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Trade: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Donald Trump is waging a trade war that hurts a lot of American workers. Maybe he would understand that if our heavy-handed documentaries about the global trading system were more informative. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (11354)
Barbara (5 minutes ago)
DENNIS INTERSIMONE (47 minutes ago)
Most of China's goods are cheap knock off junk, engineered by someone else, reverse engineered or copied and produced cheaper by the boat load. Only junk in China I appreciate are the antique teak Junks that have been on the water for generations.
kennyw (2 hours ago)
I think most "Young Earth" economists agree with Trump and Navarro on international trade practices. Seriously, these are graduates from "Christian" universities using textbooks from "Christian" publishers with home-schooled PhD's. All you need to solve complex problems in science, medicine, economics and astrophysics is the bible. So, relax we're in good hands; the bible "tells me so."
Jorge Lopez (14 hours ago)
good we need to start buying more American products
guy saunders (18 hours ago)
This kind of shit is getting worse. I kind of watch it to get informed from a leftist standpoint, but it's just becoming a torrent of absurdity now, and the irony is not lost. They are reporting on absurdity. Trade war to E-scooter to Dane Cook. Yeah, I guess, but I'm trying to form cohesive thoughts and maybe develop an opinion, and you're throwing my thoughts into a blender every 35 seconds. Infotainment is dying before my eyes.
he does look like MNuchin
mike disney (1 day ago)
This guy is not funny. MAGA 2020
Pitch Black (2 days ago)
Though many times john oliver team research are right , but they are the ones- the Americans choose him. They should introspect rather than mocking their own decisions and earning a hypocrite money out of it.
quest 77051 (4 days ago)
LOLOLOL....looooove this show. great video.
Name Withheld (4 days ago)
10:33 It would create jobs.. the tailor to make the turtle suit and milk processing plant to make all the milk
William H. Baird (4 days ago)
So ... Socialism will save US farmers suffering with the Trump imposed China Tariffs. Are Americans who support their Orange God that stupid?
some internet weirdo (4 days ago)
... what
Lynda Turner (4 days ago)
Wait, wait, wait... Pence is NOT a Jesus pleaser... Jesus loves us all, but I’m quite confident he is NOT pleased with Pence’s narrow-minded, un-generous, discriminatory, sanctimonious bull$hit...
Todd Romain (5 days ago)
People are saying that Wharton is looking into changing its name
Todd Romain (5 days ago)
Hey farmers...most of you guys own this moron...deal with it.
Sanctum Sanctorum (5 days ago)
Hope all the “burger” loving trump supporters are willing to pay $20 a Big Mac! He IS the biggest liar. 10,000 ⬆️ He IS the biggest loser $1.2 billon⬆️ Ruck Fussia And Truck Fump!
leo litianqi (5 days ago)
Negotiations ,accepted trade war , bring it on bully,in your dream chinese people are not afraid of you.
leo litianqi (5 days ago)
King Green (5 days ago)
He wants to force American companies to do business where he say, i thought he loved capitalism, .bottom line is you cant force another country to buy our products if they don't need, China produces everything.and they only import what they need,we make nothing but guns , we dont even make clothes here
deano2000nz (6 days ago)
lol America is fucked
Yedek yaverler (6 days ago)
fuck the wolrd eeeeeyy ameika sen kimsin ya
Yedek yaverler (6 days ago)
fuck america
Yedek yaverler (6 days ago)
türkün türkten başka dostu yoktu allllllaaaaaaaaah
Heather Mefford (6 days ago)
Trump is literally a braying ass who makes a LOT of noise, but ZERO sense... he’s unbelievably inept, arrogant and incredibly ignorant!
Ronnie Hopper (6 days ago)
So basically what I’m getting from Germany, is Germany ceases to exist
quest 77051 (3 days ago)
+Ronnie Hopper i think it's like being a state in the usa. seperate but part of one unit.
