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Crypto Explodes 🚀 $XLM Airdrop | $IOTA + CarVertical | Cali $BTC Friendly | Apple Bans Crypto…

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kelley ryan (10 days ago)
How is xlm a good coin it has no maximum Supply which means like Fiat it can be printed whenever they want .. and sold to buy other cryptos ... its use case is as a weapon ..please explain to me how you can give it your stamp of approval .. and Gavin didn't win by a landslide he won by illegal votes get your facts straight
John Pesente (10 days ago)
I need a hand my man RANDALL , I need a hand , do i have to attcah my bank account or can i just do the rest of the personal info in order to get the XLM airdrop and when is it , do we know exactly , i hold a small amount of xrp and as I have said before i spent so much crypto back in the day its painful but i could use your help with this info , i almost bought ELA on kucoin but said it was possible delisting it , so i didnt with half a btc i went with GVT instread and GVT is up loike 8% and ELA went up like 40 , but i agree what happens if they are true BS it will crush or fly , i am waiting for GVT to regain its very recent prices in the 15 to 20$ range
Eslam Emad (10 days ago)
I want someone to donate me to my account BTC 3PvVzDHNgNMsJdYsMLrqtMa2imMfYMKx9L
Slayer Fan (10 days ago)
Pick me for shirt please.
MOTOKITER71 (10 days ago)
Always keeping up with your advace !! Graet Vids !!
Kai Sundermeier (10 days ago)
Still need a shirt 😬
Noorin Arif (11 days ago)
I want nano ledger
Chris Sealey (11 days ago)
69 baby! Send t-shirt!
Jules LeTenia (11 days ago)
T shirt plz
Lecacrew (11 days ago)
What are your thoughts on Odyssey OCN and Genesis Vision GVT? Looks like a good opportunity.
2Crashy (11 days ago)
I get estimating when the market will go up or down and how based on solid TA or fundamentals that might be more of an estimate than a guesstimate, but then saying it will subsequently go back down at a certain date seems like guessing to me.
Hudaif AK (11 days ago)
I will keep commenting till I get a T shirt ✌🏼
Chris AlwaysWin (11 days ago)
Sonic Hurricane Boom Shakalaka! ⬅ (Hodling for at least 2 sec), ➡, ⬅, ➡, + HP
Herbal Lifestyle (11 days ago)
I don't know if it's worth giving away all your info for $25 XLM!?!
Ross M (11 days ago)
Digibyte 🚀🌙
Find Yourself (11 days ago)
Not better than Ripple. Although I got my free xlm.
stafoya2383 (11 days ago)
Love it
Bitcoin Jedi (11 days ago)
XLM is not better than Ripple... LOL
John Pesente (10 days ago)
+Bitcoin Jedi Where do you work and why does that matter , seriously , I am on the east cost and in a town full of trees and had over 10k Bitcoin in 2011 , where were you then I am guessing not involved incrypto , or you wouldnt need to call yourself bitcoin jedi , also if you new about xrp , you would know that it has alot more going for it then stellar lumens , but who cares nasdaq , looking to work with , also many already live , not as many as people thought but xlm will not surpass any coins and if being listed on coinbase is what you are basing your decisions on then you dont know a whole bunch . XLM will have a place but XRP has too many insiders they are looking to use it at Japans olympics as official currency
Hien Van (10 days ago)
Bitcoin Jedi we are all in this space to get rich. I don't give a fuck what blockchain bullshit do. Im just telling you these coins wont give you much gains.
Bitcoin Jedi (10 days ago)
+Hien Van Been in this space for many years. As well work in Silicon Valley. No need to be rude or condescending, I was polite and respectful towards you. No worries, I'm not in this space for the Religious Cult Crypto Maximalism...
Crypto-Knight (11 days ago)
Xlm not better than XRP. Oh Randal!
jerome Williams (11 days ago)
Chainlink and Swift all the way Baby! GO LINK, GO DGB, GO XLM! Cheers!
Michael Gambino (11 days ago)
Exciting times ahead 🍻🚀
Michał Karolczak (11 days ago)
Pump day!
Michał Karolczak (11 days ago)
Eduardo Rojo (11 days ago)
Karl Netzler (11 days ago)
What's this Q thing around?
Karl Netzler (11 days ago)
What was apple thinking?
Karl Netzler (11 days ago)
Dumb dummy is my middle name.
