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90% of traders lose money... So how to be in the top 10%?

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90% of traders lose money... http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/Lose-money.html So how to be in the top 10%? Francis Hunt a technical analysis trader and coach comments. What are the bad habits to avoid? What are some trading mistakes to avoid? Is trading forex, indices and commodities a giant casino? Decide on a strategy that looks after all elements of money management. You've got to manage losses and you need to have a system that will make more money than it loses. Patterns are probably the most important technical analysis tool for me. If you've found this video useful, please click the like button and share it with your friends and remember to SUBSCRIBE to remain up-to-date!
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David Burt (11 days ago)
This is a fucking fantastic video. My guy is brilliant
Falloutshemaster P (20 days ago)
Keep your losses under 10%. Focus on your risk rather than what you can possibly gain. This will help keep emotions out of it.
Ralfy Ibrahim (23 days ago)
Trade small size and small profit made and get out in the trade immediately.small win still a win.dont be greedy you will lose money.
th tan (24 days ago)
Yes. He’s right. Taking a loss too big.
TheRusschannel (24 days ago)
When I have sex 99.9% of all the little guys in play LOSE .... That's biological life ..... in our design
Ticker Tacticks (28 days ago)
Know how to trade would be the answer
callmeyoni (1 month ago)
This is the best trading advice on the internet
Abed Fahed (1 month ago)
I would say you need to be confident with your strategy
I trade with ten screen,one screen can't be a good trader
samherb1 (1 month ago)
Ok, great. Now give me the strategy that I can follow to consistently beat the market........
raspberrynz86 (1 month ago)
ajeeth 79 (1 month ago)
Trade in liquid environment
The Pajama Trader (1 month ago)
I can help you learn this
Rama Bhupal (1 month ago)
90% loose money because we dont have a trading skill to deal uncertain environment all problems starts markets moves up and down even it moves 500 points up , it pulls back a few times on 500 moves which makes moves subconscious and conscious mind to tunnel vision. All this happens in fraction of seconds and it is difficult to recognized till your trading account becomes blank. when our conscious mind become ineffective which is blind spot. when blind spot happens and market is moving volatile moves you lose money short period of time. normally markets wont move that faster we will have time to react in this process we keep seeing profits, small losses sometime we make decent profits etc. all gives an illusion to us to keep trading when tunnel vision happens to trader all us will move to 90% the traders league
djpuplex (1 month ago)
Buy quality and don't take a loss ride the tide back up only take losses that are necessary, missed or depreciated earnings, loss of market share, law suit ECT. Buy quality legit companies no small/mid cap bs. Most price changes are cycles. Good forbid you hold a stock for a couple days/weeks.
Elena (1 month ago)
How to be a professional Trader: 🗹 Have a super clean, modern Apartment 🗹 Have a nice suit 🗹 Have no Family ................ ☒ Have 5 screens infront of you ☒ Have a stack of money always lying around infront of the camera ☒ Have complicated looking exel charts on your screen
Pacific Northwest (1 month ago)
I cant emphasis on trade size enough, no position should ever be more than 10% of your roll. I mostly place bets that are 5% and under. Risk reward is HUGE, i look for solid equities that are severely under valued, while being fundamentally sound and well capitalized. They offer huge upside with low down side risk. You can then hold them for longer term and sleep well at night. I dont bet coin tosses. I HATE things like leveraged etfs’s. Last and most important, patients, wait for the fat pitches to come to you, dont force the market, it will destroy your account. The patterns and charts will come over time, they take a lot of practice, there is no easy way but to put lots of time into TA and fundamental analysis. “When the charts line up with seasonality, its like taking candy from a baby” Once i started understanding these principles, i started making life changing money. I like this video, this guy is spot on.
Robert Alexandre (1 month ago)
Thank you.
william d (2 months ago)
A real successful traders never teach their trading strategy to others, never. Look at Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor Jones, George Soros and other successful billionaire hedge fund managers. Their assets speaks loudly to their skill on trading. They don't waste their time making youtube videos and conducting paid seminars on how to become a successful trader.
