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Investing in Shares for Beginners (ASX 200)

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Investing in the Australian Sharemarket for beginners.
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Ashutosh (3 days ago)
Can anyone plz guide me what to do after the initial investment? Say I invested $500 today and got a return of 4% which means Now i have $520 in my account. How should I re-invest that $520?
Bahtiyar Barat (12 days ago)
Good stuff. Done a great intro man. Suitable for Aussie beginners. Thanks.
Mark Marxon (13 days ago)
Thanks mate 🙏👍👍
Humans Of PUNJAB (1 month ago)
i have a question for u if u can help me through phone.
Thank you for sharing this! I started to use CommSec.
Mike Richardson (1 month ago)
Hi there what's yours thoughts on cba anz over t he next few years,thanks
Nam Nguyen (1 month ago)
Should I trade with CDIA or my own cash account!?
Elizabeth (2 months ago)
hi would like to know what is your ultimate goal ? if you dont mind me asking
Chandu Sagar Gudivada (2 months ago)
can you please explain me how to set the DRIP(Dividend Re Investment Plan) on the shares we buy on commSec, Thank you
Chandu Sagar Gudivada (2 months ago)
+Tim Cameron Thanks mate
Tim Cameron (2 months ago)
Chandu Sagar Gudivada you do that on the share registry website (Link, Computershare, Boardroom, etc).
The Millennial Investor (4 months ago)
Awesome video mate!
locomiguel69 (4 months ago)
Hi mark, thanks for video, shares and trading for beginners. Do u have any on binbot pro?
Gary Cartes (4 months ago)
Opening up and exposing your vulnerabilities straight up followed by solid info= instant sub dude. Stay authentic ;)
Most Likely (4 months ago)
Lionel (4 months ago)
The video was great I learnt heaps
Elix arvo (5 months ago)
Does a trade include a buy and sell or if you sell does it count as another trade.. also if you buy more shares for the same bank or whatever does it add to your previous trade so you don’t keep loosing money on brockers
Louie Gildred (5 months ago)
over a year later - excellent vid - thanks mate.
Hi I am from India (bangalore) I interested shair market plz help.
antibent (6 months ago)
I sell shares for the fruit of my  one Apple tree to neighbors, allowing for bad apples, fruit bat damage there is NOT enough to go round annually & the tree has a 'LIMITED life'.  Shares feed leeches feeding from YOUR money & buys FAR LESS  at exit time. imo
Andrew Liaci (6 months ago)
Is it worth buying shares in the commonwealth bank now, while they go up?
PLANTONE (6 months ago)
Great video for Beginners. For Australians I show you the Cheapest Online Stockbroking account! Happy trading!
Movi Manandhar (7 months ago)
Thank you Mark! Finally, it's more clearer to me. :)
Verlyn Espinoza (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing! It has definitely helped me, especially for someone who is a beginner and wanting to start learning about trading. Thanks again!!
basher khushi (7 months ago)
Hi everyone I’m new please can give me same information
Craig G (7 months ago)
Appreciate the video Mark, would be great to chat more indepth
Alexis Reinheimer (7 months ago)
This was such a great video for a super beginner! Thanks sooo much!
Turbo Trader Pro (7 months ago)
Great video.. you dont need to mention how you struggle with videos.. I do also. All you need to do is edit out any ums and aahrs etc
John Moffitt (7 months ago)
thanks for the help the video was really helpful ! great work !
Felippe Martins (8 months ago)
that's the video I was looking for. now I can start to do some investments.
AussieMoneyMan (8 months ago)
I am currently putting a significant portion of my income into shares. But this was only after I did months of research.
maximumnoise78 (8 months ago)
Awesome help. Thanks matey!
Dylan Munday (8 months ago)
I’m from Aus and idk which platform to use
David Dray (8 months ago)
Great video mate I’m subscribing
Syed Hazrat Ali (8 months ago)
This is the first video that I understood and made sense about trading and investments. Subscribed.
Drossel myer (8 months ago)
This clip really helped! I was just wondering if you knew a bit about micro-investing apps available in aus?
Gus Stav (8 months ago)
What about international shares like Amazon or Netflix etc
plazdripp (9 months ago)
Dude have that confidence in yourself, you crushed this video. Good stuff!
