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IOTA - 100 Billion Reasons Why

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It's estimated that by 2025, there will be 100 Billion global IoT devices, sending data and transferring value in the new Machine-to-Machine reality. As everything becomes a "smart device" in the coming Economy of Things, what will be the underlying protocol that makes this all work? Terry Shane, Founder of the bIOTAsphere in Toronto, and CEO of Refined Data Solutions explains why IOTA is the only Distributed Ledger Technology available today, that can achieve the scale and utility required. If you are hoping that blockchain-based solutions were going to solve for this, Terry suggests that you might want to think again about where to place your bets. This presentation was delivered as a keynote speech at the Blockchain Opportunities Summit, held in Toronto, Canada.
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Text Comments (221)
Marcus Celsius (8 days ago)
Echo Studio (16 days ago)
Cardano is a beast also
GTR ARGH (1 month ago)
xrp+iota = world denomination
Shawn Barnes (1 month ago)
Can you transfer IT to a ledger wallet?
Leo M (1 month ago)
sounds like the mark of the beast system would use that is written about in the scriptures 2000 years ago. Jesus is the light, the way, and the truth. believe in him as the son of God repent from all sin and you will inherit the kingdom of God.
Stoyan Denkov (1 month ago)
I've got two solid questions which may counter this tutor's statement and his bullish speech: 1. Why would I need a volatile cryptocurrency asset to transfer data or even value between IoT devices and not use a programmable and sustainable IoT chip that works with proven background currencies, e.g. $, €, £ instead? 2. Why would I need my refrigerator, toaster or whatever to be and IoT device, have bunch of electronics within it, that could not be reliable at times or even interact with another device, when I can do all this on my own and not to worry about anything? 3. I prefer oil and gas driven cars rather than EVs :)
Nizar Souissi (2 months ago)
A very inspiring presentation. Thank you!
Chris Faraday (3 months ago)
1.5X Speed
Henry Robert Muwanika (3 months ago)
super presentation
martin nielsen (3 months ago)
Shit wallet, Says Richard Heart ?? https://youtu.be/h6C5DJGg4Lg
Lawrence Jean-Louis (3 months ago)
MΛIK DAG322 (4 months ago)
a brilliant presentation! 👍
Erica Acire (4 months ago)
I like Iota, but what is the best wallet for it?
HOIRIRiIE97 (3 months ago)
Trinity wallet
krazykanos98 (4 months ago)
I can't tell if this guy is British or Canadian ahaha
kartika tri dewi (4 months ago)
i am invest in iota
Doc Wicked (6 months ago)
iota $600,000 per 1 iota by 2030
Henrik Lybeck (2 months ago)
That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Tima Zakharov (7 months ago)
this is a very cool project and I think it will be a real gold))
Eric Pedro (7 months ago)
I really like IOTA. But I’m trying to figure out “what actually drives iotas price up” as a crypto coin? Besides speculation and good news?? If it’s not a utility token, and it’s not block chain based where mining drives price.... Iota is just technology protocol.. so I’m wondering where does the demand for the coin come from ???
Sami Morcos (19 days ago)
@ledentre8 answered this in another thread under this video, will quote "The Iota token will gain value the more people use it because you need to purchase them on an exchange to get them to begin with. If more and more people see the value in the vision conveyed in this video, they will purchase some Iota and the price will go up."
bekim trepca (7 months ago)
Future looks great with IOTA, Wish you the very best of luck in deploying it asap :)
A Luke (7 months ago)
Steve H (7 months ago)
I used to like iota, but the triangle lost all the iota in my wallet. (I had a lot : / ) after a bit of a panic I read I had to re-run/check all my transactions. I had hundreds and it pissed me off so bad WTF system does that. Iota better figure some stuff out if you want people to give a shit. Also aren't distributed ledgers no different than the fractional reserve lending practice that got us in this mess of debt in the first place? sorry if this seem a bit forward but no one addresses these things, all we hear about is the "selling points" and while those sound fine it does no good if your money disappear and you will have to figure out how to get it back and then the money is made out of nothing but someone or a group controlling the supply and thus the value
twistr (7 months ago)
Bruh on some futuristic 2020 type of stuff. Frfr
goma3 (7 months ago)
Trinity has now been released! https://blog.iota.org/trinity-mobile-beta-release-c47e8babdc28
lego7817 (7 months ago)
Have they managed to make a functioning wallet yet?
