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Get Ready With Me | Traveling, Adsense & Wierd Candy

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Hello beautyloving unicorns and welcome to this get ready with me where I discuss my traveling and where I wanna travel next. I also throw in some wierd candy and how adsense enables me to buy makeup for the channel. Let me know all your thoughts down below! Mine & Georgias Makeup Exchange My video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ed0IaJma6k Georgias video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDElKslCVj8 ♡Angelica _______________________________________________________ Products used: FACE Colourpop All Star Primer Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - Ecru Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Tarte Shape Tape Concealer - Light Sand Laritzy Cosmetics Shade Stix - Aloha Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Filter Loose Setting Powder - Light Morphe Brontour - Celebutante Wet n Wild Baked Blush - Hummingbird Hype Colourpop Super Shock Cheek - Fire EYEBROWS Colourpop Precision Brow Colour - Dope Taupe MAC Shape & Shade Brow Tint - Spiked Colourpop Brow Boss Gel - Dark Brown LIPS MAC Liptensity Lip Pencil - Honey Pecan Wet n Wild Zodiac Color Icon Lip Gloss - Leo EYES Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer Lorac Unzipped Desert Sunset 10-Pan Eyeshadow Palette Wet n Wild Megaliner - Electric Purple House of Lashes - Iconic Etude House Play 101 Pencil - 19 OTHER Top is from Zara & earrings are from Caroline Svedbom _______________________________________________________ My codes to save some money: ♡Looxi Beauty - ANGESCHKA10 for 10% off (affiliated) ♡Juvias Place - ANGELICA for 10% off (affiliated) https://tinyurl.com/y6upeemk ♡ SIGMA Beauty - ANGESCHKA for 10% off (affiliated) http://tinyurl.com/j2atd4e ♡Blushtribe - angeschka10 for 10% off (affiliated) (on orders £10 and up) ♡ Certifeye - ANGESCHKA for 10% off (affiliated) ♡Devinah Cosmetics - ANGESCHKA20 for 20% off (affiliated) ♡Gerard Cosmetics - ANGESCHKA for 30% off (affiliated) https://tinyurl.com/yddhyehg ♡Touch of Glam - ANGESCHKA15 for 15% off (affiliated) ♡Your Vanity Store - https://tinyurl.com/y76ly5vg use code ANGELICA for 10% off (affiliated) - not on Bellami use code ANGELICA BH for 150 SEK (about 15 euro) off Bellami (affiliated - and not on syntetic ponytails) _______________________________________________________ SOCIAL MEDIA ♡INSTAGRAM | https://instagram.com/angeschka ♡FACEBOOK | https://facebook.com/angelicanyqvistmakeup ♡TWITTER | https://twitter.com/Angeschka ♡SNAPCHAT | Angeschka For any business inquiries please email me at | [email protected] _______________________________________________________ The opinions stated in my videos are always 100 % my own, regardless of if I was sent the products or bought them with my own money. I would never try to sell you something I did not like! I will always be open about when I get things sent to me and what I think about them. And never be afraid to ask! Some of the links or codes above could be affiliated and I get a small commission when you decide to use them or if you buy through them. If you don't feel comfortable with that just don't use them! ♡ _______________________________________________________
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Angelica Nyqvist (20 days ago)
I cant believe I forgot to mention Iceland! I looooove Iceland, been there twice and would love to go back, it's amazing :D
K Moody (18 days ago)
Angelica Nyqvist  thanks so much! I'll definitely look into it!
eimearinez (19 days ago)
I loved Iceland was there 21years ago on my God it’s been that long!! I def need to go back there one if favourite places on the planet!!
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
Id say don't miss Blue Lagoon in Iceland, it's amazing! <3
K Moody (19 days ago)
We spent some time in Berlin this summer. It is a very interesting city. We did not go into south Germany, but have heard it is lovely and the castles are stunning!
K Moody (19 days ago)
Angelica Nyqvist, my fiancé and I are planning to go to Iceland for our honeymoon next summer (we’re from Canada). Would love to hear any recommendations you have!
