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(TRIG Analysis) Everything You Need To Know About Triggers

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eddie aguilar (1 year ago)
Way to inform people to do their OWN RESEARCH....Definitely key, not only in this market, but with anything in life
One Plus (1 year ago)
Blockchain gun control with quantum computers on the way. What could go wrong. Did you not see what happened to armatix out of germany when they tried to sell the smart pistol? Did you forget the police who ditched their smart guns pre computers? Good luck with this shit coin.
HiddenPandaCapital (1 year ago)
I like the premise, but would probably have a little more confidence in a company associated with weapons if they spelt "ammunition" correctly (Refer video).  Some proof reading may assist.  Anyway it's a great idea, hope it gets traction and development produces a working product for public safety.
Steven shamie (1 year ago)
Hey pal. Great Video.I liked and subscribed. Im new to this arena but love this coin...been watching it for two weeks but still have not pulled the Trigger ( pun intended). Its up to $ 3.3835238 +37.67 % today!! If you were me would you buy in now or wait for a dip if you even think there will be one??
CryptoCoin Mastery (1 year ago)
Watch my video on Dollar Cost Averaging! It will help you out a lot.
CRAZY SS (1 year ago)
I wonder if it will be "Buy on the rumor and sell on the news" ... U are very right about getting news on Twitter but timing is everything if we can check Twitter every minute ?? For 20 plus crypto currencies ? it is kind of hard so main thing is if u believe in the project. ONE BIG problem is now everybody is WARNING that 90 to 95 % of these new ICOs will be gone by next year and take your hard earned money and nobody can track them down or do anything about it :( :( ...........
CRAZY SS (1 year ago)
Thanks for the Greeaat Video !! I had bought in the past at 25 c and rode all the way to 2.50 but did not collect profit because it went down too fast. I wish U guys state the time of the video too because right after I saw your video I went back to buy more but it had already started to go up. I have my orders in place now at 8200 Sat.
Tomasz Błachowiak (1 year ago)
I really appreciate your videos. I like your strategy and advices. Only one small advice: It would be much more professional if you stop hitting the desk during the recordings. It annoys me and I can't be 100% focused on the content. Please playback your videos on headphones (with a lot of low frequencies), you will notice the issue.
CryptoCoin Mastery (1 year ago)
I will take a look. Thanks!

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