Philip Fisher (2 months ago)
thanks for sharing
B Bobby (3 months ago)
Everything he says is correct but you need to find the right expert advisors and settings. They will do the trading for you. I turned a £1000 account into £10,000 account within 6 months even though it had average draw down.
B Bobby (3 months ago)
Automated trading is the right way if you can find the correct expert advisors and settings. It is a lot better than sitting at a screen for hours.
This man belongs in a James Bond film
Hoang Tuan (3 months ago)
most important lesson is to have the gut to admit you were wrong and cut your losses early so you can buy back cheaper, it's the part of the game, no book tells you to deal with failure. Just like life, you have to fail hard before you actually win something. Another important lesson is don't overtrade, you are going to miss some opportunities and that's fine, just relax after selling and wait for the bottom.
abraham mills (3 months ago)
The best I've watched
Hedge Trading System (3 months ago)
Andre Bezuidenhout (3 months ago)
Bullshit....where do you get that 90% figures...you’re selling some bullshit to retail traders.
obstinate one (3 months ago)
Does anybody think this guy looks like a villain in a James Bond movie?
alxhabs (3 months ago)
Amrit Pal Singh (3 months ago)
Trading is a defensive game. The stronger your defense, the lesser chances to be on the losing side. When your defenses are super solid, your attack is also going to gain strength in time. But first concentrate on defenses, then slowly, move towards attack, no matter how slow it is. But there should be an exit strategy, always......
Joeybabbs .BABBS (3 months ago)
well spoken and educated gentleman
Cedric B. (3 months ago)
The harsh reality people is that according ALL the academic and institutional studies i have read made in the US, Taiwan, France, poland and Germany, barely 5% of retail traders are profitale over one year, and only 1% or retail traders trading currencies consistently make money over several years. Not 10%. All the rest blow up one day or another because the odds are heavily stacked against them. Now, you would think that all this lost money goes to the lucky 1%. WRONG! 95% of that lost money is siphonned by the brokers and the market makers Only 5% of the loser's money goes to the 1% winners day trading is a scam marketed by brokers their affiliates and so called instructors - people stay away and don't fall for that BS The only way to make money in the markets is slowly year after year by investing in valuable companies, scaling in and out and understanding the fundamentals, how the market cycles work - read wyckloff. Never FOMO Buying when the prices are wrecked and have bottomed to historical lows and selling when everyone think it's going to the moon. This is how Warren Buffet and other successful made their fortune, not by starring at screens all day long trying to scalp a few pips like a degenerate
J79 (3 months ago)
Good guy, smart guy.
samuel cardwell (3 months ago)
ah youve learnt this mentality from warren buffet.. patience is the key holding
julius owuonda (3 months ago)
A very sincere advice. I once chased off my loses and Ingot wiped off the market
Mace_In_Your_Face (3 months ago)
Plus500 quote 80.6% lose money. Trading 212 give 80% and ETX 76%.. So where have you got 91% from?
Dr Strange (3 months ago)
basically don't allow your emotions to play a role in achieving a profit.
Sophisticated One (4 months ago)
I'm one of the 10%
CYPY HOT (4 months ago)
I need a forex mentor how can i get one..
Black Hole (4 months ago)
90% of traders fart while trading
B A (4 months ago)
All lies, the very existence of all brokers is dependent on you losing money. They thrive on your misfortune.. helping you win is like they biting their own tail. They offer these high leverages... because they know you are destined to lose.. Keep away from these cons.. they have lined up every thing including their computer systems to rob you from your hard earned money.. just think, who on earth would allow a leverage with as high as 99.5%. Unlike these brokers, i am your well wisher, run away! The big banks, the brokers and the whole financial industry are corrupt and deceitful. DONT TRUST A WORD THEY SAY. RUN BABY RUN!
