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(Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy) 1500% Profit In 4 Months

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Pedro felipe (13 days ago)
If you look at what you have in life, you'll always have more. If you look at what you don't have in life, you'll never have enough. You can Make allot from crypto trading if only you believe that some good  people still can generate income from trade,Mr Andrew knows best. you can reach him on his email< andlewis86 @ yahoo. com
Bruno Brown (6 days ago)
with the look of things nobody else does it better than him, he is absolutely one of the best we got out here KUDOS to you Andrew i strongly recommend you for investors, contact him on his email< andlewis86 @ yahoo. com he is the best.
William Emmanuel (6 days ago)
I am finally smiling to the bank now. All thanks to the BEAST of TRADE. Mr Andrew. I never believed it will work until i tried him out and he was so unbelievable. thank you Mr Andrew for putting a smile on my face again.
Anna David (6 days ago)
investing with Andrew is a sure WIN i am a living testimony of his unbelievable trading strategy trust me its a WIN WIN situation here.
Ferdinand Nicole (6 days ago)
I testify, he is an amazing trader with good skills and experience to turn your financial life around he is the best.
Günter Jörg (6 days ago)
Amazing man with an amazing skill he keeps me smiling all day knowing that i can earn extra income investing with him.
Dan Anthony (1 month ago)
So you don’t care that tether could collapse and you lose all your money ?
Helen Donalds (1 month ago)
I have never encountered a trader that makes so much income return in such a short period of trading as Mrs Smith, she is an absolute genius. Since I started trading with her I have made 11 btc from crypto trading.
philip kevin (15 days ago)
Reach her ([email protected])
Benjamin Allen (1 month ago)
+Helen Donalds Thank you. I'll be sure to mail her straight away.
Benjamin Allen (1 month ago)
+Helen Donalds So what do I do next?
Helen Donalds (1 month ago)
+Benjamin Allen That's certainly not a problem. I was in a similar position as well when I started and she helped me.
Benjamin Allen (1 month ago)
I wish to be part of this woman's trading group, I am quite new to trading and have not been successful trading on my own. Can she help me?
Lightning McQueen (2 months ago)
Scammers like this disappear in bear markets
Jaylin Kirk (2 months ago)
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Brian Ingerson (3 months ago)
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Lynn maria (3 months ago)
Mr mike is tested and trusted he keeps making weekly profit for me in mining
Micheal Wambold (3 months ago)
he is the right person to start up a btc investment with , he knows his way around the miners
Velizar (4 months ago)
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Gibbs Tiffany Gibbs (4 months ago)
I've got good news though. i have an expert, Mr Reid Hoffman who has been giving me some trade analysis and helping me gain more.
Dinno Tie (3 months ago)
sorry about I too was a victim to fake bots, but that's all over now
Curtis Harrison (3 months ago)
if it was anyone else, i'd say it was blatant virtue signalling, but having worked with him for over a year now, i know you're talking about a man who is true to his cause
michael smith (3 months ago)
Hi, one thing I love about him is the fact that he doesn't promise exaggerated miracles he tells you how it is.
Carl Eddie Wesley (3 months ago)
I made £ 16,750 within two weeks of trading with Mr Reid Hoffman
Elizabeth Davidovic (3 months ago)
👀👀 Hello who is this your trader?
Peter Schlaber (5 months ago)
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Peter Schlaber (5 months ago)
It was my cousin that introduced me to this and at a point I had to quit my job and now all I do is Xminerz...lol its amazing how sweet life can be
Emily Richards (5 months ago)
I have introduced most of my friends to this platform and we are all making it!!
Emily Richards (5 months ago)
Yeah I have been there and I made Big profit...I love that site a lot
Skellon (6 months ago)
What a load of bs...
MrHanSoL0 (6 months ago)
Out of all the videos I've seen, this has been the simplest, smartest and logical way of trading! Kudos to you sir!
Richard Daniel (7 months ago)
I was able to earn very good profit investing with the right trading platform by turning 0.3 btc to 1.5 btc. If you are having troubles on how to trade and start earning profit I can guide you on the right steps to follow to becoming a successful bitcoin trader
Allison Grey (8 months ago)
This post rocks! Being a beginner, I’ve found out that using Spectro Indicator has helped me out a lot. Have you ever used it?
eminem 〈3 (8 months ago)
When can I find your return excel sheet
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Edson Rick San Juan (11 months ago)
How do you log your trades?
Bloc Ten (11 months ago)
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lambert tricia (11 months ago)
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lambert tricia (11 months ago)
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adz123888 (1 year ago)
Hi Kyle, for your 5% take profit gain, do you type it in manually the take profit order? As Coinigy doesn't seem to have take profit advanced trading.
Nero (1 year ago)
This would be hell to keep up for tax recording. How do you personally keep track of all this for tax purposes?
TheCornbeefsoup (11 months ago)
Nero Either do it yourself in Google sheets or use a third party tracker. I personally use cointracker.io It even has a built in feature specifically for taxes though I haven't used that feature yet.
JJ Ch (1 year ago)
link for guide doesn´t work bro
Allen Lichner (1 year ago)
Do you not respond to your viewers
James mine (1 year ago)
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James mine (1 year ago)
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CryptoCoin Mastery (1 year ago)
Nope never
Fergus Maxwell (1 year ago)
Whats the best way to track the trades you make? DO you have a download for an excel spreadsheet or somethig
Shaun San Jose (1 year ago)
Just watched your video. It is really helpful but you forgot to say when is the right time to buy.
culter jose (1 year ago)
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Jaffasoft (1 year ago)
Did you put the entire portfolio on each trade and compound the gains added to the very next trade each time?
