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Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB Crypto Mining Benchmarks: ETH/UBQ/ZEC/XMR

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Today i show you the Mining Benchmark of the Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB, it has been benchmarked on the main coins Ethereum, (Ubiq), Zcash and Monero. This card can mine the following cryptocurrencies: ETH/(ETC/DBIX/UBIQ), ZEC(ZCL/HUSH/BTCZ), XMR/(BTN). It performed very well for being only $309.90 with a high resale value for gamers! This card is definetely recommended for your mining rigs. (Bios Mod of this card: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiPCwJV_ryM) Buy the Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB on Your Nearest Amazon: http://geni.us/y5s1 Or buy the Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 4GB on Your Nearest Amazon: http://geni.us/TtEVsWi Or buy using the following links: Amazon.COM: https://goo.gl/NVLgoZ Amazon.CO.UK: https://goo.gl/tpZ6GH Amazon.DE: https://goo.gl/Xm9AZe Amazon.CA: https://goo.gl/zttej1 Amazon.FR: https://goo.gl/stzcSn Buy your Mining rig parts step-by-step using Amazon: https://www.buriedone.com/rig-building.html Or Pre-made AMD/NVidia builds at: https://www.buriedone.com/rig-builds.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BuriedOne Twitter: https://twitter.com/BuriedOne Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buriedone_blockchain/ Join our Discord at the BuriedONE Blockchain Community if you seek help! Discord: https://discord.gg/6PwuaTq
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Text Comments (111)
Craig Laycock (27 days ago)
Can anyone tell me why my RX XFX 580 only hashes Eth at 12 Mhs?
Craig Laycock (27 days ago)
Can anyone tell me why my RX XFX 580 only hashes Eth at 12 Mhs?
MINERANDO EM CASA (7 months ago)
Bom dia, eu tenho uma rx 580 powercolor, quando eu instalo o drive beta não minera da erro como se o drive não fosse compatível, mas com outros drives funciona normalmente.
Musteata C (11 months ago)
what will be the best settings for these cards mining on nicehash for maximum profitabillity compared to power cost ?
Pavlin Marinov (11 months ago)
Hi can I use this setting for sapphire rx 580 4 gb. Thanks I like your all videos
Aminlv (1 year ago)
just wondering why, i have R9 280 and have zec 302ish so why pay for r580 if have similar result!
Maribel Pereiro (1 year ago)
if you dont care about power consumption wich algoritm you go? and what configuration should i use? ( IM WORRED ABOUT THE RETURN OF THE INVEST WITH THIS CARD)
Lorenzo Caputo (1 year ago)
Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB or ASUS rx 580 8Gb OC for mining?
Elias AM (1 year ago)
Sadly, the price has gone up a 130%, they are costing 600€ in amazon
greenmarsh4 (1 year ago)
Folks, I found a website where anybody can earn Monero for free!. They pay out it's not a scam! http://bit.ly/2rf8Nou
sarvesh joshi (1 year ago)
@buriedone buddy have you flashed the bios or you're using factory bios with msi afterbruner? and if you aren't what are the hashrates if you use stock bios with afterburner overclocking?
wily rocke (1 year ago)
what mining pool do you recommend for someone with just 60mhs mining rig? nano or dwarf or ethermine?
CyptoLiam (1 year ago)
If you SLI is it higher MHZ?
Vasety Petrakov (1 year ago)
Is the card bios modded???
Ivan G-S (1 year ago)
Fantastic, super clear video. Right to th point with all the info. Perfect ! thank you.
Dimitris Geroulakos (1 year ago)
DO i have monster RX480 4Gb?? With Modded Bios i get 27.7 Mh/s and the power draw is only 75W. Card stays at 55C..
Piske (1 year ago)
Hello!!! this are my numbers on Etherium. Sapphire RX 580 nitro+ 8gb hynix memory. core: 1250mhz mem: 2250mhz Mv: -200 (around 925-930mv) according to msi afterburner. Getting 31,8mh/s 24/7 total stable no mem errors. Gpu core power consumption: 95W Bought another one today. Hope it's at least as good as this one.
