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Why 90% of traders lose money? Why don't they share their trades

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Why 90% of traders lose money? Why don't they share their trades Most people in the industry want to sell you something and want to make sure that they look good in order to make the sell. Unfortunately one thing that you should know about day trading is that we always lose money. The goal is to make sure that we make more money than we lose... otherwise we wouldn't be profitable. There are going to be instances in which traders do have a losing week and definitely have losing days. There may even instances when traders don't place trades. When the market isn't moving well or even when the market has low volume. While everyone wants so make money trading one of the reasons why 90% of traders lose money is because everyone thinks this is going to be easy. Unfortunately that is far from truth. Everyone thinks that next week they are going to make a million dollars in the markets and it takes much longer in order to learn how to trade. Keep that in mind if you are considering getting into the markets. It takes a great amount of patience, discipline, and patience. Keep that in mind when you are thinking about Why 90% of traders lose money and why they don't share their trades. Get the free day trading guide at: http://bit.ly/dtatrade Don't forget to subscribe http://trdr.ly/dtasubscribe Also learn how we day trading and traveling around the world for the last six years at http://wanderingtrader.com. Our WanderingTrader sister site.
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Text Comments (17)
Mahadonation1 (2 years ago)
upgrade your mic please
Ashfaq Sheikh (2 years ago)
Which trading platform are you currently using?
MMC CROWNUS (1 month ago)
they are moving to multi charts
Ashfaq Sheikh (1 year ago)
OK and thanks.
Sloth Father (1 year ago)
He mentioned that he is using Trade Station in the video.
Ashfaq Sheikh (2 years ago)
Love your honesty. Most indicators are actually distractions from the real thing i.e price action. I just follow the trend using EMAs and parabolic SAR. Most importantly, I keep my position size small. Doing very well.
Bryan Francisco (1 year ago)
Ashfaq Sheikh what is position size? U mean small shares?
Audfile (2 years ago)
great info, but stop swallowing every five seconds and saying "at the end of the day". relax man.
Hard2LogOn (2 years ago)
Im a swing trader. What do day traders think about swing tradinging and the traders? Do you think we are suckers for holding stock a long time? Is it a bad idea to be swing trading? And why is it so important for a day trader to sell everything the same day? I mean if he held a stock over night, whats the big deal? He could sell it the next day. So are swing traders wasting their time swing trading?
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
I personally believe that there are a ton of ways that you can make money out there.... and there isn't necessarily one right way. I day trade, swing trade, and also position trade. I've held positions for years and sometimes for a few months, even weeks. I have found however that the highest profit is day trading.
Quindell Johnson (2 years ago)
account number is visible
Freire Cruz (2 years ago)
Powerful lesson.
Cutting Edge Cool (2 years ago)
Great fundamental knowledge, that can be so elusive and hidden, Thank You for sharing.
adamcpf (2 years ago)
Great video! Appreciate your advice.
Entropia Production (2 years ago)
Hi Marcello could you please make a video about range bars? Thanks
Anthon Hoogeveen (2 years ago)
thanks for making this wonderful video man, too bad I don't have enough money for your courses, would love to take part, have a great day
Jonathan Monroy (1 year ago)
OpTiclightning hey buddy quick question, would you know how much does dta charge for a complete beginner course?

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