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Five Reasons Why 95% Of FOREX Traders Lose Money

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Daniel Ang from Traders Academy International talks about the 5 reasons why 95% of FOREX Traders Lose Money. If you are trading, you need to stop and watch this first. For more FREE training videos on FOREX training for beginners, go to the link below to sign up for your FOREX lessons and worksheets: www.tradersacademyonline.com You can subscribe to "Singapore Forex Challenge" to get the latest videos.
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Robert Blank (9 days ago)
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Thomas Hedge (9 days ago)
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Wendy Hill (9 days ago)
Hurley sounds like the real deal🤔
James Abbott (9 days ago)
Came across a thread where Mr Hurley Jordan was mentioned as a top strategist with winning trade signals but no contact info was left, how do I reach him?
Kevin Leyles (9 days ago)
Nothing beats the feeling of a working strategy being applied to trades to generate profits. Kudos to Mr Hurley, good to see someone on the same page with me
M A Alam (16 days ago)
why people make everything completecated?. a lot of people are fucking hard the market and making millions. I dot' think so, they have the term in their minds of 5% and 95%. they are just simply making money. that's the thing they know.
Benjamin Allen (24 days ago)
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Jack West (21 days ago)
Mark Donald (24 days ago)
Thank you, I'll be sure to do that.
Mark Donald (24 days ago)
I have heard about this trader from a lot of people here. It has been my goal to become a part of his team for a while now.
Dexter Walker (3 months ago)
*We all talking about losses bitterly...and we forget to actualize the fact that not every missed opportunity is a loss instead we turn our backs on patience, a very important aspect every trader must know about. Patience is very good money management....(risk management)*
Juan Shaw (3 months ago)
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Palacio Jane (3 months ago)
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Gerrard steve (3 months ago)
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rashak umar (3 months ago)
This is good. I keep hearing all this....really tempting though but the problem is i just started my trading career...i have no contact of no professional
mcCoy sprouse (3 months ago)
Sometimes, what we just need is an incredible trading expert to help us ascertain success in trading instead of chasing dead ends
Dale Schaible (6 months ago)
Who's Mr Harry mark George I have been seeing post about him?
Dale Schaible (6 months ago)
+Rickie Raleigh Thanks for sharing this.
Dale Schaible (6 months ago)
He sounds promising I would love to invest with him can I get his info
Tawnya Signorelli (7 months ago)
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Chen Hong (8 months ago)
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Jibon Ali (9 months ago)
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arief ace (10 months ago)
Cang cing cong ateuh ko
Ryan Huncho (11 months ago)
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Michel Stuart (11 months ago)
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Ed Stewart (1 year ago)
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ahsanullah shanto (1 year ago)
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Jibon Ali (1 year ago)
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Lisbeth Alteus (1 year ago)
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Blasphemous Joe (1 year ago)
Ok lah..
Ade Abasanji (1 year ago)
I like his accent. reminds me of my uncle baba yaba
Zoe Semour (1 year ago)
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Mike zieminski (2 years ago)
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Dirgha Sharaf (2 years ago)
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Norman Smith (2 years ago)
it's all to do with the spread and the broker expanding it from time to time in busy periods.
Hayden Harris (2 years ago)
RAFZAS You are 100% correct.
karfei mau (2 years ago)
Wilson Dering (2 years ago)
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Nicholas C. (2 years ago)
thank u boze
mary taylor (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video, this is why i always recommend Mentorship more than just watching videos
Joel Koel (1 year ago)
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Anthony Ellis (2 years ago)
hello Mary..I'm Anthony by the way.I heard of Mr Waynes training.Is he really good,also does he have any youtube videos or facebook page.I would like to add you as friend as well on facebook.have a few questions to ask you.How can I look you up
mary taylor (2 years ago)
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Kim Andrews (2 years ago)
Why are there so many videos that talk about Forex in the title, and then start off actually talking Stocks and Shares. Forex and Stocks and Shares are different things folks.
Kim Andrews (2 years ago)
Its true technical trading applies to both charts, there is a difference though in that you have much more leverage with Forex.
LoL Chinese pro replay (2 years ago)
Forex stocks and other stuff are fundamentally same thing. The market only has two groups of people, buyer and seller. Doesnt matter which market you are in. You either on buying group or selling. You tell me any difference between stock and forex? Unless you analyzing news or company data too much. As technical trader, I dont care what market it is. As long as the chart has bullish and bearish candle stick. Everything will directly reflect on the chart. I trade as I see. As long as you dont try to predict the market. Human behavior are always the same.
