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Dr Boyce shares the secrets to success

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My Life Now (6 months ago)
Wait, did I hear my channel name mentioned "chick from mylife"? Lol you are so funny!!! "Chick" live it! Ok I'm listening.
Mahasin Tariq (6 months ago)
Yes, I see you
skeetmoses (6 months ago)
John Lewis Bio https://www.biography.com/people/john-lewis-21305903
skeetmoses (6 months ago)
Disrespectful to me. Yes John Lewis is older now. Part of the reason you could teach at those white colleges is because of those people that marched and got their butt whupped. You have access because of the Civil Rights Movement and Civil Rights Workers. Who's going to drive the car? You don't want to do it but you constantly complain. This is the typical behavior of our people. People diss other people but have they made any contributions to the cause? We should flood all markets.
Sal watson (6 months ago)
Doc I agree with you 99% of the time, but sometimes your political views leave me confused. Other than walking beside MLK, what has John Lewis done? He has no power. He always tells the story of how he was hit up side his head, what accomplishments does he have other than that? He speaks up more for illegal aliens and gays than he does for black people. He and Maxine Waters, who is a woman right, aren't effective or prominent enough to get the respect of their political peers let alone the black people the so call represent. You say black women aren't in positions of leadership, what about Kamala Harris, Angela Rye, Oprah Winfrey, Catherine Pugh, Marilyn Mosby, Sheila Dixon, Michelle Alexander, Za Za Ali, Michelle Obama, Susan Rice, Codoleeza Rice, Stacy Abrams, Mia Love, Donna Brazile, Fredica Wilson, and the list goes on. They all have some type of influence and are respected by black men and women. The problem is they're not respect within the system of white supremacy.
RONALD ALEXANDER (6 months ago)
thats Real talk
RONALD ALEXANDER (6 months ago)
true that my Brother
Michelle Brewer (6 months ago)
Been chewed and spat out, free and ready to design
Alloy Jack (6 months ago)
Hello yall you can support me on etsy may store is reevotic and my youtube name is buzzlevel check me out.
Jason F (6 months ago)
I like Boyce but he sounds fairly unsophisticated in his finance advice. Like “invest in the stock market even if it’s $5” isn’t a wealth building strategy. “Go look into real estate”... this just isn’t good advice to really easy questions. Singular stock ownership for poor people isn’t a good idea. No mention of index funds, ETF and other passive instruments. Just strange.
Erica The Queen Cousin (6 months ago)
+Jason F wow... Thanks for saying this....I thought the same thing. Plus he continues to repeat the same thing. High level babble.. He also cannot take constructive criticism.
Shauna J (6 months ago)
+Giselle Agnez-Dereon Yeah... I don't here much about the Bitcoin anymore..
Jason F (6 months ago)
Princess Za Za yea exactly. I don’t know. I still have admiration for the brother to a degree but all these posts are just becoming gimmicky promos for seminars and 10 million different websites - seminars and classes don’t create transformational wealth. Nor does bitcoin nor does real estate being that black folks are economically at the bottom (we have no significant funds to purchase real estate). And I’m not even sure Boyce has a real business outside of these classes/seminars - we keep asking poor folks to build businesses with zero investment. Strange.
Giselle Agnez-Dereon (6 months ago)
Jason F I wonder how many poor people went bankrupt after his mass push for Bitcoin with those white boys a while back. He promised them riches galore. What happened to Charles Wu?
Burninmyleather (6 months ago)
Lol there’s really no “White jewelers” Left
in shape wit ape fitness (6 months ago)
Male Sensitivity (6 months ago)
I don’t support blacks who encourage other black people from voting. Goodbye Boyce
The Black Flame (5 months ago)
bye nigga dont let the door hit your moist ass on the way out
Mr Bennett (6 months ago)
I'm sure the good Doc is simply telling black people that IF you vote, make sure your vote means something. Of course, we're not expected to vote for an outright racist party in the Republican party. BUT, considering that black have been voting Democrat for the past 50 plus years and still have NOTHING to show for it, the Democratic party isn't the answer either.  We greatly need to reevaluate our approach to politics/voting. That's all he's saying. Stop being pimped for your vote.
ThatYoungin TJ (6 months ago)
He isn't saying don't vote. I always think Dr. Boyce is just saying voting isn't the end all, be all.

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