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Grapefruit-Sized Growth, Part 2: The Pop

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To see Part 1, click here: https://youtu.be/5sL-nk-rcqY To see Part 3, click here: https://youtu.be/mqqkhBe7eEI To see Part 4, click here: https://youtu.be/SQWfHr3cqCk UPDATE: A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who purchased this video between 8/31 and 9/8/17 for Hurricane Harvey Relief! As of 9/8/17 we were able to raise over $6,642 for the cause. Thank you for the support and we hope for quick recovery from all the natural disasters including the terrible hurricanes and earthquakes that have been devastating and upending so many people’s lives around our world. A lipoma is slow-growing, benign growth of fat cells. It is contained in a thin, fibrous capsule and found right under the skin. A lipoma is typically not tender and moves around easily with slight pressure. A lipoma is not cancerous and treatment generally is not necessary. There is also a condition called familial lipomatosus, where people develop multiple lipomas, especially on the arms and legs, and other family members have these growths as well. If the lipoma is on a pressure-bearing area, it may create discomfort and this is when people seek removal. People also request removal because they don’t like the appearance of these bumps. Often a small incision can be made over the lipoma and they can be “popped” out easily. This is a simple in-office surgical procedure under local anesthesia. To buy your own Official Dr. Pimple Popper Comedone Extractor, click here: http://www.drpimplepopper.com/shop To learn more about my skincare line - SLMD Skincare - click here: www.slmdskincare.com Subscribe to my Dermatology educational channel, Dr Pimple Popper University! Link is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvaD01Jb_ruxsAcVqVmTHzQ For more content, exclusive content, and of course to get more Dr. Pimple Popper schwag, visit us at www.drpimplepopper.com! Instagram: @DrPimplePopper for 24/7 pops @DrSandraLee for my work, my life, my pops Facebook: facebook.com/DrPimplePopper Twitter: @SandraLeeMD Snapchat: drpimplepopper Periscope: Dr. Sandra Lee You can watch my TV appearances here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOixDRVQAsKe4STSuWU8U0Q This video may contain dermatologic surgical and/or procedural content. The content seen in this video is provided only for medical education purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
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Text Comments (18815)
Lisa Scarrott (6 hours ago)
Bless him i hope he feels so much better now a big thanks to the doctors who cut this thing out of him my thoughts go to every one involved
Pamela Bounds (7 hours ago)
Great job
LA BABU (9 hours ago)
Thats baby brain ziced!!!
Burger - Fortnite (13 hours ago)
looks like a brain getting pulled out
gossipboyXDD (19 hours ago)
joe diaz (21 hours ago)
All she had to do was cut him just a little more and it would of saved her all that trouble of trying to get that shit out.
Sally Jane (1 day ago)
That cyst looks like a BRAIN !!!!
Ava Angel (1 day ago)
Grapefruit sized? Really? I love Dr Lee but I hope to God her husband shops for the family fruit.
Thorn The wolf (1 day ago)
It’s a second brain
THE CHENNEL (1 day ago)
7:09 it looks like a face
johnknoefler (1 day ago)
It's an auxiliary brain.
Zara Palmer (1 day ago)
Dr you're amazing cause I don't think I could do your job lol. You're a angel 😇 sent from God to help those in need.
Mitch Blackmore (1 day ago)
Why don't you just install a zipper and he can use it as a backpack?
liza tria (1 day ago)
Awesome you Dr. Sandra Lee! You are God-sent..
Ice Cube81 (1 day ago)
5.40 Midwifery
Bethanie Lege (2 days ago)
Dr. Lee is now a neurologist lol
Catherine A (2 days ago)
Emma Moisan (2 days ago)
Its looks like a legit brain lol
Emma Moisan (2 days ago)
Idk why im watching this. Eww gross
Robert Olsen (2 days ago)
Looks like another brain!
Stacy Nelson (2 days ago)
OMG great job doc😍
denice dezee (2 days ago)
It had a face. There is a term ( can’t remember it) where there are twins in Uteruo but one of them absorbs the other like this .
Steven Belloni (2 days ago)
Mamma mia 😱
FullMetalTrucker (2 days ago)
Congratulations! It's a brain!
寺島涼子 (2 days ago)
meme herp (2 days ago)
Biggest mixball i've ever seen
ServiceInstaller (2 days ago)
Get the fuck outta town...
Ash Cinis (3 days ago)
Dude grew a 2nd brain
Jayden Burrell (3 days ago)
It looks like a brain
Carmita Stone (4 days ago)
Paula Aasen (4 days ago)
What the hell?! Unbelievable!
JAMIESON IRVINE (4 days ago)
He grew another HEART
Tea Sis (4 days ago)
The cyst was a payed actor 😂
Jeff Burns (4 days ago)
He should have come in long ago why wait?
Peter Hogger (4 days ago)
The bells. ..The bells have made me deaf. ...
Crazy Kid5000 (4 days ago)
Is that the brain I'm calling the scientists 463 scientist is us
Khalida Daldoul (4 days ago)
Miss sandra may god protect you its a good work thank you ...