Here there (4 months ago)
As of now pretty much
goma3 (7 months ago)
Shane Swartz (7 months ago)
The most informative video I have ever seen or heard of about blockchain technology and crypto currencies which explains in an extensive way and does not only focus on iota but informs us about the current notion of blockchain tech👌
Amir Rani (7 months ago)
8keyser8soze8 (7 months ago)
675/5000 With heartache I withdrew from this project. Annoying programming errors in the web page code (in its initial phase) A great deal about the wallet and the fanciful promises of the Q-type design that IOTE had in the top three of the marcetcap effectively discouraged me. There are many more interesting projects from Lisk, Cardano or even PO-et. - Which if it is taken over by Amazon will jump a few thousand times ... As the grandmother said, this bread flour will not be ... If I'm wrong, my loss. For those interested in Po-et Cardano, you can buy here. https://www.binance.com/?ref=27923299 Liska and bitcoin for zloty here. https://auth.bitbay.net/ref/71571
Initial D (8 months ago)
try to by it and sending it to an iota wallet, or try from one wallet to another wallet and you will see that nothing works, i never came across something so difficult and big pain in the ass especially for people that are not so technical if it comes to these kind of things because you need to change nodes, or curl implementation, still nothing works! whats the point if you invest money in it if they steal your funds all the time (read on heloiota support) and iota won't be responsible + if you lucky and your coins won't get stolen, what's the point if it goes x 10 if you can't send it to an exchange without shitload of problems, right now can't even send it from one wallet to another one! i'm working on this since yesterday 8pm and it's now 10.30 pm the next day!
Ben Royce (8 months ago)
X Y Z (8 months ago)
Shut up and launch the testnets!
Derick Shalo (8 months ago)
"Look ma, no hands"! Great sense of humor. Lol!
Shawn Barnes (8 months ago)
This is a technology and not a coin so that just confuses many investors
Yossi Cohen (8 months ago)
Amazing coin! just bought 20,000 coins
Shawn McFly (7 months ago)
Yossi Cohen Wow! How much did that cost you?
Ryan Fredericks (8 months ago)
These are a lot of my feeling with block chains. I've been saying how can bitcoin be adopted when China mines 75% of it. ps if you need a camera guy please keep me in mine.
Chet Bobby (8 months ago)
'Every road will be a toll road.' Oh jesus. Hell no.
The bIOTAsphere (8 months ago)
Sadly, that's probably the way it will go. The fastest way to have governments adopt DLT tech instead of resisting it is to show them ways it can help them replace the tax revenues that the move to the IoT will cost them. WHen the government can see how IOTA helps them collect tax, expect it to become an acceptable form of payment really quickly.
Christoph Baumann (8 months ago)
Guys, every talk in such meetings is followed by a short discussion. I was eagerly waiting for it. I would think including this would be really beneficial to underline the quality of these infotmation/the talk. Just sayin'
The bIOTAsphere (8 months ago)
The sound system didn't pick up the voices of the questioners so there wasn't anything much to play and we were on a tight timeline so there was little room for a formal Q&A. Lots of folks came up afterwards, wanting to chat and I spent an hour talking to them. Sorry we couldn't capture it for the video.
The Mad Cow (8 months ago)
16:18 - 17:00 IOTA TX's are not 100% free because the person pushing the TX has to mine it using Proof of Work which uses electricity. Electricity costs money.
