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Trading Strategy: How to Trade the Double Top Chart Pattern Like a PRO

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The Double Top is one of the most popular chart patterns but… Most traders get it wrong! Let me ask you… Have you traded the Double Top pattern only to realize you’re short at the lows and the market continues to trade higher? Well, that’s because not all Double Tops are created equal. If you treat them the same, then you’ll find yourself losing consistently over again. But here’s the good news: I’ve created a new trading video that will teach you how to trade Double Top the correct way. You’ll learn: •The biggest MISTAKE traders make when trading Double Top and how to avoid it •How to short at the absolute highs of a Double Top — with low risk •When is the BEST time to short a breakdown and why •A little-known technique to identify high probability Double Top trading setups (I’ve not seen anyone talking about it before) Now… Even if you don’t trade chart patterns, I suggest you watch this video because there’s a lot of practical trading techniques that you can apply immediately. So go watch this video right now. If you want more actionable trading tips and strategies, go to https://www.tradingwithrayner.com Thanks for watching! FOLLOW ME AT: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/forextradingwithrayner Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rayner_teo My YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/2EFg5VN
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Text Comments (34)
Thong An (2 months ago)
Agree. I often trade double top on downtrend with resistance. Thanks for sharing!
Rayner Teo (2 months ago)
You're welcome, Thong An!
Yourboy E (2 months ago)
Loved the video. Great job.
Rayner Teo (2 months ago)
Awesome to hear that, Yourboy E!
Andre Gunawan (4 months ago)
two pointed nipple.. damn haha
Rayner Teo (4 months ago)
Cheers Andre Gunawan!
surenderatomer (5 months ago)
You are the best,
Rayner Teo (5 months ago)
Cheers surenderatomer!
brahmanzarek (7 months ago)
two pointed nipples :D
Arefin Sultan (8 months ago)
Simply Nice! Would you please instruct about divergence trading with reliable divergence indicators....
Michael Doherty (9 months ago)
Hi Rayner, in your example of a double top in a downtrend, what is to say it's not a double bottom?
Khesi presents (9 months ago)
If you may plz elaborate further on why should we put SL above high if a build up occurs in or near a support when trading double tops .... I just need to understand buildup
Troy Wills (9 months ago)
I don't know who are the 5 people that gave this a thumbs down, but I do know they are the people that will be giving the rest of us their money.
symantoable (10 months ago)
Loved your videos, Very practical, Thanks
Brandon Low (10 months ago)
Hi Rayner, how can we search for double top pattern stock? Any recommendation
Troy Wills (9 months ago)
FINVIZ.com has a Screener tool. Click on the Technical tab, and you can filter by pattern type. Double top is in the list.
SRINIVAS (10 months ago)
hey rayner teo, your strategies are beautifull man, i've subscribed your channel. keep it up and thanks for sharing your knowledge.
dippu franny (10 months ago)
hello sir. .. we want to see your wining rate over 100 trade and your avg risk reward ratio . we want to see your trading journal if you keep than
Giorgio Oleggini (10 days ago)
I believe at this point, The first rule is to define a profit target and a stop loss level. Many traders make the mistake of only identifying a target and forget about their stop loss. Don’t make that mistake. In order to calculate your risk as explained in the next step strategy, you must have a stop loss level defined with blended model strategy. This is the only time you have a completely neutral bias, because It then becomes far too easy to place your exit points at levels that benefit your trade. learn a complete trading method that can help you make money for the rest of your life.
dippu franny (10 months ago)
yes sir i will definitely do once i reach 100 trade traget
dippu franny (10 months ago)
Rayner Teo ... sorry sir .. i am student i am learning right now. sorry if i made u angry
Kawaljit Virdi (10 months ago)
can u pls tell me the points of entry
im cheeoh (10 months ago)
great & clean approach
Wei Jun Ng (10 months ago)
Another great video Rayner! Just want to thank you for all your sharing, it has exposed me to the world of trading in a conducive and practical way. I certainly do hope your community continues to expand , and that many more people learn from yourself, to approach trading (& investment) in a more pragmatic manner, and to stay consistently profitable. As a sg uni student (you know how expensive everything is) , I can't thank you enough for all the knowledge I have gotten from you, and your community, without having to pay a cent. Can't wait for the Trader's Blueprint to arrive already haha
Wei Jun Ng (10 months ago)
It has! Thank you :)
George Jr Manlosa (10 months ago)
Thanks for all your free inputs Rayner. For a newbie trader like me your videos is a great jump start for me. To inspire you to continue creating contents like this I had subscribe to your channel and will continually share your contents on Investagrams. @WolfOfCebu
Jay Twix (10 months ago)
Certified mastertrader rayner keep it up
Philippe Chazée (10 months ago)
Excellent Rayner! Merci beaucoup de partager ton savoir! What you are sharing is so usefull ! I cannot understand people ( 2 only) able to tell is not so excellent! Great Rayner!
Jet (10 months ago)
My thoughts exactly Rayner, whatever the "reversal" pattern, always trade with the trend. Countless head and shoulders on the EUR/USD but the trend still prevailed. Although the "Build-up" right before break-out is pretty great :)
Planning (10 months ago)
You can increase your odds by using MACD divergence as well
Michael Chaidemenos (10 months ago)
Cool stuff mate! Thnx
Senzo Mseleku (10 months ago)
Thanks Rayner can I have your WhatsApp number
Great video Rayner! I have a FREE Indicator for exactly this trading style: http://www.perfecttrendsystem.com/double-top-bottom-indicator
Rahul (10 months ago)
Nice info bro Thnx

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