Anita Borozan (21 hours ago)
I'm 17 so I really haven't been to many places. My parents are always busy so we haven't been to many places outside of my country. I would love to explore different cities in my country, especially Zagreb. Everytime I went somewhere it was always with my class or with my parents so I didn't get much free reign to explore everything I want. I went to Denmark 5 years ago, I think, with my dance club because we were competing in the world dance competition. Me and my best friend have so many places we want to go to. Japan, America, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Venice, Italy, UK, Ireland, Spain, Prague, Poland, Romania etc. My friend decided that we will definitely go to Vienna next year on winter holidays. I also want to visit the surrounding countries around Croatia. It's always nice to visit your neighbours. I can't believe you were on WipeOut 😂😂
Imogen Olliver-Kneafsey (23 hours ago)
Imogen Olliver-Kneafsey (23 hours ago)
Yes to Bali! It's absolutely beautiful. I would 100% recommend Luxor as well, I just got back from there and it blew me away. Berlin is one of my fave cities I've ever visited I could live there for sure xxxx
Love European chocolate! American chocolate tastes like plastic! I LOVE LOVE LOVE salty liquorice!!! I've not been to Sweden but alot of the liquorice in Denmark and Holland is free from geletine as well which I really appreciate xxx
Life of Silvia (4 days ago)
We also call the hummingbird colibrí in Spanish too!! 😄😄😄😄😄
WintersMum (6 days ago)
Love Elle!
Jolina Simon (11 days ago)
There are nice places in Germany but i dont think Berlin is one of them. 😂
Fadia Schallala (12 days ago)
Jag vet inte varför du väljer att nämna ett land som Dubai för att behandla kvinnor dåligt. Har du varit där och sett med dina egna ögon eller väljer du att tro blint på vad media säger? Eller var har du fått din information från undrar jag. Kvinnor i Dubai lever oftast i lyx och de klagar inte själva över att de är förtryckta. Det finns även kvinnor som är bosatta där och är framgångsrika som exempelvis Huda från Huda beauty.
Angelica Nyqvist (12 days ago)
Jag är inte dåligt informerad, jag baserar det på vad jag tycker är en god kvinnosyn, du har rätt att ha en annan syn såklart.
Élen Crocetti (13 days ago)
You should come to Brazil!
Élen Crocetti (13 days ago)
I just hit pan on my collorpop highlighter as well and my reaction was the same! You go, girl!
becky harris (13 days ago)
please tell me there is a link to the Wipeout episodes you were in!!
Angelica Nyqvist (13 days ago)
Oh Im not sure that is still up anywhere, it was SO long ago :/
Theberrypurple (15 days ago)
I’m from Germany and I HATE Berlin with a passion 😅 But I love Dresden, hamburg and Munich 😍 I guess it depends on what you love about a city. My faves are all packed with gorgeous old buildings and glamour from the old times where Berlin is way “younger” but loaded with German history.
Taylor Burich (16 days ago)
What?! You were on Wipeout? I loved that show, hilarious! I need to see the episode you were in!!
Stephanie Ann (16 days ago)
I live in Florida and just went to New Orleans for the first time this year- I fell in love with it! It’s beautiful 😍
JanisSmithe (17 days ago)
The problem with candy in the US is, sure, it's *supposed* to be delicious, but in the US the almighty dollar is king and companies constantly go the cheap route for bigger profits and in that pursuit lose quality along the way. I hate our candy. And, you're right, our chocolate is cheap and gross because, again, profit is the most important thing. If you want anything good you have to search around for smaller companies and niche markets.
Caity Vokes (17 days ago)
You might prefer the Lorac pro formula, I think the formula for this palette is a bit different, especially the shimmers. I really like the Mega pro 2 and 4 palettes.
Kathleen Coomans (17 days ago)
Love love love salted licorice from an original English girl married to a Dutchman, living in Australia....always go to the Dutch shop to pick it up.......
