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Trade: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Donald Trump is waging a trade war that hurts a lot of American workers. Maybe he would understand that if our heavy-handed documentaries about the global trading system were more informative. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (11582)
Miguel Cervantes (3 hours ago)
Why would Martin Sheen agree to narrarate such an awful bullshit filled movie?...I guess a paycheck is a paycheck.
Salt (8 hours ago)
Oh for the love of God, ALL countries devalue their currency on purpose to boost their exports. Why is China the only bad guy here? Can't wait for the American economy to crash again so we can see Washington D.C. cry.
Peter13 (9 hours ago)
FUCK YOU, JOHN OLIVER, for hating e-scooters! E-scooters are THE BEST. We should ALL use them in the city instead of cars, subways, buses, trams and other SHITTY polluting or crowded mean of transportation. FUCK YOU AGAIN, John Oliver, for hating e-scooters! The only thing better than an e-scooter is an e-bike (or a regular bike).
Sam Kranish (9 hours ago)
15:21 John Oliver accidentally predicted Jeff Sessions being fired.
Joe Blow (11 hours ago)
Mr. Oliver, if the build BMWs in the US those won't be subject to tariffs, it's the ones that are built outside of the US that (or the USMCA) that would be subject to tariffs. FFS!
DaveyTheDJ (14 hours ago)
What John Oliver is sayin in these "Last Week Tonight" may be severely funny which I agree that it's funny but has a realistic down-to-earth right to the point point
DaveyTheDJ (15 hours ago)
I don't on a BMW or Rolls Royce or Mercedes I don't know any car at this time
kamikazemelon787 (21 hours ago)
goddamnit Martin Sheen
CABubb88 (1 day ago)
Are we just going to ignore that Martin Sheen was the voice of the conspiracy theory trade video??
Bozo Clown (2 days ago)
"Economists" - the same idiots who have been wrong on eveything for the past 100 years?
Ayan Towhid (2 days ago)
stevo 321 (2 days ago)
these videos have been restricted in the uk since season 5 started thank god i found a way to watch them again
Wesley Roberts (2 days ago)
The fact of the matter; Americans allowed Trump, in office. He is a would-be dictator that hides behind our Democracy. It was Clinton that did Americans the most damage by allowing China to infiltrate our economy at the behest of big business who wanted to rape China's economy and it back fired. We were naive in thinking that we could compete with a dictator who enslaves its people to slave labor. Then Clinton abolished the Glass-Steagall act which furthered our demise by letting the elites who profited from China's temporary poor economy, get filthy rich with no oversight and created the 2008 financial crises. Now that Chinas stole our technology that we were instrumental in creating through our taxes have been pushed out the door and the elites are pissed. If you follow the money you find that the enemy is not Dem or Reps, they are just puppets waiting to get their piece of the pie, but the true power; the greedy elites who steal, murder and enslave to plunder our wealth. Our only recourse is to find people with true character to run our government and get rid of these antiquated politicians who think that it's natural to have presidents like Trump. In a way Trump may of been a blessing because it's opened our eyes to how close we are to being enslaved by elites who have invaded our lives by controlling every aspect of what we are told through media, internet, history and business beliefs, our institutions, basically anything they can throw their money at, Oh and the most powerful weapon against our democracy, the hate and discourse they stir up to keep us fighting against each other while they promote their agendas; both through Dems and Reps. We don't have to swallow the crap that they try to feed us, we all want a country that is strong and prosperous, and freedom, and security in which we can raise our children and instill the values we hold important. With artificial intelligence on the rise we have better enact laws now that gets rid of corruption and insures that a man like trump is never able to gain access to the Presidency. If we don't its just a matter of time that the corrupt elites will use artificial intelligence to devise ways of better controlling us and probably even eliminating us, the time to act is now, I think Trump has proven that.