The bIOTAsphere (8 months ago)
OK, so now we're splitting hairs. I assume that you're willing to concede that compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain DLTs that zero transaction fees are pretty attractive and game-changing, but apparently, that's not good enough to count as "free". Technically, there is a minute cost for the electricity associated with the tiny amount of PoW required to validate to two randomly selected transactions on the Tangle, but this is typically so small that you would consider it "de minimus" in any calculation. The amount of work is so small that it can be completed by a low-energy sensor and since in most cases, the CPU load of the device undertaking the PoW is likely to be lower than 100%, it could, therefore, be argued that the energy was going to be consumed anyway and there was no incremental cost. Would it make you happier if I agreed that the $0.0000000001 cost of an IOTA transaction was a teensy bit lower than the $1-$50 cost of a Bitcoin Transaction, depending on the demand for inclusion in the next block? Or to put it another way, IOTA Transactions at 99.999999999% free.
Pwnsweet (8 months ago)
That tie....
juan jesus (8 months ago)
Great video
Golan Regev (8 months ago)
Minute 17:07 - if you think about data can be sent fee less.....it’s remarkable..... Data can be sent fee less long time ago from the era of WEB1.0.....
The bIOTAsphere (8 months ago)
If you host your solution on AWS, you are paying for all bandwidth inbound and outbound to their servers. The same is true for other hosted compute platforms. You should not use any DLT solution at this time if the use case doesn't provide a clear benefit for a distributed, trustless, immutable ledger. There are many applications where I agree, that existing, cloud-based solutions with a database, sitting on AWS or Azure is the only way to go. But where a DLT is justified or demanded, wouldn't you prefer a solution with zero fees over one where every transaction carries a fee that is higher than the value of the underlying transaction and that is unpredictable, because it depends on the balance of supply and demand in effect from moment to moment?
Josef Tot (8 months ago)
Well presented on IOTAs capabilities in its use cases as well! I'm sure a resource based economy would be realistic utilizing IOTA as means of protocol.
iTz GNik (8 months ago)
Truly remarkable. This is the just the beginning people. The future of Blockchain technology is here for the greater good of humanity. Come back to this comment three years from now and see the results then, this technology will revolutionize the world forever.
Fridgidice (2 months ago)
iTz GNik IOTA isn’t blockchain though
Bedy Robert (8 months ago)
nice presentation, but there is something I don't understand. Correct me if I am wrong, so if I want to use Iota services, I should posses some IOTA tokens/coins whatever. My questions are: How do I get Iota tokens if I don't want to have an account on cryptocurrency exchanges? will Iota be owned by states? Do you see Iota as the only authorized currency? WIll Iota have some monetary fluctuations?
The bIOTAsphere (8 months ago)
You don't actually need to own IOTA to make data transactions on the network since it's 100% feeless. That means you could use the system for medical records, identity, access to government services etc.without any value changing hands. You may also earn IOTA from devices or companies based on the data you are willing to share or services you provide. Very few people use physical cash any longer as most transactions are already digital - Visa, Debit Cards, Online transactions etc. If I live in Canada but buy something online from a US store and transact in US Dollars, the exchange happens seamlessly behind the scenes. Back in the early days of the Internet, we used to have to make a phone call and wait for all of those squeals and tones before we were connected - now we're always connected. The same will be true for IOTA. conversion of "value" from your national fiat currency back and forth to IOTA will all take place behind the scenes seamlessly and IOTA may ultimately become a global reserve currency. But long before that, the cumbersome purchase via Crypto Exchanges is as temporary as those old 14.4K Modems.
christopher supertramp (8 months ago)
the time will come where you can buy IOTA at least as easy as Bitcoin now, maybe also direct at your housebank.. They just need to finish IXI-hub and everything is setup for exchanges, banks and what else to implement in into their systems.. Iota will never be owned by states as it is a foundation and I think because of that they will have less problems with restrictions and so on ;) welcome to the future
Karo Lin (8 months ago)
We will use IOTA on UFO later.
Albert Bluml (8 months ago)
I wish I saw this video when it was released and IOTA was for $1
Ganesh S (1 month ago)
Best time to buy now
Maurice Even (2 months ago)
Perfect time ;)
HOIRIRiIE97 (3 months ago)
What about now?
