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Life at Software AG's  India Global Consulting Services
A glimpse into what motivates consultants at our Software AG India offices to give their best.
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ARIS Process Performance Manager – Monitor processes to increase overall performance
This video explains the importance of ARIS Process Performance Management (PPM) to discover, measure and analyze your digital business to continuously improve performance.
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Responding to Digital Disruption in the 21st Century
How Software AG's Digital Business Platform is the right choice for modern enterprises; learn more about how digital transformation can impact your business: http://digital.softwareag.com/
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Demo: Alfabet IT Portfolio Management
View this short overview and demo of Software AG's Alfabet. Alfabet enables all stakeholders involved in IT portfolio management to work collaboratively using a single, reliable view of the IT portfolio and its relationships to relevant business portfolios. Plans for change are transparent to all so that planning conflicts and their associated costs are avoided. Business capabilities are the key construct for providing business context to the IT portfolio. Business stakeholders gain transparency and control over IT strategy, roadmaps and decisions. An aligned IT delivering business outcomes is the result.
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IoT Predictive Maintenance from Software AG
IoT Predictive Maintenance from Software AG. Learn more at http://manufacturing.softwareag.com/.
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Software AG's Digital Bank 2020
Today’s banks are much more than a place to simply save your pennies – they are part of the digital revolution, giving customers the choice of where, when and how they bank. As the market landscape evolves and the competition grows more fierce, banks that are able to embrace digital transformation and act on real-time customer insights, will come out ahead. To learn more about how digital technology has impacted the banking industry visit: http://digital-bank.softwareag.com/
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CUMULOCITY IoT:  Rapid.  Open.  Secure.
Cumulocity IoT addresses today’s market demands for easy, fast and scalable IoT solutions to support enterprises of all sizes. With Cumulocity IoT, you can quickly and painlessly get started with the IoT
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Software AG's AgileApps Live, Demo
Short video demonstration of Software AG's recently announced AgileApps Live, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service application solution.
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webMethods Demo: Using webMethods for Easy API Management
See how webMethods and CentraSite can help you easily create, store, virtualize and reuse your APIs. More webMethods demos available on the TECHcommunity: http://bit.ly/1LqwcVL
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Demo: webMethods Business Rules
Software AG's webMethods Business Rules allows you to define and change rules that automate decisions and that can be edited easily at any time without development effort. To speak with a specialist or request a personalized demo, click here: http://www.softwareag.com/corporate/products/webmethods_process/bpm/products/business_rules/contact/default.asp
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A Day in the Life
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Architecting IT for Connected Manufacturing
With Software AG Digital Business Platform, manufacturers can transform their operations, processes and digital field-service programs. See how you can unify processes and systems, leverage your existing IT infrastructure, and monetize an IoT-enabled predictive maintenance platform that delivers real-time visibility.
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Demo: Alfabet - Application Rationalization & Road mapping
Alfabet is used to describe complex IT systems in terms of their business, application, information and technical layers, and to develop standards for change. It helps enterprise architects align the IT landscape with the business to guide competitive transformation. This enables stakeholders to easily identify redundancies and differences of the application landscape in several business units as a basis for rationalization efforts. Alfabet’s IT road mapping supports the definition of the various dimensions of the business model of the enterprise, including its market products, sales channels, customer segments, markets and brands. For business-IT synchronization, Alfabet’s patented master planning functionality is a keystone in translating business strategy into IT tactics. It shows clearly the usage of applications in support of business operations, i.e., business processes and executing organizations. The business supports managed in the master plan allow the strategic planners to define and communicate the roll out plans of application assets through dedicated life-cycle definitions. Learn more in this demo.
