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India vs China Economy Growth Comparison from 1960-GDP-Must See 2018/2017

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China India Economy Comparison 2018-India China Economy GDP & Exports Growth Race from 1960-Must See 2018/2017 Their growth in economy and exports have varied largely post 1980 and china had made a huge growth many times higher than India and rest of the world. India and china are 2 prominent economies in the world not only from today but from long history and have been important countries managing large share of global economy. Based on data from World Bank , International Monetary Fund
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Text Comments (1831)
Ron Ron (1 year ago)
Nice video man keep it up. And keep making videos. there is market for comparison videos like this. never give up and build your audience
tom roy (1 year ago)
maha bharat please research real history in Kashmir .... Kashmir king Maharaja Hari Singh join Kashmir in India The agreement is signed ..!!
Yu G (1 year ago)
No you are wrong. The whole pakistan is INDIA. India Numba ONE
maha bharat (1 year ago)
TUINT (1 year ago)
Thanks So much for encouragement . Its a great motivation.🙂
lh b (1 month ago)
India will be NO1, From China.
yupeng wu (1 month ago)
Stop showing thise fake video we are poor
Chinese无敌 (1 month ago)
Like India, China is a third world country.
LEOPARD MAN (1 month ago)
one day Asian countries will rule the world, long live China!! long live India!!
Maibam Amarjit Singh (1 month ago)
it means dictatorship is better than democracy in terms of development
jim kuan (2 months ago)
Why does India like to compare with China? What is the point of comparing? You INSPIRE to achieve. You don't compare (most likely adjust parameters to favor youself) and feel good about yourself. So if CHINA INSPIRES you, that is good. That means you have goals to achieve. But if you just want to compare with China to have the hallucination that "hey I am almost as good as China. I FEEL GOOD!" Then you are just taking mental drugs and are trying to escape reality.
omine OL (3 months ago)
Every 2 years china gdp grow by 2 trillion hahahaha i feel bad for indien
Vijin Roy (3 months ago)
What is INDIA why it's not devaloping like CHINA? INDIA is British Unified DIVERSE Racial linguistic Religious Cultural Colonies welded in the name of FAKE UNITY 😬
TUINT (3 months ago)
Yes I agree , it’s the worst thing thing to happen in any country .. thanks
Vijin Roy (3 months ago)
TUINT I don't believe in unity of India when people fighting in the name of caste Religion
TUINT (3 months ago)
You are right 😊 this is what we were supposed to learn by heart to be called educated .. books written by British
Vijin Roy (3 months ago)
TUINT ha ha , thousands of yrs back Askoka empire was existed and BRITISH UNIFIED 562 Princely states of INDIA and North east indians or Mongolians were never been a Part of Indian culture in history
TUINT (3 months ago)
Thanks for comment , India was unified during Ashoka reign it got disintegrated, it got together again in fight against the British .
SLAVE 702 (3 months ago)
Can you compare Mexico anf Brazil?
zongdao zou (3 months ago)
music plz.
Dragonnote8fly Hight (3 months ago)
India was invade and rule by Mongols, Greek, Muslims, French, Dutch, Spanish, English, Japanese, Portugal, ect the British alone rule all of India for 200 years
peter peter (4 months ago)
WE STRATED growing in 1980 because we just kicked vietnam's ass last year, so we beat them and gained power.
Fan Allen (4 months ago)
Love India from China.
Yew Fah Wong (4 months ago)
China Vs India =100000000000000000vs 0.1...😂 😂
Afnan Acchan (5 months ago)
So India is at least 20 years behind China.
Backed By Science (5 months ago)
I can see a lot of hatred in the comments... Damn you motherfuckers.. keep peace and stay happy!
After 1990 China shits all over on india.
馬也 (5 months ago)
arun Rehal (5 months ago)
Due to USA trade war this growth will hit China hard
Oliver Huang (5 months ago)
I am Chinese. I truly respect India and her people. Both China and India are great nations with long history and unique culture. We should be very good friends, instead of enemies. Love from China❤.
