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Jaguars Trade DE Dante Fowler Jr. to Rams

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Text Comments (106)
alan moua (17 days ago)
I liked the trade, best to get something from him now since we weren't going to pay him after the next 8 games. Someone who I'm pretty impatient on picking up slack is duwanne smoot though.
andrew fuller (17 days ago)
No bye dante you will be miss
Ventura Variety (18 days ago)
I can't root for a team owned by a sand person
royal priest (18 days ago)
Great trade for both teams. Should allows to keep our better players with the extra cap
Supa Mario Blackshear (18 days ago)
Bryant#90 will be ok he's learning different techniques at DE from Calais... But your right he does need to move back to 3tech... as far as Fowler jr move I hate it I hate it I hate it.... you need speed to match with yann!!!
PARALYZED MYND (18 days ago)
I know the NFL is a business but FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toddy Shabazz (18 days ago)
Great trade to be honest he couldn't stay healthy or stay out of trouble
Clarence Dunn (18 days ago)
Ok I love your YouTube video my bad dog
UCF Jaguar (18 days ago)
You're good man thanks for supporting the channel!
Clarence Dunn (18 days ago)
Just waiting to see what you say about Blake sense you are downing every one else
Clarence Dunn (18 days ago)
Man come on with that calling the man a Criminal words hurt
UCF Jaguar (18 days ago)
Clarence Dunn i said he has a criminal history not that he's a criminal. I was defending his bad perception against everyone saying he's this bad guy
Clarence Dunn (18 days ago)
Well they didn't hurt him he's now on a better Team
CODY MARMON (18 days ago)
4:39 perfectly said UCF
Will James (18 days ago)
Tom Coughlin hasn’t looked great so far either. Some iffy decision making
Will James (18 days ago)
This team is going down the toilet
Kenneth Pavloff (18 days ago)
thanks from LA
Joshua Batts (18 days ago)
He needed a new scenery and get the hell outta Florida even though it’s home.
Joshua Batts (18 days ago)
If wade can handle suh and Talib then he can damn sure handle Fowler. Plus he’ll be in a more structured environment
Sailor gyrl05 (17 days ago)
If Dante could find trouble in Jacksonville if he's not careful it will consume him in Los Angeles.
Jeffrey Grissom (18 days ago)
Gone miss him but a great player i hope he can get that ring this year
Clifton Davis (18 days ago)
Good video. Thanks for the insight to Fowler. Ibelievethat he will fit in well with the Rams. The Wii not me mentality is infectious. in my biased opinion we will see the best of Fowler. If all goes as I believe based on your sideline observations, he will be absorbed into a established lockeroom culture. Good trade for both teams. Iwas hoping to get Shane Ray or Bruce Irvin as well.
Wildman Samurai (18 days ago)
Rams are winning it all.
HUNCHOO JEWELry (18 days ago)
Jags will forever be sorry
Midnight Santos (18 days ago)
For a trash pick smh this team a joke smh
Kal El (18 days ago)
Another JAGS season flushed down the toilet like pinworm diarrhea.
Kal El (18 days ago)
Good riddance
iiKingElvin (19 days ago)
Yall a big ass L.
Justin Beamon (19 days ago)
We should have drafted calvin ridley 1st round. We could have gotten Bryan in 2nd or 3rd round prob. Bad draft. Calvin ridley a beast. We need receivers
rob vinson (19 days ago)
I like this move. We would have got nothing for him after the season so getting a third and fifth for him was smart.
Rockzilla Jaguars (19 days ago)
We suck,I’m giving up bc I’ve been a fan since 1993 & we still on some f**k sh*t
Rockzilla Jaguars (19 days ago)
I would’ve let Jackson or our first round pick this year go.he probably got 3 Tackles in 8 games he suck, Donte sacked Brady in the playoffs & this year.
Rockzilla Jaguars (19 days ago)
Terrible,we tripping
Dylan Bolton (19 days ago)
We’re done
Ghetto Poet (19 days ago)
Hands down we all kno this offseason should be dedicated to mainly offense. I'm sure the 1st round will be a QB hopefully its Will Grier from West Virginia *my opinion* 2nd and 3rd round what do you guys think we should go first after drafting a QB and who? WR Nick O'heary from Arizona State is nice too. Whats your thoughts?
