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Swedish Krona

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A whole new currency to learn. Of course I usually just hand over a fistful of coins and trust the shop clerk to do the rest. It saves both people a LOT of time that way. And most seem to like helping.
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Hridoy Khan (5 months ago)
TJUGO KRONOR 20 how to bd price
100 kr 50 kr 20 kr 10 kr 5 kr 1 kr
ElectariumTunic (1 year ago)
1:22 That is a 10 krona coin. The "deci-krona" is called Öre and it does not have any corresponding coins or banknotes. Also, most of the coins and banknotes in the video is of old design and is no longer valid.
kamino78 (11 months ago)
James Koponen Acually it must have just happened after you left, you can see the 50kr and 20kr bills are of a newer design than the 100kr bills. For a while the old and new designs overlapped and were both valid.
James Koponen (1 year ago)
Interesting. I was there last year (2016) and that was the currency they were handing back to me, and that I was using for successful transactions. Surprised they would invalidate the currency in a year, but perhaps the system changed since then. Good to know for my next trip.
john feng (1 year ago)
Thank you 😊 this taught me a lot
James Koponen (1 year ago)
Good to hear. :)

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