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(Live Technical Analysis) When Is BTC Going To Hit $20k?

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Free Stuff: https://cryptocoinmastery.com/cryptocurrency-cheat-sheet/ My Private Signal Group: https://cryptocoinmastery.com/cryptosig/ Bitcoin has been quite the past couple of days. While that was happening, the alts decided to have a party. Coins were breaking resistance levels like it was their job. I am sure you made tons of cash off of those alts that you have been holding for the past few months. The big issue is that people get greedy. They start chasing after these alts after they have already made a significant run. People start to forget about Bitcoin.  I have found the most success when I use past events to help predict future outcomes. Although it is not perfect, it allows me to make decisions before everybody else does. Making decisions early is what separates the good traders from the bad traders. Have you ever heard of a guy making 700% on a coin? Well, he did not jump on the wagon. He was driving it.  In order to make these decisions, I like to look at market structures and patterns that have occurred over the past few weeks. We have seen three bullish falling wedges in the past few weeks. Analyzing these patterns was important to help determine if the current pattern is the same. Based on the analysis, we could be seeing Bitcoin make a run within the next 24 to 48 hours.  Protecting your gains is very important when trading. Take the information that I give in the video and make decisions based on it. I suggest capturing your gains for any short term trades. Long term trades are going to be fine to hold. Be smart and do not make any emotional decisions! http://cryptocoinmastery.com/bitcoin-going-hit-20k/
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PoupouDF94 (1 year ago)
Im so glad i found your channel ! Love your content man plz keep it up !
Thomas B (1 year ago)
the double botton trend reversal occured at 20.5% drop from the ATH https://www.coinigy.com/s/i/5a3a335f4a97d/
David Čapčuch (1 year ago)
Quality analysis, thank you!

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