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How to Use the Genius to Manage Your Portfolio

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Managing your portfolio doesn’t have to be an arduous, time consuming process. With the Genius, you'll know in an instant, when to buy, what to buy and when to sell. You'll be able to keep your portfolio on track without being attached to your computer and you'll have the precision and control to help you beat the market every year. So, please join Mr. Jerry D’Ambrosio in this week’s Special Presentation titled, “How to Use the Genius to Manage Your Portfolio.”
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MarkettimerDK (5 months ago)
I have now tried to get in contact with the company for weeks via emails, phone, Facebook, Twitter etc. No contact what so ever.
Tony Ansley (2 years ago)
Not allowing the editing of positions when the Genius is turned on is NOT a good thing to do.  If this is not tied to automatic trade entry with your broker (like tradeking), then the prices that the genius puts in will almost always NOT be the price or quantity that you actually purchased (by placing the trades manually)...requiring you to always turn off the Genius, edit your positions and then turn it back on.  Why require the extra steps of turning the Genius off and on?

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