Albert Bluml (7 months ago)
Already bought for $2
Saskia Hostni (7 months ago)
Today is your chance ;)
SuperStevejack (8 months ago)
iota and data, not ioda and dada apart from that good presentation
Kris K (9 months ago)
2 Thumbs UP
Benedikt Staudt (9 months ago)
Meralko (9 months ago)
Great speaker, great presentation. A glimpse of the future.
RUwatching (9 months ago)
Great presentation , I was totally engaged normally I shut a video off after a few minutes because its boring and uninformative , hopefully more to come , thx
Kyri Paleologos (9 months ago)
Eos is a blockchain winner but this makes me more bullish on IOTA and the IOT
rob andone (9 months ago)
And IOTA is still shit - in my opinion. Regardless, I wish all those that invest in this and other top tier cryptocurrencies the best.
RUwatching (9 months ago)
Rob come on man your comment lacks fore knowledge on whats coming but I guess many said the same as you when Edison , Wright Bros, Ford etc brought new tech to the masses ;)
rob andone (9 months ago)
This statement! It's absolutely beautiful. And I have revised my original sentiment.
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It.... Voltaire.
Andrea Gasperetti (9 months ago)
11 dislikes = 11 shitcoins hodlers 😂
Andrea Gasperetti (9 months ago)
The bIOTAsphere I know, I was kidding... a bit 😝
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
Democracy is too important to be left up to the votes of the people... Henry Kissinger. I'm fine with dislikes, we're all entitled to an opinion, even if it's wrong. ;-)
Glenn Kessler (9 months ago)
Excellent IOTA overview. Very good presentation. Nicely done! The Jetsons would be proud.
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
Thanks Glenn. Your feedback is always welcomed and I know you must have smiled when you saw that slide! ;-)
moonlight (9 months ago)
How is this different than Guardtime's Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI), a blockchain technology that provides massive-scale data authentication without reliance on centralized trust authorities
cmbconcretefire (9 months ago)
I'm sorry but I call it like I see it. There are thousands of coins out there.....including the scams. And something I've noticed over my past 2 years in crypto is that 90+ % of the time, all wallets seem to be fairly straight forward and simple to use. I invested in IOTA the other day expecting a solid wallet. I was in for a shock!! I had to watch numerous videos, and read far more than I wanted to, just to be able to SECURE MY IOTA COINS!. <<<< Bottom line: I don't care if IOTA cures Cancer....the lack of a fundamentally solid wallet leaves me with this feeling as an investor >> I CANNOT WAIT TO DUMP THIS CRAP. .....and if you're a dev or involved with this project, that should speak volumes to you. I have / and tried the 81 random character routine with at least a single 9 in there. All Caps. All A-Z. Didn't work. Lol. It's a joke.
John Smith (8 months ago)
Use KeyPass 2.0 to create your IOTA seed. YT has a great video on how to use KeyPass. KeyPass is safe, secure, audited and open source. Create the seed with extra entropy. And just to be sure about security, change some letters/add some 9's to the seed you created. As long as your computer is completely secure, your seed will be completely untouchable on the tangle. IOTA foundation is creating a brand new technology and Trinity wallet is coming soon. This is the birth of a technology revolution. It will take patience
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
I completely understand the frustration of having to take a few extra steps to participate in a new technology that is focused more at the industrial use cases than the retail investor UX, at least for the next few weeks. I've been alpha-testing the new Trinity Wallet and it's not only beautiful but functional too. It completely addresses all of your concerns and will additionally have gone through a security audit before being released. We're quite literally just a matter of weeks away from this being available. DLTs will hit their sweet spot of mass adoption in the next 5-7 years and anyone getting in now will reap the rewards of seeing the writing on the wall before it becomes ubiquitous. Early adopters have to deal with the realities you describe but they are also the ones who make the biggest killing. Sorry you won't be joining us on the ride but I wish you the best of luck after you dump your IOTA to buy back Bitcoin.
desMEGA (9 months ago)
I'm an investor in IOTA but, EOS will cure all for the blockchain.
desMEGA (9 months ago)
I would hope so!
