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Week 3 Hydroponic Update - Kratky Method - HUGE growth

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The third week has proven to be the week with the largest growth. As the time runs down on what we are growing, we are looking at harvesting some greens! Greens in a few weeks is unbelievable, totally crazy, and I know exactly what they were grown in. .99 Heirloom Vegetable Seeds: http://www.MIgardener.com/store ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MIgardener Website http://www.MIgardener.com Join the fun on facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/MIgardener +1 me on Google+ @ http://www.google.com/+MIgardener Pin us on Pinterest @ http://www.pinterest.com/MIgardenerYT Follow the fun on twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/MI_Gardener Come tumble with us @ http://www.MIgardener.tumblr.com Send mail to: PO box 131 Marysville, MI 48040 450+ varieties of Heirloom & Non-GMO Vegetable seeds .99/pack, fertilizer, garden tools, blog & More: http://www.MIgardener.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MIgardener Instagram: http://instagram.com/MIgardener G+: http://plus.google.com/+MIgardener Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/MIgardenerYT/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/MI_gardener Tumblr: http://tumblr.com/MIgardener
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Text Comments (54)
Kevin Bjork (3 months ago)
Isn't that too deep for the plants?
tangobayus (1 year ago)
You lights can be closer to the plants. Read up on the inverse square law. If you reduce the one on the right by half you will quadruple the amount of light the plants get. In your setup you can raise the lights as the plants grow. LED can be as close as 2", florescent maybe 4". It looks like you could put the plants closer together.
A wonderful combo you got there!
heavymechanic2 (3 years ago)
Luke, I have been working with the Kratky method in small containers and lettuce has explosive growth. If the light is intense, the red color comes out just like outdoor gardening. I also learned some varieties have a weak root structure for hydroponic while others are more suitable for a water garden. On a further note, I use Masterblend and mix it around 500 PPM to prevent nutrient lockup or lockout and my PH around 6.5 or a little less.
Dave's Journey (3 years ago)
You've probably answered these questions before.. So do you just fertilize once per harvest? If yes, after you harvest, do you start with all new water and fertilize? Last do you have a link to where you got those lights?
Dave's Journey (3 years ago)
+MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living Great! Thank you so much! I'm going to give this a try.
MIgardener (3 years ago)
+Dave's Journey We have videos on the lights, as well as the fertilizer. We feed the plants only once, and then we simply top it off with fresh fertilizer and water once we harvest. Great question!
westpur (3 years ago)
Looks like a great salad.
MIgardener (3 years ago)
+westpur It was DELICIOUS!
Mike J (4 years ago)
I may have missed an earlier video, but do you leave ur seedlings in the rockwool?  I'm running my forst nft system and i'm seeing some of the rockwool turning black and thos plants dont do well.  also, what kind of luck if any have u had with spinach?  i cant get it to hardly sprout, and those that do, dont live long
lucky_38 (4 years ago)
Hey MIG! I found this website on reddit, its called LeafVault. It is new like it just went up but it looks fun. It lets you post pictures about specific plants and track the performance so that all your viewers can see exactly when you watered and such. They seem to be focusing on vegetables only at the moment. It might be cool if you put your grow room experiments on there! Just thought I would make a suggestion. I got a 600w HPS for my grow room and I am growing tomatoes inside :D.
Gao Ethan (4 years ago)
mirrors would work pretty well on those walls one'd think
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+Gao Ethan totally!
faaodar62 (4 years ago)
Ok Luke, your killing me here brother. If you are using rain water as your source water and OMRI approved organic nutrients why is this not considered organic? There are literally thousands of hydroponic growers who use this process everyday. I understand that we are not using physical organic matter because this is a soilless medium but the process is organic. By the way your set up looks great. Maybe I will get the space someday to do something similar.
faaodar62 (4 years ago)
Luke you keep saying that your kratky setup is non-organic. Is this something you choose to do because my kratky set-ups are all organic?
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+faaodar62 there is no way that a hydroponic setup can be organic my friend. Organic products would stink to high heaven and go rancid, especially one like this. 
