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“My Biceps Aren’t Growing” (HERE’S WHY!)

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Bigger Arms in 6 Weeks - http://athleanx.com/ultimate-arms Subscribe to this channel here - http://bit.ly/2b0coMW Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you trained your biceps they just won’t grow. In this video, I’m going to show you the two biggest reasons why I believe your bicep size is not what you want it to be. Between the number of times that you are knowingly and unknowingly training them to the more important concept of hitting them with fewer exercises but more techniques. First we should talk about the amount of times per week that you are training your biceps. Many people think that more is better however that is not the case, especially in the instance of such a small muscle group. The use of direct biceps training is effective in building bigger arms but you must still include all of the accessory work they get through exercises that bend the elbow (a key function of the biceps). When you think about all of the back exercises that bend the elbow like barbell rows, pulldowns, pullups, chinups, one armed rows, etc you quickly realize how much extra work that arms are getting even on non bicep days. That doesn’t mean that the volume isn’t still accruing and becoming something that you must consider in your overall ability to recover. If you are performing a push, pull, legs training split at the moment and performing each of these two times per week then any direct biceps training is going to also wind up adding significant volume to your biceps. The mistake is often to continue to add more and more when you are trying to force a change in muscle size. The right thing to do is to first step back and take away volume and frequency and monitor how your body responds. Most often, as a natural lifter you will find that dropping this back is exactly what your body needs in order to be able to grow and resume your gains. That said, one of the other big keys to getting bigger biceps (or any other muscle for that matter) is progressive overload. Now this most often comes in the form of adding weight to the exercises that you are doing. Some will also attempt to simply add new exercises as a form of stimulus overload that keeps the gains coming. In the case of the biceps however, the variety of bicep exercises is extremely limited due to the nature of the elbow joint. Given that this is a hinge joint that functions primarily to flex and extend the elbow, the different variations of bicep exercises often look the same; they are all some form of a curl. Whether it be preacher curls, concentration curls, barbell curls or seated incline dumbbell curls, they are all just bending the elbow. This is why switching exercises is often not enough of a stimulus to promote new growth. It is here that the switching in of techniques is far more effective. I demonstrate three in particular for you in this video. I show you the In10sity technique for using heavier weights on your curls and getting more high intensity reps completed in a workout. The sliced reps technique for getting more time under tension and peak contraction. And finally, the arc variation technique that allows you to train to and through failure by manipulating the moment arm of the biceps as you fatigue. All of these techniques and more are built into my Ultimate Arms program available at http://athleanx.com and are designed to help you build your biggest biceps possible in the shortest amount of time. By training like an athlete and taking your intensity to a whole new level, you will be amazed at the impact this has on your gains. For more videos on how to get bigger arms and the best exercises for building big biceps, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24
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ATHLEAN-X™ (4 months ago)
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Eric Burkheimer (1 month ago)
Is 24 hrs. enough to let them recoup?
Jose De Jesus Hernandez (2 months ago)
ATHLEAN-X™ hey, hola Jeff, sorry 2 interrupt, did yu not mention Weight that we control, I noticed that yr dells receive a good amount of set. Does that make sense
Heisenberg (2 months ago)
Watching while eating KFC.
john Cummings (3 months ago)
You know Jim Stoppani gives free workout plans to military
studster87 (3 months ago)
Dude what are u talking about? N what leftist? I clicked this video for workout advice, not for thoughts on who's in Washington
Zorah (17 hours ago)
Idk why but I get anxiety when Jeff flexes his biceps cuz I feel like its gonna pop
City Wok (1 day ago)
I feel his biceps were gonna pop
troll of legends (1 day ago)
didn't know ellen degenerees was into bodybuilding
Angel Vollant (1 day ago)
“Your biceps are only a small portion of the interior side of your arm” He says, while pointing at his mountain looking biceps
Daniel McLelland (1 day ago)
Jeff I love you and your organisation, you’re incredible in so many ways and always offer and give us the best advice possible. God Bless and thank you ❤️
Dingo Nuts (1 day ago)
How many times should I hit my biceps a week then. Is once enough
Billy Orr (2 days ago)
Thanks Jeff! You’re the fucking man. Bringing these helpful pointers to the gym today!
Revolver Makaveli (2 days ago)
My nama jeff
ryder vescera (3 days ago)
That's the last picture I would see jeff in
Nathan Joseph (3 days ago)
Judging by the thumbnail of the video, I can tell Jeff is a lefty ;)
Sane Sanny (3 days ago)
I'd like to think 1 day is enough to rest the arms until i get back to hit arms again
Archie Hilsum (3 days ago)
I’ve only just recently started working out, my form is good but whenever I try to do bicep isolation exercises I never feel anything in my biceps (mainly feel a slight burn in my forearms) I still reach failure but still with little to no burn in my biceps.
