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Trade: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Donald Trump is waging a trade war that hurts a lot of American workers. Maybe he would understand that if our heavy-handed documentaries about the global trading system were more informative. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (11972)
JOSH S (10 hours ago)
him taxing European auto makers is kind of ironic given that he owns a rolls-Royce Phantom and other from Europe
Della Crabtree (17 hours ago)
So can we just agree that if the aliens come asking for our leader we don’t take them to trump
GERMINAITOR (18 hours ago)
When people say trump creates jobs 10:15
Charles g.phiri (23 hours ago)
That john-fic story was hard😂😂😂
13:07 Is this a joke about how he looks like John Oliver?
Yes yes yes (1 day ago)
Can we get every retarded trump supporter to watch the video at the end????
Jesse Reiter (1 day ago)
your trash!
Anthony Clark (2 days ago)
Yo can we make John Oliver president
Anthony Clark (2 days ago)
And his staff
Norman Sawyer (2 days ago)
Name ONE problem the Demonrats solved!
bajen2000 (2 days ago)
America sucks
Sabrefire916 (3 days ago)
Yep I lost my job thanks to trumps stupid tariffs I don’t want to give him a hug I want to give him something in a size 5.56
Benno L77 (3 days ago)
Why is the Government holding China solely responsible , it's mainly the choice of profit driven American mutli-nationals and the push toward globalisation has them moving their entire business's offshore, taking advantage of abjectly impoverished citizens from third world socialist regimes - which we supposedly oppose - with zero employee protection practices and offensively extreme low rates of pay? All to increase share holders dividends? It's really Tariffs against US products and business practices... It's ultimately responsible for the destruction of domestic industry, the sole reason for the ongoing erosion of the middle class with increased unemployment and ever reducing opportunities... Meaning it's actually not Mexico or it's people's fault no matter how much POTUS keeps insinuating it... As a positive side note though, I think it's fair to say the Don's Business Guru publishing career is FUBAR.... Who would ever listen to a word this maniac has to say about anything, period.... He's knows absolutely nothing, considering by his own admission, he "know's 'all the words'.....'" What an absolute joke he has become, ironically, nobodies laughing anymore it's merely just sad now.....
Zahir Datoo (3 days ago)
Idiot economists.
Angel Fitz (3 days ago)
let me fix that autocorrect for you. Not Dane Cook *Louie C.K.* Dane Cook may not be funny but as far as I know, he isn't a pseudo sex offender.
iz izzy (4 days ago)
ANDREW WANG 2020🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲
C. Huseyin (4 days ago)
I don’t get how this man graduated from UPenn. How all this people graduate from Harvard and they are so morons wtf is going on
Dog with Sunglasses (5 days ago)
Does he really believe that angela merkel needs a translator to speak to a giant orange child.
James J (5 days ago)
John O is my muthafuckin’ hero. Him and his team of writers are goddamn heroes.
Kris Lemon (5 days ago)
The voice actor they use in "Death By China"... Is Martin Sheen. Suddenly feeling more shaky about all the zany antics they pulled off in the West Wing. (also just acknowledging that getting an "ex-president" to narrate this is genius, evil and manipulative, but genius)
Monika the cycle-path (6 days ago)
@TheRealDonaldTrump Get your head out of your ass and fix yourself. You aren't doing too well for America and... Wait. This isn't Twitter. Ah fuck it. Also another thing is who has a sniper or a way for me to have my abilities in this world? Asking for a friend. Genius film at the end there.
Staples (7 days ago)
"That's what I *Uhh* know best, trade"
Aryeh Sheinson (8 days ago)
That story about Melania and the steel worker, I was dying.
Loren Renee (8 days ago)
personaljeweler (9 days ago)
One of the simplest illustrations of trade deficit I heard was that of you and your grocer. Most members of the community buy much more from him than he does from you. That is a trade imbalance but most of us don't see it as a dire problem
CaitSith Dubh (9 days ago)
20:17 did you make sure to exclude Taiwan from the map of China, but manage to include the entire Korean peninsula?
Caron Ilmstaedter (9 days ago)
How did it come to this?