ZombieQueen 6161 (17 days ago)
Also, what kind of music do you listen too? Just asking, because your country has the BEST metal bands right now!! Avatar and Ghost in particular 😊❤😍
ZombieQueen 6161 (17 days ago)
Whatttt?! US chocolate is my favorite! 😆 (granted I live here lol) german choclate is good too. Never tried Swedish chocolate though, i would love too! (Mexican chocolate is GROSS, and so is choclate from the UK 😆) Haha... And yeah, the US has licorice, and most of us HATE it! 😅 (including myself) there is a cherry flavored licorice that tastes like cough medicine flavored rubber, amd a lot of people love it; i don't get it. 😂 You should try sour skittles if you ever get the oppurtunity, it's not chocolate, and they're SO good; so maybe you'd like them 😊
Emily Di Dodo (17 days ago)
you can easily see venice in a couple of days, but I'd take the opportunity to spend a few more days in other towns and cities in northern italy! Some of my favourites are Verona, Mantova, Padova, Bologna (each of these you could see in a day)...not to mention Milan and Turin (but these would take a bit more time to do them justice)! It's honestly a gorgeous area! (I'm half italian and my family lives in the north of Italy so I'm fairly familiar with the area)
Tiffany Fan (17 days ago)
Please visit Taiwan! That is the yearly trip I look forward to!!
Tiffany Fan (17 days ago)
I still have yet to visit Europe. I want to go to France, since I took French for 4 years in high school. I also want to see all the Scandanavian countries.
SelinaCat (17 days ago)
Go to Tel Aviv in Israel!! Its super safe and the ONLY country in the ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST that accepts LGBTQ
Singlehanded Beauty (18 days ago)
Venice is overrated but you should definitely go for a day or two just for the art and architecture. You can take a boat to Burano from Venice which is super cute and sells my favorite cookies in all of Italy. Bali is amazing except for Kuta. While you are there though, definitely go snorkeling off of Mengangan Island. It was the best travel experience of my life. Instanbul and Dubai are on my bucket list as well but on hold for me too.
PaxPirate (18 days ago)
Okay, now I am really curious about Bali too - now you really need to go! 😂 Also this was so cool, I loved hearing about your travels and your opinions on destinations. It was real nice - and I always love watching you work! Your makeup technique is so fascinating to watch! And your boyf- fiancé! Your fiancé sounds so super cute and kind! ❤️
Jackie Johnson (18 days ago)
I'll go on a shopping trip to London with you :') Also, you should go to Russia!! I got to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg and it was so beautiful. It was an amazing trip and I really want to go back :) I really want to go to Australia and Iceland. Also maybe Sweden and Finland. Also, I would love to go back to London and visit more places in the UK. I actually kind of hate traveling, though :') It's so stressful and I end up missing my kitty cat so much. Omg, I'm gonna go watch that Wipe Out show now :') that's so cool that you've been in a tv show.
charlie398 (18 days ago)
There is a subscription service called Bokksu that sends japanese snacks every month, I ship it to Sweden and it's soo fun :)
tara20394ox (18 days ago)
I'm from Germany and live in Australia..I miss good candy's, like chocolate and salty licorice
Karen Hayward: BOBATAC (18 days ago)
Jenn Lecher (18 days ago)
I agree with you regarding Bali...you must stay in one of those beautiful straw looking guys with glass bottoms on the water! Berlin or Munich, Germany look beautiful. Many gorgeous places to see...
Jenn Lecher (18 days ago)
***Since you love that Fire highlighter from Colourpop...you will LOVE Extra by Morphe! I've never tried anything from Morphe until my cousin have me 2 of their High Impact Highlighters, she said she didn't need them because she has Ibiza from Nars and they're exactly the same!***
Jenn Lecher (18 days ago)
I really like your brows like this. If you feel like they're too bold at the front, run your foundation brush or beauty blender over the very front of your brows a couple times to tone them down a little...I learned that from Chloe Morello, she does it all the time and it really works.
