2) The centralization is held by a U.S. company, which could prevent adoption of the currency in countries like China, Russia, and the rest of the Eastern world. Why is DigiByte different? DECENTRALIZATION.. Digibyte is spread across over 200,000 different nodes, meaning no single country and no single company in the world can manipulate it.
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DigiByte (DGB) - New Road Map Will Revitalize #DGB - What is SegWit? - DGBAT
In today's video, CryptoCurrently covers #Digibyte #DGB latest roadmap, and why it could revitalize the #cryptocurrency and send it to new heights. While DigiByte came from little beginnings in 2014, it has steadily grown in size; and with a future that will demand security, speed, and decentralization, Digibyte will be there to assist. Digibyte has led the market in innovation. 1) Digi-ID 2)DigiShield 3) 5 mining algorithms 4) SegWit To name a few.. Digibytes road map has given some very exciting projects to look forward to. A few of which are.. 1) Scheduled and Repeated payments 2) Creating an address book for public keys 3) Artificial Intelligence Assistant 4) A messaging app 5) Digiman Browser 6) Increased speed and scalability LINK to KRYPTOEZ: https://kryptoez.com/ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoCurrentl4 LINKS: https://www.dgbat.org/ https://todaysgazette.com/digibyte-dgb-latest-roadmap-signals-redemption/ https://www.coindesk.com/information/what-is-segwit/
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TRON #TRX - Mass Adoption Coming Soon - New Mystery Partner Announced - Get Ready For The Bulls
In today's video CryptoCurrently will discuss all the reasons mass adoption is right around the corner for #Tron #TRX. We end the video taking a look at who the mysterious partner of Tron may be. So, with TRON's main objective being to decentralize the web, the purchase of #BitTorrent will greatly assist in that goal. BitTorrent currently has over 100 Million users, this user base essentially adds 100 million people to the tron community. Tron has also partnered with #Twitter, again adding millions of users to the tron community. Through the use of BitTorrent, and Twitter, the number of active Tron TRX accounts will continue to grow exponentially. This is done by the automatic creation of accounts after someone is tipped in TRX, on Twitter, via #SeedIT, and a similar concept on BitTorrent. So with an explosion of accounts and TRX holders, there will need to be a way to spend TRX in the real world, if mass adoption is to continue to grow. This is where #POPPY comes in to play. Poppy is creating a "tron card" and this #TronCard will act as a wallet to store all your TRX20 tokens. This card can be swiped at the point of sale, and can be used in peer to peer transactions. Poppy has partnered with the company #Clover, who specializes in manufacturing POS (Point of sale) devices. With a minor update, companies using the Clover devices will be able to accept TRX as payment. Until this is up and running, you can still spend your TRX on the #BitcoinSuperstore, a collection of over 200,000 online retailers, including WalMart and Amazon. Another way for tron to gain mass adoption will be through the mass adoption of #cryptocurrency as a whole. The way this will likely take place could be through a situation similar to Venezuela. With a #stockmarket collapse predicted to be right around the corner, the collapse of major economies could potentially usher in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and #blockchain technology. LINKS: https://globalcoinreport.com/tron-rushing-to-mass-adoption/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/unconfirmed-tron-to-partner-with-chinas-google-baidu https://ethereumworldnews.com/tron-powered-poppy-payment-system-to-bring-trx-adoption-to-the-mainstream/ https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2018/10/12/stock-market-selloff-and-bear-market-stocks/1613062002/ SHOUT OUT: Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Decentralized tv, DustyBC, CryptoCurrentlyIn today's video CryptoCurrently will discuss all the reasons mass adoption is right around the corner for #Tron #TRX. We end the video taking a look at who the mysterious partner of Tron may be. So, with TRON's main objective being to decentralize the web, the purchase of #BitTorrent will greatly assist in that goal. BitTorrent currently has over 100 Million users, this user base essentially adds 100 million people to the tron community. Tron has also partnered with #Twitter, again adding millions of users to the tron community. Through the use of BitTorrent, and Twitter, the number of active Tron TRX accounts will continue to grow exponentially. This is done by the automatic creation of accounts after someone is tipped in TRX, on Twitter, via #SeedIT, and a similar concept on BitTorrent. So with an explosion of accounts and TRX holders, there will need to be a way to spend TRX in the real world, if mass adoption is to continue to grow. This is where #POPPY comes in to play. Poppy is creating a "tron card" and this #TronCard will act as a wallet to store all your TRX20 tokens. This card can be swiped at the point of sale, and can be used in peer to peer transactions. Poppy has partnered with the company #Clover, who specializes in manufacturing POS (Point of sale) devices. With a minor update, companies using the Clover devices will be able to accept TRX as payment. Until this is up and running, you can still spend your TRX on the #BitcoinSuperstore, a collection of over 200,000 online retailers, including WalMart and Amazon. Another way for tron to gain mass adoption will be through the mass adoption of #cryptocurrency as a whole. The way this will likely take place could be through a situation similar to Venezuela. With a #stockmarket collapse predicted to be right around the corner, the collapse of major economies could potentially usher in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and #blockchain technology. LINKS: https://globalcoinreport.com/tron-rushing-to-mass-adoption/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/unconfirmed-tron-to-partner-with-chinas-google-baidu https://ethereumworldnews.com/tron-powered-poppy-payment-system-to-bring-trx-adoption-to-the-mainstream/ https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2018/10/12/stock-market-selloff-and-bear-market-stocks/1613062002/ SHOUT OUT: Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Decentralized tv, DustyBC, CryptoCurrently
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Tron (TRX) - Millions Flock to uTorrent - POPPY to Reach Hard Cap - Justin Sun Interview - dAPP rise
In today's video we cover one of the fastest developing #cryptocurrency on the market, #Tron #TRX. In the first article, out of Hacked, we take a look into the rapidly growing popularity of uTorrent. #uTorrent allows the user to stream torrents directly, without having to download the content first. This is a massive upgrade to the current paradigm. The service has become so popular that it has already reached more than one million active daily users in just one month! This was Justin Sun's tweet surrounding the success.. “µTorrent Web already surpassed 1,000,000 daily active users! This new product officially launched a month ago offers a streaming and torrenting experience…” In the second article, from ethereum world news, we look into the future of decentralized applications being built on the TRON network. With a conference coming in January of 2019 to speak on dAPP development, the growth of projects developed on the TRON network is expected to increase substantially over the next several months. The article goes on to list several projects the community would like to see developed on the TRON network. Some of which include.. 1) Large Multiplayer games 2) First person shooter games 3) games that reward players in TRX 4) various social media sites to replicate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. In the final article, out of coinfrenzy, we look at the new project POPPY. This project has already reached over 40% of its funding in 24 hours, showing how excited the community is about the project. This project will allow users to make purchases inside a retail store, exactly the way they currently do today. Instead of using a VISA or Master Card, the user can make a purchase with a "TRON Card" allowing them to spend TRX, and other tokens on the TRON network. LINK to Kryptoez: https://kryptoez.com/ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoCurrentl4 LINKS: https://hacked.com/tron-trx-price-boosts-as-millions-flock-to-torrent-streaming-browser/ https://ethereumworldnews.com/dapp-developers-are-key-in-making-tron-trx-great/ https://www.investopedia.com/tech/tron-ceo-justin-sun-blockchain-and-scalability/ https://coinfrenzy.io/tron-poppy-half-hard-cap-soon/
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DigiByte #DGB - DGBAT Driving Awareness - FED Rate Hikes Driving Adoption  - Q4 Bull Run Coming?