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
I'd suggest that several of those wallets are cold storage addresses or hot wallets for some of the large exchanges and actually represent thousands of smaller holders who have not taken their funds in to an offline address. Once Trinity is released in the next few weeks, with a full security audit to attest to the integrity of the platform, I would expect many people to move funds out of these "meta-addresses" to independent wallets.
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
Truer words were never spoken. Let's touch base at the end of the year and see which of these two horses is ahead in the race, relative to today. ;-)
desMEGA (9 months ago)
The top 10 richest wallets of IOTA are holding 30%. The top 11-50 richest wallets are holding the next 20%. So in IOTA the top 50 richest wallets have over 50% control... Tough to say they did their token distribution in a smart way. EOS was brilliant in offering a limited supply of tokens every day for nearly a year allowing for mass adoption by a large number of people: https://etherscan.io/token/EOS#balances
desMEGA (9 months ago)
Time will tell all
virtual resistance (9 months ago)
I O T A is K I N G
elboogero (9 months ago)
Sharp and clear as a muthafucka...
CRAZZYRUSSIAN18 (9 months ago)
Great awesome project !!! Invest in future is correct , but they need to put them self in to ledger nano s ill be so happy !! and one more thing Terry Shane nice tie sir lol !
Daniel Bolton (9 months ago)
I'm 100% IOTA
Sam Dobie (8 months ago)
Kai Sedgwicck Anything has the possibility to go to nothing, so you're better off buying a few coins instead of going all in
willy wonka (8 months ago)
how does it turn to shit?
Sam Dobie (8 months ago)
Kai Sedgwicck Because if it turns out IOTA goes to shit, you'll have nothing. That's why. I'd personally rather put my money in ICX and AION.
willy wonka (8 months ago)
why diversify?.. with Q : iota will be smartcontracts , 0$fee & distributed computing in 1 .. it basicaly outrenders all competition, literely all blockhains are toast in 5 years. .. including AION :) just splitting blockchains into multichains is just bad DAG .. to compete with iota they need to become a better DAG instead which i doubt will be possible in the long run. iota is all about optimizing and beeing very lightweight. (jinn, more lightweight crypto algos : curl).
Sam Dobie (8 months ago)
Watch The Crypto Lark's video on it
willy wonka (9 months ago)
kindof true.. bitcoin is about 10 years old. innovation ZERO last years.; and lightning is just a problem child and wayyy too complicated for somthing simple .. as roger ver said. ppl can switch more easy to alts as to lightning network even if it works some how, now if we look at eth , they are working on things like "sharding" which will become a DAG in the end the more they shard. so why not just start with a DAG like iota and start with the absolute best conditions and build upon that instead
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
I agree, but just like the banks who are trying to kill blockchain because it represents a threat to their business models, IOTA represents a threat to the already established blockchain players who will trash it at every opportunity. I believe the best technology will win out in the end and am placing all of my bets on IOTA.
VeganeBanane (9 months ago)
Awesome presentation!! please do some more !! are you planning some? :))
Łukasz Pludra (9 months ago)
IOTA in 2020 - 1iota= 1000€ !
Doc Wicked (6 months ago)
doesnt matter newb the way iota will be used willl run everyday life. It'll have thousands of use cases billions wont even mattter dude their wont even be enough iota for everybody to use it to run their products and countries so its value will be so sky high itll be incredible. It;'ll be in the hundreds of thousands per token. look long term greater picture ur not seeing here. look 5 years out not 5 days or 5 months. tangle is here to stay
Doc Wicked (6 months ago)
no in 2030 itll be worth atleast $600,000 per one iota because itll be how governments run their countries idiot. your not seeign the greater scheme of things here look 5-15 years from now not 5 months.
kev d (7 months ago)
what a load of crap. there are 2 billion of these.
Chris P (8 months ago)
Łukasz Pludra if that would get true, you only need 1000miotas to get millionaire in 2020! 😋
Alex Belhaj (8 months ago)
Łukasz Pludra 😂😂 Maybe in 2030
lenny hector (9 months ago)
IOTA is much more than a currency. Own and sell your personal data, No facebook, no amazon, no google, no apple. IOTA Data Marketplace. Own and profit from Your personal Data. Check out IOTA's Data Market Place.
