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Pullback trading: How to trade pullbacks like a pro

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The advantage of trading pullback is… You can buy low sell high — giving you favorable risk to reward. But… It’s not as easy as it seems, right? Because you’ll encounter scenarios like… How do I know where the pullback will end? How do I enter a pullback? Do I wait for “confirmation”? Where should I put my stop loss when trading pullback? Yup, I feel you. These are legitimate questions that need to be answered. So in today’s video, here’s what you’ll learn: • How to “predict” where the pullback will end • My 3 different techniques to trade pullbacks (#3 is my secret sauce) • How to set your stop loss when trading pullbacks — so you don’t get stopped out prematurely Are you excited? Then go watch it right now. Talk soon, Rayner Teo ►►► For free trading education, go to http://www.tradingwithrayner.com Thanks for watching! FOLLOW ME AT: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/forextradingwithrayner Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rayner_teo My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/tradingwithrayner
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Text Comments (80)
amulya agarwal (22 days ago)
Can you tell how to use the pullback for day trading? So rather than daily candelstick, what if it is of few minutes?
Kevin Agee (2 months ago)
what are the average sizes of pullbacks? 5%?
Oliver Taveras (5 months ago)
Too good of a video
karthick (5 months ago)
Thanks... 🇮🇳
Jennie Xie (6 months ago)
you're great at explaining! Thanks for the video! :))
Darren Blinkhorn (7 months ago)
Yes Fib is one area I look at ! It seems to work quite a lot.
Rayner Teo (7 months ago)
I haven't found much meaning with that tool, I'll explain in a future video.
HYUNWOO JO (7 months ago)
Thank you SIR ^^
Rayner Teo (7 months ago)
You're welcome, HYUNWOO JO!
VIJAY ARORA (7 months ago)
nicely explained....very much informative....educational....thank you Rayner..
Rayner Teo (7 months ago)
You're welcome, VIJAY ARORA!
Kaye Stewart (8 months ago)
Thank you. Great video.
Rayner Teo (8 months ago)
You're welcome, Kaye Stewart!
Hassan (8 months ago)
Thank you
sumit kumar (8 months ago)
Rayner sea of practicality, superb bowl game bro
ramesh sharma FB (9 months ago)
Lukasz Stanicki (9 months ago)
Yes bro. Thas all about. For me the best sign of pulback is for example in up trend, broken resistance wich became support, the pulback most of the time happens in this area. And broken s&r by big candle, always there is retest and most of the cases trend is countinued and there is good opportunity for trade as well. This case I love most, its a powerful PA tool :). Of course as you said there are loses, but the most important thing is money managment. even in good trend risk ratio 1:1 trades are leading to loses. at least 2:1 should be ok. I said exactly what is in your video , nothing new. Good luck :)
Thank you very much for sharing valuable info
Richard mashamaite (9 months ago)
I stumbled across your videos on YouTube and it was worth every moment, my trading will never be the same again. Thanks to your education/mentoring!
Suliman Alamro (9 months ago)
Thanks very useful
PipHacker Reporting (9 months ago)
what a beautiful lesson ... Thumbs up Sir
Kim Andrews (10 months ago)
Good video, instructive.
Morteza Tuzandehjani (10 months ago)
Awesome!! Great video!
Adrian Mazzalupo (11 months ago)
excellent video
bhupinder singh (11 months ago)
Chukwuemeka (1 year ago)
Great Job menn keep it up bro,Your helping humanity here bro keep it up. Please i wish to know if you do Mirro or auto signals copy trading, because of my kind of job i do for now i am actually looking for a consistence reliable high profit but yet low risk trader that i can invest and copy from for a consistent monthly profits while i pay in % agreed from profits made. can you help
Minh Do (1 year ago)
You are great, tks so much!
Chris Chapple (1 year ago)
Great video 👍
Edin Arneas (1 year ago)
Your work is a nice one. I like very much and appreciate it. Hope your work will be a rewarding one, in the near feature.
אדיר מולאי (1 year ago)
very good!
Howard Hill (1 year ago)
Very helpful Rayner. Thanks!
Scott Ramirez (1 year ago)
great video easy to understand!
anthony vella (1 year ago)
Insane video thanks !
Bharat Agrawal (1 year ago)
Hey Teo,u r really marvelous...i have some query.. 1...i trend . Market then what is use of sooooo many indicator.....if we trade like this....some indicator must almost show some disruptions.... 2.why/does markets movers does not know this 3.if market is overbought or oversold.....what is yur criteria for trading. 4.. Every time every analysts makes charts as per their convenience... 5..if daily charts shows something different against weekly charts....like one show market is trendind and othershows trading....then what is role of charting....try some simple rule.... 6.in today scenario....every technical analysts said buy at higher level but they r unable to buy the stock at lower level....why... 7 what is the use of gann analysis Sir...we trade in one or two stocks at a single tym.....then how to use then Thanks and regards Highly obliged A hope yur answers these questions...
Tristin Petersen (1 year ago)
when do you close the trade?
Sea otter (1 year ago)
Thank you.
Phil N (1 year ago)
I agree with below. You're the best at how you explain. Thank you
Abrar Mohseen (1 year ago)
Nice video..
Zulhisham Dasukin (1 year ago)
dudeee!!! just what im looking for... thanks!!!