In today's video we cover three articles that have the potential to initiate a Q4 price hike for #DigiByte #DGB. In the first article, out of the cryptorecorder, we discuss why the Federal Reserve rate hike (.25%) can increase the adoption of DGB as a currency. Foreign countries that have borrowed heavily in international markets during periods of low interest rates will soo be hit with a higher debt to repay. The result of this will be a devaluation of the countries native currency. This will increase inflation in these countries, or make pre-existing inflation even worse. If recent history is any indicator, when countries are hit with hyperinflation they turn to DGB. This is the case due to the decentralized nature of DGB, fast transactions, low transaction fees, and the security it offers. In the second article, out of crypto globalist, we cover recent developments of the DigiByte Awareness Team #DGBAT. The team has created a website dedicated to keeping the community up to date with all DigiByte related news. The website https://www.dgbat.org/ will help drive awareness of the DigiByte team and currency to citizens who are unaware of DigiByte and what it stands for. This increased awareness could assist in driving up the adoption of DGB as a currency, as well as helping it get listed on new exchanges. In the last article, from the Daily Hodl, we cover a new listing for DGB on an upcoming exchange, Vertpig. If an order is not filled instantly, the order or trade takes place for free when a match is found. #Vertpig also offers an easy on ramp into crypto, as it allows the direct exchange for Vertcoin with the Euro. LINKS: https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/26/why-the-fed-rates-hike-is-an-opportunity-to-buy-digibyte-dgb-bitcoin-btc-dash-coin-dash/ https://cryptoglobalist.com/2018/09/26/digibyte-dgb-dgbat-latest-move-could-lead-to-bullish-momentum-in-q4/ https://dailyhodl.com/2018/09/20/new-crypto-exchange-implements-free-trades-for-bitcoin-btc-litecoin-ltc-digibyte-dgb-and-vertcoin-vtc/
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Cardano #ADA - Top Alt Coin To Watch - One Year In Review
In today's video we cover two articles surrounding the most technologically advanced crypto on the market, #Cardano #ADA. In the first article, out of investinblockchain, we take a look at Cardano being one of the top alt coins to watch during Q4 of 2018. The cardano team is made up of three companies, each playing a specific role for Cardano. 1) IOHK - The Hoskinson led engineering team with a contract through 2020. During this time #IOHK will be in charge of designing, building and maintaining Cardano 2) The Cardano Foundation - a non-profit team based in Switzerland with the task of working with Governments and new partners to see the global adoption of the ADA currency. 3) Emurgo - The team in charge of developing and integrating new companies onto the Cardano #blockchain. The article goes on to explain that Cardano is worth watching because it is the only project build entirely on scientific research and peer review. Making the most technologically advanced crypto on the market. The team is also set to release new updates, as well as support on the Ledger Nano S. In the second article, also from investinblockchain, we recap the success Cardano has had during its first year on the market. Key successes Cardano has had are.. 1) Daedelus Wallet - looking to be a universal wallet in the future. 2) Project Icarus - a fast and user friendly browser wallet 3) Yoroi wallet - yet another light wallet for the ADA token 4) IELE - a smart contract system 5) Listings on Binance, Bittrex, Upbit, Huobi, and OKEX 6) Fiat pairings on kraken and EXMO 7) Many updates planned for the future LINK to KRYPTOEZ: https://kryptoez.com/ 15% DISCOUNT CODE : CC015 LINKS: https://www.investinblockchain.com/altcoins-to-watch-q4-2018/ https://www.investinblockchain.com/cardano-review-2018/
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Cardano (ADA) - New Listings Will See Value Take OFF! - Mass Adoption is Coming for the KING #ADA
In today's video, CryptoCurrently brings you the latest and greatest news surrounding the future king of cryptocurrency #Cardano #ADA. In the first article we cover the importance of Cardano's POS (Proof Of Stake) algorithm, and why POS will be the standard for any crypto in the future, as is tackles the issues of scalability, while maintaining security and decentralization. We also discuss the advantage Cardano has over other #blockchain as they are building quantum resistance into their technology. Once quantum computers hit the market, blockchains that do not have quantum resistance will be left vulnerable. In the articles that follow the first we discuss the new listings of Cardano on the Abra Wallet, and the fiat/crypto pairing of ADA on #Bittrex. These two developments have massive implications for Cardano as they showcase the trustworthiness, legality, and legitimacy of the currency. Adding easier access to ADA for novice users, for those will limited access to financial institutions (in developing countries), or for those with failing economies (Venezuela, Columbia, Turkey, Iran, etc.) will further add to the global awareness of Cardano and aid in its mass adoption as a currency and smart contract system. SHOUTOUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, David Hay, Chronic Crypto, DustyBC, decentralized tv LINKS: https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/06/cardano-ada-if-pos-is-the-future-then-ada-has-won-the-game/ https://cryptoglobalist.com/2018/09/06/why-cardano-ada-new-gateway-to-fiat-money-is-a-win-for-everyone/ https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/07/cardano-ada-is-a-2nd-chance-for-those-missed-bitcoin-btc-in-2010/ https://coingape.com/cardano-zcash-gains-liquidity-bittrex-adds-support/ https://globalcoinreport.com/changehero-lists-tron-trx/
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Tron (TRX) - NeoWorld - Get Scatter - Bull Run After 3.2 Update?