Seth Woods (3 days ago)
Zero sum is the way of the world. Dealing with resource management not trading
Jihad Mustafa (3 days ago)
The bit about how Melania and the steel worker switched bodies has me dead lol.
ronald sugden (3 days ago)
youtube is in serious debt as i see it, some of the best stuff is made in japan. the video game industry was once the backbone of what i do. what ive noticed is there less trade and more competition. i would argue that theres less new money being developed and more politics being offered. if the entertainment industry wants to survive its gonna need new ways of becomeing more accessible. instead of spending billions on recruitment videos or my step father. invest in a pro propaganda machine i cant tell you how many times insdtead of watching a trailer for a movie or video game coming out instead i get hit with honest traiers or the story behind and im llike the entertainment value has been ruined. why would i wanna watch some play through something if i havent got a chance to touch that piece of material. that goes without nameing puteepie because he did an excellent playthrough os southpark the stick of truth but the fact of the matter is my entertainment value is constantly stripped before its reimburesed such as my final fantasy collection or my plastation classic idea was purged and taken away 5 minutes after i had the idea. and can i menton this the communitys video game industry of youtube offering a console and games and you never hear from them. im like ok assholes why are you offering it if you not planning on reimburstment of the software. avgn is cool though because i played all those games as child so im familiar but new games are a delicacy. and there is a difference so i would argue there should be grace period for new merchandise to only show a trailer or a small portion. that way we keep it fresh for the ones who actually go out and spend the money on new technology. i ofen do too. i have a harddrive with 300 xbox one games. im right undecided should i ungrade to a ps4 or reinvest in xbox one. ontop of that there is so much old consoles i would argue are some what supior and have alot to offer a gamer. the problem is it very hard for me to get my hands on some of the older models of video game consoles so its always nice to watch my child hood revisted but it would be nice to visit sof those memorys my self. youtube is kinda a cluster fuck and its future rest on the developers and enertainment. and content creaters dont really bother me because i dont watch most of there videos. i was born in the 80s i have different taste.
ronald sugden (3 days ago)
stripping down of my material doesent help me at all
ronald sugden (3 days ago)
there is a massive sortage in new software on youtube. especially untoughed raw material
Dolphinjamez (3 days ago)
Trump didn't start the trade war, China and the G-7 did. Trump simply fired back. China and the G-7 put higher tariffs on us than we put on them, contributing to the trade deficit. https://thehill.com/opinion/international/392614-trumps-right-china-and-the-g-7-countries-do-have-higher-tariffs You also failed to mention how NAFTA took away American jobs, including relatively high paying manufacturing jobs. https://www.epi.org/publication/heading_south_u-s-mexico_trade_and_job_displacement_after_nafta1/
Christopher Stewart (4 days ago)
Lol who doesnt own a BMW.
Obwon Kenobe (4 days ago)
Trump was raised in a racist household where he was exposed to and encouraged to believe in white supremacy and privilege from a father who wore his sheets in public with pride, here have a look: Racism Is 'A Persistent Infection' In White American Culture https://tinyurl.com/y9zvabyb Donald Trump Remarks Aid White Supremacists' Political Ambitions https://tinyurl.com/ydh2c4bx In 1927, Donald Trump’s father was arrested after a Klan riot in Queens https://tinyurl.com/ycn7vrmy GOP’s Racist Rhetoric Making neo-Nazis White Supremacist EXCITED for an All-white Future https://tinyurl.com/ybcqw3rc
Saul TaMeZ (4 days ago)
Martin Sheen is the voice over. Was that ignored or missed?
Max Fritze (4 days ago)
Why the fuck is Martin Sheen narrating the crack pot documentary? What a moron
F.B.I kun (4 days ago)
oliver say aluminium properly..
Luke Woodger (4 days ago)
Now waiting for Crystal Kaswell since Jeff is gone
Edible Planet (4 days ago)
John's exactly right! But stepping across the 'isle' to look at it from trump's perspective - increasing the cost of imports encourages Americans to purchase locally. Bet the 'buy local' movement is happy to see the tarrifs. Maybe those farmers should change their focus away from exporting and towards feeding Americans with fresh, organically grown fruits and veggies - the real health care reform.