Ronnie Hopper (3 days ago)
quest 77051 Then why not dissolve their country at this point
quest 77051 (4 days ago)
when it comes to trade.......yes. they are part of the E.U.
EyeLevel (6 days ago)
Please please please do an update of this piece.
spacecore94 (6 days ago)
Is that Martin Sheen narrating the movie?
spacecore94 (6 days ago)
Trading Pokemon thats another one
MsFair (6 days ago)
Wharton should be ashamed for giving this idiot a diploma in finance.
mulhollanddose (6 days ago)
Now I know why the liberals I argue with are close-minded idiots...they get it from Oliver.
Optimal81 (7 days ago)
You neo-liberal idiots! Trump has been the only person right about China for the last 30 years. And might I add, unlike Joe Biden who is in the pocket of China (with Hunter) Trump has the stones to stand up to China. You people have been wrong for YEARS!
Burt Beesome (7 days ago)
on the BMW- the imported ones , not the suv's the half million dollar ones , mercedes has a few plants here too, all very expensive models from either are brought from europe . that was a stupid argument and you don't make many stupid statements but that one there .
Burt Beesome (7 days ago)
Buy American then , help our country not theirs . When I was a young kid , we were told all these countries owe us , We bailed most out, we helped most come thru with technology. Today we owe everyone? how the fuk is that ? we still bail out countries , and the tariffs even if they grab 5 % we win. China flooded the steel industry and put all our mills out of business, fuk china .
REB Bal (7 days ago)
The net effect of the Trumps irritating other nations is that they will rather go and trade with nations other than the US. This effect is not immediate but in long term. Unfortunately it will fall in the lap of the future presidents instead of the Trump who caused it.
Howard Kerr (7 days ago)
Here it is, almost a year later (May 2019) and the situation is worse, with prices for pretty much everything exploding.
James Smith (7 days ago)
That's not Martin Sheen. It's his brother Joe Estevez. They sound a lot alike.
sausage salad (7 days ago)
This didn't age well. This country is in the best economic boom since WW2.
+sausage salad They conduct deeper and more in-depth and rigorous journalism than most news providers, but that isn't where my information comes from. You've just ignored everything I've said to use two buzz words that are meaningless and oversimplified without context. These phrases can't really be discussed without getting into the complexity of the modern world, capitalist democracy, how other countries handle things and the root of the biggest issues facing your country and the world. If buzz words are all you'd like to bring up, there's no point having a deeper discussion. Good day to you sir!
sausage salad (7 days ago)
+The Void with Christina you can't have a welfare state and open borders. Pick one. Stop getting information from John Oliver.
I understand that education is expensive in your country but are you serious? An economy cannot be measured on a day to day basis in soundbites. You have a $22 trillion debt. The skew of wealth is so dramatic that if people keep getting paid slave wages, and things like enormous tariffs are placed on imported goods (tariffs paid by American importers, likely to be paid by American consumers via raised prices) your economic buying power will be so limited that the rest of the world will have a lot of incentives to take their business elsewhere. We live in a global world, and a global economy, despite whatever uneducated propaganda that Trump and Fox News has led you to believe. The world is not how it used to be. America actually needs to have good relationships with the world. Maybe the economic boom is just in your bank account? You're in the richest country in the world and 15% of your population lives in poverty. You have one of the highest rates of wealth inequality in the developed world. Your people borrowed $88 trillion to pay their medical bills last year, and the $1.5 trillion tax cuts benefited the top earners only. The rest of the world is pretty horrified by the whole situation. Maybe you're rich and that's it? Maybe you think your experience mirrors the rest of your country? “The moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.” When up to 1 in 5 kids go hungry in America every day, that "economic boom" seems a bit hollow.
OneDog (8 days ago)
China does actually have just ive 3 Trillion in USD holdings in Forex. So as usual, John adds lies in to his truth based show. This is all opinion people, many people debunk Oliver
carole bonami (8 days ago)
I really like these segments by Oliver, but OMG too much profanity. I have to hide in the bathroom or keep my headphones on to listen. and I definitely can't share. Are there any clean versions?