Sophia Malakhova (4 years ago)
Luke, Hi!  Why did you decide to do hydroponics (not aquaponics)? 
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+Sohpia Sophia because I did aquaponics last year, and I like experimenting with different methods. I also like to keep things simple. Hydroponics, at least this method I am doing is very simple and can make your life so much easier. 
The Liquid Gardener (4 years ago)
so the cuces are going to be kratky as well? looking forward to that. Lettuce and kale looking great 
The Liquid Gardener (4 years ago)
+MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living I agree.I think many things can be grown kratky if given the right amount of nutrients from the start
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+gardening4fun Yep! That is our next project. We are pushing the limits, and proving that this kind of indoor setup can totally be profitable. 
Matt Compton (4 years ago)
wow great job luke!
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+Matt Compton Thank you!
PinkChucky15 (4 years ago)
That's so cool, congrats :-)
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+PinkChucky15 thank you!!! :D
SO what are you using for your nutrient solution. Was it your own mix or some store bought product?
Huw Richards (4 years ago)
Hey Luke you've got some awesome growth there!
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+HuwsNursery - Grow Organic Produce Inexpensively Thank you! I will be interested to see how it does when we convert the bed over to a surprise crop. ;) you will have to wait and see what we will be growing. 
Patrick Meehan (4 years ago)
Looking  good Luke -great growth.
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+Patrick Meehan Thank you! 
Go To Hydroponics (4 years ago)
Another possible thing you might want to invest in is ratcheting light adjusters. You can buy them in two packs from amazon which has the best deal they are very easy and great to use. Just watch the weight ratings on them.
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+Doherty's Kustom Creations I totally agree, Next year I will be doing that for sure. 
OrganicGardening987 (4 years ago)
I don't know why but i just love the way the roots look! :D
OrganicGardening987 (4 years ago)
yup haha :)
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+OrganicGardening987 I do too :D So white and airy 
Growing Things (4 years ago)
Great job Luke !!!
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+Growing Things Thank you!
PREPFORIT (4 years ago)
O M G it happened again . I orfered some led grow lights from eb*y and the authorities came to my door with the delivery person! Of course I still had some carolina reaper peppers growing and some rainbow chard. They went through everything. And even damaged my vegie plants :( Dam right im seeking compensation ! Oh good info video as always .
heavymechanic2 (3 years ago)
+PREPFORIT The cops tore my house apart and found nothing listed on their warrant, total abuse of power! Then the 5/O had the nerve to tell me I had more chemicals than a METH LAB
bt4b4 (4 years ago)
Do u change ur water? Please tell us more, not just going over the diff lettuce.... Thanx
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+bt4b4 I discussed all of this in several videos. I can't keep saying the same thing in every episode. But I will answer your question now. I don't change the water. There is no need to, nothing organic is decaying or dying, therefor when the system is done, I just top it off, and start all over again. That simple.
bt4b4 (4 years ago)
Are you checking your "PH"? If not, u will have issues.....
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+bt4b4 I am not checking pH and I am not having issues ;)
sha whit (4 years ago)
So exciting, thanks Luke!
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+sha whit I know!!! I am so excited to get some cucumbers going. If they do well I plan on doing an entire bed of them!
TheEmptyNester (4 years ago)
So happy for you, Luke! You will be eating salad in no time. :)
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+TheEmptynester indeed! I plan on having a salad in a matter of a few weeks!
Leland Somers (4 years ago)
That growth is amazing.
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+Leland Somers totally.... I never could have expected this. Just nuts!
silvertopaz72 (4 years ago)
silvertopaz72 (4 years ago)
Luke the growth on the plants is more then I hour was possible, great going.
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+silvertopaz72 I too never could have seen this being possible. it is literally growing by the minute!
Self Sufficient Me (4 years ago)
Looking swish mate - indoor garden in a business shirt ;) The salad greens are looking great - wow! I agree trying new ways of growing is a good thing to do just even to try. Cheers :) 
MIgardener (4 years ago)
+Self Sufficient Me just got off work, so I have to look professional. 

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