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Measure your Management System Against Other Global Innovators
Everyone is looking to improve the customer experience while streamlining processes to deliver results faster and more efficiently. In the digital age, this means reaching out to employees and enabling your staff to collaborate on quality initiatives. Traditional document-based management systems are too slow and suffer from low adoption rates to be of any help. *How can you increase process adoption to improve quality? What’s the best way to secure process standards while maintaining flexibility? *How can your company increase employee empowerment while reducing training efforts? Is it realistic to improve compliance and reduce risks while staying agile? The answer to these and more questions is an enterprise management system. In Software AG’s webcast "Measure Your Management System Against Other Global Innovators" on Thursday, Nov. 3 at 3 p.m. EST you will learn the basics of enterprise management systems and gain valuable insights on how leading businesses are benefitting from such innovation. Our presenters will include: • Essam Shurbaji, Process Architect and Process Management System responsible at Deutsche Lufthansa, who will detail how their management system’s mobile strategy improves employee empowerment • Wouter van Doesum, Business Process Improvement Partner at Maersk Drilling, who will highlight the importance of an enterprise management system in highly regulated industries and how it reduces risks Both presentations will include a short demo. Learn how to increase quality, better manage your risks, and become more agile and efficient to survive in the digital world. Your enterprise management system will be the foundation of your digital future! To learn more please visit http://business-it.softwareag.com/#ems and http://digital.softwareag.com/.
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¿Está preparado para la disrupción digital del siglo XXI?
La digitalización es una fuerza disruptiva que ayuda a las empresas a volverse significativamente más competitivas y saludables a largo plazo, ya que los métodos comerciales tradicionales ya no sirven en una sociedad en constante cambio. La digitalización ayuda a las compañías a cambiar los modelos de negocio ya existentes por nuevos modelos mucho más innovadores, a optimizar los sistemas heredados, generar nuevas fuentes de ingresos y obtener una mayor agilidad en la organización. Este vídeo se lo explica íntegramente en castellano. No deje de visitar http://digital.softwareag.com/es/ para más información.
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Our New CEOs First Week at Software AG
Software AG's new CEO, Sanjay Brahmawar, had a busy first week of meeting and listening to our employees around the globe. Here is a peek into some of his interactions with our employees in Germany and the UK! www.softwareag.com
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Demo: Creating a Mobile App and Integrating with Backend Services
webMethods Mobile Suite makes developing, managing and deploying enterprise mobile apps easy and efficient. This video walks you through the process of creating an enterprise mobile app that integrates with backend services in minutes. Download and test drive webMethods Free Trials at http://techcommunity.softwareag.com Ask the experts for advise in the webMethods forums http://tech.forums.softwareag.com
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Software AG Remote Asset Monitoring in Manufacturing
In a hyper-connected world, manufacturers adopt innovative processes to identify and capitalize on real-time monitizeable insights. Learn how Software AG can help you, your partners and supplier ecosystem with connected devices and smart apps to deliver greater customer satisfaction in airlines, chemical, industrial, and medical device manufacturing. Keywords: ERP, remote asset condition, monitoring, RPA, smart apps, IoT, IP, OPC, integration, standards, cloud solution, on-premise, smart rules, analytics, alerting, automation, medical devices, office supply, wearable devices, connected devices. Learn more at https://www.softwareag.com/corporate/solutions/manufacturing/connected_manufacturing/default.html
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HelloDBP Demo – Sprint 1: Cumulocity trial
In this demo, you will learn how to implement cross-product use-cases involving many of the components of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform (DBP). It consists of 15 chapters, and while you can skip to individual sections, we recommend you watch the Introduction first. Assets from the demo are available to download at http://github.com/softwareag/hello-dbp
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Software AG Cloud Suite
To turn your business into a customer-centric organization it is key to build your business around your best customers. To achieve this, Software AG Cloud helps you to improve your processes, align your IT portfolio, build new applications and integrate IT systems - all in the cloud.
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webMethods Trading Networks: The B2B Gateway that Works Better
See why Trading Networks is the #1 B2B single gateway and EDI solution for all your B2B traffic, onboarding your partners in just minutes and not months. It’s the ideal B2B integration solution.
