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Euro vs USD, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD, NZD, SEK, NOK Trend Line 24 October 2013 daily Charts

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EUR vs USD, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, NZD, SEK, NOK Trend Line charts 24 October 2013 daily An Up Trendline requires a Higher Troughs and Higher Peaks or simply Higher Lows and Higher Highs. When price gain momentum, more than one accelerated Trend line can be created or drawn. A Down Trendline requires a Lower Peaks and Lower Troughs or simply Lower Highs and Lower Lows. When price drops, more than one accelerated Trend line can be created. There are two types of Trendlines: 1. Tentative Trendline or Initial Trendline 2. Valid Trendline For an Tentative Uptrend line to become Valid Uptrend line, the price must touch or come very close to Tentative Uptrend line and than make new Highs. For a Tentative Downtrend line to become Valid Downtrend line, the price must touch or come very close to Tentative Downtrend line and than make new Lows. UpTrend LIne -- grey color DownTrend Line -- grey color Broken Trend Line -- grey dotted line Aussie Dollar - Daily Trend lines and Candle Charts of: EUR / USD EUR / GBP EUR / CAD EUR / AUD EUR / NZD EUR / JPY EUR / SEK EUR / NOK Trend Line is calculated and drawn based on Pics and Troughs. Trend Line uses International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) methodology, IFTA is the only global organization of market analysis societies and associations using correct way of determining trend lines. IFTA is an international non-profit organization with member societies in 26 countries. The International Federation of Technical Analysts offers certification to technical analysts around the world. http://www.ifta.org/ Aussie Dolar vs USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, CAD, NZD Trend Line Charts 2013 October 24 http://youtu.be/e68cwR9a55c Aussie Dolar vs USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, CAD, NZD Trend Line Charts 2013 October 17 http://youtu.be/_RqO6E20Y9s FX Currency, US Oil, Gold, Silver and Copper Trend Line Charts: 2013 October 17 http://youtu.be/x_J0m0p37FQ 2013 October 11 weekly Chart http://youtu.be/q5KVNrTZBcM 2013 October 11 http://youtu.be/_Dl63JyPIsA 2013 October 10 http://youtu.be/U5cmEMnx7rY 2013 October 4 weekly Chart http://youtu.be/VyzWk8wcff0 2013 September 27 weekly Chart http://youtu.be/gEIC3epO5lI 2013 September 25 http://youtu.be/bv6Md9MGxho 2013 September 24 http://youtu.be/0mgZkNTFHLM 2013 September 20 weekly Chart http://youtu.be/eb-cPm6prMQ 2013 September 18 http://youtu.be/pnyePcgl9vU 2013 September 17 http://youtu.be/hJWM3PQoLQ0 2013 September 13 http://youtu.be/6soacx08-i8 2013 September 12 http://youtu.be/6soacx08-i8 2013 September 11 http://youtu.be/SaIqjqy-vCM 2013 September 07 http://youtu.be/RK2K9Ynq6eI 2013 September 06 http://youtu.be/-BDwbQbtPPk 2013 September 05 http://youtu.be/X_4r_HAHrN8 2013 September 03 http://youtu.be/uJ96pjRMeEo 2013 August 30 http://youtu.be/5Y8Ox4jLRts 2013 August 29 http://youtu.be/A5F9A1lsp7k 2013 August 28 http://youtu.be/tTLJIX79TqA 2013 August 27 http://youtu.be/dq4bWf3KduQ 2013 August 23 http://youtu.be/i5QwsZdrJlo 2013 August 22 http://youtu.be/nVA-dyt9T3E For more World Indices Trend Lines see the links below: Trend Lines 11 October 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/XR6kV2YnAhk Trend Lines 4 October 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/hJZVLS91reo Trend Lines 27 September 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/hctJfFt1_oI Trend Lines 20 September 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/vkKnzjYjPBU Trend Lines 13 September 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/uExu6Rmtqsw Trend Lines 6 September 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/FW-JSVPldu4 Trend Lines 30 August 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/-1leFcPveTI Trend Lines 23 August 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/dTobbUUvAy4 Trend Lines 16 August 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/om_aEkAGt2s Trend Lines 9 August 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/15NH1zMtUbg Trend Lines 2 August 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/3iNsd-4QmtE Trend Lines 26 July 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/tjK-4yz2RIM Trend Lines 19 July 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/j86_wX42PI8 Trend Lines 12 July 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/_Oaukx16FFM Trend Lines 5 July 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/H-QaN-M3FEU Trend Lines 28 June 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/N4hB_Yme5cI Trend Lines 21 June 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/TR_HhwAS78s Trend Lines 14 June 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/IXKBfIzw-sw Trend Lines 7 June 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/328nhAmdM40 Trend Line 31 May 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/9H7t3XsM42U Trend Line 24 May 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/4rFiOFa0IKw Trend Line 17 May 2013 World Indices http://youtu.be/etz9erCIdEM
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