Ghetto Poet (19 days ago)
Confused on why we let Demarius Thomas get by us. I was already disappointed we allowed josh Gordon slip but letting DT slip knowing we need receivers is crazy. Also how does Nathanial Hackett still have a job right now with his terrible play calling.
vikashmbhakta1 (19 days ago)
Eh for every splash play he made, he got burned on a screen or delayed handoff. Teams targeted him often because he was coming so hard for the sack only. Poor awareness. I'm happy with this trade. We need to start thinking about the future. A deep playoff run is unlikely now. Maybe we can pair a few third rounders and move up to get a QB in the early 2nd round. He will find success in LA though. Their defense will require him to do less against the run, probably.
Anne HBurn (19 days ago)
Do you think we should draft a QB
clark bales (19 days ago)
Uncle Wade and Coach McVay will fix him up real quick.. He always wanted to go to Hollywood, dreamed of being an actor... Great deal for everyone involved... listen Jags fans, it'd be like the Rams giving up a back-up WR.. we are stacked on offense, yep ya'll are stacked on D... a WIN WIN
Kobe Bryant (19 days ago)
Bandwagon fans
Troy Ingram (19 days ago)
I believe he'll be a good player for the rams maybe a pro bowler watch out for him,if he stays out of trouble.........
We’re Fucked
- S I L V A - (19 days ago)
Our playoff hopes are over but this is the time to add to our team in the draft and build for next season so we can get to the playoffs next season when we hopefully dont have the same amounts of injuries.
kevin Anderson (19 days ago)
It a horrible trade.They should have tried to resign him he still a good player.
R.O (19 days ago)
The rams are buying talent like it's produce at a grocery store. As a 49ers fan it drives me nuts
rob vinson (19 days ago)
Dont worry ....They are trying to buy a super bowl which they may do. But at some point they will crash hard because you cannot sustain that kind of spending. Can they afford to keep Fowler and all those others after this year?
904DUVAL (19 days ago)
Bryant was a stupid pick, we could have had Will Hernandez. Looks like we’re going back into rebuild mode next year
BWill Productions (19 days ago)
Damn let go of Fowler.. Rams got a great player, they defense might be complete now and will be probably the best defense in the league. Still love and hate my jags lol... They gotta make better decisions, start with the poor coaching. Todd Wash has been horrible, needs to go..Smh
Taylor D (19 days ago)
Remember when I said we wouldnt make the playoffs and go 8-8?
GORAMS For life (19 days ago)
Let’s Go 🎸❗️
Deshaun Washington (19 days ago)
Stupidity at its best
Electricane (19 days ago)
We were never gonna afford to pay him this offseason so I'm happy we got a return.
Jaguar SLM (19 days ago)
Good picks and great destination for donte! Now if we can get someone who can take Blake and his contract 🤔
jkeener1971 (19 days ago)
idk why but you remind me of Brock Lobster. Go Texans!! :)
Skins Tribe (19 days ago)
Looks Like The old jags to me 😂😂
Kev B (19 days ago)
Go get that ring Dante- you made some damn good plays in those NewEngland games; he'll be a-ight, he's just caught up in a lot of drama with that top-5 pick money- hoes gonna hoe bruh
Retro Bang (19 days ago)
Crazy trade
Clash Of The Horns (19 days ago)
Scheme wise wade phillips now has Okoronkwo and Fowler to tinker with. A win win for both jags and rams
PARALYZED MYND (18 days ago)
Wildman Samurai (18 days ago)
+Jack Frye Great move by the Rams.
Jack Frye (18 days ago)
Hate that they traded him ... The 3rd and 5th round pics anr nice tho .. I think we trade the 5th round away next year
Wildman Samurai (18 days ago)
+Danny Callahan ???? Ok.