Alex Chu (4 months ago)
Emotions are the greatest downfall
Bonacci Invest (4 months ago)
LEON (4 months ago)
who is he?
The last Jedi (4 months ago)
I have an example I learned years ago I'd like to share and it involves riding motorcycles. 30 odd years ago I rode motorcycles with a group of guys, and they were fast. Thing is that as i tried my best to keep up with them gradually they always pulled away. I was determined to get this so I went out and bought the fastest bike on sale, it didn't help. after quite a lot of consultation one guy said to me 'go out and buy a bike half the power and you'll get it, and he was right. The point was it's not the bike that was the problem it was me. learning to take risk, especially with your life is not easy and the more responsibility you have in your life the less risk you are prepared take, and what's worse is that every few weeks someone i knew was killed on a motorcycle which didn't help. There's more, to beat the fast guys you have to be faster than them, and how can you be faster than them or even learn from them when you cant even keep up. You've got to want it and i mean really want it . I did beat him fair and square, it took years with equal bikes sadly he never rode with me after that and shortly after I gave up too but I never forgot what I learned.
Lissa Stevens (5 months ago)
I keep blowing my account 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Josh Roake (5 months ago)
It’s simple, stop using charts.
We The Shareholders (5 months ago)
Very eloquently put. Absolutely correct that traders often look for the soonest available "opportunity" after taking a loss, which is often substandard.
meshowz (5 months ago)
trading is gambling...99% you will lose...be smart and invest your hard earned money in good well-known companies for the long-term (3-5yr)
jack summers (5 months ago)
Nice suit young man.
Roadto 500k (6 months ago)
Stop trading - start sport betting :)
Luke (6 months ago)
Francis hunt. No kind of track record. All BS.
hey there (6 months ago)
just follow the system blindly
LiveSignalTrade (6 months ago)
I use most of the time Divergence Patterns to make winning trades and it works great! But you are absolutely correct! I trade for more than 6 years and what you just said is 100% right! When you open small positions then you can easily apply all kind of strategies and risk management. If you are not on the right direction with big positions then psychologically it is very hard to sustain the wave's against you and no strategy will be helpful except if you have enough luck that market will turn onto your side which most of the time is not the case..... We need to keep in mind this video every time you open a trade! Thanks very much!
ryven (6 months ago)
if you never sell, you never lose!
Sherlock Holmes (6 months ago)
i would trust the advice of an assassin turned trader
Nick Shawn (7 months ago)
Solid stuff! Spread betting haha. Forex changed my life entirely. Yall stay patient and dont give up ✊ Videos on my channel if anyone wants my take on the markets
Pablo Dee (7 months ago)
What’s this traders name?
UKspreadbetting (7 months ago)
Francis Hunt
Veljko Nedeljkovic (7 months ago)
At the first couple of seconds into the video I was wondering what language this is Czech,Slovakian etc. :D
Jibon Ali (7 months ago)
A decent trader will never stop to exchange, if the outcome isn't great even he endeavor to exchange. After at some point you will understand your trading botches effectively. To exchange well one must need legitimate rule. Frame my broker Forex4you I am getting legitimate rule which exchanges well. They assist me with knowing the exchange market conditions too. So now I am ready to comprehend the trading traps. Furthermore I get super cool trading condition.
Homer Simpson (7 months ago)
Incorrect Title - should be: 99% of traders lose money... So how to be in the top 1%? Be careful what you believe - Forex is extremely Dangerous !!
Kasper K0210 (7 months ago)
Good to see that Agent 47 has got a new job
Simon bastin (7 months ago)
stop being so fucking greedy and be consistent
Phil (7 months ago)
Just a question: You always hear the figures 90% and 10%, but where are they acutally from?
Kev (7 months ago)
Wise words
Defy Convention (7 months ago)
100% of traders lose money, but then make more the next day!
Mark Nembhard (7 months ago)
what about fading the trend. working out retracements based on trend lines and using a oscillator to confirm . MACD histogram to confimn volume
UKspreadbetting (7 months ago)
Valid strategy, we've done several videos covering fading a trend/move.