Nick (6 months ago)
China’s media does not even talk about india. India is far behind China. Not comparable. Not even close. China only care about US, which is our goal.
kamlesh prasad (6 months ago)
democracy only good for "western and north american" countries .....not for country like india...... reason ( polluted air in cities, overpopulation , unclean water ,too much competition in job)........china controlled population 40 years earlier..... today they had higher standard of living compare to many countries..
zhang tony (6 months ago)
中国gdp 已经有美国的60%了就这样中国要超过美国最少还要25年。中国的GDP是印度是4-5倍,就这样印度人就已经开始自我膨胀了? (India no1 , India is the best country in the world)
mike yao (1 month ago)
中印之间的差距不是4~5倍的问题.从名义GDP上看,两国差距10年左右,但是看看经济结构的细节(基建,进出口,发电量等),今天的印度也就90年代中国的水平,甚至更糟糕.而且迄今为止印度无法通过融入国际分工来解决国内就业问题,每年新增1200-1500W等着吃饭的,谁受得了. 这么搞下去快则10年,慢则20年,印度轻则内部动荡,重则内战.
abdul haleem (6 months ago)
Mouse standing next to elephant"
Qi Zhang (6 months ago)
it is hard for indian to realize how big the gap is between china and indian. continue to put your heads into the sand.
TUINT (6 months ago)
True difference as on today is huge
Arto Rius (4 months ago)
Where are the defenders,must be busy shitting on street somewhere
GandhiPatel Kalam (6 months ago)
This is the time Ram Mandir Movement Started.
Dear Father (6 months ago)
Democracy is the cancer. So sad that Indian people don’t see that, and still proud of it...
Henri HAN (6 months ago)
China and India have many similarities. Both countries are ancient civilizations, and the two countries have always been one of the most powerful forces in the world. In modern times, the two countries have suffered from Western aggression. Both India and China are great countries. The two countries should become friends, help each other, learn from each other, and let the world center return to Asia. Western media and politicians often destroy the relations between the two countries, and they want to let these two countries be in conflict and war, and then they can benefit from it.They know the shameful things their fathers have done to India and China, and they fear that these two countries will be strong once again. Therefore, India and China should become friends.
TUINT (6 months ago)
Thanks for your inputs
Sanqian Sheng (7 months ago)
the China government gave FAKE NUMBERS. 战忽局的同事,这个视频的出现就是你们的失职,请认真反省。
youlv huang (6 months ago)
够了 再忽悠下去 他们真的会打着正义的旗号讨伐中国的
MrBigEnchilada (7 months ago)
The 21st century will be China's century. The 22nd century may be India's
guyue peng (7 months ago)
SSMART (6 months ago)
Mainland is part of Republic of China.
香蕉殺手 (7 months ago)
华夏蒲公英 (7 months ago)
China and India, developing contry.......
YYU Li (7 months ago)
白阳 (7 months ago)
where is Taiwan? Biased video!
李显斌李显斌 (7 months ago)
C D (7 months ago)
ARUN AD (7 months ago)
Thanks to congress ...For our marvelous development from 1980s ....And still they want to rule ..
月半 (7 months ago)
成臣 (7 months ago)
Why this map didn't include China TaiWan ?
John Wick (7 months ago)
Asian power rise again.
FreshLemonTea (7 months ago)
I think both Chinese and Indian should be proud of themselves for keeping working hard to get rid of poverty and boost the economy of our countries.