Leola (9 days ago)
If trump had put his inheritance in the stock market like warren Buffett he’d be incredibly rich. He’s not smart.
Tala B (10 days ago)
He’s probably never even traded a Pokémon card successfully.
Scanner Dorkly (11 days ago)
Think about it.. the tariffs would cause the price of his MAGA hats, being that they're made in China.
Eric Sell (11 days ago)
Where does he come up with that Bowie/Ziggie Stardust turtle idea??? LOL
Glasses&Mouthplates (12 days ago)
How the fuck could a so-called successful businessman-turned-president doesn't even know that you can't simply charge tax on a foreign country and expect that country to literally pay you? Someone needs to tell that to Trump 11 damn times.
Jaxon Powell (13 days ago)
It's a bit hypocritical to criticize Xi Jinping and his aggressive foreign policy and then criticize the only solution against him.
Eleni 1979 (13 days ago)
@about 2:45ish, there's a lot trump doesn't understand..... as in- he had better thank his stars that breathing is an autonomous action....
Adam Scoll (13 days ago)
13:12 - “I was so distracted by this lavarich sex volcano looks. The guy is hypnotic. I must have a bad case of the mnuchies, cuz he’s looking like an absolute snack!” XD
firebarrier (17 days ago)
12:05 so trump doesn't know what Elmo is
Eva Maynard (17 days ago)
Why would Martin Sheen lend his voice to that ridiculous video?
chucky (18 days ago)
4.8K thumbs down???? WTF is up with those damn trump fox news bots trolling and doing this fake news shit???
chucky (18 days ago)
lol the trade deficit shit with china is pretty much true, but trump's tarrifs and lies will make it worse... google how much real estate china owns in usa.. they are becoming the landlords to usa INSIDE the usa... to be sure, i think trump should be gone, soon soon soon and this asshole who is/was his trade advisor should be fired and the idiotic trade wars should be gone, along with his psychotic dream of the great wall of china at the mexico border.. then we all in north america can start getting along again and become great as a continent.
zeldaprincessgirl100 (18 days ago)
That Melania story is great 😂
Tom Azilgoth (19 days ago)
I most definitely trust in the federal government... Part of the cognitive dissonance, people. The FBI, CIA and several other governmental organizations have closely been working with the Commonwealth and former Soviet Union since the 90s. This has always been part of the plan. Like I've stated before... They injected me with nanites in the early 90s. Only reason I'm still alive and such a mess.
Tom Azilgoth (19 days ago)
They've been using me to gather information to create life like conditions for virtual realities and test the most dangerous theories in such environments.
Tran Jovial (20 days ago)
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Kent McDonald (21 days ago)
fishncapt26 (21 days ago)
Ugh I am beginning boycott of last wk tonight now way I did snl handler Samantha bee Kimmel and the rest of the cunty commie pinko treasonous traitorous lazy slob hacks who slander and disrespect trump 24,7 when wouldn't touch hoebama or Clinton, wen if they had been fair with their slander lies attacks mocking etc to hoebama then trump 24 7 would be tolerable and righteous, but Clinton was most crooked incompetent snake criminal politician in USA history and was protected pampered catered to by media and these so called comedy shows, and token hack ineffectual emberassment Obama was too whilst being worst most ineffectual emberassment of president in last century, meanwhile trumps done ten times better of job as prez and done fifty times more for America and real actual Americans andnis attacks slandered mocks ridiculed litrrally24 7 by these lazy hacks. Cowards protected pampered catered to libtard criminal incompetent pandering hack token black treasonous Obama and his tranny thief "wife" while they fumbled failed stole mismanaged and sodomized USA, if theyd been as fair and equal as they are vs trump then fine. But they cowards laz vile anti America pigs slandering lying attacking mocking trump 24 7. I'm so done with it its just pathetic at this point. Buhbye immigrant libtard scumbag host of last week tonight.
fishncapt26 (11 days ago)
NervXT yeah, that's the kind of faggotry I expect from a pinko commie libtard lol lol Jesus lol run along now and gnaw your pillows as your afro American sweaty boyfriend climbs up your back and thrusts away.
