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bitsler newly purchased script
hello eveyone , here i have brought a new.script for u purchased from my personal cyber pro - @noranpaul . the price of the script is 0.06 btc , yes its somewhat more than the previous script , but its 100% paying , and theres a 0 risk of being blocked by the company . http://satoshibox.com/d54fqt83qed5yy8n576ed3an the price is 0.055 btc , if u wan2 deal over email , the deducted amount is the transaction fees of satoshibox . if u buy from satoshibox , u become eligible for the lottery reward , and there are 10 people who will get 1btc reward this time , since i posted the previous video 2times , i kept my promise and sent not 6 but 12 customers with 1 btc 😊 once again i request u to try my script b4 making any worse comments or anything , coz they are secured and real , paying scripts . and forgive me for the high prices , since there r people who misuse these scripts for potentially dangerous purposes . mail : [email protected] pls mail me for any queries , rather than FREE SCRIPTS . some people are very irritating over deal , and its very painful to deal with them . REMEMBER , NOTHING IS FREE IN THE WORLD , SO LEARN TO MAKE INVESTMENTS TO MAKE UR OWN PROFIT . to end , all are invited to try this script and see them filling ur wallets ☺ & thanks a lot for some new subscribers that joined me recently , in wish i could get some more . also dont forget to write ur address in comment section after buying my script ; for 10 people will b rewarded with the lottery from now on .. PLS TRY MY SCRIPT ONCE , & IF U R SATISFIED WITH IT , PLEASE 8LIKE , SHARE , SUBSCRIBE MY VIDEO ... ur contribution to this will make me the most happiest person on this earth ❤
bitsler no limit script ( earn unlimited with this script)
hello , i am here to bring b4 u a newly developed script made for bitsler . much like the previous script , its has been made using btc515.com and it cost the same .033 bitcoins .( u can check it urself ) with this script u can earn as much as u want , but i suggest to use it wisely and withdraw all the amount altogether as u may not get a second chance . it does not requires any min . balance to work . it can work for 0 balance also . friends i m telling u the truth this bitsler account got blocked for 18 days after making a withdraw .. script price : .01 btcoins link: http://satoshibox.com/3uxymfxpyztd8s3ytn8whoza ( i am sorry for keeping my fees high but the reason is i dont want it to be misused , sorry for that ) also PLEASE DONT COMMENT HARSH ON MY VIDEO WITHOUT USING THE SCRIPT . I GURANTEE IT WILL WORK . and after using the script if u r not satisfied , mail me and i promise u a 150% refund ..yes i gurantee u . ( u can see i dont have any lack of money ) so plzz buy and enjoy it . !! plzz drop a like of thanks if it worked for u !!
freebitco 11 bitcoin hack script
i am here with a new script which i have generated from btc515.com . i purchased it with .033 bitcoins ( u can check it urself on the site , everything is performed b4 u ) . obviously they didnt cause me a loss of my coins . i am selling the script for .0095bitcoins . here is the link: http://satoshibox.com/km2herfup8g52ydtfq2qpap3 (friends plz dont think its too expensive , u can easily earn all whatever u spent to buy this . its a 100% working script . plzz dont write harsh comments here .. i made the video with much difficulty , plzz dont comment bad if u hadnt buyed it . ) the script which i uploaded yesterday was purchased by 6 people , and i dont think they are dissappointed with me :) i hope u all will enjoy the script . if the script works , plz like , share and subscribe my channel , plz help me get as many followers as possible thanks !
bitcoin generator and miner software 2018
hello viewers , i am here to introduce a new btc miner software that works like a charm . it's working has been proved clearly in the video . the price is .06 btc , its a very cheap price b4 the profit it gives upon its use . buy from here : http://satoshibox.com/mm3exsnird6pjf3bkaqz4gie after purchase , mail to the seller to get ur unique user key . there r some new rules from now : - payment would be accepted in all altcoins , but for10% additional charge . -10 buyers will get a reward of 1 btc who comment their address here . - buy only from the genuine link provided in the description . -PAYMENT FIRST . -the support mail id has been changed : [email protected] its a request to all viewers not to ask for bargains or free software , coz its 100% legit , and dont spread false rumors against me if u havent tried it once . have faith , invest once and earn daily forever . its not a script that it would b banned by any company ! also dont forget to join this telegram channel : https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFI-diY0y2iVB8vlaQ ☝☝ Ita a place where i promote my stuffs . PLEASE SHARE , AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL .
extreme bitsler script v2
hello , so here i m back with another script that has an extreme potential in it ! its been coded by no less famous hacker noranpaul . original price for me was : 1 btc . the script price for u is .05 btc : link : http://satoshibox.com/c6fok4yek6kcno45hju3kpb4 now , i am mentioning it again that i am bound to keep my prices high for security reasons , i am sorry for that ) but i assure u that after using the script on ce , u will lighten urself with the heavy burden of its price , i stopped at 20 bitcoins in the video , but u can still make more without any fear of getting blocked inbetween . SO I HEREBY INVITE ALL OF U TO try my script at least once , and see if they are benefitted or not ! many people ask me in mail : why do u sell scripts at such a high price if u make so much by using it urself : answr is - business is my profession , it has brought me upto this rank, even if i get a 1000 btcoins ,i wll still keep selling them ☺ , and high price answer is in about section !! ) i recieved 10 subscribers and 17 happy customers in just 3days of opening my channel , thanks a lot for this ❤💙💜 I HAVE A NEW SYSTEM OF REWARDING 3 OF MY BEST CUSTOMERS WITH 1btc in my every video , SO STAY TUNED , try this script without any fear or risk :) PLZZ LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL IF IT WORKED FOR U AND GET ME A MAX NO OF VIEWS THANK U
bitsler extreme earning script
this is a new bitsler script that has been code by the most famous hacker @noranpaul i bought the script for .2 with a lot of fear of losing my and am satisfied with this script now i will sell it for .02btc link : http://satoshibox.com/6gepioijfpr42o2tratbkc8c its an advanced script as it doesnt gets caught in bitsler servers . so that it can be used indefinitely many times a day i generated 7 btc with this script heres the proof : https://blockchain.info/tx/41506120be613500f9da64080000c779567ea1beff09fad562c210fa4971c3b9 ( foegive me for the high price , but i dont want to sell it to a person with evil intentions) all money u invest here can be very easily made by using it just once SO I HOPE U ALL WILL BUY THE SCRIPT . .. and if it works plz like and subscribe and share my channel) HAPPY HOURS 💜
bitsler script v2 (repost)
hello guys , i happy all have enjoyd this script of mine . but i wasnt satisfied bcoz i recievd less buyers for this script than the previous ones , i expectd a min of 20buyers , but have recievd only 14 till now . its bcoz of some shits spamming utube uploading 20-30 videos at a time , & our videos goes down in the list . so once again 2tell u , the satoshibox price for the script is same .05 btc , but the treat is that we ve added 2deal over email , and price for email is .045 btc , thats .005 less than satoshibox . satoshibox : http://satoshibox.com/c6fok4yek6kcno45hju3kpb4 mail : [email protected] plz mail me if u want more info . we ve also increasd the reward fro 3 to 6 , that means now 6 of them would recieve 1 btc as a reward now .☺ i hope u all will try this script , i ve already dealt with more than 120 people since my 1st video . THANKS FOR THOSE 30 SUBSCRIBERS THAT HAVE JOINED ME RECENTLY . again my apolozies for the high prices , for u should be aware that these r the only real working stuff in utube . mail me if u have any queries , (OTHER THAN FREE SCRIPTS AND BARGAINS ) beleive me i want u 2make some effort to get a working stuff and make millions . PLZ LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE MY VIDEO , i will b back soon with a bitcoin generator and a doubler that i ve purchased recently ...... so stay tuned for updates ☺ again a request 2u .. plz try the scipt b4 writing something worse here .