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Iota Buy Sell Hold

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Jay Edry (19 days ago)
Most, if not all, of what you said is false.
Jay Edry (17 days ago)
Honestly, you can just go to the iota subreddit to find all these details, it would be hard to point you to individual links to all the different issues you mentioned. I can assure you IOTA has been in a very good place for the past few months. I will give you that it had a rocky start, but so did all the other cryptos. The only thing to really remember is to NEVER generate your IOTA seed from a third party. An IOTA seed is the 81 character "password" that lets you access your iota funds. If you generate it from a third party it's the equivalent of asking a stranger to make you a password for your bank account. Besides that IOTA has a new trinity wallet that makes using IOTA a lot simpler. Just remember that everytime you want someone to send you funds you will likely need to generate a new receiving address (this inconvenience is being worked on currently and I'm hoping we can have a simpler way to receive IOTA's soon).
Joe Knows Cryptos (18 days ago)
Obviously you follow IOTA closely and may know more about updates and progress than I do.  I used to own it and heard different things a few months back that did not sound good to me.  If they have worked out these issues then that is terrific.  I would appreciate a link so I can look into it further and will correct myself if it is not true, I will also attempt to look into it as well.  When people ask my opinion I usually go by what I know and with so many cryptos it is difficult to keep up with progress on each one.
Jay Edry (18 days ago)
+Joe Knows Cryptos  Joe Knows Cryptos  I'll break it down for you in hopes that you will change your mind about the information you provided on your video. Currently there are 2 "problems" with iota (which aren't really problems ). Iota uses a coordinator which prevents people abusing iota, the iota foundation since day one have mentioned and shown progress that this will be removed once mass adoption is at a good level (if you research you will see that bitcoin had a similar thing in its early days). The other issue is that your iota wallet generates you a new recieving address every time you spend from your last address. This is not really an issue but a feature that prevents quantum attacks (which very few cryptos have) and there are currently solutions to maintain a single address. Besides that - There have never been transactions that didn't send properly, the tangle has been working better then ever for months, missing tokens was handled by the coordinator months ago since then there has not been issues sending transactions since, people missing money was because they asked a third party to generate them their "password" which obviously means now the third party has access to their account. Lightning network is nothing like the tangle. You mentioned iota is not done with their technology, no crypto is. You mentioned iota security encryption isn't good, that's all false really. It seems you've been fed lies about Iota and are now feeding them to the public.
Joe Knows Cryptos (19 days ago)
Jay Edry go ahead and google problems with the tangle then tell me what you think
Alexander (19 days ago)
no no lightning network is totally different from iota tangle tech-wise, encryption is standard keccac. etc is not bad, but not for real IoT
Joe Knows Cryptos (19 days ago)
Alexander yes it is and that is what they are working on currently only very small transactions like 3 cents are going through flawlessly at the moment
Alexander (19 days ago)
+Joe Knows Cryptos Yes thats right. no fees, more speed. Yet an increasing number of users will lead to routing problems with lightning network. see https://www.yours.org/content/the-lightning-network-routing-problem--explained-31e1ba7b38f5
Joe Knows Cryptos (19 days ago)
Alexander yes I know they are different but lightning will reduce costs and be much faster especially the more people on it so it is similar to the tangle in those ways
Moje Fotky (22 days ago)
one thing we must admit: IOTA employees the biggest number of full time devs and other staff like in marketing, they are registered in Germany and to me they make a very solid impression. So there is a big chance they will overcome their problems and it will then reflect on the price. And regarding the problems with sending money you mentioned. It never happened to me the coins did not show up, sometimes it just took longer, but the same is with BTC, ETH or LTC. And recently transfers took only minutes.
1967SuperG (22 days ago)
Brasse Au Max (14 days ago)
please sell your iota to me i buy it ;)
Andrius Aleksejunas (18 days ago)
good time to buy
Joe Knows Cryptos (22 days ago)
1967SuperG I don't blame anyone who does
K K (22 days ago)
Hey Great Video. Like your honest criticism. Yea alot of FUD on IOTA, despite it though, i like it because the Tangle or DAG is being used on some very high quality projects. It reminds me of bitcoin when it first came out, after bitcoin you saw alot of blockchain coins, like litecoin, BCH, etc. IOTA was the first DAG, could be the next big thing. idk worth making the bet
K K (22 days ago)
+Joe Knows Cryptos lol i hope so too
Joe Knows Cryptos (22 days ago)
I hope it goes to the moon for you!

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