Abhishek Singh (9 months ago)
very good video for learners
Gidron Maso (9 months ago)
Thanks man
Mark Melbourne TV (8 months ago)
thanks for watching :)
bailey (10 months ago)
utorrent ;)
alvaro jamar (10 months ago)
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Mathews Abraham (10 months ago)
can an international student invest in shares in australia?
Tina English (10 months ago)
Thanks man
Wombat Girl (10 months ago)
Amy Castle (10 months ago)
Please do more of these for beginners! Great video
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
thanks amy - I will be working on some more videos like these very soon :)
Madizm1264 (10 months ago)
Great video man. I like how you’re speaking from your head, not some script. Subbed!
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
strange to talk to a camera - gets easier, oh and thankkyou :)
Rahul Joshi (10 months ago)
Great video Mark. One of first videos I have been watching to start. Thanks on giving me a good start. Getting educated myself and gonna read more about companies in news.
Karan Khurana (9 months ago)
Rahul Joshi it's No rocket science rather it's a pretty interesting thing to get into with constant income coming in .
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
Good on you Rahul, it all starts with an interest and before you know it will completely absorb by it!
Richard Smith (11 months ago)
Hi, could someone please explain to me what the expiry means when buying shares?
Mark Melbourne TV (11 months ago)
Richard Smith good until expired is an order this is valid until order is executed. On the other hand if it's good for day means order will cancle unless it's executed within that trading day normally 4pm est
Rio Hemmings (11 months ago)
Same, talking in front of a camera is weird.
dan man (11 months ago)
Some great practical advice here! Thanks for the video!
vxmgt1 (11 months ago)
good one mate - cause I got no idea
Get To The Chopper (11 months ago)
Lucky you didn't click on BUY CBA at that time ;)
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
haha that is true :)
Tim Burnham (1 year ago)
You are actually a gret public speaker.
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
thanks Tim, getting better with practice :)
Junior Tangi (1 year ago)
Obviously you wanna make money lol hence I clicked on this video
Carol Cullen (1 year ago)
This is a great tutorial. I want more !
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
Thanks Carol. I will be making more videos like this very soon :)
Cinzia De Luca (1 year ago)
I thought you spoke very well and very clearly. Very helpful beginner's video. Thank you.
League Legends (10 months ago)
Communication tip! Don't tell your audience to expect a negative as they will then focus on that rather than your message.
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
Thankyou - getting better wtih practice :)
Gène Molineux (1 year ago)
Great clip buddy! Started off weak (never start off with a cautionary - words from Tara Banks) however I definitely subscribed beacuse once you actually got into the video you were well paced and I could tell you are very keen in building a channel :) keep em coming!
kassie j (3 months ago)
i liked that he started off with a cautionary - it's authentic/genuine and made me keep watching !
Jackie Lauro (1 year ago)
thanks mate!!!
death_by_midget (1 year ago)
Subbed, this was brilliant.
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
thanks :)
tanuj jassi (1 year ago)
Profit comes by selling share or getting dividends?? Plz reply, you made good video.
Tek Bam (11 months ago)
There is profit from both part , Dividends is regular flow of income while increase in price of stock is capital gain . Like a house. U can collect rent and also get profit while selling after few years if value increased.
Dylan Tanner (1 year ago)
Love your videos man
Dylan Tanner (1 year ago)
What camera and editing software do you use?
jay sean (4 months ago)
Tell about your camera and editing software
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Steve a (1 year ago)
Hey. How do you find company’s??
anthony toth (1 year ago)
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lauryn natasha (1 year ago)
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Anthony Amalfitano (1 year ago)
What is the difference between stocks and shares?
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Anthony Amalfitano Australians call parts of a company a share. Whereas Americans tend to call them stocks. That's my understanding
Frankie J (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! This was very helpful for me as I'm a complete beginner.
