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Trade The Open Like A Boss! Part 17 Trading The Mighty Bear 180 Set Up

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In this 17th Installment of the Trade The Open Like A Boss! Live Trading Video Series, Oliver Velez delves into one of the most powerful trading tactics he teaches his traders, namely the Bear 180 Play. This single tactic is so powerful that he requires that his traders play it very heavy, each time it presents itself. This is not choice. It is mandatory. The Bear 180 Play equals a HEAVY ENTRY, every single time! Oliver Velez teaches his traders 14 essential, very power trading tactics that he believes is all one needs to trade the markets professionally and for a living. The Bear 180, detailed here, is just one of them. Watch! Listen and Learn as Oliver Velez explains and demonstrates with a live trade how to identify the Powerful Bear 180 Set-up and exploit it for maximum trading gains. ============================================ Be sure to follow Oliver Velez on on the following social networks to track his daily trading progress: www.ifundtraders.com www.facebook.com/olvelez007 www.twitter.com/olvelez007 www.instagram/olvelez007 ================================== If you are interested in being trained and/or funded by Oliver Velez contact [email protected] for details. Oliver Velez believes the fastest way to trading success is to put aside the fear of losing your own money. It is this fear that often stands as the biggest obstacle to making it. Not only learn all 14 of Oliver Velez' essential trading tactics, get fully funded by him as well. Put your capital away. Trade his. Email today! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "You Suck! Here's Why!" Before you place another trade! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI5Cajwgb-E -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (46)
Roane H. (5 days ago)
Very valuable content here.
I want to do this.
Jack G (5 months ago)
Magnificent play!
hola oliver saludos.una pregunta q configuracion es la medias moviles q utilizas
Oliver Velez Trading (6 months ago)
Hola Andrés. Yo uso las medias móviles de 20 y 200 períodos y en algunos casos la de 8 períodos. Boom!
Harry Popoters (10 months ago)
Guaoooooo the king... BOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
xeravon (1 year ago)
Got Damnnnn that was sweet.
Dusan Roncevic (1 year ago)
Wait a minute, you said you were shorting at 114.40s... it looks like you didn't but only did once the red elephant touched the bottom of green elephant?
Alexander Segura (1 year ago)
5:15: Starting to "Greed" the Open Like a Boss (lol)
Alexander Segura (1 year ago)
Hahaha... Great Way to teach Master! I'm salivating too!
shakil khan (1 year ago)
Dear Oliver, waiting for the next videos. learnt many things from your series and now I am earning good amount in 1st 2hrs. THANKS for changing my trading pattern
Alex L (2 years ago)
I have a question. I noticed once you've accumulated a position in a trade, you tend to scale out quickly. Is it better to scale out quickly or let it ride out , looking at a macro view.?
MoneyMaker Fo Sho (2 years ago)
Very nicely done :-)
shakil khan (2 years ago)
Mr. Oliver, waiting for your new update in the series. i had observed that when you execute any order the square off order also pop up at the same time, how you calculate broker charges and profit? kindly educate.
L C (2 years ago)
Little more than 2R, do you ever set stops?
L C (2 years ago)
+Oliver Velez Lol I'm not skeptic... I'm just trying to understand your risk and reward ratio. I joined iFundTraders 2 months ago and trying to learn your methods. You gave some great insights on your training videos.
Josef RS5 (3 years ago)
PLEASE!! Keep up the videos, i LOVE them!!
shakil khan (3 years ago)
Dear Oliver, yesterday i applied your 180 bear trick and earned lots of money. Thank you.
Thank you Professor.
Bernhard Luescher (3 years ago)
Just a masterpiece of a trade. Few risk, big win. Many trading instructors cannot explain what they are doing, you, Mr. Velez, you can. Many thanks. By the way I like your nicknames like "Bear 180", "Elepant bar", "Picture of Power". They are very useful when trading in a fast environment.
Gregory Arrindell (3 years ago)
Hi Oliver, I wonder if you could make 1-3 videos on 'Trade The Close Like A Boss!, so we can see how you trade the last 90 minutes of the trading day.
JN (3 years ago)
Hip Sound (3 years ago)
Is this possible to be realized in MT4 or any other popular platform? I 've never seen this platform before. Same for broker.