Paul Brendan (9 months ago)
IOTA can't even build a proper wallet.
fabian leonardo (7 months ago)
Say now, you idiot.
RUwatching (9 months ago)
Paul every crypto out there has trouble building a proper wallet , take off your blinders the Trinity wallet will amaze even you ;)
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
I'm alpha testing the Trinity wallet and it's fantastic but I think you miss the point. The wallet is irrelevant to 99% of users in all practical ways. The overwhelming majority of folks are simply HODLing and will not be sending transactions of any size back and forth to friends and merchants. As such, they can either keep their funds with an exchange or deposit them in an offline wallet. The existing IOTA Foundation wallet is perfectly fine for this. Do not judge the integrity of the IOTA protocol by the functionality of the wallet - one has little to do with the other as the IOTA Foundation is focused on the big picture items, like Machine to Machine transactions that do not require a human-friendly wallet, leaving the development of the user interface of an app wallet to other teams. When building a house, you focus on ensuring a solid foundation and leave the landscaping till later. That's not to say that the landscaping is not part of the final vision, it's just a case of choosing priorities. Be careful of being too smug Paul. IOTA may have the last laugh on this topic. Only time will tell. ;-)
goma3 (9 months ago)
Too bad you're not part of the alpha testers on Trinity. It will be the best wallet in the entire crypto space, hands down.
Lifestyle Concept GmbH (9 months ago)
very good.
lu lu (9 months ago)
screw the orwellian state
runordie85 (9 months ago)
great presentation...clear minded and well spoken
Smart Money Mauritius (9 months ago)
People already gave up control over their privacy by using Facebook. Good Luck with IOTA where your car will take decisions over 80% of your daily activities.
Smart Money Mauritius (9 months ago)
Why they did not put UltraNote Coin on this chart which has over 500+TPS ? With UltraNote you can Transfer Funds with Instant approval, Deposit Coins for Interest (POS) 3% per year, send Encrypted Peer to Peer Messages+ IPFS encrypted File Data transfer video audio and documents Self Destruct the message on the blockchain and Mine the coins directly from the wallet on any computer. Check it out https://ultranote.org/
Smart Money Mauritius (8 months ago)
500+ is still much better than what bitcoin or 90% of other coins have to offer now & will still be much better than what other coins will have to offer in the future. Also depending on the equipment XUN can go much higher than 1K TPS. IOT is a particular ecosystem which is in completely different segment. Will see how they implement it... About UltraNote Its now time to hear and listen LOL . It went up from 20 Sats to 120 Sats Since I posted my comment last week. I told you guys you would thank me later. Pay attention its just the beginning they Trade on https://tradeogre.com/exchange/BTC-XUN cheers
christopher supertramp (8 months ago)
500+ is not enough for IoT unless the "+" is 000000.... also I think many people (me included) never heard of ultranote
Alexander Zotov (9 months ago)
Future is now)
Jehzeel Laurente (9 months ago)
Can't wait for 2025. :D
Matthew Bosward (9 months ago)
Most interesting crypto presentation I've seen. I find them to be a bit of a snooze sometimes and full of jargon and this was clear and interesting the whole way through. Thanks.
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
Thanks. My objective is to make the space relevant by telling stories about how the technology will impact our lives. Nobody understood how the Internet would be that important 10-12 years ago and here we are, unable to leave the house without our phones. If you travel to a foreign place today and they don't have internet access, you simply can't understand how you are expected to function. The same will be true of IOTA. We just have to make the tech relateable.
