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⭐Making 5% in 12 Hours (CryptoCurrency Trading)

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Edwin Svoboda (7 months ago)
Bitcoin is again lacking clear directional bias, but may soon pick up a strong bid against ethereum and other altcoins, according to intermarket analysis. The leading cryptocurrency is now trading in sideways around ($3,900 )(price as per Coinbase) for the eighth day running, and is struggling to find buyers despite having charted a bullish inverted hammer last week near the key support of ($4,500) You have the right choice now with bitcoin trading. Everyday thousands of trades lose their Bitcoin or rather stay constant with their Bitcoin thereby resulting no change in capital. Today I invest 0.5btc and reaping more than 4btc. All thanks to Mr James for helping me increase my portfolio.
Steven Becker (11 months ago)
You have a group? How do i get in??
CryptoCoin Mastery (11 months ago)
Renegade Scot (11 months ago)
How much of a stop loss do you use for the trailing setup. I usually set 5% and 2% trailing. However I am consistantly hitting my stop losses even without the trailing as I usually set about 3% stop loss and 9 times out of ten a coin will take a quick dump and shoot up again.
CryptoCoin Mastery (11 months ago)
It's not based on a percentage. It is based on support levels. You are going to get stopped out sometimes but the key is looking at longer term trends and basing your stops on those support levels.

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