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Why Most Traders Lose Money

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Text Comments (7)
Henderson Sobers (2 months ago)
great advice.
GS (6 months ago)
i love this
JN (10 months ago)
Are you a Prop Firm? I am struggling to pass my Prop Trading License
JN (1 year ago)
Exactly Rite... If you Hit your Trades the Profit will come....
Wesley Crabajales (1 year ago)
You sound like a trader that only makes 3% gains a year on average, compare to the 11% S&P 500.
MANUEL .FERNANDEZ (1 year ago)
which would recommend for desktop PC that setup for use of metatrader 4 which processor, memory, motherboard etc thanks for your help
If you are just using for metatrader and will not be backtesting etc, an i7 with 16GB of Ram and you're good to go. (you can get away with i5 and 8GB of Ram since if you are just trading manually you don't need much more honestly)

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