Garrett Dantzler (11 days ago)
Shirt me! 😎
jason layman (11 days ago)
The second is secretly a big xrp holder lol duh don't be a retard 😆
Fernando (11 days ago)
Booom shakalaka!! Next bull run ...
Daan Boshoven (11 days ago)
Wtf Apple... Even Wozniak is bullish on and into crypto.
T.A.B.O.O (11 days ago)
Really think the XLM airdrop pumped the price?
John Crypto (11 days ago)
Nice job Randall. Go XLM Stellar!
Dre Dejong (11 days ago)
Explodes? More like a small puff.
Kerry Leane (11 days ago)
👕 👍✌🌈💹
David Black (11 days ago)
Avoid the Stellar airdrop. They're collecting your info via their KYC.
Kevin Okane (11 days ago)
Thans bud
Nathan Johnson (11 days ago)
Share the Crypto love with a t-shirt.
M. S. BitEth (11 days ago)
Two words: FUCK APPLE.
Rami Alaqrat (11 days ago)
Gochain is coming just be sure to be onboard
Wideolink (11 days ago)
I have noticed google authenticator created duplicate codes ? is this normal? Do i need to delete double entry?
bryce anderson (11 days ago)
Dekeyser Christophe (11 days ago)
When T-shirt
CryptoCal (11 days ago)
Everytime I heard the name Galvin, I think of Galvin Belson from Silicon Valley.
Greg Burns (11 days ago)
Every business in the world should accept Bitcoin and crypto as payments, the more they do the better their business will be.
DNA Confirmed (11 days ago)
I see fields of green, hopefully no red roses 🌹
Mice Elf (11 days ago)
Black balling is much worse than blue balls... it’s like frost bite on your balls. Your have to replace them after that.
Usually just one of them if your lucky.
Green tube (11 days ago)
T-shirt pretty please.
John Smith (11 days ago)
Bullish... Shirt me brother!!!!!
Crypto 00 (11 days ago)
Swift ! Where we XRPians going matey We do not need no Swift :)
Romain Maurice (11 days ago)
Jaspir (11 days ago)
Another good video thanks for sharing! T-Shirt me please!
Steve K. (11 days ago)
Explodes?? 😂😂😂
Steve K. (10 days ago)
+benkorulz2 Yeah, not hating this channel, but crypto really sucks since almost 1 year and look how low even we went. 25% left in the dust and all speaking of "explodes" or "will moon soon". 🙈😢 Brought us nowhere.
benkorulz2 (10 days ago)
Thinking the same thing bro ... we are at 25% of January market cap and it exploded ... 😎
jonnovo1 (11 days ago)
Watch the language listening in the car with the kids.
laxthor09 (11 days ago)
XLM is having a 125 million air drop, about to be added to CoinBase andddd Swift says they have no plan of working with RIPple (the security) and all the Xrp fans boys saying there is a partnership with swift was just FUD LOL
Waheed Khan (11 days ago)
Large size shirt plz. Thanks for your effort bro nice job
PromotingTheBeat (11 days ago)
All looking good but 1 thing I've learned, since being that guy who got in when everything was rising and lost a shitload of $, it's never out of the woods until a week of green has gone by ( not a day or 2 ) 3:24 I got in at 42 cents and 48 cents and hodling 🧐 9:29 the source they got that from was an agency not a spokesperson for Swift themselves. 11:15 Yea, Justin Sun and his army of bots. 11:45 Stop watching the adult stuff bro lmao.
nowygold (11 days ago)
Łapka up
Carl Thompson (11 days ago)
I'm gonna check out this signal profits thing. Thank you brotha
L G (11 days ago)
When T-shirt?
Crypt O'Graphic (11 days ago)
Thomas Scott News (11 days ago)
I like boobs
Thomas Scott News (11 days ago)
Fuck Apple
Luigi Bigtime (11 days ago)
Shirt 👔
Luigi Bigtime (11 days ago)
Luigi Bigtime (11 days ago)
Luigi Bigtime (11 days ago)
Bob Goudreau (11 days ago)
It won't crash like last January, that's for sure.
John Davison (11 days ago)
T-shirt pretty please.
Nikolas X (11 days ago)
Cardano baby, Cardano
InternetMunchies (11 days ago)
Dont be a retard
CRYPTO MVMT (11 days ago)
Boom Shaka laka!
Tommy Frank (11 days ago)
Shirt me bro

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