Peter Dubík (1 year ago)
1006 H/s @1300 MHz core / 2020MHz Mem Asus RX580 O8G Mining Monero
Vertigo101 (1 year ago)
Voltage is grayed out on my cards
Ronak Evolution (1 year ago)
Can please someone give me an advice? I have a 580 Nitro+ bios modded. I wanted to undervolt it in afterburner. First off all it was very difficulty to enable core voltage. After it was enabled, I couldn’t set the voltage to -60. My minimum is 800 and max is over 1150. Why is this so, what I’m doing wrong here?
scooter800m (1 year ago)
my gtx 1050ti will do 144.5 sol/s on average and still only using the motherboard power which has a limit of 75w. so i get 0.52 w/sol.
nerd Mike (1 year ago)
With XMR no bios mod on my RX 580 LE 1450/2200 I can do 750H/s with 60°C/40% fan and 100W gpu-only power draw. For ETH is still necessary to mode bios? I get 27MH/s with 130W gpu-only power draw.
Diogo Gomes Bento (1 year ago)
Guys could someone help me out? Would a 750W PSU be able to power 3 rx580s GPUS?
BenOyun (1 year ago)
Burim Mema (1 year ago)
Hello guys I am having trouble with my RX 580 4gb pulse rig . I flashed it months ago and it worked like a charm , but today i had a power problem so they were shut down by force ... after power came i turned them on but my hashrate drops from 28 to 1 in all cards i tried unistalling drivers with ddu and reinstalling changed claymore reconnected the cables and everything but the problem is still the same
David Hansen (1 year ago)
Did you ever end up fixing this problem? I experienced something similar testing out my 970 using claymore
Andrew Smeal (1 year ago)
Question: Trying to Bios Mod this card and the problem I have run into is that most Bios mods are for Hynix memory and my card has Samsung memory. What can I do to get a good bios mod for my cards to reach 30+mhs? Thanks and I do find your videos very helpful!!!
NdranC (1 year ago)
At the end when you tested the card's framerate is this with the bios mod? I want to get one of this cards for 1080p gaming and mining but I'm not sure how deep into the mining modifications I should go (custom mining drivers, OC and bios mod) when I also want to game here and there. I assume changing OC settings should be easy but I'm not sure how easy it is to change the drivers/bios every time I want to play.
h4jkos (1 year ago)
NdranC im interested aswell
CryptoTelugu (1 year ago)
GPU Mining Strategy to get ROI in less than 3 new coin to mine https://youtu.be/PDBgaN5eSRU
jibbaf (1 year ago)
I'm getting 900 H/s on Monero measuring 81W on GPU-Z using Claymore v10.2 -cclock 1350 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 975 -mvddc 975
mujimusa (1 year ago)
bios modded? what steps did you take
mujimusa (1 year ago)
any guide you followed?
Ty Huffman (1 year ago)
More fun but now with an all EVGA lineup. G=Gold, P=Platinum, followed by wattage rating and finally cost rounded up. EVGA G G2 650 100 6.50 G G3 650 76 8.55 G G2 850 100 8.50 G SEMI 650 72 9.03 G G2 750 86 8.72 G G2 550 64 8.59 G G3 750 86 8.72 G GS 550 80 6.88 G G3 550 73 7.53 G G3 750 86 8.72 G G2 1300 230 5.65 G G2 1000 154 6.49 P P2 1000 239 4.18 P P2 850 124 6.85 P P2 750 132 5.68 P P2 1200 280 4.29 P P2 650 96 6.77 P P2 1600 396 4.04 It appears that the Gold 750W for $86 and the Platinum 850W for $124 are both very good deals.