NervXT (12 days ago)
Fishncapt26, what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read it. I give your comment no likes, and may god have mercy on your soul.
Friedrick Williams (21 days ago)
Captain Phoenix (23 days ago)
I don't think Melania wants to hug her husband, John...
What Ever (26 days ago)
I thought they were joking about Dangerous Rock but they weren’t
Stefan Ockert (26 days ago)
Free Trade, Fair Trade, Rough Trade, Trader Joe's, That's what, eight?
AGENT X SECURITY (27 days ago)
ALizardLoves You (27 days ago)
Amazing how poor mental health condemns the poor and pardons the rich...
anonymous (1 month ago)
Harley still around $40 A share..wonder if 2020 is time to short stock
rAndomgirl32 (1 month ago)
i'm moving to Canada if he gets reelected
James Smith (7 days ago)
Just go now. 🖕
WeSpeakYourNames (1 month ago)
The problem with Americans. They’ve never been taught critical thinking skills, most likely by design, therefore they are hands down the most easily manipulated populous. I know first hand because my parents are trump supporters and I’ve never bought into his BS. It’s frustrating watching people be manipulated by Fox News propaganda. I tried to warn them but I’m just a young person so what do I know.
Alex Rickman (1 month ago)
12:10 I’m pretty sure he knows that french fries are delicious
Dood B (1 month ago)
thou ist (1 month ago)
In the uk, the trade deficit ballooned when we discovered tea
Ange Waters (1 month ago)
Also, who DOESN'T HAVE A BMW? WE ALL HAVE BMWs, so boring. Maga
Ange Waters (1 month ago)
No, he's just that stupid .
varun009 (1 month ago)
People are upset about hillary losing because they've worked out in their tiny brains that it's somehow a loss for women. The stupidity of that premise notwithstanding, Trump is proof that anyone can become president.
Stephen2462 (1 month ago)
Nice strawman you've got there. Perhaps. If you're super rich and can appeal to the lowest common denominator, then it doesn't matter if you're a total turd or blatantly corrupt!
Donovan Hockett (1 month ago)
Best episode I’ve seen so far!!
Karl Lentz (1 month ago)
Trump is Correct , People NEED factories to go workout to give them something to do, what else are you going to do with people just give them a Bernie Sanders welfare "living check", and then when a Chinese decide not to send us any more manufactured goods than what we do? You folks are bunch of idiots...you people don't realize they literally unbolt the machines in the United States and send them to Mexico and China just so they could save a few dollars and not pay American workers, if Bernie Sanders said we had to do this if Hillary Clinton said we had to do this you people would think it was a brilliant move it's just your hatred get some way of the facts
Very funny
TennantJunkie1993 (1 month ago)
Please, and my apologies to Kate for hitting on you like this, but Steve Mnuchin's kale chips compared to your comedy sundae crunch. In other words, you're more attractive than Mnuchin.
TennantJunkie1993 (1 month ago)
That's Prelude to a Kiss levels of Melania and the aluminum worker swapping bodies, John.
Peter Parker (1 month ago)
There is nothing better than this... Amazing graphics editorial team.
basba bak (1 month ago)
So when are the Dems gonna come with a better alternative to that orange moron?
Stephen2462 (1 month ago)
That's not a high bar lol. Pretty much all of our candidates, both in 2016 and for the upcoming 2020 election are better then trump.
Ellie on Thrall (1 month ago)
The story about Melania and the factory worker was gold
Arslan Khalid (1 month ago)
Love it!
Johnny Nava (1 month ago)
"or you'll end up with Dwight Howard" 😂😂😂
5609Ali (1 month ago)
I’m pretty sure that Death by China documentary is being narrated by the Illusive Man/Martin Sheen.