Jenn Lecher (18 days ago)
***You should come back to the US and go somewhere down south. Savannah, Georgia or New Orleans, Louisiana would be a completely different experience. There's alot of history, beautiful sights, great food and the people are really lovely! Everyone from overseas ends up going to New York or Los Angeles and they end up missing out on what the United States really is like. The Pacific northwest is absolutely beautiful, as well! Oregon, Washington and Montana would be wonderful to visit in spring or fall...IMHO***
Ranty Gobshyte (18 days ago)
Love liquorice, even the salted... Every time we drive to Germany, we stop off in the Netherlands and buy loads.... American chocolate is awful, mostly. I do love grape flavoured sweets though. Love German sweets because, Haribo 😋. Yet to visit The Nordic countries but want to do all of them. 8 love really sour sweets too, the ones that give you mouth ulcers....
Salty liquorice is actually also a very Dutch thing! You should come visit the Netherlands Angie😘😘😘.
book thiefj (18 days ago)
I love traveling as well. And this year I am almost satisfied with my trips, both with my family and my husband. My next year's travel plan is to take my toddler abroad with me. I want to see northern lights and people keep saying that Senja , Norway is the best place for it. It is my ultimate dream destination. I also want to go Antarctica . That type of landscape will be totally new for me. Another place in mind is New York, the concrete jungle.
Goth Oregon (18 days ago)
I LOVE VENICE but yeah a week is too much
Goth Oregon (18 days ago)
Yeah girl come to Italy I wanna meet you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
CHT (19 days ago)
Uuuhh another candy lover here! And even though I haven't traveled much yet I always try candy first and I can say easily that I love Finnish candy the most. Though also in UK there is nice chocolate. But in general, I love especially pick and mix cause I can't choose what to take, so little bit of everything. I'm so happy that you travel. I'm finishing bachelor degree in geography this coming spring and compared to other students I haven't traveled as much cause of different life situations but I still think that my time will come. My travel bucket list is terribly long but there is some very clear places that I definitely want to go. Like you to Naples and Amalfi coast in Italy, and then Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia Iceland, Japan, Australia, Namibia, Tansania, Kenya, Chile, Israel, Jordan, Armenia, South East Asia in general..... Ah and doing Trans-Siberian train adventure would be a dream come true. Good to hear you are aware of political/human right things when traveling. I wouldn't want to travel to Turkey at the moment cause of their current a bit questionable situation but on the other hand my husbands family (he is a kurd though) lives there in East Turkey and it would be wonderful to go to meet them. I was in Berlin last spring for a long weekend and it was quite cool place, very international atmosphere and and very qualified museums, and of course the history is kind of all the time lingering around you, which is interesting but also very moving and sad. I think this is the longest comment I have ever written anywhere but I can't keep myself when someone is talking about traveling :D
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
Thank you for your awesome comment! I am so excited about traveling too, it's one of the best things I know :D
Jenny Linehan (19 days ago)
Where is your fiancé from Angelica?? I would LOVE to hear more about your family in an upcoming video....PLEASE!! P.S. I really enjoyed this video hearing you talk of all your travels:) Hugs from St. Louis, MO !!!!
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
He is born in Sweden but his dad is italian :)
Late congrats on 50k. Still surprised you are not in the 1 mil and up club. :) You are right; as an American, I agree that most US chocolates suck. Milk chocolate...it is garbage. I absolutely find most imported and domestic very dark domestic chocolates divine. I want to taste the cocoa bean, not the sugar, personally, but to each their own. That is why there are so many different varieties in foods overall. You are a girl after my own heart there, though. :)
theo (19 days ago)
oh damn my mother's vietnamese, lmk if you need food recs!
Karen and Sam Briggs (19 days ago)
I recently found your channel. I am an older viewer I can't wear a lot of your looks. But I enjoy your personality and videos!