Ty Huffman (1 year ago)
Some PCpartPicker fun: G=Gold, P=Platinum, the next number is the wattage rating of the supply, the next number is cost rounded up, the last number is the wattage per dollar. It appears that an EVGA 650 Platinum is a good deal while the 550 watt platinum slightly noses it out. The Golds are the best deal by far. Higher number of watts per dollar is better obviously. G 650 100 6.5 G 650 76 8.552631579 G 850 100 8.5 G 650 72 9.027777778 G 750 86 8.720930233 G 550 64 8.59375 G 1000 239 4.184100418 G 850 124 6.85483871 G 550 73 7.534246575 P 760 149 5.100671141 P 1200 300 4 P 650 96 6.770833333 P 550 80 6.875 P 860 170 5.058823529 P 1000 220 4.545454545 P 750 132 5.681818182
Gym Life (1 year ago)
332 S/S For 1 card, so 10 cars 3332S/S. correct me if im wrong. the calculator says 2.84btc a month, am i right?
Dom (1 year ago)
332 Sol/s for Zcash not Bitcoin. That's because Zcash has a lower mining difficulty because less people mine it. Go for Eth or Zcash.
Gym Life (1 year ago)
Should i buy this card instead of the 1070 for eth mining?
ampdeck (1 year ago)
If I buy this card? should I got with AMD processor or Intel?
Gym Life (1 year ago)
what about power consumption and mhs difference on each one? i found the 580 on 299 deal
Buried ONE Crypto (1 year ago)
Pedro Vasquez Yes
Carlos De la Garza (1 year ago)
Does a bottleneck affect on mining?
AlexGhoro (1 year ago)
How you guys can stay at that mining speed? I have my rx480 first they start mining for like 28 mh/s but now they are on 24-23 mh/s on ETH ?
Pedro Ramalho (1 year ago)
i am your fan too buried, well i not know to change the voltage in afterburner too so i use in claymore comand like this -cclock 1100 -mclock 2100 -cvddc 860 -mvddc 900 looks the more stability and low power i get with biosmod and blockchain drivers i make around 29.2 mh/s on etherium my gpu its rx 580 8gb special edition others rx 580 maybe have less rate then me
Online Earning Ideaz (1 year ago)
Very helpful
Nebojsa Popovic (1 year ago)
Is there a bios mode for samsumg memory rx580?
Sid Bhasin (1 year ago)
Great video, i just moved from Trixx to msi afterburner. How do you unlock all settings in msi afterburner. Cheers
Falahuddin Ahmed (1 year ago)
What driver are u using?
Harry Chu (1 year ago)
How did he modify the core voltage? Afterburner? I would love to see a video on bios moding that 1050 setting via bios. Many miners are choosing linux for an array of reasons and we don't have the ability to mod the core voltage. If there were such a video, I would contribute ethers for such an effort. If the bios was provided, then even better.
Buried ONE Crypto (1 year ago)
Harry Chu Bios can be found on the video link in the description, and msi afterburner beta supports the voltage change
Nyikos Csaba (1 year ago)
Nice video mate!
Mohit Rahaman (1 year ago)
Hey, in your country, what are your energy consumption costs per unit in USD? Also I suggest you to have the NVIDIA cards benchmarked just like these.
Sajid Rahman (1 year ago)
need help.... I cant control my core voltage on my gigabyte rx 580 8gb xtr.
Jonathan H. (1 year ago)
Hi I have this card too. For Eth mining I have 1260/2230/910/910 on Claymore. Power draw from wall 130w, 31.5 Mh/s
Ashish Rohilla (1 year ago)
It's from here somewhere :- http://1stminingrig.com/best-bios-rom-sapphire-nitro-rx-580-8gb-oc-hynix-memory-30-mhs/
BoMBeRLMM (1 year ago)
Ashish Rohilla can put the link?
Ashish Rohilla (1 year ago)
I downloaded it from Youtube only. It was specially made for my GPU. Rx 580 Nitro + 8 Gb
Ashish Rohilla (1 year ago)
i dnt use afterburner. wattman settings is my main.
Jonathan H. (1 year ago)
Ashish Rohilla what's your bios settings ?
Hello how are you, please what are the recommended core voltage and power limit values for a 4GB AMD RX580 SAPPHIRE PULSE RADEON ?
youngmoney565 (1 year ago)
yes i need to know this too also what is the differnece between the nitro rx 580 and the saphire 580
ZeeFF (1 year ago)
eerrrmm... 309+77...so about 400...is that still "nice price" ? i have the 570 4gb with elpida doing 29.3 and got it for 254 £. the 580 8gb is £ 302+00 . Dont think 1 mh is worth 50£. Still great vid, good job.
