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How To Use The Stochastic Oscillator Trading Cryptos

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Subscribe == https://goo.gl/wi9wVK == Copy My Trades: https://goo.gl/j92Ftx Follow Me On Social Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CryptoCoinMastery/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crypto_Mastery I am going to be completely straightforward with you guys… I used to have one strategy and that was it. When one thing happened, I would buy and when something else happened, I would sell. I really did not change much because it worked (for the most part). The biggest issue that I had was that I would LOSE when coins did well. In fact, most traders lose to the market when it does well because it is hard to pick the tops and bottoms. I would get stuck in situations where I missed my buy-in opportunity. If that happened, I had to wait for the coin to become a “buy” again which could take weeks! I knew I needed to add something to my strategy to make it better. One day I was just surfing the web looking at different indicators that you can use when trading. I came across one called the Stochastic Oscillator… This thing was a game changer for me. It does a perfect (well, almost-perfect) job of picking the tops and the bottoms. I was able to turn 30% gains into 90% gains. It was nuts.  Go and watch the video that is up above from beginning until the end. Let me know if you have any questions! https://cryptocoinmastery.com/how-to-use-the-stochastic-oscillator-trading-cryptos/
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Pipe Dreams Netwerk (6 months ago)
Hey man i just want to say you have excellent delivery on the topic. This was a very informative video. Although it appears SmoothK is defaulted to 3 now.
Broski (9 months ago)
Great video, very informative and easy to understand! I was wondering what the difference was between the stoch vs stoch RSI indicators. Also what are the pros and cons to stoch vs RSI, or is it mainly personal preference? Thanks!
Robert Rose (10 months ago)
Which other indicators should we use?
Broski (9 months ago)
Stoch works great with MACD
Sagi Shaier (11 months ago)
Hey mate! I really appreciate your channel and assistance, you're great! I was wondering if there is any way you could make a video about making a buy, then sell, then trade to USDT and from USDT to BTC? Thanks again.
Laurent E (1 year ago)
Yes, I really enjoyed that video, and not only that one, keep up the good work!
karim ghraoui (1 year ago)
It is always great to listen to your educational videos. very helpful. keep it up
Blockchain Apparel (1 year ago)
Can this work using a 4hr chart? For a couple day swing.. I know you mentioned a short term indicator, was just wondering if it would still work to find a good buy and sell opporutnity
CryptoCoin Mastery (1 year ago)
Yes it still works but it will often times act a bit differently. Rather than bouncing between 80 and 20. It will usually stay on the high or low end for awhile if the coin stays in that trend.
Kim Davis (1 year ago)
thanks for this video. Love how to's

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