In today's video, CryptoCurrently will cover the recent happenings of #Tron #TRX. First, we take a look at the #decentralized game, NeoWorld, and the addition of a Tron building within the virtual world. NeoWorld is the first MMO virtual world. It will allow players to enter a virtual world, and become whatever they wish to be. Players can earn an income (in NASH, the native currency of NeoWorld) by selling artwork, music, blue prints, or any other content created. Players can also construct buildings and run a legitimate business earning the native NASH currency. While the TRX token may not be used within the game, the construction of a TRON building within the game is at the very least, a foot in the door. After all, the game claims to allow self governance of its users, so maybe that could entail the right to choose which currency to use within the game? Next we take a look at the release of the Beta version of the Main Net upgrade 3.2. I don't dwell on the technical aspect of this, but rather admire the tron foundation for continuously completing the tasks they set out to achieve. Lastly we take a look at the addition of Tron to GetScatter, a multi blockchain wallet. This is fantastic news, as the GetScatter platform allows for Dapp developers to easily create decentralized applications. Writing the code once will allow for desktop and mobile applications to be created. This is great news for Dapp developers, and for TRX. As more Dapps are created on the Tron Network, the more valuable the currency will become. LINKS: https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/11/what-is-neoworld-the-latest-project-to-hit-tron https://www.neoworld.io/ https://globalcoinreport.com/tron-to-boom-as-odyssey-updated-and-in-beta-now/ https://www.crypto-economy.net/en/tron-trx-is-now-available-on-getscatter-a-popular-multi-blockchain-wallet/ https://get-scatter.com/
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DigiByte (DGB) - ASIC Resistance - DigiCafe - DigiDigger - The Future is Now
In today's video, CryptoCurrently will cover the latest news surrounding the most secure #blockchain on the market, #DigiByte #DGB. We begin by taking a look at the recent tweet from DigiByte. "We are proud to announce we are testing the next generation of #blockchain mining technology. Imagine a mining algorithm that recreates itself every 10 days? No #ASIC could ever be created for it. True #Decentralized #ProofOfWork #CyberSecurity" This is great news, on top of the 5 mining alogo used by Digibyte, the blockchain will now be ASIC resistant. This will make the blockchain even more secure and even more decentralized than it already was. Next we take a look at the newly created game, DigiDigger. This game is a fundraiser for the DGBAT team. To play, you simply input the address you wish your winnings to be deposited to. Then you deposit DGB into the game. Once you have deposited DGB you click on the image to guess where the DGB is hidden. If you guess correctly, your winnings are deposited into your account. five percent of the earnings are given to the DGBAT team for their marketing efforts. Lastly, we take a look at DigiCafe. This is major news for DGB, as it will allow vendors to accept DGB as payment at the point of sale. Vendors will be able to do this easily, by using the mobile devices they already own. A mobile application will be released soon, for now you can use the website. The DGB is also sent to an external DGB wallet, adding to the security as the DGB is NOT stored at the point of sale. There are also zero fees for using the service, aside from the already low transaction fees for DGB. How low are these fees? to purchase a 4$ cup of coffee, your fee would be $ .0001. LINKS: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/digibyte-dgb-coin-announces-asic-protection-for-next-generation-blockchain-mining/ https://www.dgbat.org/2018/11/11/digitimes-the-official-newsletter-of-the-digibyte-awareness-team-dgbat-4/ https://www.dgbat.org/digidig-game-by-digibyte-rocks/ https://www.digibytecafe.com/ https://digibytewallets.com/ SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, Dusty BC, CryptoCurrently
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IOTA (MIOTA) - 4 Projects That Will Send #IOTA To The MOON In 2019
In this video we cover several articles surrounding the 12th ranked #Crypto, IOTA #MIOTA. In the first article we go over four projects currently in development by the #IOTA R&D team that stand to send the price of MIOTA to the moon. The projects discussed are 1) The Hub - Making it easier for exchange listings. 2) COO- Free IRI - Making IOTA a decentralized currency 3) Trinity Wallet- A secure and user friendly wallet 4) Qubic - IOTA's very own smart contract system We end the video with two more articles. The first discussing how IOTA is taking over the IoT technology in Germany, along with a potential partnership with the German government. In the last article we cover a new partnership for the IOTA foundation, ENGIE, and how this partnership stands to create a smart energy ecosystem using the IOTA #Blockchain technology. SHOUTOUT: Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, DustyBC, decentralized tv, Chroic crypto LINKS: https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/06/iota-miota-4-projects-under-development-that-will-transform-iota/ https://smartereum.com/32382/iota-miota-is-slowly-taking-over-the-most-strategic-country-for-the-internet-of-things-germany-iota-price-prediction-iota-price-forecast-iota-news-today/ https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/iota-and-engie-to-create-smart-energy-ecosystem-using-blockchain/
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DigiByte #DGB - Taking Over Social Media After FB Hack - Better Than BTC, Could Revolutionize Money
In today's video we cover two articles surrounding the most underappreciated #crypto on the market, #DigiByte #DGB. In the first article, out of the Crypto Recorder, we cover the recent hack of FaceBook, and the potential for DGB to capitalize on this opportunity. Earlier this week, 50 million users of FaceBook had their profiles hacked. This is additional proof that centralized security systems are not secure, and unreliable. The need for a decentralized system is clear, and DGB has the perfect solution. Digi-ID can eliminate the issues we have with centralized systems, by eliminating the need for user names and passwords, 5 mining algorithms, and a decentralized network over 200,000 nodes, it is essentially impossible to hack. If DGB can have their security system implemented by a giant such as FaceBook, the sky will be the limit for this crypto. In the second article, also from the Crypto Recorder, we take a look at how powerful DGB can be as a currency. Its transaction speed can rival the fastest on the market, and competitors in this field are more centralized than DGB. As stated above, it is one of, if not the most secure blockchain on the market.The transaction fees are extremely low, giving it an edge over fiat currency. All of these reasons make DGB a top contender for implementation as a currency. As we see its adoption grow in countries with a failing economy, due to its decentralized nature, we can expect the trend to continue as more countries are hit with hyperinflation due to the massive amount of global debt. LINKS: https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/30/digibyte-dgb-centralized-authentication-is-dead-time-for-dgb-to-shine/ https://www.cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/28/digibyte-dgb-is-the-best-version-of-bitcoin-btc-and-could-revolutionalize-money/
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DigiByte #DGB - V-ID partnership - Cyber Security Adoption - More Exchange Listings
In today's video we cover three articles around the world's most secure #blockchain project, #DigiByte #DGB. In the first article coming out of the Crypto Recorder we detail the growing need for an online security solution. In an interview between the BBC and the CEO of SonicWall, we learn that cyber attacks have increase by over 800 million. These attacks are costing companies and individuals millions of dollars annually, and will continue to increase as more and more devices are connected to the internet. This is a problem that can easily be solved by DigiByte. The article details three reasons why DigiByte stands ready for mass adoption into the market. 1) increased threat of identity theft - The Digi-ID solution will solve this issue by eliminating the need to use usernames and passwords. Giving a potential hacker no usable information. 2) low cost - Companies are spending millions every year for cyber security. Implementing the Digi-ID solution is free. This will allow companies to spend their money elsewhere. 3) Competition - Once Digi-ID is widely used, and becomes the standard in online security, companies will adopt the technology to stay competitive with their competition. In the second article we cover a new partnership between V-ID and DigiByte. The article, from the CryptoDaily, sheds some light on to the new ICO V-ID. V-ID will use DigiBytes blockchain to upload a file, the V-ID technology will remember the details of the original file, and will alert the consumer if any changes or alterations of the original file have been made. The use cases of this technology are vast, and their partnership with DGB looks to be very promising. In the last article we cover some recent exchanges DGB has been listed on. While the exchanges are not major (i.e coinbase or Binance) they are a welcome sign as DGB continues to gain access across the world. The article, from the Crypto Globalist, does a great job of explaining that even though these are not large exchanges, if DGB can continue to spread across a vast number of small exchanges, it will have the same impact as a big listing. An increase in Fiat/DGB pairings will also distance DGB from the wild price swings of BTC, and make DGB more stable. SHOUT OUT: Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Decentralized tv, DustyBC, CryptoCurrently LINKS: https://www.cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/19/digibyte-dgb-bbc-cybersecurity-discussion-brings-out-the-need-for-dgb-in-online-security/ https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/09/v-id-gets-together-with-digibyte-to-boost-digital-file-security/ https://www.airbus.com/defence.html https://cryptoglobalist.com/2018/09/18/digibyte-dgb-now-accessible-on-more-exchanges-the-groundwork-for-dgb-growth-is-getting-better/
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DigiByte (DGB) - ABRA Wallet Withdraws - KuCoin Plus Trading Area - Paytomat - New Exchange