Bump Of Death (11 days ago)
Class deal with your shit buddy I'm amazing you talk to much shit and you weren't into w.t.o. in Seattle you don't Evan know what your taking you can blame that in ragen thanks to Clinton you have a better aconemey. You don't understand Mexico he should take if his people half you audience is immargrants that can get a,licence and a job and mark the usa citizen box my more truth than yours yours is bulls hit your crapshit talk can go to hell
Bump Of Death (11 days ago)
So it more important to be do mince you don't know shit obma2 cost this country usa,more money then any other president each that to you f. Ing2clas
Jiminy Lummox (11 days ago)
"Look, you've got ISIS coming over the border, you've got...., and nobodies talking about it, you've got nuclear MIT uncle, tremendous genes, bigly IQ, Wharton school of finance... if I was a Democrat they'd call me a genius." -- Donald J Trump, 45th president of the United States
Joe Blow (12 days ago)
This idiot thinks Trump doesn't have a qualified economic team who dtermines trade policy? Trump is FINALLY handling the thieving Chinese.
Niles Butler (12 days ago)
Merkel does not usually use a translator in the world diplomatic language of simplified american english....
Roger Trussell (12 days ago)
So should we have voted for Samuel L. Jackson?
Filipe Carmona (13 days ago)
"the iPad has an intel chip on it". man, get your facts straight... (CNN reporter)
Acer rubrum (13 days ago)
Oh gawd this show is so cathartic. That boomerang animation was candy, sweet candy.
Essential Listening (13 days ago)
Venezuela isn't socialist, socialism is government ran by society. Venezuela just had a corrupt election after Maduro took power after Chavez died and won't let go off power, then holder a corrupt election, thats dictatorship not a society running the government.
Okanu MMXI (14 days ago)
Is it just me, or is he talking really fast in this one?
Michael Robins (14 days ago)
Jared cushner is a Zionist scum
Matthew Miller (17 days ago)
As purposely bad as that Last part was I'm still pretty impressed by the after effects work. That's. Provably because it seems just out of reach of my current abilities. It's a shame that I will never reach that echelon due my is inevitable death in the coming weeks due to either suicide, the heat death of the universe, athsma, mega cancer or all of the above concurrently. Or perhaps it's a blessing for I will finally know peace in the eternal silence that awaits us all. Also I'm so happy trump got elected as a canadian (soon be former) college student who has had no tangible consequences of his presidency what so ever its fascinating like live TV. Hes also just the personification of how the rest of the world views America as a whole.
Nina Clauselli (17 days ago)
Gotta pay for all the tariffs....
Nina Clauselli (17 days ago)
This is why we need TEAMSTERS back. Higher wages and better private and government health care. #UNIONS!!!!!! WE NEED THEM BACK!!
LaDon Sew (18 days ago)
John u ever become single would love a Englishman wit in my life like u!!!!
Zack Smith (15 days ago)
Heyyyyy ... join the queue
M. G. (18 days ago)
The Horror !
Maria Pennicott (19 days ago)
All the idiots on here defending trump the dunce go find out for yourself. You all know Oliver is right but you're all mad you voted for a clown. Go investigate things yourselves...ameerika the dumbest ser of people
Brandon Corby (19 days ago)
VAT taxes tax import and transfer it too exports to even our products leaving.
Dominic Courtois (19 days ago)
Martin sheen you traitor
Zelop Nhoj (19 days ago)
He swears like wine from the finest vintage.
Matthew Weatherman (20 days ago)
Has anyone perhaps thought that Trump is doing this shit to intentionally fuck us around? I'm just saying. Another thought; What was Benedict Arnold's motivating factor behind his treason? It might be similar, probably not but perhaps a bit.
Krazee Ladee (20 days ago)
"That aluminum worker clearly isn't in love with him!" 😂😂😂
Morgan B (20 days ago)
Trump administration roles 13:35
spajderuz (20 days ago)
hahah, all u leftys in here.. here u are, smacking Trump, like Obama or Killaray did anything good. Obama won nobel peace price haha wtf. he have killed more arabs then any president just look at ur unemployment rate since Obama to Trump..
kakarroto007 (20 days ago)
Ruby Tuesday (20 days ago)
He is the best Negative Add for the Wharton School of Finance ever. He doesn't have a fucking idea of basic economics.
ricaard (21 days ago)
I rewound the "Deal with Europe" ELEVEN TIMES!!!