Slip Nip (3 days ago)
Your forearms need to catch up. Your biceps are stronger then your forearms right now.
Vile_Play (8 days ago)
Leave it to jeff to design SUPER "21's". They sucked enough as is sir, thank you...
Sean (8 days ago)
Ok thanks.
kefkapalazzo1 (8 days ago)
When you first find pornhub
Adam Schwarz (9 days ago)
How about calves? I've got some Jon Jones calves going on
Anthony Taylor (6 days ago)
Little calves are good it makes you more athletic
Brett W. (7 days ago)
Get surgery, bitch.
dashmir maksuti (9 days ago)
CJ Fletcher tell something else dude train biceps everyday every fucking day
sock oof (9 days ago)
that thumbnail wasn't my proudest fap
Iron Ninja (10 days ago)
I think I can help you (shows biceps)
Hayley Duckworth (10 days ago)
Hey Jeff gosh thank you for ur videos they r super duper helpful- please HELP ME???? What type of cardio can I do if I have shin splints? I did HIIT SPRINTS on the treadmill an my shins in the middle esp right leg feels so bruised ... please help me as I LOVE HIIT WORKOUTS!!!
hello raptor 123 (10 days ago)
That thumbnails look hilarious
Joshua Levitt (11 days ago)
That photoshopped arm in the thumbnail was effing hilarious
TraceguyRune (11 days ago)
By biceps have been 15.5 inches for the past 9 months :(
Efreitor Habibulin (11 days ago)
meh biceps is easy, light weight and more reps with full range of motion, if it burns your biceps will grow.
MultiLoser95 (12 days ago)
not sure whats the total sets to be done for the sliced curls. anyone knows?
Neeraj Abusariya (12 days ago)
Pls suggest exercises for chest without weights. Also can one dumbell is enough for biceps workout?
Mister GG (12 days ago)
today is bicep day cause im watching this video, then 1 month without gym, then legs day cause i saw another video, then 1 week drinking Green Tea cause a slim fit girl is drinknig it so I think if I do the same Ill be a fit....then its August and before 1st beach day, I do 2 HIIT training and see no results, then i think: maybe its because I did biceps exercises wrong....lets do back workout.....and so on...
Alex Phillips (13 days ago)
3:40 period😂😂
SuperSaiyan Zero (13 days ago)
I literally forgot all of these techniques. Glad i found this.
RagnarokVI (13 days ago)
These videos are freaking great. I’be has great success with the slicing reps, even when using a lower weight.
Hide and Tweak (14 days ago)
you should ad some reverb to your sound
Thanos V (14 days ago)
Μπουκέτο στα δόντια
AJ FITNESS (14 days ago)
https://youtu.be/I_ZMIurcjFs Get wider biceps do watch and learn
Bacon Bagel (15 days ago)
Do you even bicep bro ?
Corey Morrow (16 days ago)
My biceps are so weak that they only qualify as uniceps...
el gordon (3 days ago)
Isolated concentration bicep curls
Sims Star (8 days ago)
Well you need to do some Collateral damage to your Uniceps to take them from a A single to a B double
Richard Kuklinski (14 days ago)
Younes tamouh (16 days ago)
Hi Jeff I weigh 165 pounds, 5'8 feet but I have a fat belly what should I do to get my AB, Thank you so much for everything.
Arkan Sauce (14 days ago)
Younes tamouh change what you eat for good. Abs are 90% diet, 10% training. Cut out all processed foods and sugars, never eat them again. They’re terrible for you. Eat lean protein, chicken and turkey. Eat healthy fats like cheese and nuts. Don’t drink soda or sugary drinks. You can also try intermittent fasting, which is where you don’t eat anything for 10-15 hours, sleep included. Only do this a couple of times a week. Once you change your diet, look up on YouTube: Anabolic Aliens ab workout. It’s a great YouTube channel with awesome workouts that get you results. Good luck brother, hope this helps :)
RockerRobin (16 days ago)
I work stucco mixing around 2 1/2 palette of concrete at 80 to 88lbs a bag plus significant shoveling and moving 90lb buckets lifting them over my head onto planks as well as pulling them up to grater highest with a rope and pulley my work is almost exclusively arms back and shoulders with one 20 minute lunch break in a 10hr shift 5 days a week. I suffer from significant foramen and wrist pain. Can you recommend any way for me to lessen the pain other than getting a new job😅
Captain Campion (16 days ago)
you look like a super badass psycho from borderlands
Last man on earth (17 days ago)
This man knows his shit! He's talking straight stuff........