In today's video CryptoCurrently will cover the latest news surrounding the cyber security king, #DigiByte #DGB. In the first article we take a look at DGB being added to the Kucoin Plus trading area. To be given this recognition by Kucoin, a currency must meet three goals. 1) Being listing in the top 30 on coinmarketcap.com 2) Be in the top 10% of all trading volume on Kucoin for two consecutive months 3) Achieve a high ranking from Kucoins review system Digibyte has achieved all of these milestones and has earned a rightful place on Kucoin Plus Trading area. This is major news for DGB, because on the Kucoin website they state that coins listed in the Kucoin Plus trading area are "less risky" investments. This will catch the attention of new investors and continue to drive the adoption of DGB. Next we take a look at ABRA, and the possibility of the Abra wallet to allow the withdraw of DGB. Since DGB was added to the Abra wallet, it has been one of the top performers on the mobile wallet, and this has caught the attention of the Abra team. On top of performing well, the DGB community has continuously expressed their desire to withdraw DGB from the #Abra wallet. These reasons have forced the Abra team to put serious thought into adding the ability to withdraw DGB from the application. If this were to happen, it would be a massive boost for DGB, and could result in more investors recognizing the legitimacy of the project. We end the video by taking a look at the new development coming from #AntumID. As we know, Digibyte and AntumID entered a partnership earlier this year. AntumID recently posted on twitter that they have developed "OPEN AntumID SOAP" - this will be an upgraded version of Digi-ID. The creation of OPEN AntumID SOAP will make it easier and faster to add Digi-ID to websites and software. This is great news! because the easier it is to implement Digi-ID, the more the technology will be adopted. The future is looking bright for DigiByte! LINKS: https://www.dgbat.org/ https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/10/26/digibyte-dgb-promoted-to-kucoin-plus-trading-area-a-marketing-boost-for-dgb/ https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/10/20/digibyte-dgb-getting-closer-to-mass-adoption-abra-withdrawals-possibly-coming-soon/ https://paytomat.com/ https://lescovex.com/ https://cryptovest.com/news/digibyte-dgb-technical-analysis-upgraded-version-of-digi-id-launching-this-week-wills-bulls-run-soon/ SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, DustyBC, CryptoCurrently
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IOTA (MIOTA) - Collaboration With High Mobility - ISO to Replace ICO - TWO  and IOTA Integration
In today's video CryptoCurrently provides an update on #IOTA #MIOTA and their recent collaboration with High Mobility. High Mobility is an award winning API platform that aims to bridge the gap between car manufactures and application developers around the world. Their agreement with IOTA will allow for the creation of applications to be built on the IOTA #Tangle network. Since High Mobility utilizes standardized API, a developer can create one application that is compatible with multiple manufactures. Next we take a look at the possibility of IOTA replacing ICOs with ISO. The ICO market has seen an explosion over the last year, and with little to no regulation in place, has become a playground for scams and pump and dump schemes. Once the SEC and other countries set forth rules and regulations, many of these projects will fall into the category of securities. This is where IOTA comes in with the ISO. This will allow new projects to be created on the IOTA DLT, instead of launching their own crypto, these projects will be funded through donations of the MIOTA currency. This acts as kind of a loop hole through the ICO rules and regulations set to be released in the coming months. This system will also act in similar manor to kickstarter and other crowd funding platforms. LINKS: https://blog.iota.org/iota-foundation-and-high-mobility-to-drive-app-development-for-smart-mobility-bde0596940bc https://high-mobility.com/get-started https://theindependentrepublic.com/2018/11/01/iota-may-replace-icos-with-isos/ https://smartereum.com/39789/iota-latest-update-two-waste-management-launches-iota-integration-iota-news-today-iota-usd-price-today/ SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, DustBC, CryptoCurrently
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DigiByte (DGB) - #DGB Doesn't Need Binance - And This Is Why - DX.Exchange Going Live
In today's video we discuss why a #Binance listing is not required for the success of #DigiByte #DGB. Recently, Jared Tate lashed out at Binance via Twitter. In his post he said.. “1/8 It’s time to set the binance record straight and let the world know the truth. The binance - DGB story starts with us refusing to pay the “listing fee” last summer/fall. And continuing to refuse to ever pay it for the last 12 months. 2/8 Several key members of the DGB community were accused of being Chinese spies last fall in WeChat groups attempting to undermine CZ... Groups none of us were ever part of or aware of since none of us use WeChat. Major miscommunication here. 3/8 Binance used our social media attention for the Citibank Tech4Integiry event in 2017 to gain attention for itself after first launching. Several twitter polls were won for DGB and a listing was “promised” on several occasions. 4/8 Many members of the DigiByte community repeatedly filled out multiple “applications” of listing for binance jumping through many ridiculous and unprofessional hoops that are completely hypocritical considering projects they later added. 5/8 Throughout the fall of 2017 and beginning of 2018 several fraudulent ICO’s were added, pumped and dumped on binance. Further entrenching and frustrating many DigiByte community members. 6/8 Here is a detailed written example of specific isntances of this pump and dump activity:https://medium.com/@edwardpumps/sys-pump-dump-on-binance-21c54596bbad 7/8 Many of us realize this behaviour is not sustainable on any exchange and holds back the entire industry from really thriving. Nevertheless we attempted to “bury” the hatchet and encourage more positivity in the community. 8/8 I was told this weekend if I “publicly” apologized to CZ for my “mistakes” of refusing to pay a bribe and calling out P&D activity they “might consider adding DGB” in a few months.” This statement has essentially sealed the fate for DGB never being listed on Binance, but will that matter in the long run? After all, DigiByte is already listed on multiple top exchanges.. some of which include.. 1) Huobi 2) OKEx 3) UpBit 4) Change Hero 5) ABRA 6) SimpleSwap 7) Change Now and most recently DX.EXCHANGE. The future of DGB does NOT depend on a Binance listing, while it would be a short term positive, it is not relevant in the long run. The future of #crypto trading will be conducted on decentralized exchanges that are free of trading fees. Such as DX.EXCHANGE, Stellar X, Robin Hood, etc. These types of exchanges will gain mass adoption and force exchanges like Binance to revamp their business model, or step aside and bow down to the power of decentralization and free trade. LINKS: https://twitter.com/AiteCoin https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/10/digibyte-dgb-founder-jared-tate-hits-out-at-binances-listing-fees/ https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/nasdaq-powered-dx-exchange-gives-2-7-million-worth-in-dxcash-tokens-away/ https://dx.exchange/ https://cryptocurrencynews.com/daily-news/altcoins/abra-stellar-xlm-bitcoin-gold-btg-digibyte-dgb/ https://changenow.io/ https://simpleswap.io/ https://changehero.io/ https://coincodex.com/crypto/digibyte/exchanges/ https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/volume/24-hour/
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DigiByte #DGB - Does DGB need Binance? - Adoption spreading to Thailand with Digusign
In today's video we cover two articles of the latest news surrounding our favorite underdog #DigiByte #DGB. In the first article we discuss the growing adoption and use-case of DigiByte's technology, namely, DiguSign. A Thai based company has adopted the use of DiguSign technology, allowing customers to "sign" electronic contracts with their own verifiable and immutable identity. As the world transitions to paperless contracts, the need for a secure way to sign such documents is ever increasing. This is a real demand that the forward thinkers of the DGB team has already filled. As more companies realize the power and potential of Digibyte's technology to make their processes more efficient, cheaper and secure the more this #cryptocurrency will shine. We have already seen the adoption of Digi-ID with the company Antum, and now the adoption of Digusign in Thailand, as the IoT continues to progress we will continue to see business adopt the advanced technologies being produced by DGB. In the second article we take a look at the short term and long term effects on DigiByte, as their #Binance listing hopes have been dashed. Jared Tate spurred some chatter on Twitter after a heated tweet directed at the CEO of Binance. In the tweet he insinuated Binance was guilty of accepting large sums of money to list "pump and dump" projects. While this claim is founded on solid ground, it may prevent DigiByte from ever being listed on the top exchange. Will it matter? It seems in the short term a Binance listing would greatly boot visibility of the DGB coin, however, visibility of the coin is already gaining adoption without the listing, and anyone wishing to invest can access the currency through a number of exchanges. This leads one to believe that in the long run, a lack of a Binance listing will have little to no effect on the future of DGB. The bad publicity could even been a boost for the currency, as the saying goes "even bad publicity is good publicity" In the last two articles we take a look in to #blockchain technology in general, and various ways the technology stands to benefit society... namely.. 1) Finance - increasing transfer speeds and lowering costs 2) Taxes - the ability to reduce fraud and streamline the filing of taxes 3) Education - providing immutable data of one's accomplishments, reducing fraud on job applications. 4) Voting - an immutable record of votes, eliminating fraud and manipulation in the voting process 5) Supply chain - providing transparency to the manufacturing of goods and streamlining the process 6) Healthcare - providing secure and immutable patient records 7) Agriculture - Providing an immutable and transparent record of where our food has come from, who's hands have touched it along the way, and what ingredients have been added along the way. LINK TO BITCOIN GIVEAWAY VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSgWos2ZBOw&t=7s LINKS: https://cryptoglobalist.com/2018/09/14/digibyte-dgb-thai-company-now-uses-digusign-dgb-use-case-is-growing/ https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/15/digibyte-dgb-does-digibyte-really-need-binance/ https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/6-real-world-blockchain-technology-use-case-applications-you-can-bank-on/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewarnold/2018/09/14/the-agricultural-supply-chain-can-massively-benefit-from-blockchain/#3c2d172e1902
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TRON (TRX) - #TRX 2.00$ In One Year? - Can Tron Take Over The Gaming Industry?