Zero (5 days ago)
Imagine being that Aluminium worker and watching this episode with the Melania body-swap part. He must have heard about this episode by now. Surely one of his family/friends/co-workers has told him
David (5 days ago)
"death by China", that sounded like it was being narrated by Martin Sheen. If so, I wonder if they did it just because he played the president on tv.
Weird Dogs and Cats (5 days ago)
Jeff Sessions got fired the other day after Dems won the house ( yay ) and he is being replaced by Mathew Whitaker ( Noo ) he’s almost worse than Sessions
Shailesh Rana (5 days ago)
Godammit Jed Bartlet won a Noble Prize and if he says China is fucking US economy, you believe him!
Shawn Hennessey (5 days ago)
automation is the problem he says, no it will be but the real factory thing is making workers work faster after laying off 1/2 the employees and expect the same production and I've been through that but then the factory went under from chinese and american factories in china and mexico. It's pathetic how much the left fully ignores and denys when the average worker that has an open mind has seen it first hand and many of them voted Trump because he straight up said it which for workers is a refreshing change for dem or rep workers after the democratic party dumped workers for unions then changed to minorities which screwed them when Trump came alone because the democrats burned their bridges which is dumb since workers where the ones that kept their party together for decades along with the KKK and government unions.
Shawn Hennessey (5 days ago)
I remember when comedy was funny and inventive not taking cheap shot and making up a new narrative. Hell Trump has shamed Obama and Bush and B Clinton so bad with his impressive results in just less than 2 years. We're feeling pain in the farm sector, really I guess you picked an export mostly crop instead of something everyone in this country buys often. Hell growing pepper or tomatoes is big bucks but I guess this farmer sell soybeans or some cheap crap that btw soy manipulates hormones making men act like women and women act like men and from the California crowd we see this is real hell I bet Trans parents ate a lot of soy or were vegans before and during pregnancy. Hell I always thought it was strange that a US political comedian was considered valid who was had a British accent and how all liberal comedians like Jim Jefferies have turned to bad political jokes from a great comedian to telling dumb jokes that aren't even creative in any way.
87392739233935 637 (5 days ago)
Trade deficits are bad if you aren’t importing capital goods. We import toys, consumer electronics, and other depreciating goods. To finance the deficit, we must go into debt and sell our assets. So yes, Trump is right. And John Oliver—no matter how many of his NPCs clap for him—is wrong.
87392739233935 637 (5 days ago)
So now all you brainlets support free trade between countries BUT NOT BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS.
Finlay Bullough (5 days ago)
Someone needed to stand up to China. People complain about having Trump as the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth but don't really think about how much worse it would be if that position was occupied by Xi.
Vytallica Q. (5 days ago)
Trump's an obnoxious jerk, this Oliver guy's worse. So full of himself.
Sensaii Tutz (5 days ago)
that animation in the end... my god i wonder if trump is really that stupid
Economist and Former President Jed Bartlet obviously agrees with Navarro... so there!
negra lopez (5 days ago)
an all caps email from your uncle, too funny
negra lopez (5 days ago)
trump is a dipshit
Aloisia Davì (6 days ago)
This is awesome!
byindani (6 days ago)
Trade wouldn’t happen unless both parties benefit. It’s not slavery or a hostage situation.
87392739233935 637 (5 days ago)
byindani - Under a free market, this would be true. Unfortunately, our trade is being distorted by retarded monetary policy at the Fed.
From our position, trade deficits are great. They send us their real products made from raw materials and we give them derivations of our labor.
RandomPerson (6 days ago)
You’re hired trolls! Your thoughts are more meaningful than what we’ve been getting from Donald.
RandomPerson (6 days ago)
I appreciate all of you and your opinion!