Comedy Copter (1 month ago)
I agree with everything you said however you didn't tell us how the other side is doing. I'd be very nervous if I knew a Mad Man was on the other side and easily capitulate to him. The other side should be very afraid of what a madman can do and if they are the wise ones then...
Stephen2462 (1 month ago)
Lol no, Trump's an idiot when it comes to foreign policy like this.
Martin Frecks (1 month ago)
Life is short just find someone to love while you still can.
Alice (1 month ago)
No Martin Sheen, why... Why did you narrate that "movie"?
Alex Van Sant (1 month ago)
my mind was blown lmao
hemellicht (1 month ago)
was that president bartlet doing the voice over for the china danger animation? :D
Ajda Kovač (1 month ago)
Also, he didn't really get it the 10th time either, he can't do a deal with Europe, only with the EU
Av63PNT0 (1 month ago)
A trade deficit is just that a deficit the country is loosing $544 billion dollars a year we are pirchasing goods but aren’t selling enough the only reason our country is staying afloat is because of other streams of revenue like tourism which brings in $210 billion dollars.
King Cajun (1 month ago)
Amazing content John, I am an old fart of 60 that lives just a few miles from the Duck Commander and their warehouse. Sorry, I say that only because most people know them, hence my approximate location. I am on the other end of the spectrum from them for sure. I voted for what I thought was a lesser of two evils since we only have a 2 party system and Bernie backed Hillary (notice I said what and not who.) I regret the decision to vote for Trump, after watching this video I regret it even more. I don't know crap about economics really, but even a dumbass gun totin' red neck from the bayous of Louisiana can see what trouble we are in! Sadly many of the folks around here do not have a clue. AND don't get me started on the WALL! The wall will not stop immigrants, drugs, or anyone else, except the people like me that want to bug out south if Trump wins again... Haha... you can use that if you want, just saying... You young'uns should see what ole Bernie stands for if you don't already know then VOTE out the madness. Your Vote will make a difference!!! Hopefully, Bernie Sanders will make it this time but it will take you. Too many my age think Trump is the best thing since sliced bread. Bernie did come out a front runner this time and what he says is way more mainstream and accepted than before. We really need a more progressive candidate in office, but anyone will be better than the current bozo orange-utan. I wonder if President Trump knows what progressive means? Nah prolly not! haha #MillenialsVote2020 #BernieSanders2020 #YourVoteCounts #imnotapoliticalpersonjustarealistonagovernmentwatchlist #BernieSandersIsFatherTime #lol #lastweektonight #JohnOliverForPresident2020 oh wait nah rules are rules #JohnOliverForFirstLady2020 #jk #YeahImLateWithMyComment who cares? haha
SCGunDog (1 month ago)
Not gonna lie, was a little disappointed The Illusive Man narrated that film about trade war with China.
Severijn van Lambalgen (1 month ago)
The best part of that movie is that the "Chinese" bombers are modelled from B24 Liberators, about as American as they get
Antonia Fu (1 month ago)
Fucking peter navarro
Marsh Wetland (1 month ago)
Melania is a typical Eastern European woman trading on conventional beauty. Never seen one who isn't cold n bitchy, probably hangry. Or maybe the aluminum story is true!
nufiprost (1 month ago)
John, you and your team are all fried, and that's why people love you!
disasterlaster (1 month ago)
okay was that Martin Sheen narrating the movie at the end?? why :(((((
Maisa Roozie (1 month ago)
Barnes Multimedia (1 month ago)
The American public has steadily become more stupid over the last decades. And they elected a president that is every bit as stupid as they are. Making America great.
michelle g (1 month ago)
Awesome video for trump to watch
emscape2 (1 month ago)
6:46 except for that angela merkel speaks english perfectly fine, so she can hear that the translator does do his job well :P
Surud Patel (1 month ago)
These Trumpfarts are still living under the false narrative of American Exceptionalism. In Reality there is no such thing.

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