In today's video we cover four articles surrounding the latest news on #TRON #TRX. In the first article we take a look at how Tron has the potential to "Revolutionize the gaming industry". The gaming industry is a multi billion dollar industry that is only expected to grow in the future. As such, Tron, or any other crypto that gains adoption and use in this industry will see their visibility, use, and price grow exponentially. Tron stands a very good chance of becoming the chosen project for this industry for several reasons. Tron and the gaming industry have similar views as Tron wants to decentralize the internet, and the gaming industry can build upon that platform. Tron's #blockchain also has all the technical capabilities required for a company to produce a true, decentralized game on a global scale. The incredibly fast speed of Tron, and their mounting scalability would make the perfect platform for a global video game. In the next two articles we briefly cover some success the Tron foundation has had recently. the #GoSeedit function of Tron on #Twitter and #Instagram has reached a milestone of over 18 million TRX being tipped via these two platforms. The amount of TRX active accounts has also increased from 66,000 to 346,000 accounts in one month.. a 424% increase. In the last article we take a look at what we can expect the price of TRX to hit one year from now. The article takes a look at the success #ETH had last year over a period of 12 months, and if TRX were to have the same success, the price could hit 2.78$. I will state, it is unfair/inaccurate to assume TRX will have the same success as ETH, and that this price is pure speculation, and not fact. The two platforms have very different use cases and problems to solve, and as such could not be compared to one another with accuracy. However, one could assume the price of TRX has potential to be valued higher than its current price of .02 due to the partnerships and success it has had during this years bear market. SHOUT OUT: Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Chronic Crypto, Decentralized tv, DustyBC, CryptoCurrently LINKS: https://smartereum.com/33810/tron-trx-news-today-tron-trx-can-revolutionize-the-gaming-industry-tron-trx-has-what-it-takes-to-thrive-in-the-gaming-industry-tron-trx-will-see-massive-adoption-if-gets-a/ https://ethereumworldnews.com/goseedit-reaches-new-milestone-with-over-18-million-in-tron-trx-tipped-to-date/ https://dailyhodl.com/2018/09/17/tron-trx-crowdfunding-platform-launches-in-big-push-to-expand-mainstream-crypto-adoption/ https://globalcoinreport.com/price-tron-in-a-year/
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Vechain (VET) - Price Boost After OceanEX - Plair - Adidas  - Cyprus Partnership
In today's video CryptoCurrently will provide an update on the happenings of #Vechain #VET. Vechain has brought one of it products to the mainstream through a partnership with Adidas. The "shoe of the future" created by Adidas, will be implanted with a Vechain chip for tracking the authenticity. These shoes were on display October 26th - 28th at the Street Superior event. They will go on display again November 10th - 11th for the Singapore Tourism Board. While this news may not excite everyone, it is a great chance for Vechain to get their product in front of consumers who may be unaware of #blockchain and all it has to offer. Next we take a look into the developments of OceanEX and Plair. OceanEX is set to go live next month in November, and it will be the first #cryptocurrency exchange based on the Vechain blockchain. This exchange will offer top levels of security, lightning fast speed, tailor made services as well as Global support. Plair is set to bring the gaming industy to the vechain blockchain. As quoted from the Plair website to answer the question of "what is Plair?" "We intend to establish and grow a community space where gamers can not only engage with one another through online and offline events and tournaments, but where they will have access to tools that will allow them to earn a sustainable living and forge a career path in video game play. The Plair platform will reward and empower every member of the video gaming community, both socially and financially." Once up and running, Plair stands a great chance to change the way video games a played in the future. We end the video taking a look at the recently signed MoU between Vechain, CREAM, and Cyprus Invest. The goal of this MoU is to establish rules and regulations around blockchain technology and research its possible use cases. This is a major win, not just for Vechain, but all blockchain technology. LINKS: https://dailyhodl.com/2018/10/26/vechain-brings-blockchain-to-adidas-and-high-end-shoe-artist-commissioned-by-nike-and-kobe-bryant/ https://nulltx.com/vechain-price-set-for-big-boost-through-oceanex-china-and-video-gaming/ https://oceanex.pro/ https://plair.life/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/vechain-signs-mou-for-blockchain-development-with-cyprus SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, Dusty BC, CryptoCurrently
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TRON (TRX) - Moon Shot in Q4 2018? - New ICO Coming To TVM - ETH Max Capacity?
In today's video we cover three articles surrounding recent developments of the Tron Foundation #TRON #TRX. In the first article, from the Crypto Recorder, we look at three reasons TRON (TRX) stands a chance to shoot to the moon in Q4 of 2018. 1) Core Fundamentals Getting Stronger - Following the launch of the main net, #TVM, purchase of BitTorrent, etc. the TRON foundation has set the stage for Dapps to develop on its network. 2) Increased Social Media Sentiment - TRON has now passed #BTC 3)
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Digibyte VS Bitcoin - can #DGB overthrow the king #BTC?