Danny Callahan (18 days ago)
it also means they have to many wins
Brandon Jones (19 days ago)
Jaguar are throwing in the towel for this year
SuperYoungtank (18 days ago)
+Daniel Nivens or dez dez bryant
Daniel Nivens (18 days ago)
+SuperYoungtank I understand that but he's played better than Yannick this year... By this happening and them not getting no offense help just let's me know that they are giving up this season. Go get Brandon Marshall
SuperYoungtank (18 days ago)
+Daniel Nivens they where going to release fowler at the end of season anyway they didnt pick 5th year opsions plus the jags was sick fowler off field trouble to
Daniel Nivens (19 days ago)
And Dante has played better than Yannick. And they are not going to trade for no QB so just get a WR cause keela like been playing terrible all season
Daniel Nivens (19 days ago)
That was a stupid trade.. I mean Yannick is a good player bit he's not as big or strong as Dante. But he is better than Dante. But Yannick has been silent all season. They should at least get a WR like Brandon Marshall he's out there. If the jags don't do that then they already have gave up on the season
FEAR The Walking Don (19 days ago)
Good to hear UCF Jaguar. I've been hearing a lot negative stuff about Fowler in a lot of the comments in other videos. They said the same about Suh, Peters & Talib, but they have bought in to Mcvay's  program. None of them have been problems in the lockeroom. Hopefully they will sit this young man down & mentor him. Great video, your very fair & concise. Go Rams.
UCF Jaguar (19 days ago)
If he stays focused y'all got a great player
J RAN 85 (19 days ago)
I think it was a great trade. Jags weren't gonna pay Fowler over Yannick; better to get somethin back then lettin him walk for free
J RAN 85 (18 days ago)
+kevin Anderson Taven was drafted to be Campbell's replacement. Either Campbell or Jackson will be gone next year. I'm guessing its Campbell
kevin Anderson (18 days ago)
J RAN 85 what about cialas Campbell?He is a great player but he is in his thirties.He can’t play forever.When he leaves when had Dante now we have to draft again.
O ISRAEL (19 days ago)
Forget the jags!!! I’m done, these decisions lately are ridiculous!
Electricane (19 days ago)
We got a 3rd and 5th round pick for losing a backup de for 8 games. Very good trade.
WJ3 22 (19 days ago)
As both a bengals and jags fan I have mixed feelings about this trade
WJ3 22 (19 days ago)
UCF Jaguar well I mean he played limited snaps but still was a helpful part in helping Jacksonville last year. I wonder what his asking price was
UCF Jaguar (19 days ago)
We weren't gonna resign Fowler anyway so we got something for him
Scott Carr (19 days ago)
Good for Dante he's going to a super bowl contender and we are throwing in the towel.
tilleydude13 (19 days ago)
Was waiting to see this upload. Great points, I hope Dante finds success in LA. Keep up the good work!
UCF Jaguar (19 days ago)
Thanks man computer was messing up so couldn't drop till late
Chef Gumby (19 days ago)
We need to tank the season to secure our biggest needs
David Bryan (19 days ago)
So long Donte thanks for being a Jaguar. Good luck being a Ram & stay outta trouble😆
Kevin Thibodeau (19 days ago)
TBH kinda forgot that we had Leonard still be out forever I say draft over trade as well for qb
Christopher Kolombus (19 days ago)
Don't think it was that good of a trade honestly..
kevin Anderson (18 days ago)
Stewie's I personally don’t think they use him correctly.I realize the Jaguars coaches know more about football then me .I just think they should have tried him at linebacker.You can’t tell he would not be better then Jacobs.
kevin Anderson (18 days ago)
UCF Jaguar I personally don’t like the trade because very seldom a third round pick going to make a difference.I know Yannick was third round pick but that rare to find that type of talent there.
Stewie's (18 days ago)
Taven has been playing some every week. He hasn't been doing much but the point I was trying to make is Taven is a strong side defensive end ,while Fowler was a weak side defensive end. Also in regards to Taven Bryan I agree he's better right now inside but if you listened to Dave Caldwell,TC and Coach Marrone after the draft they like him out side at Strong side DE too. He was just a one year starter at Florida and he was playing inside. I personally didn't like the draft selection I was hoping for either a offensive lineman or a TE like Dallas Goedert
Christopher Kolombus (18 days ago)
+Stewie's clearly you didn't hear UCF mentioning taven Bryan needs to get back to tackle and away from the outside with how terrible his performances are..he's not the outside answer we need. Fowler did an amazing job and we'll regret letting him go.
kevin Anderson (18 days ago)
Stewie's tavant has not proven anything yet!Has he even played any?
David Blake (19 days ago)
UCF Jaguar (19 days ago)
Ayeeee 🤙🏼

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