MyName Here (2 years ago)
I think it's lie about 95% lose money. In business we always buy and sell, we do trades, no matter what system it is, you buy cheap sell expensive. If all people lose money word economic can't exist, but it is.
LoL Chinese pro replay (2 years ago)
No,you are on the opposite. its way more than that. I think it would probably close to 98 percent. The market is control by big guy like golden sac and other banks. Do you really think average people take big proportion is this market in term of volume. All peoples balance combine cant even take 2 percents of the market. But the number of people makes up big part. Thats how the world runs. People are nothing compare to the big guy behind the market. They play the market. People just makes up the number. Plus in the long run I would say more than 98 percent of the people are losing money. If they truly gaining money in the long run. Everybody would quit their job and stay home trading. I am talking about 5,6 years of consistent income month to month from trading. If you trade long enough you should know that. Making steady income month to month, thats not an easy job. Espcially if you trade for yourself. It requires years and years experience to reach that level.
All Reviews on YT (2 years ago)
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All Reviews on YT (2 years ago)
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Nathan Henrick (2 years ago)
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Orville Pickard (1 year ago)
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Rafal Z (3 years ago)
Why forex traders lose money? Because they don't know (and probably don't want to know) how market are incredibly close to being 100% random. Charlatans in trading "education" know it and are happy to take money away from people who don't know it. No system and no psychology can beat randomness. Research shows that only 1% of retail traders are predictably profitable in the long term. And to add to your disappointment be aware that within that 1% is plenty of guys who where institutional traders for years before they started trading on their own.
Rafal Z (2 years ago)
+George Reid III. You think you are smart because you understand that you don't have to be right every time and you still can make money reliably over longer time. Unfortunately it's beginners way of thinking. People who made you believe that are a lot further ahead in this game. They understand that real and reliable money is in providing "services" to people like you. It can be through "teaching", selling systems or simply generating traffic on their websites. And of course not to forget brokers, who make money from commissions.
George Reid III (2 years ago)
Raf Zas You will never beat the markets 100% of the time. That being said, there are strategies to put the odds in your favor. it takes practice and studying of the markets
Hayden Harris (2 years ago)
Thank you so much Raf Zas as I like the logical truth.
Rafal Z (2 years ago)
+Oscar Malisz. I have never paid anyone for any kind of system or trading. It looks like you did. Good Luck. Bye.
Oscar Malisz (2 years ago)
+Raf Zas Ive already learnt the hard way and lost money, now I have been learning from someone who has been trading treasuries for 10 years on an institutional level and from what i have seen in the past 4 months his swing trades are 80 percent correct and he makes between 5 and 30 k a day on average, I dont make alot of money because I dont risk alot of money and I only put on a trade when the setup is perfect, I feel sorry for you and all the other people who have been scammed though. Im making money and I can easily add 5 to 10 percent on any sized account daily, easily.I dont want to hear from you anymore now, your destiny is to be a loser that is why you have been attracted to scammer losers. bye.
Christopher G. Ospina (3 years ago)
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RobotFX (3 years ago)
1. Because they don't know how to trade. period
Zane Corrigan (1 year ago)
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Florinda A. Krone (3 years ago)
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Jannatul Juye (3 years ago)
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yellow6100 (3 years ago)
funny thing is how they just make up numbers 95% -5 % ..... just on the side I see video called "90% of traders lose money .how to be in top 10% "
grunzeunited (3 years ago)
i gave a while she was taking photos....where can i have those photos???
forexformulasuccess (3 years ago)
Interesting video..He has covered a lot of important points.
Hey You! (3 years ago)
yuuwa slangh iszh naat aaudhible..
shingduh lim (3 years ago)
Nice sub title lol
jamesb7777a (4 years ago)
this is aimed at everyone watching youtube videos that supposedly tell you what you are doing wrong trading/investing. its the same thing over and over again..."you are failing at trading becouse of your lack of education, just join my newsletter/training siminar for $1000 and Ill make you a sucessful trader". THINK about this folks: if someone has the "secret " to being sucessful at trading stocks why in the hell would they be giving this secret out to everyone for $ when they could become billionaires by actually trading themselves???   why are they spending time and effort selling their "secrets" instead of using them themselves??  why do 95% of traders fail? becouse the stock market is RIGGED and you cannot compete with the big boys with thier million dollar computers that do the trading.