Joeri U (21 days ago)
Just hearing a British person saying "aluminum" in stead of "aluminium" is physically hurting me
toacv Professional (22 days ago)
He said deal with Europe 12 times
jason coughenour (22 days ago)
Mercedes are made in America
Uncontrolled Substance (22 days ago)
and when he dropped a tariff on China or as he listed in the tweet at the beginning (certain country) they retaliated just like in his example at the beginning and he cried like a bitch.
Tyrone Shoelace (23 days ago)
Vietnam was not a war. It was a Police Action
Ben Tabor (23 days ago)
Dwight Howard lmao
J Wally (23 days ago)
As always entertaining and genuis
Antoine Eric (23 days ago)
It takes a lot of work to fight laziness
EdugeBDroN (23 days ago)
If only Trumptards could understand English with a slight British accent
Mahbub Alam (24 days ago)
I cannot believe people can be that stupid in the highest level of the government.
Jarod Farrant (24 days ago)
The more I learn about tariffs the more I think there stupid.
31webseries (24 days ago)
Just tried that Amazon search and OMG it does!!!
Auld Goat (24 days ago)
I love watching Trumphead farmers cry.
Rich Pasquin (24 days ago)
DEPORT John Oliver he is a traitor to America working for deep state.HBO ,CNN equals FAKE BIAS NEWS paid by deep state.CNN is destroying America !! Are you waiting for another 9/11 or a dirtybomb to come across the border before you secure the border and it’s starts with a wall. Soros spent 13 billion dollars against our country. Clinton stole millions, what foundation ,please .Dems want the illegal Latino’s votes they don’t care about America.CNN and medias double standards if Trump had sold the 20% of our uranium to Russia like Obama and Clinton did; CNN would be asking for prison but if it’s Dems sell it, it’s OK . All ,traitors to America.
ninino86 (25 days ago)
Am I the only one wondering if that is really Martin Sheen doing the voice-over to that "armageddon movie" about trade? If so, why Martin why?
Nuno Silva (25 days ago)
Ahh, current-day America. The place where having no knowledge about a subject, or having a demonstratively fringe view means you are the one making the decisions. :(
Hector Cornejo (26 days ago)
omg the aluminum guy story made me spit up my coffee lol
tziporah torbati (26 days ago)
I think Trump still doesn’t understand WHY he can’t deal with Germany alone. He doesn’t understand that that would be like another country dealing with New York. 🤣
Event Horizon (26 days ago)
To be fair, they dont ship many BMW to China. x) Ive been there 4 times as of now and ive seen like 2 Mercedes and not a single BMW.
Julie W. (26 days ago)
Yes, trade is complicating, but Donald doesn't know the absolute MINIMUM of trade. Think how TERRIFYING that is. He has a kindergartner view of EVERYTHING. This is a SUPPOSED ECONOMICS MAJOR!!! That, along with the fact that Trump CLEARLY doesn't know anything about hyperinflation or anything other than pulling money out of companies (or countries) while they are going into bankruptcy, shows that his education was purchased, not earned. (Although, that's already pretty obvious to anyone who has eyes and/or ears - Trump doesn't even know the colours of his own country's flag!! He coloured in a blue stripe!)
A New Hero121 (27 days ago)
I love that The Illusive Man’s VA did the voiceover for Navarro’s movie and it isn’t technically out of character for the Illusive Man.
Simone Morrison (27 days ago)
good law person (smart) is charlie kelly obv
Winnie the Pootie Tang (27 days ago)
the dwight howard burn was sick
Azrael (27 days ago)
@8:50 kudos to the writers for building a little story for cover around a homophobic joke, which by aluminum guy's comment, was obvious the lowest fruit to be picked. There's nothing else about the stereotype of poorly informed, poorly educated (and just poor in general) red state factory workers to make light of, no sir.