Mollection M (8 months ago)
India leads China for 50 years.we all love the india.People all over the world want to be Indians because india is the best greatest country in this world.love from pakistan
Tramplin O’Hanlon (8 months ago)
The map in the beginning is terribly incorrect. Put Taiwan aside, but where is Hainan province of China?
c ritko (8 months ago)
China like a rooster on the map, but india like chicken shit under China's bottom! LOL
UMANG BADOLA (8 months ago)
Democracy leads to slower growth however china has attained success at the cost of their freedom of speech , expression etc . No chinese can speak against the govt if they do .....then they will go missing .
youlv huang (6 months ago)
sounds like they wouldn't be missing if they gossip about party in western world
Man Xu (8 months ago)
刘磊 (8 months ago)
Indian was great civilization in the past, and will be great again in the soon future! Buddha bless Indian!
刘磊 (8 months ago)
Thank you for sharing the video about Gurgaon, It's a huge modern city. India has many wisdom people now and past, I respect Krishna and Buddha very much. However, nowadays many wisdom Indian move to USA, it's a big loss for India, I hope more Indian in USA can go back India and construction their home, make India better and better.
Basu Vivek (8 months ago)
刘磊 Thank U we want to reclaim our ancient glory . But International media always make fun of us . They show only slums but we have develop places also . See IT city of India western media will never show you - https://youtu.be/p6S4AcbcEoo
Tianyuan Fan (8 months ago)
together they can rule the world, stop falling into yankee's trap
kezhou Xu (8 months ago)
Be honest, China never wants to compare with India, our true competitor is the USA🙃
0 subscribers (8 months ago)
Dear Chinese friends first of all go and check the loan ur country has taken from WB, u will shitt from ur mouth, I m not jealous from China bt in comment section rubbish Chinese r showing like they r d boss fuck China fuck Chinese 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
童瑞 (8 months ago)
Pritam Rawat (7 months ago)
indian folks don't be disheartened, china opened up to world in 1979 and india in 1991, theres a 12 year gap and it still is..wt china was in 2005 india is today(3$ trillion) and wt china is today india will be by around 2030 stay cool enjoy the devlopment around ya
TUINT (7 months ago)
Very valid input
Xiang Wang (9 months ago)
where is Hainan province? and where is Taiwan province?😃😄🤔Hainan and Taiwan all people are Chinese. don't made this mistake.😎
King Chin (9 months ago)
With frank and no offense, i travelled to India and China many times. Compare economic and infrastructure , India still behind China at least 40 years. Meaning that India need to catch up 40 years to match China current development
Murmad Man (9 months ago)
I invite Chinese women to India...we will gang rape like Jyoti SIngh
うんこ (9 months ago)
I'm chinese.I hate Indian.They are look like native american to be extinctioned by spanish.hahaha We have created great empire in history and appered great man like Confucius , Sun Tzu , and first empire ...etc. However, do you know somegreatman who born in indian, don' you?lol
歌叶 (9 months ago)
作为一个中國人我承認印度有潛力的,但是如果你們不能正確的處理你們龐大的人口,印度的人口只會成為負擔而不會成為財富 任何改革都必然帶有著犧牲和流血,沒有流血的改革是沒有觸及真正的問題核心 印度的問題是龐大的財富集中于極少數人,
Richard R. Zamoras (9 months ago)
yeah india is advance than chinese .. this video is fake .. im a chinese
The Knight (9 months ago)
But USA and European countries are still far ahead in terms of development.only Asian countries that are on par with them are s Korea and Japan.
Alvin Soo (9 months ago)
Truth is, when u see a neighbour grow so much faster and better u get jealous.
Basu Vivek (9 months ago)
Alvin Soo No India is not jelous India try to find its weakness .
Dipak Basu (9 months ago)
I have supervised a number of students from China in both British and Japanese universities. They know nothing about their subjects, nothing at all, although they may have graduated from a Chinese university. I have reported these to the scholarship authorities, but they did nothing but sending more and more these worthless students from the Chinese universities. I have nothing against the Chinese as a race because I think Chinese students from Singapore are really good. No country can go far ahead without any intellectual power. Chinese have little intellectual power.