eimearinez (19 days ago)
Most be my Danish Viking ancestors fault but I love licorice as does my Father can get the Panda brand here in Ireland which I saw in Lapland n their chocolate there was so much licorice choice even in the middle of Lapland!!🤗☺️
Sina Endrulat (19 days ago)
Yay for Germany! Berlin is special and nice to see but Hamburg is my Home its so cosy and just beautiful, bring a bit time walk through the streets, sit by the alster go to a museum have a look at the harbour walk by the beach enjoy a beer and some great food <3
vanessa latina (19 days ago)
if you go to Sicily find a town or city that is not dead cuz where i was baptized is dead now the town i was baptized is called solarino provincia di siracusa i wanna go back to Italy so bad its been almost 10 years since i haven't been to Sicily
Kala Wilhelm (19 days ago)
Go to Venice. It's freaking amazing. Go before it gets too hot though cause it's a little fishy, not that that's a reason to skip it. It's beautiful. I have this picture of a couple coming out of a church during their wedding. I was in a gondola about 5m out in the water and got this stunning picture of them. I wish I knew who they were. They need a copy of this image. So freaking romantic. I wanna go back so bad. I've been to Florence too; Venice is not overrated. I could see Europeans thinking that cause you're all spoiled with all that beautiful architecture 😉 Jk. America is boring. Berlin is ok. Sad though, everything still seems broken from the war. Heidelberg is super cute though. The Black Forrest is breathtaking! If I went back somewhere it would be Switzerland. People are so relaxed there. I want to go to Ireland so bad. I have literal dreams about it at least once a week.
Kala Wilhelm (19 days ago)
P.S. our chocolate does suck here in the U.S. That's why I pay way too much for Lindt or Godiva. Mmm.
Tiia Ahlgren (19 days ago)
If you go to Italy, you seriously should go to Napoli :) I was there two years ago, and it was amazing! Also the best pizza I've ever had :D I have travelling bucket list too, my top 3 are Scotland, Iceland and Japan. Also I'd love to go to Ireland and see the Rocky Mountains. I'm not a big fan of super warm places, but Indonesia would definetily be interesting as well.
funkmoppet2 (19 days ago)
Salted licorice is pure heaven!
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
Agree! :D
Tu Cao (19 days ago)
I agree with your BF about Venice! I like Venice but I love Florence so much more!
Megan Makeuptosh (19 days ago)
I used to love traveling but then for some reason I stopped wanting to. Now I'd usually rather vacation at home. I want to go to Scotland though. Visit some whisky distilleries, go hiking...oh yeah and they have this company where you can jump out of an airplane and trained raptors will come eat out of your hand while you are in the air. That's on my bucket list for sure. I want to visit Japan, I'd like to go back to S. Korea (been there twice and loved it), see more of China, return to Singapore and also visit Vietnam. OK so maybe I still want to travel a little.
dom tresco (19 days ago)
I mean, Bali is nice, but half of it is just full of drunk Aussie's tbh! Though there are some beautiful, wonderful areas of Bali, just avoid kuta and seminyak like the plague because as an Aussie, it's embarrassing
Dr. Ash & her Makeup (19 days ago)
I absolutely love to travel! I have been so many places but, still have so many to see! I have traveled with my mom and my father. My friends from college travel together all the time. New Orleans is amazing and you should definitely go! Be prepared to eat because the food is amazing!!! I love London and fashion and shopping is amazing there! If I ever ditch the U.S. I am moving to London.
Kristy Parlor (19 days ago)
Places I have always wanted to travel to is Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Greece and Belize.
Rachel Grubbs (19 days ago)
Thank you blending on camera! I feel like people always edit that out. It’s good to see how long it actually takes!
Annaliese Cobb (19 days ago)
i think 3 or 4 days in venice is all you need, if you rushed you could do it in two days
2 things. One, I have heard from other Europeans that they don't like our American chocolate. I've heard it tastes like sour milk? Now I can't not taste that when I eat Hershey's milk chocolate. Two, salty black licorice? Never heard of it. I would love to try it!!!
Cesca Marisol (19 days ago)
lolll laughed so hard when you were talking about you're the gift grinch! that's so me.
OneBeautyAddict (19 days ago)
Ok I laughed out loud about that sneeze and ocho story 🤣😂 Alex
Megan Ishizu (19 days ago)
I literally answered “New Orleans” right before you said New Orleans 😮
Elsie W (19 days ago)
Ohh man I have soooo many places I’d love visit. In no particular order.... Vegas L.A. Bali Rome Greece Paris again Singapore Dubai Hawaii London Russia Greenland Scotland South Africa Italy Just to make a few 🤗 Berlin is beautiful I highly recommend
Amber Bell (19 days ago)
My husband is South African and my brother and his family are stationed in Italy. For Americans (or for me I shouldn't talk for all Americans) its really hard to travel abroad for multiple reasons. One of the big reasons is money. And the other reasons is in American we don't get much vacation time from work.