The thumbail is Understandable and disturbing at the same time
Yousuf Sohail (19 days ago)
thanks for helping
Dan V (21 days ago)
The exercise examples you show are still curls though right? just adding in pauses, how straight the arms goes, etc?
studybug2010 (21 days ago)
maybe its just me but at certain angles throughout this video this guy looks like he could be John Turturro's younger brother....lol...
rustynailsish (20 days ago)
I see that !
JHolland (22 days ago)
I think my problem is food , I just need to eat more food , then my arms and body will get bigger asell
Arslan Yousafzai (19 days ago)
JHolland There is literally no point in lifting if you’re not eating properly
Nat Pi (22 days ago)
Lift heavy shit often. Eat like a boss. Sleep like a champion. Repeat process.
Bradley Bourgeois (23 days ago)
what do I do if my right bicep is bigger than my left but in return my left bicep is stronger than my right?
Eagle ClawTM (23 days ago)
He looks like hes in front of a green screen lmao
WolfClaw (23 days ago)
Wish you were my personal trainer!
Jayxe (24 days ago)
Thumbnail straight out of borderlands
Sideboard (24 days ago)
I would hope some people take this advice lightly, training to overload and then pushing yourself further into overload is how you pop a bicep ☠️☠️☠️
Hafiz Irfan Rasheed (24 days ago)
Fantastic great job and you tell the truth you are 100% Right
ChipLeader (25 days ago)
Great vid 👌
BuildingCenter (26 days ago)
Jeff used my left arm.
Side Effects (26 days ago)
Using your back quite a bit on those curls there lol
Side Effects (26 days ago)
So smart. Love it! Thank you!
Side Effects (26 days ago)
I'm just doing pull-ups and curls and I'd say I'm looking good!
Zezotaiko Bullock (26 days ago)
imagine using roids... and still look like this lol
Abdon Rodriguez (26 days ago)
nice ..Thanx
Paul Granero (27 days ago)
As always Jeff Love your work, Unfortunately I'm going overseas in a couple of months but i am really interested in your program, When i get back i'm signing up, I know it sounds like a cop out but i would prefer to start and finish your 90 day program without interruptions. I've seen the results that Jessy has gotten from your work outs and I'm impressed! Thank you !!
Samo Saraj'vo (29 days ago)
Love the thumbnail haha
bigwillchill (29 days ago)
my biceps are my biggest arm muscle lol i need help with my trapezius lol
Bruh. His biceps look like little titties when he contracts it. Lmao
Jerra DertienHonderd (29 days ago)
jullie kkr moeder
DynaCentral (1 month ago)
6'3, 215 pounds, 9 percent body fat. Been working out hardcore dedicated for 3 and a half years now. got that very very good solid look about 2 years ago. last year has been about refining and working on my other areas i want to grow more. for some reason, no matter what i do, even though I have good sized arms, I want them a BIT bigger. not crazy big, just a bit more refined but could never quite get the size I wanted, especially more towards my armpit. It's not refined enough. my arms are not small by any means at all, but id' like to refine them more. your videos are great :) been following your methods on fitness , especially on biceps and must say you know your shit. ty!
Still dont understand why people dislike these videos....🤦🏾‍♂️
Tee Cee (1 month ago)
can girls watch this video?
Hot Tub Banana (1 month ago)
why don't you compete ?
Ultraman 70 (1 month ago)
Holy shit
Jason Yoki (1 month ago)
Great Video
Vibes LB (1 month ago)
You’re biceps get me hard and I am a straight male
Imon Sanyal (1 month ago)
7:45 Is it just me it does he really have 4 chests?
Vanja Aragovic (1 month ago)
Jeff looks mighty.
Travis Burns (1 month ago)
Ben Berger (1 month ago)
Most people ignore this when trying to grow bigger: *sleep 9-12 hrs . *stretch (30 min minimum)because while you sleep your muscles tighten. *listen to your body, example: I used to stuff myself everyday with food, but my body didn’t like it, it was tired all the time (so if your body is not hungry then don’t eat) especially after 6pm,better eat before 6pm, if you eat after 6pm your body will be digesting while you sleep, and will not focus on recovery and growth, meaning you won’t grow. There some videos about this, internet articles and online courses that prove what I wrote.