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
Thanks, I appreciate your comments.
divizionx (9 months ago)
I have my phone, tablet, tv, computer, laptop, Google home, fridge, washing machine, coffee machine connect to the interballs
yxl bertan (9 months ago)
lol, he looks and sounds like Liam Neeson, :-)
Scott Gallacher (23 days ago)
careful, he will find you, and he will kill you :)
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
Liam Neeson is that lucky. ;)
Sascha (9 months ago)
Iota nr 1 pick🚀💪
sean mcgaff (9 months ago)
Awesome video, looking forward to prototypes and real world use cases from the bIOTAsphere
Oliver El Zein (9 months ago)
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Maximilian Roszko (9 months ago)
Something like DAV Network can't compete with IOTA right? DAV is built on top of ETH currently, which isn't good in my opinion. They seem to be focusing on drones right now though.
goma3 (9 months ago)
ETH needs staking asap. The cryptokittens showed just how disrupted the network can become with even just one moderate size dapp
A M (9 months ago)
Bitcoin is not more centralised than the banking system thats absolutely retarded. Banks are 100% centralised as consumder have no say at all. Mining pools are made up of INDIVIDUALS, how can they overlook this.
willy wonka (9 months ago)
there are more banks as there are bitcion pools . so i guess banks are more decentralized
Manuel Knuepfe (9 months ago)
If you work for your transaction yourself, real decentralization happens.
Manuel Knuepfe (9 months ago)
Big mining operations are also hierarchical structures. Mining Pools too.
A M (9 months ago)
@goma3 you're all forgetting that a bank is a hierarchical structure smh. The individuals in the bank workforce have no power at all, they get orders from above
goma3 (9 months ago)
A bank is also made by individuals. I actually bet there are more "individuals" in the federal reserve workforce than "individuals" in one of the mining pools.
BearElTio (9 months ago)
This man should be the foundation leader not the impolite David Sønstebø
Ranin Zadviylet (9 months ago)
Well i think he dont need to be polite to people who are evil. But hes ok. I dont mind much, there are far worse use of peoples langauage. Like manipulation, hurting ppl, ...
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
David isn't rude, he simply speaks his mind, unfiltered. The mark of true leadership is surrounding yourself with powerful people, which is exactly what the Founders have done. The team is already awesome and great talent can't help but be attracted to both the vision and the group of experts that's being assembled. Don't confuse a lack of old-fashioned table manners with a lack of leadership.
Nugget's News (9 months ago)
Great presentation. I really hope IOTA can successfully deploy main net soon and we can see it work at scale :)
Jimmy Durmody (7 months ago)
Experts of biggest companies like VWgroup, Daimler, Fujitsu, Huawei, Deutsche Telekom etc. disagree with you. Why would they spend their time, money and energy on POCs for IOTA, if it would be "fundamentally flawed" in their mind.
Jimmy Durmody (7 months ago)
Wow, is it you real name? That is like slavic version of Stanley Kubrick. Awsome!
John (7 months ago)
skynet baby! :-D
Arthur Pug (7 months ago)
Fat chance. Will never happen, the protocol is fundamentally flawed
ATI nsider (8 months ago)
Nugget's News Australia Correct. Plan is pure Decentralization.
0815726 (9 months ago)
Really good presentation, thank you
Kevin-April Y (9 months ago)
One of the best big-picture talks on IOT, the 3rd (4th?) Industrial Revolution, and the role that IOTA is poised to play as the backbone of this new economy!
Sithembile Enu (9 months ago)
very nice presentation
parallel (9 months ago)
John (7 months ago)
iota is future, but bulge in front of my jeans is NOW! hehe :-D
AG C (8 months ago)
AAA BBB wieviele hast du gekauft, bist ja auf jedem Video zu iota
BILIC (9 months ago)
Great presentation! I have got a question. EOS is also solving scalability issues in blockchain 3.0. I know IOTA and EOS have different use cases, but what tells IOTA apart from EOS considering the scalability innovations?
Moje Fotky (9 months ago)
FINALY, some profi presentation about IOTA conducted by a profi presenter! Thank you very much!
Sithembile Enu (9 months ago)
yeah.; we need more of this.. instead of twitter wars ;)
Manuel Knuepfe (9 months ago)
This guy knows.
Diogo Vitorino (9 months ago)
I´m amazed with the potential of IOTA! Thanks for sharing
Rudolf Cajkář (9 months ago)
that tie tho
RUwatching (9 months ago)
The tie was awesome :)
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
Thanks. I like it too.