Hip Sound (3 years ago)
+Oliver Velez Thank you for your reply Oliver, you are an inspiration to me since i came across your videos BUT what you do, banking hundreds and sometimes thousands from the benefit of just a few cents price movement and in the same time the account's balance stays unaffected from drawdowns happening while you are waiting for the price to go your way, is simply IMPOSSIBLE. It is obviously not because of -any- platform, the leverage may only happen because of the broker, i'm OK with that, yet what about the drawdowns? There is something extremely wrong with this and i, among other fellow traders we are discussing about you, would greatly appreciate an honest answer from you. Thank you in advance.
Bob Bailey (3 years ago)
Hi Oliver, when you say the low of the green bar is violated, are you referring to a closed candle or the moment the bar is violated? Thanks, Bob
Bob Bailey (3 years ago)
+Bob Bailey I obviously asked a dumb question. I just watched the video again and see when you made your trades. Bob
rbsmsg (3 years ago)
Hi Oliver, first thanks for the lessons. The setup "my bear 180" you say that the entry should be when the elephant bar is violated. But you do not wait for the end of the bar and go during the formation, and sell above the entry point of (violation). Why you do that?
rbsmsg (3 years ago)
+Oliver Velez Hi Oliver, thanks for your attention. This videos and comments are an invaluable aid, gives us a new view of the market, opens our mind. I hope you continue with your work, I identify a lot with you. I'm pretty sure I'll win my financial independence only through this and I wish one day work just in this business, which by the way is a passion. Thanks for your help!
rbsmsg (3 years ago)
+Oliver Velez Hi Oliver, you got it right, thanks for the reply. If you allow me, I would take another question: I saw all your videos, and you work to earn between 0.25% and 0.35%. I have always worked to earn at least double the risk, however in most cases this goal is not achieved due to the high fluctuation of the market (I operate futures), I end up turning successful trade in a loss. On the other hand, the feeling I have is that in successful trades I could have won more if I had left the trade grow more. Your method, the goal is always little/short (0.25% and 0.35%)?
Kou Yang (3 years ago)
I can't believe I watched all of your videos in your channel. Twice for some videos and I'm finding more I didn't picked up before. definitely worth watching again. I got a question. Is the same true for the reverse? A red elephant candle followed by a green elephant candle. A heavy long?
shakil khan (3 years ago)
I LOVE TRADING! Mr. Oliver, thank you for making it more enjoyable. May Allah bless you! after understanding your market strategies and tricks, i am making big profit and small losses. Trade the open like a boss series made my confidence in great way followed with 20 & 200 SMA. Elephant walk did a wonderful works too.
shakil khan (3 years ago)
Mr. great work. Thank you for making my trading so simple and easy. I am improving day by day. May Allah Bless you!
Anderson (3 years ago)
Amazing soundtrack!
steve smith (3 years ago)
Trucks Gunz (3 years ago)
And its the return of the Mack!
MT78PF (3 years ago)
What do i say about that, Mr Velez? Outstanding!
Sean K (3 years ago)
Hello Oliver. Beginner trader here. Great videos and info. Question, I saw this set up today W 09/30/15 with AAPL, on the 5 minute candlestick chart between 9:50~9:55. It shot up afterwards. Am I missing something here?
Fábio Roberto (3 years ago)
Oliver sou aqui do Brasil... admiro muito sua destreza nas operações. Abraços
Billionaire Tom Boi (3 years ago)
Too many people claim to be the #1 teaching source, but you are the truth! I've lost money the last 2 years straight trying to learn while juggle kids, school, and my other businesses. Since I found your channel, I've lost 1 trade in 3 weeks, trading everyday!!! The 1 I lost was a simple mistake of me forgeting to cancel a re-buy order lol, so technically I still won it.  I've watched every single video at least 5 times over & over...THANK YOU!
Alexandre Opa (3 years ago)
Beautiful. Congratulations! :)
Trend ZONE (3 years ago)
I watch that. Later it really dropped.
Trend ZONE (3 years ago)
+Oliver Velez thanks for your response
Trend ZONE (3 years ago)
+Oliver Velez ok, I will look into joining you.
Trend ZONE (3 years ago)
+Oliver Velez Yes, it did. I was watching it at the end.
Trend ZONE (3 years ago)
+Oliver Velez So how do I sharpen my skill set, confidence? I think that I need some organization to my market analysis. At this, I know that I shouldn't be punching a clock. Can you help?
GUNSMOKE THE KING (3 years ago)
hello mr Velez have shown her videos to many people who work in investment funds and they tell me that if you are on this planet that there were never seen such a clean and perfect trading, and I just told them to call him the messiah of trading . Thanks to you I have improved my trading thanks.

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