Jayne Price (19 days ago)
New Orleans is incredible! The restaurants! The food! The architecture! The history! You will LOVE it! I think Mardi Gras should be experienced, but I would recommend going when it’s more quiet the first time, so you can totally enjoy everything. Return a second time for Mardi Gras.
In spanish is also Colibrí. I travel a lot. Venice (jude neighborhood its very good to stay) you can avoid tourists. Istanbul also amazing, and its like Berlin with germany, istambul its no Turkey. I always travel with my mom and it's awesome . I will love to konw more about your family!!! Also have people who stop traveling around the world and stop in bali jajaja
lizbeth martinez (19 days ago)
LOVE chatty grwm videos no matter how long they are😅 I really appreciate all your hard work❤️ Would you ever consider talking about your degree/job? I would love to work in that field but I don’t know many opportunities. Would love to hear your college/work experience :) (I’m going into my second semester of college but I’m still undecided)🧐
Gaby M (19 days ago)
Candyyyy!!!! You should try Mexican candy!!! I saw Georgia's video and laughed my socks off with her dislike of licorice. I think I could spend the 200 dollars on the different types of candy we have, no repetitions, with traditional candy, candy from my generation (80s & 90s) and contemporary candy. And all kinds of flavors! sweet, sour, acidic, salty, milk based, cristalized fruits, spicy candy and chocolate!!! We even mix chocolate with peppers and spices and bathe chicken or tortillas in it (mole). And the sweet beverages are delicious, though quite heavy. Say the word girl if you want a care package. Love your videos, very entertaining. And Looove your looks, so colorful!
Gaby M (18 days ago)
+Spectroscopy it doesn't always work, but when it does it's amazing. Mole is one of the most traditional and representative dishes in México, if you have an opportunity to try it, you definitely should.
Spectroscopy (19 days ago)
I was with you until we hit chocolate mixed with savory things. I can’t seem to mix savory flavors together with sweet ones! But maybe I have tried the best yet!
K Moody (19 days ago)
Venice was a really interesting place to visit. We only had a couple of days there, but we had a great time meandering through the alleys! The Scandinavian countries are next on our bucket list! I love to travel! Spent 6 weeks in Europe this summer (I’m from Canada); it was amazing! Love your videos! You are so creative! An inspiration!
Marianne Milks Hines (19 days ago)
I look forward to your videos every day. Your personality is so refreshing and interesting. And I love watching you do your eye makeup. So inspiring
Bamaloo (19 days ago)
I never understood the need to visit everyone on Christmas day, you can go at any time really
Makeup Your Mind (19 days ago)
I loved this video! I watched while I was meal prepping and it was nice just to hear you chat about things. I agree about the youtube adsense money paying for makeup, and I wish more people would talk about it. I filmed that "Small Creator Tag" video this past weekend and mentioned that as well! Loved hearing about where you want to travel and where you've been. I'm always so weirded out when poeple have no desire to travel. The world is big - might as well get there and experience something outside of your own bubble! As a Canadian, if I'm going to Europe, I try to go to two different countries in one trip just to make it worth the flight price. If I'm going over the ocean, might as well see as much as possible!
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
Yeah I agree on the Adsense, sometimes I feel people are scared to mention money, its like a creator secret hehe
Samantha (19 days ago)
The thing I miss most about studying in Sweden is the candy! US (at least where I live) just doesn't have anything that can compete with lördagsgodis! My travel bucket list includes Marrakesh, St. Petersburg, and New Orleans too! I'm actually planning to go to NOLA this winter! Thanks for another great video Angie!