Nestor Rivera (1 year ago)
Hello its same old driver or new driver? The new driver 17.10.2 or use old version for Edition Beta for Blockchain?
Gameshut1 (1 year ago)
I like your Videos ! First I load the new drivers from amd then i BIOS Mod and after that I put the core clock hire with the after burner . Does it work like that? Thank u for your help
Buried ONE Crypto (1 year ago)
Gameshut1 yeah like that :)
John Jesus (1 year ago)
You see that AMD released a new driver that supports 12 gpus in windows 10? http://cryptomining-blog.com/9225-the-latest-amd-radeon-drivers-17-10-2-bring-up-to-12-gpu-support-under-windows-10/
ZeeFF (1 year ago)
John Jesus me too :d . Started 3 months ago. Check out bits be tripin channel. Thats where I know this from
John Jesus (1 year ago)
Ok, thank you I appreciate the reply. I'm still fairly new to this stuff.
ZeeFF (1 year ago)
John Jesus read the driver name . It says non- . It means that they haven’t submitted to microsoft cause it still has some bugs. It works but u may have some issues
John Jesus (1 year ago)
Not Win approved? Sorry please explain. Maybe me just waking up is clouding my head. The driver worked flawless for me with 12 RX 580 Red Devils.
Redz Rojas (1 year ago)
Great vid.. very informative.. I was wondering though if you could use the latest driver(Crimson ReLive 17.10.2 driver) and if the hashrate improved.. thanks...
Martind Els (1 year ago)
Hi I'm new to all this and what to build my own rig. Is there a way to calculate the expected hash rate from my hardware I'm thinking of buying before hand. Thanks
Buried ONE Crypto (1 year ago)
Martind Els I am building pre builds on the website so you know what to expect, there are a few ready on https://www.buriedone.com/rig-builds.html
Alex White (1 year ago)
Hi, can someone help me. When i install the mining driver on rx470 8gb sapphire trixx stats go to 0 and if I change and save they go back to 0. On the afterburner i can't even change them as the option to change is not light up so i am unable to do it What am I doing wrong? Please anyone help me. Thank you
Buried ONE Crypto (1 year ago)
Alex White Use afterburner beta
Lukáš Šlajferčík (1 year ago)
You making great videos but you need to turn off AF (autofocus) on camera when shooting cards :D .. then will be all great :))
Buried ONE Crypto (1 year ago)
Lukáš Šlajferčík My camera doesn't listen so well xd but thanks for the tip!
Oliver Pamittan (1 year ago)
Hi. I have same card I overclock my card with Core: 1400 Mem clock: 2250 Mv : -100 Im getting 32Mh/s With tech gpuz power draw is 119watts
Oliver Pamittan (1 year ago)
Albert Ujkani hmm no sir.
Albert Ujkani (1 year ago)
Oliver Pamittan can i use the same bios for my sapphire pulse ?
Oliver Pamittan (1 year ago)
desil medo 57-60 deg C
Mohamed Mosilhy (1 year ago)
what is the temp of the cards sir?
ampdeck (1 year ago)
can I ask whats your motherboard and processor? sorry noob question thank you
these 580 also leak, like the 400 series?
Buried ONE Crypto (1 year ago)
Григорий Ерёменко The 400 series are using about 30-40 watts less
Boumez Anouar (1 year ago)
i always have trouble running this card i used your moded bios i just have 26 mh with oc 28 mh :/ any help ?
Boumez Anouar (1 year ago)
amd minning driver you mean ?
Buried ONE Crypto (1 year ago)
Boumez Anouar use the mining drivers
sachin pundir (1 year ago)
Is it safe to order gpu from AliExpress and Alibaba ? It's available at price of 160-200$
sachin pundir (1 year ago)
BuriedONE Cryptomining , thanks for your valuable comment :)
Buried ONE Crypto (1 year ago)
sachin pundir I got scammed $800 because of that
Jay Aditya (1 year ago)
I like viewing your all Videos and i am your big fan Dude 😁
Buried ONE Crypto (1 year ago)
Jay Aditya Awesome!

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