Thanks Mark, I have no idea where to start but it has given me an idea where to start. Are you able to give me an idea please on what it costs every time you buy or sell via Comm Sec or other banks? Does it cost a lot? I suppose it's not worth buying $100- worth of shares when it costs $80- in brokers fees??? Well done, very clear and concise. Cheers Sean
Movi Manandhar (7 months ago)
That is exactly what I wanted to ask. Did you get the answer tho?
thomas bentele (1 year ago)
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Ali Gedikoglu (1 year ago)
thanks bud very useful video
Phillip Rogers (1 year ago)
Interested in binary option trading
Adam St John (1 year ago)
Which Comm Bank product did you go with? 1. Trade with our cash account ($10 a trade) . 2. Trade with your own cash account ($30 a trade) Many thanks :)
Lionel Kiernan (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video! Nice jacket - what bike do you ride?
graygray1960 (1 year ago)
Hey young fella. Just wondering if you would a system on recording share sales and purchases for capitals gains and tax issues. Dont freak out if you dont have a speadsheet or such. Just wondering. The way I do it takes a bit for the accountant to work out and I would prefer to save money in that area as well.. Keep the videos going . You are going good. I can see a big subscription base here one day. Good luck.
graygray1960 (1 year ago)
"Have". I missed the "have" in my sentence. Shit my stocks are gonna go down. I am f...d now. Hey wait a minute. You judgemental priicks. I dont even have any stocks. The joke is on you. Big time. HeHe. Hehehe. Huh.!
Danny (1 year ago)
Your first few words, I immediately thought of one thing that came to mind... and then I Immediately noticed one of your bookmarks lol. Did you end up going for testing?
Danny (1 year ago)
If it impacts on the quality of your life, you should definitely go. Those things definitely are very relatable. Going undiagnosed is not surprising growing up in an asian household. There's a few things you can check/do to make the diagnosis easier. Feel free to msg if you have any questions - I'm also in Melb. All the best Mark, hope you have a happy new year.
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Hahah Danny good pick up good attention to detail! Yes its bit of an issue. I've never seen a doctor about it. But little things like constantly losing track of time. Getting bored easily, impulsive and finding it hard to keep focused staying interested in repetitive jobs. Im not sure if i am or not to be honest though. I am not sure doctors would diagnose me with it though.
graygray1960 (1 year ago)
Don't run yourself down. Plenty around will do it for you.Thanks for the vids .
trav v (1 year ago)
Better to get into shares or cryptocurrencies?
Richo (1 year ago)
Nice Video
pilot2death (1 year ago)
great video mate. thumbs up but why is there expiry date in placing orders. whats the difference between setting a date and good for a day. cheers
Edy Finance (1 year ago)
Hi Mark, i am also trading in commsec and making videos on youtube about credit cards, finance and shares. I am particularly interested to know how did you get more than 5k viewers on this video? dont mind to share some tips? My channel has great contents too like yours. cheers Edy
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Agreed Edy great mindset to have :)
Edy Finance (1 year ago)
thanks Mark, great advice. I am not particularly worried about the numbers because I know my content can help a lot of people. found yours and realise that we are both passionate to share what we know. thanks for the sub, i am following you as well to learn more. never stop learning. ;)
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Hi Edy I had a quick look at your channel and I can tell you have great information and value you can share with your audience!! I'm not particularly confident or consider myself an expert. Forget about the views, number of subscribers etc it is an arbitrary number that is not important. Just think about your content, and put pretend your the person receiving the information you are presenting and honestly answer if the video your making is going to help the person listening, if so how? Is there a better way to discuss it, is there another way you can demonstrate it, will your audience understand it etc.. I hope this helps I am following your channel and have subscribed and look forward to seeing where you are going with this. PS keep commenting on other channels similar to yours like you have done here it helps :)
Rebecca N (1 year ago)
Thankyou! I didn't even consider commsec, you've saved me a lot of hassle thanks
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
No worries Adelaide :) Glad I could help
Jacob Miller (1 year ago)
nice vid
Pyro Chimp (1 year ago)
Great Video mate! thanks for the info.
ooeeii (1 year ago)
Thanks mate. It was very informative.
lightmoonandstars (1 year ago)
Good content Mate! You earned a new sub!
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Thanks, will be uploading more frequently :)
Ash Dunford (1 year ago)
Great Vid, love the explanations, would be great to see more!
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Thanks for a leaving a comment Ash. I am working on the next upload. Stay tuned :)

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