罗小虎 (7 months ago)
在中国,外出留学的学生并不是因为学习好才会去留学,相反,更多的学生是因为在国内考不上好的大学,出去留学只是无奈之举,或者只是简单的名义上“镀金” 当然,也并不是所有都这样
BSPBuilder (9 months ago)
They pay full tuition, how about that?
jason pp (9 months ago)
ha ha haha
马勒隔壁 (9 months ago)
china's achievement was based on the tears and blood of several generations of people...they wore the same clothes, ate the same food that was barely enough and worked hard every day without wage...they produced a lot but consumed a little...even nowadays we still have the highest saving rate in the world... most married women have full-time jobs...retired grandparents take care of the kids when we go to work. we are trying to pass down more wealth to our children as well...that's how wealth is accumulated in China...people said Chinese don't worship god... that's not true...we believe in our own gods--our ancestors and elders that have past away. They are the reason why we are here and how we are doing right now...
Ray Yu (2 months ago)
Rohit Yadav Yaduvanshi (2 months ago)
Yes you are right
Tanzz zzz (2 months ago)
As an indian, i really have lot of respect for china and it's people...lt others say whatever they want, there are so many people on both sides who dont want any fights.
Sam Paul (10 months ago)
Guys, guys, I mean no offense, but why do you think it makes sense to compare China with India? Do you really think India is that good??? If you want to compare China with any country in this era, take USA. India is not in the same league at all. India needs to evolve.
Wei Song (10 months ago)
Most of Chinese are not rich, but most of Indians are poor
Bai Shen (10 months ago)
India is a great country with lots of amazing delicious food. I also like their movies. Be friends, no war. Peace.
Nagaraj medegar (10 months ago)
Shame on Indian politicals never develop india
最美提莫 (10 months ago)
没必要比来比去,没什么意义,健全的法制 良好的基础建设 有序的交通 稳定的收入 除了工作你可以有大量时间去做你想做的就行了 比如喜欢出去旅游随时就走 喜欢宅在家里就一天不出去 ~生活就是工作时间少 玩的时间长 想干什么就干什么就好,随意点 比较这些毫无意义 努力过更好的生活吧!
Abhinav Panwar (10 months ago)
china is good in making money... very warm congrats to you... live enjoyable and peaceful life...
shouzheng shao (10 months ago)
I really hope China and India can win together and beat those western countries XD.
Haidari Malang (10 months ago)
90s was the time india faced increase in religious politics, thats the point our growth become slow
UglyhoodRAT (9 months ago)
No your lOW IQ Keynesia economic.
derek lambert (10 months ago)
lazy fucking india will not catch up for sure , i bet u .....................................................................................Maybe give them 5000 years
derek lambert (10 months ago)
why India always want to vs China for everything ?????????????? oh because of jealous and upset
jb c (10 months ago)
India and usa is superpower
chen shi (4 months ago)
jb c it seems that rabbit and tiger is superpower,too absurd
rochrich (10 months ago)
Please make an update after China has it's first recession. It's shaping up to be a doozy.(Huge) I hope the world economic order survives, I just don't expect it to.
Sm00th GAMES (10 months ago)
Indians in general are delusional about the current state of their country, in no way can they compare themselves to China.
Rick S (10 months ago)
为什么总有这种无聊的比较,中国人是拜金主义,人家印度人又不追求这个,印度人追求的是更高尚的精神世界, 不要再比较了,再比较下去,印度人也要拜金了,我们会带坏人家的
藤和艾利欧 (10 months ago)
YU HE (10 months ago)
The Western counties want India and China to fight with each other. Don't believe them, India economy is very promising.
CCPJAYLPHAN1994 (10 months ago)
Look all the friendly voices from China.
Tom Sebastian (10 months ago)
Instead of being disappointed, we must get inspired. If the Chinese could do it so quickly, its possible for us too.