James mine (1 year ago)
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Vincent Emilio (1 year ago)
Also. Leave emotions out of the market
Tanner (1 year ago)
Great take on trading. How do you feel about using an RSI to determine oversold levels and then placing a buy order at that price to take 5% gains and 3% losses in a USD-tethered market like NEOUSDT? Or in general, what indicator would be good for automation(not discretionary trading).
James mine (1 year ago)
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Ryan Fausnaugh (1 year ago)
It's not a strategy when the whole market is up 1500 percent..lol
kNviCt (7 months ago)
Lol exactly if bitcoin shits you’re fucked
Lisa Scott (1 year ago)
Learned a lot through this video, being a novice trader learning more about trading styles and strategies so I can grow myself. Loved the video description yes we need to take command on trading of anyone wants a good future in it. Can you recommend taking signals from SignalSkyline.com so newbie traders can learn and earn at the same time
Darcy Cardinal (1 year ago)
Better than Bitconnect haha
malcolm ironmonger (1 year ago)
Thank You. You are a rock star! It was so easy to understand!!!
MotoVlogger Buddy (1 year ago)
nice video man, quite informative...I m novice in crypto currency I want to earn daily bases in trading. What is the strategy for this ? it will be appreciable if you create a vlog for this.. Thanks in advance...
Cortez ellis (1 year ago)
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from a $100 initial investment. i calculated that it would take 189 days to make $1m by making 5% gains everyday.
Vladimir Putin (4 months ago)
If only it always goes up 5% everyday
needforweed999 fkn brilliant right
needforweed999 (1 year ago)
this guys maths
Natalija Boka (1 year ago)
CRyptoCoin Mastery, when you trade (let say with 10K) do you keep your money on Bittrex or on exchange as you need to have quick access to it? Thanks
Ranko Polat (1 year ago)
how do you know when to Buy in?
Akinyele Samuel (1 year ago)
As a complete newbie, I don't even know which coin to try this with. Could you suggest any?
CryptoCoin Mastery (1 year ago)
Thanks for the comment! I would suggest looking at Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neo, Ethereum, and TRIG.
Lost Child (1 year ago)
=) before watching this.. i had already begun doing small trades just as you specified (small gains) for example buying 100x at (relative low) 1.15 and sell at 1.22(relative mid) and not waiting for 1.3 ( relative high) which is always going to be questionable as to if/when. Gains are gains.. avoiding a loss is always a win
Matt Simon (1 year ago)
yes, and SOME profit is always better than NO profit
Paula Green (1 year ago)
I use this web page to calculate the percentage difference between my buys and sells https://www.calculatorsoup.com/calculators/algebra/percent-difference-calculator.php I totally agree, i aim to make 3 to 5% per day also. Good strategy
CRAZY SS (1 year ago)
This is Day Trading. They have proven research that 90 % of day traders loose money not to mention Stress, Time consumed, Income taxes on Trades when they find out bcuz they charge u income tax on the money u made and they DO NOT care about how much money u lost on individual trades. What about when BTC goes up to 6000 from 3000 ? Transaction fees will be great too. I think i will use your strategy but i would raise it to at least 10 % and i did that last week with NAV coin, i bought it 80 cents and sold it at 86 cents few times now i am stuck at 77 cents.
Edwin (1 year ago)
Hi Kyle, Just found this channel and i will be sure to check out your other videos. I am fairly new to the cryptocurrency market and interestingly enough, i was thinking about the exact same strategy. What are your favorite cryptos to execute this trading strategy besides TRIG and BTC?
CryptoCoin Mastery (1 year ago)
Louis Rombouts (1 year ago)
Hey man, great videos. They are on point. Got a quick question though: How do I deal with the burden of transaction fees? People always say don't let your coins on an exchange, but it's extremely costly to swap from currency X to my wallet and back to the exchange every time I want to make a trade. Same thing for trades inbetween exchanges. It's a mess for someone starting out. I lost a lot of money simply swapping my money back and forth from altcoins to bitcoin to another exchange and then to another altcoin. That 10% gain has been worthless at that point. Anyway, keep up the gainz! Louis
Double your btc every 100 hours. search for 'bitcoin-fast' on google
Louis Rombouts (1 year ago)
Thanks for your reply, makes sense. I guess I learned the hard way. Only up from here on out!
CryptoCoin Mastery (1 year ago)
I personally keep most of my coins on exchanges (I know some people call this risky). I will eat the 0.5% transaction fee on Bittrex and buy my BTC through Coinbase/Gdax for 0% fees. It is all about being strategic in the process and making sure to take fees into account before planning out your strategy.
Henrik Furuseth (1 year ago)
Awesome strategy for these volatile markets, doing this myself! What are your favorite indicators/tools to use for these types of trades?
CryptoCoin Mastery (1 year ago)
I suggest implementing some basic technical analysis (it does not have to be anything crazy): Support and Resistance Lines Trend Lines RSI MACD
Albert (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info Kyle. I am creating a bot and I can identify somehow dips and tips (not perfectly though), however the high frequency of trades could play into disadvantages due to fees. How many times a day do you trade in average? How do you identify the dips?
Albert (1 year ago)
Thanks Kyle. My bot made about 20 trades in about 8h, so I am having issues with fees/frequency, despite minimal when trading too much it definitively makes the difference. I need to figure out how to make it trade less and better.
CryptoCoin Mastery (1 year ago)
Fees come out to be about 0.5% so they are minimal. I do not make too many trades per day. Maybe 3-4 max
A C (1 year ago)
Excellent pls more strategy video and how to understand the chart
CryptoCoin Mastery (1 year ago)
Yes of course!
theAbeElement (1 year ago)
yes please. love your channel.. thanks!
Desktop Metal (1 year ago)
heard of any good github trading bots?
CryptoCoin Mastery (1 year ago)
Go watch my podcast about trading bots on soundcloud!

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