Elvis Car Reviews (6 days ago)
...Everyone knows, he doesn't know a lot of things... but occasionally it's important to remember that he also doesn't know anything. This quote should have been said by Socrates lol
Keith Bell (6 days ago)
Is Dane Cook still a thing? And, on another note, was anyone surprised that it took eleven times to get some through to that thick orange m***********? He is all mouth (and stubby tweeting fingers) with no ears.
Nelson Gonzalez (6 days ago)
Drumpf is the US version of Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi, only dumber and more orange .... and we all know how well that turned out for the Italians.
The King in Yellow (6 days ago)
Tom * (6 days ago)
Wethertenkable (6 days ago)
I thought of a cheeseburger
Michael Blackburn (6 days ago)
John, does it hurt to mispronounce the shiny metal with periodic table abbreviation Al? Sell out :P
Michael Kim (6 days ago)
Korea is included in that Chinese map
Joe Schmoe (7 days ago)
What John Oliver is not mentioning is that the goal is to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA. Businesses are starting to weigh the cost of (China Goods + tariffs) vs ( USA Goods). When companies start buying locally it boost our economy. YES, cost go up, but more people have jobs to buy goods.
2Bit Phuck (7 days ago)
Never listen to farmers they are propaganda manufacturers. I have "relatives" that are as crooked as the path of least resistance.
Le Huy-Anh (7 days ago)
*@**20:18**: Why did that "China" map include even the entire Korean peninsula, but forget Hainan island?*
Cosmic Dark Matter (8 days ago)
wished Trump watched the video at the end of this...its informative....!
Tyler Moncrief (8 days ago)
“When Jeff Sessions does get fired”.....😱. You sir are a profit. What’s the next mega millions numbers? DM me
Christopher (8 days ago)
The absolute snack comment decimated me.
sixstringsher (8 days ago)
OMG now Jeff Sessions did get fired...
donovanjameson (9 days ago)
brilliant episode! I also believe that Steve Banon had a lot to do with the trade war. His whole thing is how much he hates globalism.
Henry Webb (9 days ago)
Dear America. Fund your educational system. That is all.
Mary Paniscus (9 days ago)
We have enough cheap goods. Stuff in the US should cost more. Tariffs are a decent way to reduce global overproduction.
Mary Paniscus (9 days ago)
he's probably not trying to make jobs either, what the hell does he care about making jobs? he knows robots will do everything soon.
sp 3 (9 days ago)
John Oliver's constant roasting of trump's decisions has been the only good thing to come out of the election
ChriS Dix (9 days ago)
John and Jamie OLIVER attempting to educate the USA sheeple.. Jamie failed with good food - the majority still eat and sell crap - and so far no sign of any evolvement by the neandathal president ; Donald T duck.. ? come hom to LIverpool John, because the Uk is almost a USAcorp version 2.0 ...
Psychotic Bob (9 days ago)
Trump: "Unsustainable stupidity? Hold my beer."
Zengoki GYH (10 days ago)
2:25 That's how a president should speak to his people. + That last clip was HILARIOUS
Emily Alp (10 days ago)
First, 2:15 ... I can't unsee the incredibly under-reported mullet ... next, John Oliver, you are a saint. PS: the aluminum worker plot = gold medal.
A president who does not know economics, job generation and business setup does not deserve to be a president. He is simply a common politician 😃
Kaelyn Moseler (10 days ago)
This is just pitifully sad.. Dislike
Kaelyn Moseler (10 days ago)
Brian Lopez (11 days ago)
And it took a while, but Sessions was finally fired today.....
Ryan Lynch (11 days ago)
Well, Jeff Sessions was fired today...Crystal Kaswell?
Tom Sproson (11 days ago)
“When Jeff Sessions gets fired.” Well, it finally happened.
Megan Fothergill (11 days ago)
Please dont tell me Martin Sheen was narrating that 'documentary'
Whitney Nelson (12 days ago)
That stupidity ball needs to cough up that knowledge ball immediately! (It literally doesn't know where that knowledge ball has been)
Judo Johnny (12 days ago)
These are the same farmers that hire Mexican migrant workers and pay them shit. These "Farmers" are rich assholes.
