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✅ Using FIBONACCI Levels To Predict BITCOIN!

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Subscribe - https://goo.gl/n3qwtF More Crypto Videos - https://goo.gl/MypQyV In this incredible video, Kyle shows you how to use Fibonacci and support/resistance levels to predict where Bitcoin is goin.
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Richard Schungel (15 days ago)
Wrong mate
Michalramzes1 (9 months ago)
great advice as always... Looking at the 1h chart.. what if I sold at 6800 and 7300 ? Looking at all indicators, it was extremely over-bought (1hr and 4hr chart)... but it just keeps coming up.. My strategy would be to wait until it corrects back down again.. but there's a good chance it will just keep rising and I'll miss the bull run. On the other side, buying in on an already over-bought coin ("buy green") is also not the best idea.. What would be your strategy in this scenario ?
Michalramzes1 (9 months ago)
ok, thanks. That's true.. I should start implementing stop losses more..
CryptoCoin Mastery (9 months ago)
You just have to be smart about it. Placing stop losses under the clear breaking points (support levels) will help protect you. It is also much better to have stop losses or use trailing stops instead of just selling.
wajdi raach (9 months ago)
awsome simple video thank you

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