Autumn Holland (14 hours ago)
Lara Belén (4 days ago)
Omg it's like a brain
khloe Cameron (4 days ago)
How does that not hurt I would be dead of pain already
khloe Cameron (4 days ago)
And it looks like a brain
Sara Wright (4 days ago)
I got a headache
Marton Sandor (4 days ago)
Bobby Lewis (4 days ago)
I keep expecting one of these to explode all over her
BJ Weems (5 days ago)
this nigga has a second brain...
TheChosen1 (5 days ago)
its like a freaking brain on his neck
Tina Burton (5 days ago)
And kids this is why I stopped eating grape fruit.
Christine 62018 (4 days ago)
Thanks for making me laugh!
Terri McCan (5 days ago)
This is the Most awesome video I have deen.
Jessica Norton (5 days ago)
Cool pro😃
Nice mem
Levi Moore (6 days ago)
HOLY shit
_Bagginshield (6 days ago)
It looks like a brain, wow
Riham Zozo (6 days ago)
This is defucult
Lee till and fam (6 days ago)
Keanne Gil Alido (6 days ago)
What the hell
sebaswildboy (7 days ago)
thats a brain wtf
Increíble veo por la televisión y hoy veo por YouTube, lo que hace la doctora. Felicidades.
Anthony Berry (7 days ago)
he might be dumber without his second brain
thebookwormdiaries (7 days ago)
Good God what is that
bob bobson (7 days ago)
It kind of looks like there operating on some ones bald ass head
I'm Bored (7 days ago)
Issa second brain
Φρικάρεις, ήθελα να δω, πώς το χειρηστικαν, πολύ καλή δουλειά, που έχει να κάνει με την εμπειρία, καλο είναι, να γνωρίζουμε αν μπορούμε να αποφύγουμε ότι ποιο δύσκολο η χειρότερο, μπράβο σε κοινούς που σε απαλασουν, σε βοηθούν, μπράβο και σε αυτόν που έβαλε το βίντεο όλα καλά..
Lorena Varela (7 days ago)
I think than those thing was the man's brain...how someone let grow that so many time??? I don't understand
Stephanie Brod (7 days ago)
Wow looks like a brain. Crazy!!
Sherrell Mccarthy (8 days ago)
Oh my, I think it's got a heartbeat!!!!
Grid (8 days ago)
You know, it’s always strange how blood goes around this even when they’re as small as a bebe
manuel sierra (8 days ago)
Me gusto mucho
Sans Ga (8 days ago)
She pulled a mini brain out of his neck
Raul Ledesma (8 days ago)
Es impresionante me gustaría ver el pos operatorio es un trabajo imprecionante
kofi kannonier (8 days ago)
That looks like a heart
Fukre Desi (9 days ago)
Science is god
Mark Oelschlager (9 days ago)
Now he has a place to store his snacks!
arrieban516 (9 days ago)
Congratulations its a ????
ItsAubree : (10 days ago)
Did anyone else see the face in the mass?
Oh for christ sake lol. Of course Not....I think your suffering pareidolia.
Nancy Markiewick (10 days ago)
Too hard to watch, goodbye.. Nancy, Detroit
Adrianna Lucero (10 days ago)
Es impresionante todo lo que hace usted,, me encanta ver todos los vídeos ,, bendiciones 🙏🙏🌹
MikeyLuvesGames (10 days ago)
Looks like a damn brain
Justin J (10 days ago)
Issa a brain
Patrick Schneider (10 days ago)
Looks like a 2nd brain.....ewww
Richard Nunn (10 days ago)
Mazel tov! Its a boy
Arwinder Keane Singh (10 days ago)
It looked like a brain
Ines Jimena (11 days ago)
Doctora te felicito por ser tu profesion un milagro par mucha persona achando que su problema nunva seria resolbido. Felicidades
RICHARD HARRIS (11 days ago)
Did you see that thing had a face on it 😳😅
Im Suda (11 days ago)
At first I thought they removed his brain
J.R. Smith (11 days ago)
Found my basketball mom Also found my brain
Millie Houston (11 days ago)
Violet MouseHall (11 days ago)
It’s like he had an extra head with a brain
Nuplayer (11 days ago)
4:04 that noise of the skin getting cut...
James Otto (11 days ago)
now he wont get accused of being a hunch Back
Ilmo Oliveira (12 days ago)
Rhida Indri (12 days ago)
Diablo Negro (12 days ago)
Everything is easy to deassemby real deal is reassmbling haha. Nice work
ilalang biru (12 days ago)
OMG. Poor man
Arturo Montenora (12 days ago)
How can you let that go, look at the size of it. Really you never thought to go see a doctor.? Smh
Jose Carlos Rodriguez (13 days ago)
El primer hombre en dar a luz. Madre mía.
kayleigh xoxo (13 days ago)
looks like a full size brain.
Jett Dunford (13 days ago)
They took out his neckbrain so his IQ is now 110 instead of 220
Jett Dunford (12 days ago)
If he’s watching I’m sorry
Jett Dunford (13 days ago)
(Barfing intensifies)

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