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2018 Product Release - A Message from our CEO
Today’s world is all about software. We know because software is what we do. And we’ve been doing it for almost 50 years. Coming up fast in October is our unmissable “2018 Product Release Virtual Conference” – an event where some of the brightest minds in digital transformation will inspire you with their visions for the future of IoT, Hybrid Integration, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and much more. You’ll also learn of awesome new features across our entire product portfolio, no matter if you are using ARIS, Alfabet, Adabas & Natural, Apama, Cumulocity IoT, the Digital Business Platform, Terracotta, webMethods or Zementis. Learn More: https://www.softwareag.com/us/company/events/product_release_virtual_conference/default.html
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Digital Business Platform for SAP
"With integrated tools for both historical and real-time data analysis, collaborative process analysis, rapid app development and integration, Software AG’s Digital Business Platform enables organizations to connect the rapidly changing business models to the underlying back office infrastructure of SAP. See how you can evolve your business models, manage your business processes more efficiently and interact more effectively with those underlying ERP assets in our 2 minute video."
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What Is Predictive Analytics?
As businesses continue to evolve in the digital age and decisions need to be made ever more quickly, it is becoming imperative to respond to events the moment they happen, otherwise organizations run the risk of: Losing customers to their competition; Losing money to production failures on a manufacturing line; Or failing to spot fraud. Apama enables organizations to maximize the value of their big data by analyzing and acting on high-volume operational and customer interactions in real-time, so that they can act on and respond to events while they still matter.
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IT Cost Optimization
Under budget constraints and a continuous flow of business demands — as well as IT’s own strategic programs and change requests — IT managers must determine which investments and cost reduction measures best serve the business. The increased complexity of globally and organizationally distributed operations and associated IT makes it difficult to match up IT plans and business needs. Add to that the task of determining affordability of IT initiatives and the IT investment board quickly finds itself peering into the murky waters of insufficient data, makeshift analyses and corporate politics—not a good basis for making decisions with confidence. Integrated IT portfolio management from Alfabet helps you make sound and safe budgeting and IT change decisions. It brings together the perspectives of business, IT architecture, projects, finance and risk, enabling you to identify where the waste is, where IT is not sufficiently supporting critical business capabilities and where to target investment to drive digital business. Watch now.
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Meeting Clients & Employees in India (Sanjay Brahmawar)
Software AG's new CEO, Sanjay Brahmawar, had a busy week meeting clients and employees across India. Here's a peek into a bit of what happened!
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Internet of Things: Hype?
Internet of Things is picking up a tremendous amount of momentum. Is it just a hype? Or is it a trend that can provide you more competitive advantages? In this video, Forrester Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri tells us his view on Internet of Things and how best to leverage Streaming Analytics to take full advantage of Internet of Things.
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What Are The Trends In The Transportation Industry?
What Are The Trends In The Transportation Industry? Our Global Industry Directory of Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics, Sean Riley , shares.
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Meeting Clients & Employees in USA (Sanjay Brahmawar)
Software AG's new CEO, Sanjay Brahmawar, had a busy second week on the job meeting clients and employees across the USA. Here's a peek into a bit of what happened! See more: https://www.softwareag.com/corporate/company/management/board/default.html
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What is Headless Commerce?
What is Headless Commerce and how can it benefit retailers? Oliver Guy explains
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ARIS - Manage Your Digital Future
Every business is different, but at the heart of every successful business are processes that make it or break it. They are your company’s greatest asset when brilliant and well executed. ARIS gives you the ability to manage and constantly adapt processes and to drive your business in the right direction. Go for ARIS and successfully manage your business and your digital future. http://business-it.softwareag.com/#ems
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Why companies are implementing RPA
No longer niche, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has moved into the mainstream and is now an essential tool in your automation gearbox. Strategically position for the future to ensure your business is hardwired for growth with RPA. With new use cases rapidly being explored, RPA is moving into the realm of the office and can help your staff off-load administrative work and redundant tasks. Learn more: http://rpa.softwareag.com
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Demo: Command Central Setup Using Bootstrap Installer
This video covers how to setup Command Central 9.9+ using bootstrap installer. More webMethods demos available on the TECHcommunity: http://bit.ly/1LqwcVL
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webMethods Demo Series: Quickly Configure Hybrid Cloud and On-Premises Integrations
webMethods Integration Cloud makes it easy to integrate data between your on-premises applications such as SAP and Oracle with cloud-based applications such as SAP and ServiceNow, quickly and securely. This demo shows this by synchronizing data between Salesforce and SAP. Learn more at http://www.webmethodscloud.com/.
