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Stock Trading Recaps - $DXR $AMD $GE $ARLP $FB and More!

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Text Comments (7)
Bee Zee (2 months ago)
Funny. Exactly what happened to me today, had decent trades in DXR but put in a lot of work to get them. Kept thinking this one can move today except it didn't really. Had no idea about the newsletters
James Bradley (2 months ago)
Thanks for the vid😎👍🏻
RudolphAnthonyG (2 months ago)
Great recap..Thanks Nate
David (2 months ago)
Hi nate, where could I find your trade ideas layout? Thanks man for the review
Kj Laurro (2 months ago)
Thank you for your video your style of sharing is very good!!
husssein (2 months ago)
u stopped shorting penny stocks that often? or u short when they are obviously extended only?
John George (2 months ago)
penny stocks have been dead since 2014

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