In this video we cover two articles surrounding our favorite #Crypto Digibyte (DGB). The first article discusses the very real potential for DGB to spread its wings and fly into the top 10 market capitalization. Following the first we dissect an article pitting DGB VS the king Crypto BTC. Who will come out on top when the dust settles?.... This is NOT financial advice, I am NOT a financial adviser. If you are making any investment, please, only invest what you can afford to lose... do not succumb to FOMO! do your research. LINKS: https://ambcrypto.com/ripple-manages-7-of-xrp-ledgers-states-brad-garlinghouse-in-a-session-with-cory-johnson/ https://www.cryptorecorder.com/2018/08/22/reasons-why-digibyte-dgb-value-proposition-beats-bitcoin-btc-hands-down/
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Tron (TRX) - Partnership With JOYSO - CoinSuper Listing - TronWatchMarket - Coin Wars
In today's video, CryptoCurrently will cover the latest news surrounding #Tron #TRX. Tron has recently been listed on the Honk Kong based exchange, Coinsuper. Starting on November 1st users will be able to deposit and withdraw TRX on the coinsuper website. Starting on November 2nd, users will be able to obtain TRX through BTC and ETH pairings. This is welcome news as Tron continues to obtain listings on new exchanges. Next we take a look at the new partnership between Tron and JOYSO. #JOYSO will be the world's first hybrid decentralized exchange. An official announcement from JOYSO on the matter reads as follows.. “This new exchange will become an infrastructure for all Decentralized Applications (DApps) on TRON’s network in return improving the sustainability of TRON’s blockchain.” Next we dive into the Beta testing of TronWatchMarket, the decentralized exchange built on top of the Tron blockchain. As stated, the exchange is in Beta testing with bots actively trading which will allow users to see how the mainnet will function and allow them to watch the charts, order book, and recent trades. Once the TronWatchMarket is up and running, users will be able to trade TRX, TRX-10, and TRX-20 tokens through the fully decentralized exchange. Lastly, we cover the new game coming to the Tron network, Coin Wars. In the game, players will be able to predict the price changes of certain virtual currencies, and be able to predict these trends in a funny way. The game is currently in Beta phase, and expected to hit the market in the near future. LINKS: https://coingape.com/tron-trx-gets-new-listing-partners-up-with-joyso/ https://www.coinsuper.com/trade?_cache=true https://joyso.io/ https://www.investinblockchain.com/tronwatch-market-decentralized-exchange/ https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/tron-trx-blockchain-network-to-release-a-new-coin-war-game-after-magic-academy-success/ SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, Dust BC, CryptoCurrently
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DigiByte #DGB - Fight For Your Information - Harvard Explains Digi-ID - Alt Coins To Watch - Roadmap
In today's video CryptoCurrently will cover the latest news surrounding the top alt coin of 2018, #DigiByte #DGB. In the first article, out of The Crimson Brand Studio, we cover a well written article, written by a #Harvard student that is a masters candidate in Health Management. In the article he details why the #DigiID will be the next implementation "use case" of #blockchain technology. He does a fantastic job of detailing how Digi-ID works, and points out some amazing use cases for the technology in business, and for individual users. How it works: Digi-ID eliminates the use of personally identifiable information, such as Usernames and Passwords. Instead of using the traditional log in system, Digi-ID log in is accomplished by scanning a QR code generated at the time of log in. When this QR code is scanned, 0 information about the user is sent across the internet, instead, the QR code only carries information on where to send the log in information to. This level of security can essentially eliminate the ability of a hacker to steal your log in credentials. Use Cases: For businesses, the use cases are wide spread. Digi-ID can be used to secure access to doors, rooms, and other restricted areas within the organization, since the QR code can not be replicated or forged. Business can also implement the technology to secure log in for their email, and other documents that are personal or contain personal information on clients. As an individual user you can use the Digi-ID technology as a safe alternative to log into your everyday accounts. Social media, email, bank account, etc. to name a few. This will be the most secure log in you can use, and eliminate the need to remember multiple user names and passwords. The second article, from investinblockchain, takes a look at why it is important to watch DGB for the rest of 2018 and beyond. This article details some achievements the DGB team has had, as well as projects to look forward to in the near future. In the rest of the video we go over the DigiByte roadmap to shed some light on some accomplishments DGB has mad in 2018, as well as additional developments coming out in the future. Link to Kryptoez: https://kryptoez.com/ 15% Discount code: CC015 LINKS: https://www.thecrimson.com/sponsored/article/digibyte-digi-id/ https://www.investinblockchain.com/altcoins-to-watch-q4-2018/ https://medium.com/@rudy.bouwman/digibyte-roadmap-and-milestones-3c01bee424e5 https://www.cryptoplanet.store/ https://token-business.com/ https://www.morestamps.global/ SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, DustyBC, CryptoCurrently
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DigiByte - DGBAT Interview - Bitfinex Listing - ABRA Wallet - Global Adoption
In today's video CryptoCurrently will host an interview with a core member of the #DGBAT team. Ben, will begin by giving us an idea of how he became interested in cryptocurrency, how he became a member of the #DigiByte #DGB awareness team, and his role within the community. After introductions are out of the way we discuss the recent listing of DGB on the Bitfinex exchange. On Bitfinex you are now able to purchase DGB through BTC and USD pairings. Next we dive in to the real world use cases of the DigiByte Blockchain, and how these use cases are being implemented by companies such as Antum ID, and V-ID. After some back and forth discussion, we take a look at the ABRA wallet and cover how well the currency has been performing, the potential to go native, and our thoughts on ABRA its self. Being a fully decentralized wallet, DigiByte and ABRA seem to be a match made in heaven. To end the interview, we discuss the scale in which DigiByte has gained adoption. This currency is truly a force to be reckoned with on a Global level. The developers of the technology, the community spreading awareness, and the every day "holdler" of DigiByte is truly spread across the entire planet. We are living in exciting times as we witness the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology across the planet, and DigiByte is pioneering the next generation of cyber security. The future will be a decentralized one, and DGB will provide that solution. Thank you Ben, and all members of the DigiByte Awareness Team for making this video possible.
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Ripple #XRP - X-Rapid Going LIVE In One Month "Or So" - #BTC WINNER!!
In today's video we cover the latest news coming out about #Ripple #XRP. In the first article we cover some very exciting news as Ripples Sagar Sarbhai is quoted as saying he is "confident" Ripples #XRapid will go live in "one month, or so". More than 120 banks are partnered with Ripple and using the #xCurrent system, which acts as a real time messaging service between two banks. However; no bank is currently using the xRapid technology. This could be changing very soon though! As these banks could indeed be going live with the xRapid technology before the end of 2018. In the second article we cover words coming from Brad Garlinghouse (Ripple CEO) and his view on the future of Ripple's XRP. Brad is very optimistic about the future of XRP, as they have established over 600 partners, many being major financial institutions, including the bank of England and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These partnerships alone will secure the future of Ripple and XRP as a dominate force in the future. Brad goes on to discuss how the strategy of "working within the system" will give XRP an advantage. The traditional aim of #cryptocurrency is to combat or go head to head with modern financial institutions that are centralized and heavily regulated. So it was a stroke of genius for XRP to work with the current system instead of working against it, however unpopular that may be among those investing in crypto, it may play out in XRP's favor in the long run. In the last article we cover the market trends of XRP as of late, and point out the fact that the number 3 crypto could re test previous lows of .25 cents, with a potential to drop lower if support is not met. WE also give away 10$ worth of BITCOIN in today's video!! SHOUT OUT: Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Chronic Crypto, Decentralized tv, Dusty BC, CryptoCurrently LINKS: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/17/ripple-hints-cryptocurrency-product-xrapid-will-go-live-soon.html https://smartereum.com/4969/ripple-ceo-brad-garlinghouse-thinks-ripple-will-be-a-winner-in-the-longer-term-ripple-news-today-mon-sept-17/ https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/09/ripple-xrp-forms-a-triple-top-price-likely-to-retest-previous-lows/
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Stellar (XLM) - New CEO,  New Partnership and 5 Reasons #XLM Will Dominate The Financial  Industry