James Bond (1 year ago)
Thank you. Great video in 15 minutes you explained what for others take hours of lectures, trading bootcamps and many conferences !!!))))) bravo
DIPAK JAISWARA (1 year ago)
awsm , brfly discuss :-)
Kannapiran R.P (1 year ago)
Excellent video ,thank you Rayner teo
Bogdan Gheorghe (1 year ago)
Hi Rayner! Your videos are incredible, I am learning so much. Thanks for all your explanations, you are the best teacher that I found online (I tried a bunch, so many are garbage and not explaining anything, just showing us that if buy low and sell high you win money...). If I may object something which might or might not fit your personal style as a teacher : as I am taking notes, I think that the video could be structured differently : 1) talk about general stuff, pros and cons, like you do it 2) entry : the different ways to enter 3) exit : when to sell. I'm sure you thought of it though, as you seem very organized, and you decided to structure it the way you did it. Anyways, thanks again for sharing your knowledge!
Bogdan Gheorghe (1 year ago)
I also see from your book your philosophy about exiting. I like that a lot. :)
Bogdan Gheorghe (1 year ago)
Sorry, nevermind, you're structure is very neat! Thanks again, you'll see me around!
LiquidEntourage (1 year ago)
thanks i have struggled with this for awhile you have brought me some clarity
verty (2 years ago)
Your videos are awesome!
Nafis Mridha (2 years ago)
Was that a trendline zone you had in there at 5:19?
Michael (2 years ago)
Hi there Rayner. Do you use technical Indicators to determine the level of Pullback (Like Fibonacci) and if not, why not? Keep up the great set of Videos
Leanne Arnott (2 years ago)
Just came across you and this is great and easy to understand. I will put this into practice tomorrow. Thank you.
krishnazee061 (2 years ago)
hi sir, in this video when last pullback coming to the trendline, where to enter exactly?
krishnazee061 (2 years ago)
its kool video.
Potego M (2 years ago)
Hey Rayner. Great videos indeed, they are easy to understand. How I wish could have found them earlier. Thanks for free education man it really means a lot to me
faical semma (2 years ago)
! thanx man great and nice vid
davefxfox (2 years ago)
I have been studying forex for 8 months now spent and lost thousands in education and poor trading, your the best in how it is explained, my trading has gone from bad to better in just a few you tube clips of your teachings thanks sooooooooo much Rayner...
chee weng Ng (2 years ago)
Hi Rayner,I wonder how do we know that's a pull back instead of reversal?
Bangsawan806 (2 years ago)
thanks man!
chee weng Ng (2 years ago)
He is singaporean.
Bangsawan806 (2 years ago)
i usually enter my positions on the pullbacks and the retracement and role reversals.your video explained it better.thanks man!you malaysian or singaporean?
David B (2 years ago)
I like the idea of using trend lines in conjunction with Fibonacci pullback levels. What do you think?
Alejandro Garcia (2 years ago)
RAHIM AZIZ (2 years ago)
Hi Rayner,you are one of the best Sifu.Thank you very much.
Toni (2 years ago)
Hi Rayner. First of all happy New Year. I've watched your videos over the last couple of weeks, and I can confidently say they are the best I've come across, easy to understand and without nonsense. Looking forward to The Trend Trading Boot Camp.
Tbessix220 (2 years ago)
Man that was a killer video! Thanks
Germfreesugar (2 years ago)
Great video bro as always.thank you.
trickshady2 (2 years ago)
Great video, I really love it!
Sean Sinerius (2 years ago)
Hi Rayner, 3 questions... Does this work for stocks? When do you take profit? When your using the lower timeframe technique, when exactly is the entry? After the double top/double bottom?
Vinod Kumar (2 years ago)
Great video has always !!!!!!!! .. 1st of all I like that intro animation .. Keep Up ..Like it see More videos .
Jonathan Oh (2 years ago)
hey, i just started watch your videos and i love your content. I am new in trading so i would like to ask where or which videos i should start with?
Elman Mahmudov (2 years ago)
Hi Rayner.Thanks for your free and great video.You explain everything very well.
Thomas van Danin (2 years ago)
Hi Rayner i am not sure if you are right with your definitions. First you showed us the pullbacks in an up trend, but later on you are trading just the trend in an down trend. So if you wanted to show us how to trade a pullback in an up trend, you has to switch it in trading throwbacks in a down trend. Have a nice Day !
zdrux (2 years ago)
The term "pull back" doesn't infer anything about direction of the trend. The strategy is executed the same way in either direction.
Timothy Jones (2 years ago)
Hi Rayner. Great article!! I trade the US Forex market. I like your concept of trading strong trending markets but it seems like its hard to find them on the 4hr and 1hr timeframes. It seems like I always miss them because they only last for few bars. Any tips on how to make sure I catch a long run on the higher time frames?
Ahmad Sankar (2 years ago)
Hey Ryen how much it costs me for the course ?
Olufemi Sofolahan (2 years ago)
Hi Rayner, your work is great to be sincere, and I always use all the 3 methods you mention and teach my students also. I hope it will not look like am copying your work though I normally share your articles and books online and via email also. For confirmation GBPJPY on December 2015 it started trending strongly on daily time frame but I missed the first leg all I do is to wait for the first pull back. Immediately I saw engulfing candlesticks nearly touching 50sma I went short. I say all this to support your work. Pls keep it up.
Lukasz Stanicki (9 months ago)
Exactly. Best moment is to wait for pulback. There is no better point to entry. :)))
warren Buffett (2 years ago)
great video as always rayner my friend....keep it up!!!
sachin gurjar (2 years ago)
great work rayner thanks
Sandip Rana (2 years ago)
hi Rayner .. great video .... i have a que .. does candlestick pattern work on minutes charts ?? like 3 min 5min ?
Rodrigo Bejar (15 days ago)
that's a good question!

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