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IOTA Price Prediction and Analyisis! $100 in 2019??

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Text Comments (10)
Sean Connelly (24 days ago)
"it will never go below its starting price".....well i bought it at 22 cents..........
Sean Connelly (22 days ago)
FR33Nation stupid 900 limit in coinbase I'd buy $5000 worth right now if I could. I hope it goes down again soon. 6600 iota and counting
FR33Nation (23 days ago)
xd bought at 26 cent and 52
Marius Skaisgiris (1 month ago)
You call this analysis?
Ranin Zadviylet (5 months ago)
Nah, 100 is psychological limit so people will cash out at 100 so bubble will pop. But in next 3 years, maybe steady 50€, 100€ only with BIG news like forex or something.
dancrowl (1 month ago)
+Roger Giuffre ya you are right. It is estimated that 50 billion iot devices will be using iota in 2020. The adoption will be there.
Roger Giuffre (2 months ago)
+dancrowl of course, but the iot economy is worth trillions. Supply is an indicator but the level of adoption even more
dancrowl (2 months ago)
+Roger Giuffre with 2.8 b coins that will only ever be in circulation, 50 or 100$ in the next few years is very very possible!
Roger Giuffre (2 months ago)
+NICKALEXG with adoption there is'nt a psycological limit

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