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
Lördagsgodis! 😁
Jaz Wallace (19 days ago)
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
Haha 😁😋
FierceJadeMakeup (19 days ago)
I like get ready with me style videos. May I suggest the you not do as much contouring on your forehead? I feel like you have kind of a small forehead and you don't need to contour it smaller. I mean this solely in a constructive criticism way, you still look beautiful <3
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
I only use bronzer there. Bronzing the forehead is the best way to look a little tan and get dimenzion :)
Janet Castro (19 days ago)
I want to go back to Vietnam. In April I went to Da nang and Saigon to see my family but I want to go to Hanoi. I definitely want to go to Korea, Japan and Mexico. I’ve only been to Canada, Vietnam and I live in US. And in the us, I live in Washington and traveled to California and Oregon and will be traveling to Las Vegas this weekend. But I want to go to sooooooo many countries, too many to name at the moment lol.
Kelsey Bain (19 days ago)
IMO, New Orleans is gross and overrated. I've been there three times & have zero desire to go back
anna ahlander (19 days ago)
Im Swedish and I live in the UK and have been for almost 15 years and I’m so missing the Swedish sweets/candy. Salty liquorice and “Bilar” especially the sour ones, omg...my mouth is watering just thinking about it. So as I’m getting pretty desperate for Swedish candy or sweets as they call it here in the UK, I’ll be very soon ordering from Scandikitchen here in London and I’ll probably go completely mad with my shopping lol. Luckily we’re going back to spend Christmas in Sweden and I’ll be sure to again stock up with all the goodies that I miss so much. Xx
lpabeck (19 days ago)
Actually, I would love to visit Sweden, Norway and Finland. You should do a video about Sweden, what places would be great to visit. Great video
FreakOfNature (19 days ago)
My mom’s side is from danish and we used to buy “salty licorice” and my dad HATED it! He used to call it “piss candy” 😂🤭
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
Haha 😂
Pam Millie (19 days ago)
I think if Americans had more time off, they would travel more. You were on Wipe Out?! That sounds fun! I really wish other languages were taught from an early age in US schools. I've tried to film myself going over products, and I just go on and on. Where was this ability when I was in school struggling for time during a presentation?? 😭😂
Vivian (19 days ago)
the Dutch have licorice and my fave is salty! But here in Switzerland I can’t get it......😩😩😩
Kris Stina (19 days ago)
Salty licorice is really popular in the Netherlands and northern Germany, and it's been popular there for longer than i can remember, so it's not just now. I think I read somewhere that the Netherlands either produce or eat more licorice than any other country? Don't know if that's true. It's an acquired taste, though. I love it, but I know many people hate it. I absolutely agree about the US chocolate being terrible and the Swedish chocolate being really good. :)
Kris Stina (19 days ago)
Btw, if you are ever in Germany, do come by, I'd love to meet you and who you around. Or just give you travel tips if you like. :)
Sobralia Jean (19 days ago)
I'd love to see you in France, I would help you decide for a menu haha. I've never traveled a lot, as a french, I don't even know well Paris so I want to go back there to see museums again and again. And I would like to go in US and Canada, and England and in central Europe !
Boo's Beauty (19 days ago)
I would loveee to travel to all those places, especially asia
Inna Inna (19 days ago)
Love the makeup AngeNy! Thank you for making a full tutorial that’s exactly what wanted to seat and watch a full chitchat video of you while drinking my coffee 😂 .. Being half Russian half Belgian I can guarantee you that both of these countries have A-M-A-Z-I-N-G chocolates ! You need to try it :) and visite too ( ? ) Living in England at the moment and still enjoying Belgian and Russian chocolates l0l just can’t get over it. Russian people are very welcoming and nice you must go Moscow is absolutely stunning . But then Belgium is awesome too .. places like Grand place and Bruges( which does look a bit like Venice by the way ) , Ardennes are very beautiful . There are many more that I could mention but then my comment is going to be too long and boring heh. Kissous xx Ps: Georgia is very nice .. the food , the people, the culture ,everything I absolutely loved everything and it was sooo different in a good way ! The landscape OMG ! I can’t even explain how beautiful it was . . I ate all my fingers with the food there 😂 it was an amazing experience .
