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bitcoin generator and miner software 2018

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hello viewers , i am here to introduce a new btc miner software that works like a charm . it's working has been proved clearly in the video . the price is .06 btc , its a very cheap price b4 the profit it gives upon its use . buy from here : http://satoshibox.com/mm3exsnird6pjf3bkaqz4gie after purchase , mail to the seller to get ur unique user key . there r some new rules from now : - payment would be accepted in all altcoins , but for10% additional charge . -10 buyers will get a reward of 1 btc who comment their address here . - buy only from the genuine link provided in the description . -PAYMENT FIRST . -the support mail id has been changed : [email protected] its a request to all viewers not to ask for bargains or free software , coz its 100% legit , and dont spread false rumors against me if u havent tried it once . have faith , invest once and earn daily forever . its not a script that it would b banned by any company ! also dont forget to join this telegram channel : https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFI-diY0y2iVB8vlaQ ☝☝ Ita a place where i promote my stuffs . PLEASE SHARE , AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL .
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Text Comments (35)
cili padi (3 months ago)
Dont buy anything here..Totally scammer.bullshit..Fuck off
MP4 Videos (3 months ago)
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Roberto J (3 months ago)
Hello, i write you because i want to buy you the license. Please try to response me. Regards
Mm Hh (4 months ago)
earn 20sat every 1 min with http://hitbitco.in/?r=1LZHgCFjVjoF8butSdRiMQz3ubriDUTz72
Roberto J (4 months ago)
I want to buy it, if fail do you offer refound?
Sure sir , you'll be refunded if the software fails to work , the refund is included in our policy .
Roberto J (4 months ago)
Would you give me other email, because it bounce. Thanks
+Hussein Saidi [email protected] You can mail me here .
Hussein Saidi (4 months ago)
Pleas right your email again I cant reach you
Sorry check for delay sir . We have sent you an e-mail regarding our software . Kindly check .
Aum Udayam (5 months ago)
Any minimum balance needed to work this software. If it not working will refund
Aum Udayam we provide you a 100% assurance of 8ts working .
Aum Udayam no sir it works without any minimum balance .. you will have a full refund if the software fails to work .. !!
B k Sah (8 months ago)
Thank u sir .. its really workin u're indegenious sSjeo20VekwlwoAWlwpwkskslwp10Oeal
arpita patil (8 months ago)
thanks for bringing the software ! 1Pn5cTWNvUvTykWQJZHB4NfGf4QJFBQnVz
nandita kumari (8 months ago)
its working many thanks seller dkeo29jko3kjjoejekwoLwjsklsna2929sjap
deepak singh (8 months ago)
its working .many many thanks sellor rmwp2iB2pJwnPo2hKap2isbawLpwj
always on top (8 months ago)
its worlking perfectly , like the rest .. thnq seller for bringing 8t up here. heres my address : dnalwp29yeiaPKalwpwuehzla92geka82vkao
armaan l (8 months ago)
is thzis working plea tell me d trith , i dont wanto lose my last set of money
Roberto J (3 months ago)
armaan l really work?
armaan l (8 months ago)
crypto real script seller thnq , its really working 1pBalwizvOwhsjPahwps9whLaiwbwpaiwbsk
armaan l yes my dear bro , it works ... i m not lying , u can try it to believe me
joey dsouza paul (8 months ago)
working software thanks for bringing t here ebwp28zvwlw8Kwpsihwjskwo1iGowo19J
nandita kumari (8 months ago)
its really worth buying ajs7wgww72gOJsksjs028eyhzoajsjaosmaloq99J
pratyasha priyadarshini (8 months ago)
i ve always been ur satisfied customer and supported u , bcoz u were the one who helped me n times of need ... and i still ow all my siccess 2u thnx sir , u re really a miracle n my lyf ..
thank u
tom cruise (8 months ago)
sir you were'nt wrong to write there it works like a charm , it"s really worth buying your stuffs elslwlwi201PapKwkalP92iJalwosui2kM
roberto audiriano (8 months ago)
bro i made apurchase 20 minuee and still havent been ableb2download it .. seems the network is very slow 😟
roberto audiriano (8 months ago)
m buyin this software with half of my life earnings . i hope i would regain it after usng it 😴
+Yusuf Ibrahim The software cant be sent for free because its working .
Yusuf Ibrahim (4 months ago)
send me the software for free if its working
roberto audiriano (8 months ago)
crypto real script seller its workin its workng . million thnx dn29OjwnwPiabskOwiwhskalwjznelfnaksbl
roberto audiriano okay if you found it useful please write here , so that everyone could buy
alisha aggarwal (8 months ago)
its lso working like the rest , thanx seller akso83hlai2Hjap2izhskK19uJaamL2ihs
Ansul Sah (8 months ago)
no commwnts here ?? i guess m the 1st one to buy 😆 thenks fr uploading this video . djakeo28ebsla2l1eiDnakwiwKejwlAn
anish mukherjee yes you are the first 😊 wait for me to announce the giveaway .

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