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Growth rates of golden barrel cactus.
Cacti and succulent gardening.
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Sulcorebutia in flower.
My Sulcorebutia's in flower in the greenhouse.
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Growth rate, care and cultivation of Astrophytum cactus.
Showing you the growth rate and cultivation care of my Astrophytum cacti,and also seedlings of Astrophytum myriostigma that I sowed in May 2018.
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Rebutia cacti in flower early June 2018
Share the beautiful flowers of Rebutia,spectacular small cacti from South America.
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My Echeveria collection update August 2018
My update on my Echeveria's growth rate and hints and tips how to display them in containers and propagation and what compost I use.(Sorry about the quality of sound at the start of this video).
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My Echeveria plants,care and cultivation.
Cacti and succulent gardening.
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My June cacti and succulent update.
Welcome to a windy June update in my greenhouse and back garden (yard).
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Care and cultivation and growth rates of Agave victoriae reginae.
My collection of queen agaves and how to care for these small and compact agaves.
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My cacti and succulent May 2018 update.
All cacti and succulents out in the green house for the summer months.
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Epiphytic cacti care and cultivation.
Cacti and succulent gardening
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My September / October 2018 cacti ans succulent update
A quick update for September/October on whats going on in my greenhouse.
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Flowering Easter cactus blooms.
A short video on my Rhipsalidopsis or easter cactus blooming this time of year.
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My Echinopsis subdenata in flower this morning.
My Echinopsis subdenata flowered this morning and will only last 1 day.
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Cacti flowers in the green house.
Just a short video of some of the cacti flowering this time of year.
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My hybrid Aporocactus in flower.
My Hybrid Aporocactus cactus or rat's tail cactus flowering this time of the year.
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My cactus and succulent collection October 2017
Cacti and succulent gardening
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My recent Echeveria plant haul.
My recent Echeveria plant hauls from Surreal succulents in Cornwall U.K and a local plant nursery in Co.Kerry in Ireland.
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Lewesia cotyledon in flower.
Lewesia cotyledon or siskiyou lewesia in beautiful floral display.
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Colourful Echeveria's for colour and contrast.
A few Echeverias that I took out of the greenhouse for you look at and enjoy these beautiful succulents.
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Update on cacti seedlings sown in 2018
My cacti seedlings sown this year, good and not so good germination rates, care and a few tips on germination and getting them through their 1st winter, both home saved seed and mail order seed were sown. I purchased seed from cactus store .com based in Arizona U.S.A.
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My July cacti and succulent update.
A Sunday afternoon visit to my greenhouse looking at my cacti and succulent plants.
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My 15 year old Epiphyllum crenatum chichicastnanago in beautiful flower.
Epiphyllum crenatum chichicastenanago flowering May 2018.
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My start of May 2019 cacti and succulent update.
Join me in showing you my May 2019 cacti and succulent update video from my greenhouse in Co.Kerry Ireland.
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Echinopsis 'party girl' in flower.
Beautiful flower of Echinopsis 'party girl' which has just opened during the night.
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Lobivia marsoneri in amazing red flower
Despite the incorrect lanel this cactus has a beautiful flower and more buds.
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Greenhouse update April 2018.
Cleaned up greenhouse for 2018 season.
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Parodia magnifica in lemon yellow flower.
Parodia magnifica has been flowering over the last couple of days in the greenhouse.
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Rebutia senilis lilacina - rosea in bloom
Beautiful flowers on Rebutia senilis lilacina - rosea.
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My Opuntia azurea violacea in beautiful flower
Opuntia azurea violeacea flowers just opened today,golden yellow with a red centre.
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Hybrid Echinopsis 'champagner' in flower.
My Echinopsis 'champagner' in beautiful flower today.
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Hybrid Epiphyllum 'mrs g beam' in flower.
My 15 year old hybrid epiphyllum in beautiful flower.
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My Epiphyllum 'Mrs G Beam' flowered today.
Hybrid Epiphyllum 'Mrs G Beam' has just flowered for a 2nd time this year.
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Epiphyllum chichi castanango in beautiful flower.
Epiphyllum chichi castanango from Central South America showing off its amazing flowers.
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