Dave parker (9 months ago)
bruce lee agree. from Singapore, where has alots of Indians and Chinese.
bruce lee (10 months ago)
Impossible for India
M Meidiano Al Fajri (10 months ago)
Once, India is richer than China. But when China enter world trade, they're growing so fast, SO FAST!!
cy huang (10 months ago)
everything has two sides.so
Parmar Jigar (10 months ago)
China's open door policy happen and market socialism happen then china's growth sky rockets.
Sopon CHANSEATIPON (10 months ago)
One of the reason is inequality in the society. The gap is too far.
J Q (10 months ago)
It is a common mistake when people say China is raising up. That is because they only looked at last 100 - 200 years. China has a much longer history like 2000 -3000 years. And it had been the richest country in the world almost all the time except last 200 year. So instead of raising up, the correct word is actually coming back. I know you are going to say pollutions, corruption, human rights and democracy. Yes, there are a lot of problems, but USA is not going to be the richest country forever. Who else could it be? Russia? Japan? or any of the Euro countries? Be my guest and get used to it.
Tan Zi Jian (10 months ago)
No no no, I was saying that China population will decrease as a whole from the effect of the one-child policy, even if it takes 30-50 to balance the population again (assuming China fertility rate is above 2.1 which is 1.2 currently) China will find it harder to take over US as the world biggest economy with smaller population, close to 1 billion at the end of the century with a large percentage of elderly and small percentage of children and working force,causing high dependency ratio(China economy growth rate is decreasing as the workforce population are shrinking) though I didn't mean no chance at all. And you are talking about the minorities, yes I agree Hui Muslim easily assimilate to the mainstream culture but that's not the case for Uyghurs, they are hard to assimilate as they are a completely different race with different culture and many of them think that Xinjiang is their homeland (which is false) they are like a time bomb which will explode at any time(July 2009 Ürümqi riots). According to the statistics, the Han Chinese now constitute 92% of the population which may be lower as the CCP might try to hide this fact but they are 94% in 1964. This 2 percent decrease is quite scary if you ask me as Han Chinese has the highest median age in China except for maybe the Manchus. Anyway I agree with everything you said concerning US, they brought themself to their own demise.
J Q (10 months ago)
Tan Zi Jian Look. Tibet was not always apart of China all the time, only since Qin Dynasty. It had its own language and own culture. Even it split from China I dont feel a big lost. They are actually not our people. If they choose to leave one day and go independent, be my guest. But the fact is no government will allow that to happen in China. Yes they can have a lot rights than Han Chinese. They can have as many children as they want. Seems like they are growing fast and will take a big part in the future. Wrong, it is just the propaganda. Firstly, they are only above Han in the east of China where the media is much more powerful. Look at Xinjiang, they are treat like animals. They are forced to learn mandarin. not even allowed to talk on the street. again it is just propaganda. Secondly, yes, the number of their population is growing but how many of them are actually stand for their culture? How many Hui known as Chinese muslim even eat pork at school? Cultural assimilation is what China really good at in last 3000 years. By what? Language. Where is Manchu now?As long as we all speak Chinese. they will finally be assimilated. Yes, population aging caused by one child policy is going to be a big problem in next 30-50 years. But like i said it is only about one generation. One child policy only affects who were born in later 70s, 80s. Even late 80s are having 2 children now. The aging problem is only a problem for at most 50 years. When they passed away there wont be any problem. it is coming back to normal aging structure. You asking me is China still one country in 50 years? Who knows. But China is always China. it may not called China any more. It could be Han, could be Ming Could be Qing. It could be splited for hundred years. As long as we all speak Chinese. We will unified one day. Why am I so confident? It happened many, too many time in the past 3000 years. It is just going to be another dynasty. US? No, It is going to be another europe.