Connor Stickels (6 days ago)
I don't see it as homophobic, the statement was that no one likes Trump, and the real joke was about Melania not loving him. He never made the worker's gender important to the joke.
Eliot Perkins (27 days ago)
Ugh, I love this show but it makes me so ANGRY 🤬🤯😱🥵🥺
Rawflcounsel76 (19 days ago)
angry, WHY? is it because trump is your "god incarnate", and Oliver is just pointing out go stupid the orange in chief is?
David Lucifer (27 days ago)
This guy should be the us president instead .
shadowcat 10110 (27 days ago)
Good job ... someone should start running the old school rock cartoons about Bill's the branches of government state jurisdiction etc
Sherry Who (28 days ago)
John Oliver, I love you!!!
Alex Carter (28 days ago)
Squatching the surface
Julianne L. Needleman (28 days ago)
John's aluminum worker theory makes a scary amount of sense.
Golden 47 (28 days ago)
Trump is a retard and he's voters are Trumptards
Inga Heliga Kor (28 days ago)
Maybe he should have mentioned that Peter Navarro is a Democrat? I wonder why he didn....oh yeah, that's right.
Jelle Van Eijk (28 days ago)
never held any position and completely irrelevant to the story
Aaron Ely (28 days ago)
A 500 billion $ trade deficit annually for almost 20 years is pretty bad... Just like 22 trillion $ of government debt is bad. I'm not saying tarrifs are the way to go, but we are not far from having to throw a hail Mary to recover... I just hope this moron being president Spurs the first 3rd party president. This polarization of views is a serious problem that is taking away from the most serious of issues. BTW, there is no 'degree' in web design. Universities don't even recognize web dev classes as credit towards a CS degree. They are usually elective classes, sometimes not even that -- if they are even offered. It's a bit frustrating because of how big web dev is, along with mobile, and yet it doesn't really officially count... But it may be a blessing in disguise because I don't have to go 50k+ into debt to launch a dev career. In fact, almost 2/3 devs never even attended a university and are self-taught.
Homer J. Simpson (28 days ago)
I'm German. I don't have a BMW.
TheCommonS3Nse (28 days ago)
According to the US Labor Statistics, manufacturing makes up about 8% of the US workforce, and steel/aluminum manufacturing would only be a fraction of that 8%, with the remaining portion of manufacturing jobs being hurt by the tariffs. There is absolutely no way that the tariffs can be beneficial to the country. They are an absolute disaster.
Omar Maach (29 days ago)
I love how hicks in farms and shit jobs that voted for trump are feeling the pain. That's what stupid voters voting for a stupid dumb mother fucker get. Enjoy
Brantley Collins (29 days ago)
as someone who lives in spartanburg, its pretty much impossible not to know someone who works for the bmw plant
Bill Pii (6 days ago)
The "trade guy" knows exactly what he is doing....Conning the Conman for a job. He said it himself...He is a "yes" man.
Ad Rock (29 days ago)
John Oliver for prez
Anthony Gularte (29 days ago)
If I was the translator, I would've told her, I can't translate to stupid.
IndieTraufe (29 days ago)
i wonder if jared was just so desperate to find an economist matching trumphs believe that he has to look up on amazon to find some conspirency economist throwing his truths around or if he's just too stupid to know where to find them
Jonathan Isip (30 days ago)
Aluminium, John, aluminium...
pop5678eye (30 days ago)
I'm in a trade deficit with the supermarket. Each time I go there they take my money and only give 'change' back along with a bunch of food. It's so unfair...
Curtis Lewis (1 month ago)
Sounds weird hearing John Oliver say aluminum. Not wanting to start anything but he’s English so he should say aluminium. (Even my iPad has flagged aluminum as a mistake)😁
aalikane (1 month ago)
Have i been watching too much West Wing, or was that Martin Sheen doing voiceover work on That "movie"?
Dec (1 month ago)
@3:48 Not only does the iPad not have any Intel chips in it, Intel is an American company and the only thing their Chinese foundry makes is nand flash.
Keitron Wallace (1 month ago)
John's animation team is spectacular

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