Li Mr (4 years ago)
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Fx SamuraiRobot (4 years ago)
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Harry Robson (1 year ago)
Fx SamuraiRobot
kanon animeium (4 years ago)
what ever we learn in school is wrong? how i know what ever you teach is right or wrong?  thats right , dont trust anyone. only trust yourself.
Eliz Halls (3 years ago)
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MrFourkinghell (4 years ago)
 you  have to laugh, all these pumpers of "training"  state that YOU can get into the winning 5%. That must be the most crowed 5% in the world- newbies do the training and then squeeze into the 5%.   Somehow I don't think that adds up.
Joseph Bashore (4 years ago)
Rahul Suresh Yendhe (4 years ago)
you can not learn forex without money losing.....first lose then earn..
jb0177 (3 years ago)
I agree 100%. I lost $500 before I caught on, and for the first month, I am profiting. You cannot learn how to trade from others, or from paper accounts; you need to learn from your mistakes, and lose before you can be a good, profitable trader.
Dwayne (4 years ago)
exactly THAT is why 95 percent lose, oh i'm losing, i'm losing, i'm losing "time to cut my losses and get out" without ever trying to bounce back, you go in expecting to lose, you set a stop loss and stop gain, and you STICK with it, no matter what, you WILL gain, and you WILL lose...succesful traders will lose money they know that, they don't care, cuz they know they'll bounce back.  Something i learned :D.
Chaai Ying Wong (4 years ago)
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hayday Trader (4 years ago)
thanks for the lesson.
Alan James (4 years ago)
he sounds VERY Nigerian...
elizeebz (4 years ago)
lmao you obviously dont know what either sound like!
Steveee Azberg (4 years ago)
Want to be one from those 5% of successful traders - check out Free Double Profit Robot trading video on my channel!
nainjatt (4 years ago)
+Steveee Azberg  I wipe a cockatoos's ass with your trading video ! Fucking moron !
Tha Deka (4 years ago)
Or just learn manage risk,rly easy
Smile More (4 years ago)
fuck off
Milka Nimoh (4 years ago)
interesting how he speaks like a nigerian
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Victor Pavlov (1 year ago)
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jb0177 (3 years ago)
Sounds like an azn speaking Engrish to me.
Megan Burke (4 years ago)
nice presentation. i r brilliant. u reveal real fact. I hav found lots of software with lucratative promotional ad. is it trusted? scam? if not, which is best?
veritastraders01 (5 years ago)
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Ciccio Traliccio (5 years ago)
Folex malket difficult to tlade!
George de Lorean (1 year ago)
Ciccio Traliccio Lol. That's racist. Lol
Jeremy (1 year ago)
ROTFLMAO. You made my day.
Masood Khan (5 years ago)
very basic
John holtman (5 years ago)
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Richard Rossouw (4 years ago)
+David Pereira Hi. I love when the truth are revealed. Could not say it better.  Have a look at my video "PROOF that Forex is RANDOM"  let me know what you think?
manny romero (4 years ago)
+David Pereira looooool
David Pereira (4 years ago)
LOL - 11K a week and you're watching youtube videos on why people lose?! ahaha. Anyone who makes 11k a week doesn't waste time youtubing the downside. 11k a week traders, certainly don't pass on trade secrets.  I honestly don't get how people are stupid enough to actually take this shit for real - lol "you can make a fortune", "I will make you rich for absolutely nothing", "make millions with just $500". oh lol. there is no such thing as a free lunch buddy - ESPECIALLY IN THE MARKETS - Risk VS Reward. 
Girl Fish Channel (4 years ago)
Sound great... May i join your class ? I really love trading, especially with currencies. So please accept me as your student. Thanks.
SeiNj (5 years ago)
I know from inside sources that the ratio is 30% winners, 70% losers. Not so bad, considering the average trader is a guy with a full-time job.
Annu Singh (5 years ago)
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Vladimir Anatolevich (5 years ago)
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THe PRetender (5 years ago)
Im a beginner in trading... I really really need advise n some teaching about the basic of trading.. hope someone would hekp me out here.. preferred someone in singapore... thanks! [email protected] my email:):)
porkminez (5 years ago)
LOL chill bro she is a photographer.

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