Tan Zi Jian (10 months ago)
China economy increases tremendously thanks to the short-term effect of the one-child policy. You said America will be split from the inside but isn't that what China is doing. China is so stable now is because of it's homogenous large Han Chinese population, but what they are doing is limit the Han Chinese babies but allow other minority to have more babies, see what is happening now in Xinjiang and Tibet. And you say that China will stabilize in 30-50 years time? I am doubtful about that, you know that China is the richest country in the world throughout the history is because of China huge population right, now that one-child policy is has been demolished but the newborn population decreases plus the huge working force population that is going to retire soon and most of them are Han Chinese! It wouldn't surprise me if Han Chinese become a minority in their homeland in a few hundred years time or even shorter. By that time who is going to feed the senior citizens that have contributed a lot to the society. I agree with you on the fact that US will be splitted apart by it's diverse population, as far as i am a concern, multiculturalism never work.
J Q (10 months ago)
Tan Zi Jian One child policy for sure is a fucked up policy, but fucked up china's age structure? a little bit. It can easily be fixed by time. At the end of the day, It is only one generation. again, if you are looking at 100-200 years, it could be a problem in these 30-50 years time, but it is nohting in 1000 years period time. Country like US, sure immigrants was the back bone of their economy, but one day it will be splited by it. US can never be conquered from outside but only splited from inside. China won't. Language is the most powerful weapon. China could be conquered, but it will always take it back and unified. One child policy affects age structure for a period time, but immigrant will change your nation structure. It is a united states. people come to America becase it is still rich. When it is getting poor? Good luck.
Tan Zi Jian (10 months ago)
I am not going to say any of those things you mentioned but you shouldn't ignore the fact that China one-child policy has fucked up China age structure, the decreasing economic growth rate recent years is due to the shrinking working force. While America on the other hand still receiving a new influx of high skilled immigrant to strengthen their economy.
Ordinary Mevaker Edwin (10 months ago)
if you count the sum of europe and USA continent, they are the highest gdp ppp on earth.
we we (10 months ago)
India shows a faster growth rate than China in recent years.
bin xu (10 months ago)
you must
Sahan Reddy (10 months ago)
Tan Zi Jian truee😠
Tan Zi Jian (10 months ago)
China one-child policy has fucked up China age structure, the working age is shrinking, so i.s the economy growth rate.
Lucas (10 months ago)
Hurraaaaay everyone loves cheap labor!
jim kuan (10 months ago)
India is #1 in the world. Move on ...
黄山 (10 months ago)
李佳 (10 months ago)
Where is taiwan hainan provence south Tibet and akesaqin?
Song Sophy (10 months ago)
Indian students in our uni are so smart and talented which makes me a bit jealous... I think if Indian ppl work harder, India will develop as fast as China in its economy (or even faster due to the population).
Kartikey Singh (10 months ago)
Transparent (Democracy) vs Non-Transprancy(Communism)
Arto Rius (4 months ago)
shut ur piehole u illiterate sack of shit,Go crap on a street somewhere
KAN ATA (9 months ago)
Kartikey Singh yes bro,i think caste system is real democracy,everyone is equal right?
Sam Paul (10 months ago)
haha shitty people like you are the reason why India still sucks. When you cannot win, you just talk trash?? That is what you do? Go back and work harder. Make your country better please. Maybe start by teaching Indian people wipe butt with toilet paper.
xox (10 months ago)
so called indian democracy is nothing but a hindu fascism. i know there are zillions of indian muslim who would agree with me lol.
wombatpi (10 months ago)
Kartikey Singh we don’t poop gold because of lacking of toilets
Yang Thomas (10 months ago)
Both South China sea and Taiwan is part of China, and why you didt show it on your map? What will you thinking about If I show you a US map without Hawaii and Alaska?
無 無 (10 months ago)
BSPBuilder (10 months ago)
不是,正是因为中国选择了资本主义才让中国快速发展的。 1990年前,印度经济制度是社会主义。
Afnan Acchan (10 months ago)
It is not democracy or communist. It is corrupt leader that destroy economy. North Korea is communist but poorer than their neighbour.

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