In this video we cover breaking news surrounding the new merger of #Stellar #XLM, and #Chain. As a result of the merger Interstellar will have a new CEO, Adam Ludwin. Stellar's former CEO McCaleb will take over as the Chief Technical Officer. This is major news for Stellar XLM for many reasons, as CHAIN brings many new partners along with it. These original investors of chain include VISA, Nasdaq, and Citi Ventures. All of these companies previously developed technology that ran on Chain's #blockchain, and it will now migrate over to the Stellar blockchain. The increased traffic on the Stellar blockchain will without a doubt increase the price of XLM. We end this video with one more article detailing 5 reasons why Stellar (XLM) stands the best chance to dominate the financial industry in the years to come. The list includes.. 1) Superior smart contracts 2) IBM - World Wire 3)Affordable Business 4) Stellar AML and KYC compliance 5) Stellar Price Value Proposition SHOUT OUT: Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, DustyBC, Chronic Crypto, CryptoCurrently LINKS: https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaeldelcastillo/2018/09/10/visa-backed-blockchain-firm-embraces-stellar-cryptocurrency-via-merger/#180d2af074c2 https://cointelegraph.com/news/citigroup-to-let-investors-trade-custodian-held-cryptocurrency-sources-claim https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/07/5-reasons-stellar-xlm-will-dominate-the-financial-industry-in-2019-and-beyond/
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Tron (TRX) - Passing ETH Thanks to TRONbet - TronCard Beta Testing - Oracle Meeting - Dapp Dev
In today's video CryptoCurrently will cover the latest news surrounding #TRON #TRX. With the hype of the Baidu partnership behind us, its time to look into other exciting news for Tron and the community. Since the launch of Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) the number of Decentralized Applications (Dapps) on the Tron network has doubled. There are now 18 Dapps that are live, 4 in BETA, 8 in Prototype , 3 in progress, and 17 in concept phase. Since Tron is faster than ETH and cheaper than EOS, look for the number of Dapps created on the Tron network to steadily increase. In other news, Sesameseed is ready to launch the BETA phase of the TronCard. Individuals who have accumulated 10,000 poppy tokens will be the first to receive the TronCard, and take part of testing the Beta phase in the real world. We wrap the video up discussing how the daily transactions for TRX has surpassed that of ETH on multiple occasions now, and may soon become the normal reality. A large portion of these transactions come from TRONbet, an easy to use application that allows users to gamble with their TRX tokens. It is also to keep in mind that the TVM is fully compatible with Ethereums EVM, which will allow Dapp developers to easily and cheaply migrate from Ethereum's network over to TRON. We could see a large number of projects migrate to Tron since it is faster, cheaper, and since ETH has reached max capacity. LINKS: https://ethereumworldnews.com/tron-trx-based-dapps-have-more-than-doubled-since-the-tvm-was-activated/ https://blokt.com/news/sesameseed-opens-beta-program-for-troncard-a-payments-card-for-tron-blockchain https://dailyhodl.com/2018/10/21/tron-meets-with-oracle-explores-collaboration-with-worlds-fourth-largest-software-company/ https://hacked.com/tron-trx-transactions-outnumber-ethereums-thanks-to-tronbet-gambling-app/ https://www.tronbet.io/#/ https://ambcrypto.com/tron-trxs-daily-transactions-surpass-ethereums-daily-transactions-again/
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TRON (TRX) VS. CARDANO (ADA) - who will create the first millionaire?? - BTC give away!!
In this video we go through an article pitting TRON #TRX VS CARDANO #ADA both have their advantages as laid out in this exciting article. Who will emerge as the short term victor? and who will achieve greatness in the long run? We finish this video off with exciting news surrounding #Cardano and their partner GeoGnomo taking the smart contract system a step further by adding a "GEO-stamp" to transactions. This will greatly enhance interoperability and standards in the crypto verse. SHOUTOUT : Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, chronic crypto LINKS: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/tron-trx-vs-cardano-ada/ https://ethereumworldnews.com/how-cardano-ada-will-use-geognomo-to-enhance-interoperability-standards/ https://ethereumworldnews.com/bittrex-crypto-fiat-cardano-zcash/
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Digibyte (DGB) September Bull Run SECURED! #DGB
In this video we cover the latest and most exciting news surrounding the most secure #Blockchain on the market #Digibyte #DGB. With Digibyte being one of the fastest and cheapest it certainly stands a chance to rival the biggest names in the crypto universe #BTC #ETH. When you add in the fact that #Digibyte has one of the most secure blockchains on the market with its #Digishield, one could assume the future for Digibyte is certainly a bright one. LINKS: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/digibyte/ https://hacked.com/why-investors-should-keep-an-eye-on-digibyte-dgb/ https://cryptoglobalist.com/2018/08/16/digibyte-dgb-is-the-fact-that-digibyte-was-never-an-ico-important/ https://cryptoglobalist.com/2018/07/28/digibyte-dgbs-primary-focus-is-not-payments-and-its-a-smart-strategy/
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Ripple #XRP - New Partner MoneyNet - Meeting with Trump - UnoCoin ATM - and China/Climate Change
In today's video we cover the latest news surrounding #Ripple and #XRP. In the first article we take a look at the new partnership between Ripple and MoneyNet International. MoneyNet is an online banking service, based in the UK, and specialized in Cross Boarder money transfers, and fiat conversions for its customers. The technology belonging to Ripple, Xcurrent, #xRapid, etc, are the perfect solution for MoneyNet. The implementation of Ripple's technology will allow for cheaper and faster transactions, as well as allowing MoneyNet to reach to new clients that were previously too expensive to work with. In the next few articles we take a look at the meetings being held between Ripple and the Trump administration. These talks seem to be a promising sign for Ripple and XRP holders. Trump could very well view XRP as the "silver bullet" to take on China. Since 80% of #Bitcoin mining is done in China, China has 80% control of Bitcoin. This is a thought that does not sit well with President Trump, or the Trump administration. This is where XRP comes in. XRP can NOT be mined, meaning no country in the entire world can control the currency by setting up massive mining operations. We also cover how mother nature can effect the Bitcoin Mining industry, with natural disasters increasing, the likely hood of a major Bitcoin mining operation being shut down by poor weather weather is an increasing risk. We end the video talking about UnoCoin, and there recent deployment of an ATM in India. This is a welcome sign for the crypto community indeed. The ATM does not allow the use of credit/debit cards, you can not withdraw or deposit the Indian Rupee. You can only withdraw cryptocurrency that you already own. This is specific for UnoCoin customers as well. LINKS: https://todaysgazette.com/moneynetint-joins-ripples-xrp-instant-payment-network/ https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-and-bitcoin-btc-to-be-weaponized-by-political-forces-reports-allege/ https://ethereumworldnews.com/xrp-is-on-a-bull-run-as-the-white-house-expresses-support-for-ripple/ https://ripplecoinnews.com/unocoin-exchange-opens-up-the-first-xrp-atm-as-mass-adoption-efforts-pick-up
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TRON #TRX - First Blockchain Game - BitTorrent To Pay Users With TRX
In today's video we cover two exciting articles surrounding Justin Sun's #Tron #TRX. In the first article, coming from newsbtc, we cover a very exciting announcement of the first video game being launched on the Tron network. The game, Magic Academy, the product of BitGuild, is the first of its kind. The game will allow users to buy, sell and trade any items they own within the game. By upgrading you character you increase the speed you mine Jade (the currency within the game), Jade also happens to be an ERC20 token. When you character is strong enough, you can fight other players and steal Jade from them. Since Jade is an ERC20 token, and as such, real money, this is a very interesting video game that will be sure to see its user base rise. In the second article. from
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Tron #TRX - All-In-one Developer Suite Released - 200x Faster Than ETH, 100x Cheaper Than EOS
In today's video, CryptoCurrently covers the latest news surrounding #Tron #TRX. In the first article, out of CoinGape, we take a look at the recently released tool kit for developers to create #Decentralized applications on the Tron Ecosystem. The list of tools include.. 1) Tron Web 2) Tron Box 3) Tron Studio 4) Tron Grid These tools will make it easy for developers to create dApps on the Tron network. In the second article, out of cointelegraph, we cover the Tweet coming from Justin Sun. “TRON will be 200x faster vs. ETH, 100x cheaper vs. EOS. dApp developers & users, this one is for you!” Now that the developer tool kit has been released, the raw speed and cheap transactions will see an influx of dApps being created on the Tron network. In the last article, out of the Bitcoinist, we cover the coming implosion of the #crypto market. According to a study conducted by Juniper Research, current trends in the market indicate a coming implosion. Daily trade volume for Bitcoin and alt coins has seen a significant decline in 2018, leading the research group to believe "The End is Near". In my eyes, a collapse would be a welcome sign. It would eliminate all the "shit coins" in the market and leave the real projects let to rise from the ashes. LINKS: https://coingape.com/tron-developer-suite-for-tron-developers/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/tron-ceo-claims-todays-update-will-make-it-200x-faster-than-ethereum https://bitcoinist.com/juniper-research-report-suggests-the-entire-cryptocurrency-market-is-near-implosion/ SHOUT OUT: Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Faze Crypto, Decentralized tv, DustyBC, CryptoCurrently
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Vechain (VET) - New partner (PICC) - BTC GIVEAWAY!!!!