Cristal Rubio (19 days ago)
Have you ever tried Mexican candy?! It’s soooo good (I say as a Mexican). I don’t really like sweet candy that America has, I want the spicy stuff! Japan has great candy too! I can’t agree about the American chocolate though I love American chocolate soooo much!!!
Caro lina (19 days ago)
You are so beautiful, with and without makeup! Im from Argentina and I watch videos in english to get better at it haha
Nancy Suarez-Tipton (19 days ago)
You've helped make my crappy day a lot better! I would love to travel to those places. I've also been dying to go to New Orleans because of the food!!! Question, since you and your husband dont go out to eat, which of you like cooking more or do you do it equally? What types of food do you guys like and what do you think of Swedish cuisine versus where you've traveled?
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
Oh thats maybe something I could chat about in another video :) We cook alot but also order home. We mix asian with italian and swedish when we cook :)
Bjootie Boob (19 days ago)
Berlin was on my bucket list and it was so wonderful. On top of my list are Ireland, Scotland, Vienna, Marrakesh, Tokyo, Chicago, Las Vegas and loads more.
JackOllie4 (19 days ago)
You just haven't been to the right places for chocolate in America! Two that are fabulous in the Seattle area are Chocolati and Fran's Chocolates. What brush do you use for your SuperShock highlighter? That was a fun GRWM😊
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
Thank you! I use the Sigma F03 :)
Myselis Santiago-Reyes (19 days ago)
You should go to the Balkans!!!! They are so special, UNDERATED and beautifull! 😍
A C (19 days ago)
Tuscany is amazing too. I had my wedding in Venice and it’s beautiful too. Georgia’s expression 🤣🤣 P.S. coming from Holland, I was shocked how disgusting American chocolate is.. yuk!
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
Ive been to Florence, so pretty!
Melissa Owens (19 days ago)
The Everglades?
ursula barnard (19 days ago)
Lol the part where you said “ Bless you “ to a non- sneeze😂😂😂
Kima Parks (19 days ago)
It’s crazy,.. the foundation had you white as a sheet but that cream contour was LIFE! My mom died of lung cancer also so I felt that twinge of emotion you tried to suppress... agreed ppl DONT SMOKE! It’s a terrible way to go.
Cathrine Glosli-Levin (19 days ago)
My mom too, she passed three years ago an lung cancer is really gnarly :(
Eleonora Giannotti (19 days ago)
Italy is amazing (italian here AHAH) and i suggest you, if you like hiking the Sibillini mountains in summer/spring. The food is amazing, pricing incredible and the mountains & air & everything is so refreshing is incredible. Also i really like the Emilia Romagna zone ( Bologna, Parma, Modena...) For the historical parts, the shops and the food (yes, im a food lover, im not sorry 🍾) Venice is okay for a weekend, if you have more days & wants to stay in the area go to Verona and Treviso, they are a train distance and really lovely (also PROSECCO.) I went to Sweden three times, a dear friend of mine lives in Mälmo so i saw that area and Göteborg and i fell in love w/ Sweden, i really cant wait to go back visit ❤️ Hope i help you for your italian trip!
Angelica Nyqvist (19 days ago)
My fiance is half italian and he really wants to visit Bologna :)
Claire Phaneuf (19 days ago)
PLEASE Send GEORGIA More Candy! l laughed so,so hard :) Thanks Beauty Claire in Canada
Eil Beauty (19 days ago)
Yessssss go to Italy! The Amalfi coast is great, I was there last month :) I mean all Italy is beautiful but I agree with Riccardo that Venezia is overrated :) I mean, beautiful, but there are too many tourists there and you won't enjoy it all that much. Unfortunately I live in Germany now otherwise I'd love to meet you if you went to a northern Italian city :) Milan is also a good option for shopping, you can do like two days in Venice and two in Milan maybe? They're close :)
Nikki Raven (19 days ago)
I watched Georgia trying the licorice. .I almost fell on the floor laughing 😂😂 and you sent the good licorice!
Shortstack (19 days ago)
Definitely see New Orleans! I'm from Louisiana (the state New Orleans is in, if you're not familiar), and New Orleans is as unique a place as the US has to offer. Beware, though, it's super super super hot in the summer.

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