Rudolf Cajkář (9 months ago)
Nothing, It´s perfect!
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
What's wrong with the tie? ;)
Sithembile Enu (9 months ago)
haha i noticed too .. :)
sudocrypto (9 months ago)
This is just phenomenal!!
forex trading (9 months ago)
What role will IOTA tokens play in all of this?
Manuel Knuepfe (9 months ago)
Ripple to IOTA is like comparing shit to a rough diamond.
Manuel Knuepfe (9 months ago)
You're right. XRP isn't even used by banks.
RUwatching (9 months ago)
Your example of comparing Ripple to IOTA is like apples and oranges
Manuel Knuepfe (9 months ago)
Buying IOTA is like buying a percentage of the IOTA Ecosystem. Buying XRP is like buying FIAT that is created and regulated by a private company.
forex trading (9 months ago)
@ Derren Desouza. This is the answer that I was looking for because I own IOTA tokens. But unlike shares in a company which can go up and down if the company does well or not, this is not the case with crytocurrencies. A good example is Ripple's XRP, which I also own. For banks to use Ripple's technology, they do not need to incorporate the use of XRP tokens. Hence, XRP has gone no where but down, despite many major banks adopting their technology. I believe in the future of some of these companies. But it would have been nice to own shares in those companies rather than their tokens. So your previous "you must have watched the entire presentation with the sound muted and your eyes close to ask such a ridiculous question my friend." WAS UNNECESSARY! 😝
ledentre8 (9 months ago)
That was the best presentation on Iota I've ever seen. Please take your show on the road. I'm sure there are plenty of cities that could gain from this insight and vision.
Bradley Laney (1 month ago)
Agree, perfectly sums up the flaws of the current popular blockchains and why they will not survive mass adoption.
twistr (7 months ago)
The bIOTAsphere come to south Memphis
Marten Van Der Pal (8 months ago)
The bIOTAsphere let me know if you want to visit Amsterdam and need some pointers into where to go and who to meet!
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
I'm happy to present in other locations - I will be a keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual Blockchain Conference in Toronto on April 24th. Other locations to be announced, but my primary focus is on the Canadian market for IOTA.
Ngoc Ha (9 months ago)
Can you upload the powerpoint file somewhere? Those are some pretty neat pictures :D
Ivan Balashov (9 months ago)
Im also very interested in the presentation. Please send it to [email protected]
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
Many of the images were supplied to me, so I'd need to check with the original sources to be sure that is OK. As a member of the IOTA Evangelist Network, the plan is to share the deck with other presenters so we can spread the word and educate as many folks as possible about the power of this incredible technology.
Kevin Chen (9 months ago)
Nice presentation Terry!
The bIOTAsphere (9 months ago)
Thanks Kevin - The IOTA Evangelist Network consists of many folks just like you and me, all with a burning passion to use this technology to change the world for good.
aquapurity (9 months ago)
W7 Davison (9 months ago)
Wow, excellent presentation
anagnose (9 months ago)
Quantum computers in 5-7 years :D I hope that was just a joke
Derren Desouza (6 months ago)
BMW_Mun is that you?
Doc Wicked (6 months ago)
iota will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per token eventually after it becomes a nessesity for yours and mine and everybody elses everyday life. Smart products will run your life man so deal with it. Youll be pissed when iota is $600k a coin when governments use it to run militarys and everyday life on the tangle.
Ngoc Ha (9 months ago)
Well "quantum computers" exist but they are still very inefficient and expensive. Quantum supremacy hasn't been achieved yet, even with those very costly machines. So I believe saying 5-7 years is reasonable. At most 10 years.
Derren Desouza (9 months ago)
They're already here https://quantumexperience.ng.bluemix.net/qx/experience
Ngoc Ha (9 months ago)
Google "are cautiously optimistic that quantum supremacy can be achieved with Bristlecone", Google’s New Quantum Processor. See more here: https://research.googleblog.com/2018/03/a-preview-of-bristlecone-googles-new.html

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