In this video we will cover one article with very exciting news for #VeChain #VET. VeChain has partnered with the largest insuRance company in the world! The Peoples Insurance Company of China (PICC) with 126$ BILLION in total assets. This partnership marks the second time VeChain has landed a massive project within China, as they already began tracking vaccine production for the benefit of the Chinese citizens. This new partnership, however; will set the standard for insurance companies around the world, as #blockchain technology stands to streamline the insurance process. Reducing paper work, reducing fraud, faster turn around and cheaper insurance rates. The entire world stands to benefit from blockchain technology and this is yet another prime example of how. We end this video with the long awaited BITCOIN GIVEAWAY!! THANK YOU! - to everyone who has supported me and this channel over the past two weeks. It has been very exciting to watch my subscriber count increase from 0 to almost 450 in a little over two weeks! I can't tell you how humbling it is to see people from across the world enjoy the content I am creating. Thank you all again for supporting this channel! SHOUT OUT: Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Chronic Crypto LINKS: https://ambcrypto.com/vechain-vet-partners-with-peoples-insurance-company-of-china-picc/
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IOTA (MIOTA) - Disrupting a Trillion Dollar Market - Trinity Wallet Update
In today's video we cover three articles that detail how #IOTA #MIOTA has the potential to disrupt the trillion dollar futures market, how the release of the (final version) of the Trinity wallet can spark a major bull run, and how some of its partners will be using IOTA's #blockchain technology. The first article does a fantastic job of explaining why IOTA has a serious potential to be the blockchain of choice for the options market., for two major reasons.. 1) TANGLE - the #tangle feature of IOTA's blockchain allows for fee-less transactions. This will without a doubt send a shiver down the spine of the banking industry, as trading options is a huge source of their revenue. By eliminating the middle man (big banks) every day people stand to make more profit off of their investments. 2) Qubic - When IOTA finishes their project #Qubic it will allow the development of smart contracts that are infinitely scaleable. This will without a doubt put IOTA leagues ahead of any other blockchain on the market, as scalability seems to be the plague of mass adoption. In the articles that follow we discuss how the #Trinity wallet stands to spark the IOTA bull run, as the completion of the project will add a massive amount of consumer confidence in the project. We end the video explaining how the IOTA partners #BOSCH #Fujitsu and #Volkwagon plan to utilize the IOTA technology as the IoT accelerates. LINKS: https://www.cryptoglobalist.com/2018/09/10/iota-miota-has-the-potential-to-disrupt-the-trillion-dollar-options-mark/ https://www.cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/11/iota-miota-trinity-wallet-final-version-could-be-the-trigger-for-an-iota-bull-run/ https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/09/iota-joins-forces-with-3-giants-in-the-industry-to-prompt-iot/
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5 Ways Block Chain WILL Change The World - DigiByte #DGB Leading The Way In Healthcare
In this video we have a fantastic article to cover coming from Forbes. In this article they detail five ways # Blockchain technology can and will revolutionize our every day lives. 1) Sending money abroad - in seconds apposed to days 2) Real estate - Buying/Selling houses cheaper and faster 3) Health Care - immutable patient records shared across providers. 4) Authenticity - verifying the authenticity of products 5) Earning money of items you don't use - The ability to rent out your car, house, etc. In the second article we cover why #Digibyte #DGB stands the best chance to implement its blockchain technology into the medical field. Since DigyByte is the most secure and has "on-chain" scalability, it makes it a perfect fit for storing sensitive patient data records. With all records of a patient found on one ledger, heath care practitioners will be able to provide faster, and more accurate decisions on diagnosis/treatment of their patients. We end the video covering more exciting news surrounding the mass adoption of #cryptocurrency fast approaching. We are seeing more countries (Iran, South Korea, Uzbekistan, etc.) recognizing the legitimacy of cryptocurrency and allowing it to be mined and traded within their boarders. SHOUT OUT: Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, decentralized tv, DustyBC, Chronic Crypto, CryptoCurrently LINKS: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2018/09/07/five-ways-blockchain-could-change-the-world/#500a6b8973d7 https://www.cryptorecorder.com/2018/09/08/digibyte-dgb-can-transform-the-multi-billion-dollar-healthcare-industry/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/south-korean-official-proposes-greater-cooperation-for-global-crypto-regulation https://www.ccn.com/a-billion-people-will-be-using-cryptocurrency-in-5-years-brian-armstrong/ https://inc42.com/buzz/cryptocurrency-this-week-while-uzbekistan-legitimises-bitcoin-iran-recognises-mining-as-industry-and-more/
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Ripple $XRP - SWELL Event Days Away - Could XRP Hit 1$?
In today's video we cover three articles surrounding #Ripple and #XRP. In the first article, out of CoinGape, we shed some light on to the upcoming #SWELL event scheduled for October 1st and 2nd. Some key speakers include.. 1) Ross Leckow, the Deputy General Counsel at IMF. 2) Ben Lawsky, the former Superintendent of Financial Services for New York. 3) Richard Teng 4) Michael S. Didiuk 5) And the keynote speaker, Former President Bill Clinton. Ripple partners that will attend, include.. Santander, Remit, TransferGo. and Siam Commercial Bank. Many speculate an announcement of #xRapid going live during this event, time will tell if that is the case. In the second article out of the coindesk, we cover Ripple's efforts to lobby in D.C. They have partnered with Klien/Johnson and will be paying them 25,000$ per month, as well as 10,000 XRP. The goal of the lobby group is to get congress, the SEC, IRS and other agencies to create "standard and consistent rules for all major protocols" clarification of custodial rules, and "Fair and equitable IRS regulations for capital gains, assets and charitable contributions". LINK TO YESTERDAY'S LIVE STREAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgJnQrLb18I SHOUT OUT: Faze Crypto, Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Dusty BC, Decentralized tv, CryptoCurrently LINKS: https://coingape.com/ripple-ready-to-make-huge-impact/ https://www.coindesk.com/new-ripple-led-advocacy-group-to-pay-lobbyists-in-xrp/ https://dailyhodl.com/2018/09/28/xrp-now-available-on-fx-choice-a-forex-exchange-in-a-5-trillion-industry/
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