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Biggest Profit Of The Year +$14,013 On $PLAG | Day Trading Like A Legit Boss 101

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kashkash (29 days ago)
hey how can you see if a stock has an active SSR? I cannot find this ticker on nasdaq's or nyse's site. Yet i saw that it had the active SSR through my broker on friday. Also how long does the SSR last? 1 day? Thanks
RudolphAnthonyG (29 days ago)
Good recap
Marian L (29 days ago)
Thumb up for the profit. When You are a candle dip buyer why did not you apply this one also to DCIX. No wash out but top buying? Why not waiting for the next red candle and get in?
mafia trading (29 days ago)
Did you hear what I said?!!!!!!!!!!
TradingMonkey (30 days ago)
great trading! Love your vids!
rajendra rao (30 days ago)
Awesome job. Congrats on your big win
Tony Gasperson (30 days ago)
How do you find these stocks
Sloan Weekes (30 days ago)
Anyone know what broker Mike uses now?
GSP- the chosen one (30 days ago)
So the reason you watched plag was the short seller restriction?
Titan In The Mist (30 days ago)
Those are some great long Mike
Gary Pio (30 days ago)
2 thumbs
Brali Hashmi (30 days ago)
good one $plag the day was beautiful but i missed out

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