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Demo: Continuous Integration with webMethods
COMPLIMENTARY FORRESTER REPORT https://info.softwareag.com/2016.12.06-NA-ForresterWaveHybridIntegration_LPForresterReport.html?YT Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that prevents serious integration problems from occurring and creating what’s known as “integration hell." By helping to control and consolidate code from multiple developers, Continuous Integration tests that code and provides early problem detection and resolution. This demo shows how a successful CI strategy can be easily applied to webMethods solutions. Visit Software AG for more information: http://www.softwareag.com
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How to Build an IoT Solution in Minutes: Part 3 - Create Analytics
This 4 part how-to video series from Software AG shows you how to build an IoT solution in minutes with Cumulocity IoT. Part 3 shows you how to create and IoT analytics rules in less than 90 seconds!
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USG Corporation Uses Software AG's webMethods
2018 North America User Group participant, Zach Dawson, IT Operations Lead at USG Corporation, discusses his experience with the webMethods suite for application and B2B integration and how Software AG technology is enabling USG’s move to the cloud and usage of microservices. He also discusses the benefits of real-time monitoring to ensure business continuity.
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Demo: Universal Messaging - Reach Parts Other Messaging Products Can't
FREE FORRESTER REPORT - SOFTWARE AG #1 FOR HYBRID INTEGRATION: https://info.softwareag.com/2016.12.06-NA-ForresterWaveHybridIntegration_LPForresterReport.html?YT SEE MORE LIVE DEMOS AT "WEBMETHODS WEDNESDAYS" https://www.softwareag.com/webinars DOWNLOAD A FREE TRIAL OF UNIVERSAL MESSAGING AT: http://techcommunity.softwareag.com To speak with an expert or get a custom demo, contact us at: https://www.softwareag.com/corporate/...
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webMethods Integration Cloud
A fully hosted integration service that supports cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-on-premises integration built on a foundation of webMethods ESB technology. Our cloud based platform allows business users and IT teams to easily access the data they need to allow any user to quickly and easily connect any of their applications regardless of where they are. This video was shown at Innovation World 2014 which was held in New Orleans, LA from October 13th-15th. For more Innovation World 2014 videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3HwmrSYjxiMWV9PcqHiFKX6xM8mu4tuo Subscribe to Software AG videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=softwareag
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webMethods API Management
Expose and consume APIs to extend your market reach and create new revenue streams with the webMethods API Management platform. Seize control of your APIs from end-to-end with API Management that accelerates your API programs and enables you to build your API ecosystem. Ranked a leader in top analyst firms, the webMethods API Management platform ensures the stability, reliability and quality of your APIs.
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Building Your Enterprise Digital Twin
See into your end-to-end processes to coordinate critical interdependencies between people, processes and IT with your Enterprise Digital Twin.
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Software AG's Connected Retail
Software AG's view on Connected Retail and the use of IoT technologies. Learn more at http://connected-retail.softwareag.com/
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Impressions from our 2018 International User Groups Conference
Software AG's International User Groups Conference in April in Berlin, Germany attracted 500 delegates from 258 companies and 39 countries, among them many long-standing and loyal customers. Watch the video to learn more.
