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Advanced Cryptocurrency Support and Resistance Trading

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Subscribe == https://goo.gl/wi9wVK == Copy My Trades: https://goo.gl/j92Ftx Follow Me On Social Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CryptoCoinMastery/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crypto_Mastery Sometimes the best lessons are learned in the worst situations. I work with hundreds of people daily, so I hear a lot of crazy stories. One of the craziest was when somebody told me their first experience trading. He had just gotten into the trading game and was super excited. He went ahead and loaded $50,000 into their Binance account. Without spending much time learning, he jumped right in. The very first trade that he made literally ended up costing him over $20k. What did he do? Well, he did not understand a simple concept called: Support and Resistance levels. He did it completely backwards. He bought at the resistance and then panic sold near the support (I was cringing so hard when he first told me this story). Leaving him at a massive loss… The good part of the story is that it does not end there. Once he started to actually learn more about trading he became one of my best students. He always tells me that one of the more powerful things he ever learned was how to use indicators to determine support and resistance levels. https://cryptocoinmastery.com/advanced-cryptocurrency-support-and-resistance-trading/
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Sundar M (1 year ago)
Thank you so much Kayle . i was following you for past 3 months and i before 3 months i dont even know what is called support and resistance but after watching all your videos now i feel like master in trading . Thank u bro !
Dogen Srb (1 year ago)
Thanks, good video!
Crypto_Andre (1 year ago)
how did you set up the green and red line ?
CryptoCoin Mastery (1 year ago)

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