Ashley Burns (12 days ago)
Not easy for an English person to pronounce aluminium incorrectly, fair play John.
LOoOn ARTs (13 days ago)
Great to see how far the USA came, making a retarded president is a nice gesture of equality.
Antonio Kinsey (13 days ago)
This won’t change any Republican’s minds and they’ll continue to defend their Donald.
Nathan Grant (13 days ago)
I'm looking for the video of trump's speech at 4:29 in this video. I need to cite it for a paper can someone help me out.
Einsmic Capito (13 days ago)
china owns 1.17 Trillion of america's debt Japan owns 1.03 trillion of america's debt and made anime. I believe I have found the true trade enemy of america and it is not china.
And he tried to troll Juncker, the guy who called Orban "dictator" while greeting him and then giving him an affectionate slap in the back of the head like it was his son who has done some mischief. As much as I hate Juncker myself, you can't troll that guy, not even Trump can.
Saran Ravindran (14 days ago)
I can't believe people would listen to a dumb fucker like trump when actual facts show he is completely wrong.... feel sorry for you Americans!!!
nick jia (14 days ago)
Main stream Media have already been corrupted by CCP! Wake up People of US !
nick jia (14 days ago)
CCP trade with you just for steal your Tech and Money Use your Tech produce weapon against you! Use your dollor corrupt you!
TheCEODon (14 days ago)
So John Oliver is defending China now.....cool
Michael Laverty (15 days ago)
That's so very sad...If that Aluminum worker had more than an IQ of 70 he might have known that the tariff's while they appear to help the industry they do question harm it overall.. But because these guy's are hard core Trump supporter's you won't be able to convince them of anything ..
roadhouse699 (15 days ago)
It's funny because Steve Mnuchin actually looks like a budget John Oliver.
Nicolas Xu (15 days ago)
best video I've ever seen. much better than stupid news
AnnoyingMoose (16 days ago)
EVERY country in the world is retaliating against the U.S. because they started it and we will finish it! I am a Canadian who actively avoids buying any of the crap that oozes out of the U.S. and will continue to do so for years to come!
DM R (16 days ago)
John Oliver always breezes over and minimizes any legitimate counter arguments. He's just a corporate mouthpiece doing his duty with old fashioned brainwashing of the public. Trump's nationalism is not what the Neoliberal globalists want. They want a global network with some winners and a lot of losers, that benefit the multinational corporations. NAFTA destroyed the US manufacturing base, but of course Oliver just downplays that, let alone fails to explicitly mention it
Mario Guzman Aza (16 days ago)
Funny thing is that argentina did the same thing during 12 years. And now they are ....
Steakismeat (16 days ago)
That's like if Jean Claude Junker was asking my governor Greg Abbott if he could negotiate a trade deal with Texas. Gov. Abbott would say no you have to go through the negotiations with the federal government.
Tnk4me (16 days ago)
I facepalmed so hard about how Jared found that trade guy that I broke my nose.
THINGS I SEE (17 days ago)
You buy more from china than china buys from you, that is the trade deficit.
weaselGRM (17 days ago)
Damn Johns arguments are always so one sided. I just can't.
Brian Gonzalez (11 days ago)
You are probably confusing "convincing" with "one sided".
mdsatan (13 days ago)
+weaselGRM got specifics?
weaselGRM (13 days ago)
+mdsatan yes.
mdsatan (13 days ago)
are they factually incorrect or misrepresentatitve at any point though?
Asher Paul Tan (17 days ago)
Trump has the largest ego I ever seen. He goes for anyone who believes in him. Because he believes that he is always right. Too bad. For a US president
Sam South (17 days ago)
Only in America! Lol
Des Mcmahon (18 days ago)
I think one of the most important quote to understand Trumps knowledge of economics is "Our Gdp is less than zero" (Incase you didn't know that is IMPOSSIBLE)
Nariman Ney (18 days ago)

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