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Thingalytics - A Preview and Introduction of a new book by Dr John Bates
Thingalytics -- by Dr. John Bates Available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1F28zgH The Internet of Things is changing the world. Thingalytics by Dr. John Bates is the most powerful book written to date about the Internet of Things (IoT), showing businesses how to take advantage of the fast Big Data that flows across the digital planet. Pulling from exciting examples of real-life innovation and invention, John makes IoT come alive. From digitally enriching exotic shops in Istanbul, Turkey, to crossing the USA on a sensor-enabled Greyhound Bus to finding new ways to mend people in hospital smart operating rooms, Thingalytics depicts how IoT can make our lives happier, easier, more productive and even safer. Thingalytics, a composite of “Things” and “Analytics,” shows businesses how to use real-time analytics and algorithms in order to seize the opportunities that flow from IoT, while simultaneously spotting and navigating around threats. As each real world object – from people to refrigerators, to tractors and ships or cans of fizzy pop - is digitized and connected to the Internet, it presents a unique opportunity for innovative businesses to learn from, and take advantage of, the digital vibrations it creates. Illustrated by case studies from global, visionary organizations such as Coca Cola, Greyhound Bus and Medtronic, Thingalytics highlights how the alchemy of real-time analytics and smart algorithms can help turn fast Big Data into actionable gold nuggets for any business, anywhere. Digital disruption to traditional “bricks-and-mortar” businesses is happening now. Organizations must transform themselves using digital technologies. Time does not stand still in this brave, new digital world. “Digital Darwinism is unkind to those who wait,” says R “Ray” Wang, a leading industry analyst who has written the Forward to Thingalytics. John Bates personally interviewed each of the people in this book. His deep knowledge of their vision, their businesses and their goals gives him the insight and the gravitas to explain how each organization is conquering the digital world. Winners in the IoT race will not only profit but could – just possibly – avert disaster. Thingalytics becomes very exciting when we see how lives can be saved, fraud avoided, customers delighted and carbon emissions reduced. Chapter Outline Chapter 1, “It’s All About Me,” explores how Thingalytics is empowering a new generation of personalized marketing and customer experience applications. Chapter 2, “Machines with Feelings,” looks into industrial and retail processes and considers how smarter machines are enhancing efficiency, reducing costs and improving customer experience. Chapter 3, “Home Is Where the Smart Is,” investigates how new intelligent Thingalytics apps are revolutionizing cooking, cleaning, washing and TV watching. Chapter 4, “Take Two Smart Pills and Call Me in the Morning,” examines the hospital of the future and how it is already manifesting itself today. Chapter 5, “I’m the Chairman of the Board,” explores smart self-learning algorithms that function as the “brains” of Thingalytics, focusing particularly on automated trading. Chapter 6, “RoboCops: Smarter than the Average Criminal,” delves into how we can spot and ideally navigate around threats and problems, including some thoughts as to how Knight Capital and similar crises could have been avoided. Chapter 7, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” discusses Thingalytics apps for smart logistics and autonomous transport systems. Chapter 8, “The Technology Behind Thingalytics,” explores some of the technology issues involved in supporting massive-scale Thingalytics apps, and we consider how new Big Data streaming analytics architectures in the cloud could be the key to successfully meeting this challenge. Chapter 9, “Go Forth and Use Thingalytics!” concludes our discussion by summarizing the lessons learned and explaining how you can move forward and use Thingalytics to improve your business. About the Author Dr. John Bates is a pioneer in the fields of the Internet of Things and Big Data Streaming Analytics. Wall Street and Technology named him one of the “Innovators of the Decade” and Institutional Investor lists him as one of the “Tech 50” most influential technologists. John holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cambridge University UK and was a tenured academic until he left to found Apama, the revolutionary real-time analytics company. He has served as CTO at Progress Software and is currently CMO and Head of Industry Solutions at Software AG.
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Demo: How webMethods Trading Networks Enables the World’s Most Powerful EDI based B2B Networks
View this B2B/EDI presentation where we are joined by Michelle Oskowski, founder of Jigsaw Solutions. Based on her 20-plus year experience in all aspects of EDI implementations, Michelle will share her thoughts on best B2B practices, key-EDI trends – and her own, in-the-field experience with webMethods B2B Integration. •Learn why world-class organizations - such as Coca-Cola, Digital Globe, 7-Eleven and Staples - use webMethods Trading Networks for powering their partner eco-systems. •Discover EDI capabilities offered by webMethods to interact with a complex set of both EDI and non-EDI partners. •See in action why Trading Networks is the solution of choice to manage, monitor and streamline partner onboarding and transactions with partners, vendors, suppliers and distributors. To learn more please visit http://bit.ly/2eH6GDG and http://www2.softwareag.com/corporate/default.aspx.
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Keynote: Digital Disruption. Digital Transformation, CEO Karl-Heinz Streibich
CEO Karl-Heinz Streibich welcomes customers, partners, and sponsors to Innovation World 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Understanding the Terracotta Configuration File
This video provides a detailed look at the structure and contents of Terracotta DB’s TCConfig file. TCConfig is the XML configuration file that defines the topology and properties for all the members of a Terracotta Server Array (TSA).
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