Balvinder Kour (1 month ago)
This is the best coach
My biceps used to look like yours but smaller but very nicely shaped and defined like a diamond baseball or something..., my arms are actually bigger now at 16 inches, my arms are fairly rock solid but not as strong I just started back and I don't even have access to a gym just a few dumbbells and a curl bar basically, I used to have basically a whole home gym still have weights all rusty and a weight rack and a couple old benches sitting out in the rain because I have nowhere to put them I sold the rest because it was just getting ruined..., nowhere to put it, sold my squat rack and a couple benches and other equipment, abandoned 2 weight machines in a move, I want to get a weight machine maybe I can make space outside under the porch roof , I'm 35 now I just don't have the energy and intensity that I used to, I used to be like a wild beast... now I'm kinda basically skinny fat but with kinda decent arms and my old muscles are still there but more buried under some fat.. I'm 6'4" 215 lbs I think I could probably get down and pump out 50 pushups still but I have a foot injury that makes me uneven when I do pushups unless I wear combat boots or something but still there's barely even room to do pushups here without cats and dogs getting in my face..
Indigo Wookie (1 month ago)
Just beat your meat with both hands
Ankush Sharma (1 month ago)
best on planet
KrustyAnne (1 month ago)
*watching this video even though I literally never work out*
Marem Alya (1 month ago)
A naturel bodybuilder how many egzersizes and sets should do in a day for biceps ???
zakariya tahir (1 month ago)
Where did u come from cos heaven dropped u
Joe Momma (1 month ago)
His hairstyle even looks like it's flexing
Icy E (1 month ago)
Hi,I think I can help you build biceps My name is jeff
Surodeep Mukherjee (1 month ago)
Jeff, can i use the same methodology for triceps, shoulders, etc?
Eric Burkheimer (1 month ago)
I just started working out on Monday April 1, and already there's been change... But with one caveat, the right is bigger than the left. So I surmised that perhaps I should train the left more than the right for while. Or should I do something else.
Cameron Yinger (1 month ago)
I immediately tried this and felt a difference in the intensity ,thank you!
Sean Pastoor (1 month ago)
Every single Athlean-x video blows my mind!
danextreme (1 month ago)
Hey i have a question.. cause my biceps literally wont grow. you say to wait a few days and not do the same muscle group every day. makes sense. how come the ab workout for 22 days straight is every single day though? do the abs not need rest days? i am not understanding
josh powell (1 month ago)
A compass to figure out one ninth?
The art of competition (1 month ago)
my bicepts starting growing when i started overloading the muscle. like when i cant do another rep on a pullup i jump up and try to still hold my self up as i fail and slowly go down.
Issy (1 month ago)
The art of competition ohhhh, does that actually work
The art of competition (1 month ago)
​+Issy But the problem is your body is very good at compensation other muscles want to help. which is not good if your trying to train your biceps because they are tiny compared to your shoulders and chest like mine. if your working your lats your traps often tend to take over so thats where the mind muscle connection comes in and you need to focus to use your lats not your traps.
Issy (1 month ago)
The art of competition so you’re just thinking about what u want to focus on? Isn’t that like... basic? I mean if I’m working my back I’m obviously not gonna feel it in my chest as much... right? Correct me if I’m not understanding it correctly
The art of competition (1 month ago)
+Issy its pretty self explanatory. for example if your doing curls you want to target your bicep. so you really want to feel the burn in your bicep not your shoulder. i struggle with that when i train biceps. i seem to feel my forearm or shoulder too much. Going with lighter weights helped with this problem.
Issy (1 month ago)
The art of competition can u explain muscle mind connection for me?
Hot Food Express (1 month ago)
Jeff, thank you.nothing but love and respect for you and the team.you have taught me so much and everything i applied got me results.
the truth is here (1 month ago)
Its funny because his right arm looks wrong and the left is more likely
Dianno Di Bella (1 month ago)
Kenny K O stays away from Jeff's biceps
Jeremiah Willams (1 month ago)
Your awesome!! Thank you for taking the time to share this info!!!
Grinch92 (1 month ago)
good stuff !!
over seer (1 month ago)
I feel sore just looking at jeff
Ali‘s Universe (1 month ago)
over seer haha 😂
Darrell Z. DiZoglio (1 month ago)
Wow, truly awesome coaching, info and strategies! All your videos are excellent. I doubt they even need to be edited. Bravo!
What? (1 month ago)
I haven't isolated biceps in months. It's like all my T receptors went there and nowhere else (soyboy voice and twig legs). Appreciate the non hard-gainer muscles you do have guys :)
Tluce (1 month ago)
Someone help. I'm just not feeling anything in my biceps when I workout. I've improved my technique, Ive tryed dropping the weight I use, I squeeze at top, keep my arm tense on the way down, do the reps slowly. The only place I'm feeling anything is my forearms. Any advice?
Jimmy Vien (1 month ago)
Increase the weights/resistance? Idk why your only feeling it in your forearms, maybe your gripping the weights too much? What’s the workout you’re doing rn?

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