Kenal Louis (8 months ago)
I love this video and these thoughts. This knowledge is gold even 3 years later.
2phil4u (8 months ago)
Btw i Just trade with bonus and two Times today grr i changed stop loss in the win Area and two Times i Just left marktet on a small range and after IT turned in the big win zone But i won, you need to have big wins to compensate the Costs without winning 55 percent of your trades I Do believe adjusting the range is fine, But i was to narrow.
Jassius Clay (8 months ago)
Every successful people in their field have their own secret strategy and technic. Now I’m not saying only about trading job but about everything. So if you want to be successful you have to build your own strategy and never tell it to anyone and keep going! If it doesn’t work change your strategy invest little bit and if it works then go higher
Khutso Seleke (8 months ago)
The emotions are a traders downfall.
Tsar (8 months ago)
Wait , this is the Russian guy in the movie "LIMITLESS" that keeps coming back for more pills
A Shell (8 months ago)
With all due respect, there are billions of traders out there trying to "Play The Game" & going down in flames. Take 90% of your money & invest it in good blue chip stocks & play with a small amount of your money. Stay away from garbage stocks. If you do get stuck in a pullback & it's a great company it will come back. I'm long AAPL. BA, AFG, AMZN, XOM, BP, & lots of small, & medium micro-cap biotech's which offer massive gains at times. I'm killing it now but sure took my beatings getting here. Right now the market looks a little top heavy so I'm 50% in cash. If Trump doesn't get reelected I'll pull the plug & wait for the correction to be over. If it looks like a Democrat is getting elected in the USA I'll go short as the US market will drop 10,000 plus points.
James Bradley (8 months ago)
Accept small losses, have a process. Emotional/mental capital is important. Only trade A+ setups. It’s very rare to be a Consistently Profitable trader in less than 3 yrs.
Ari (8 months ago)
I am looking for a tool for monymegment can you help me
Carvani leyko (8 months ago)
Do you want to invest or what?
Rudy p. (8 months ago)
i have same chair :))
Joe Blow (8 months ago)
Retail forex is a scam and must be banned. No one makes money except those selling "shovels to the gold diggers "
Andy Shortland (8 months ago)
so 90% of traders lose, over how long is this statistic measured over?
Manoo42 (8 months ago)
I believe its a year, so 90% of retail traders are no longer trading within 12 months.
Rafal Z (9 months ago)
So 10% makes money... but over what period of time? What about statistical significance? There are always some people making money in some period of time but this is natural distribution of probabilities - nothing to do with skills and strategy. Markets are pretty much efficient but it is quite easy to fool people to believe they are not. Trading psychology is the biggest red herring.
ishan narula (9 months ago)
Don’t ask for combo in the beginning even if u see only French fries take it and whole ass.. this is day trading lesson for the beginners.. when u r on the driving seat u can be more aggressive with your trades. Arrive late than die
Andy Green (9 months ago)
Would love to know who this guy is , his attitude is great speaks well, howvwre .Look at the backround, so set up . one screen, real strange facing camera, and internet hub on the desk . Not picking, if he's a real guy brought in for info all the better.nearly there my self, but still going on the net to find these predatory fucking advert videos.Just letting of steam.Keep adding to the pot guys.
I use one screen too lol
Yamboi09 (9 months ago)
Oh man this guy is dead on!
Luis Luis (9 months ago)
soo basically Gambling
MGTOW Psyche (9 months ago)
NEVER go on full retard tilt....
joe caterman (9 months ago)
i see the market as a hungry grinning crocodile. Unless you've really go your strategy it can and will snap all your profits and then some at any opportunity it gets. In fact, just assume it'll 100% take all the money you have off you like a casino, its designed that way... but if you managed to find the patterns and exploits and stick to them.. you'll be able to siphon off money from the market at a steady rate as I do. Most of the time I do not trade.
ako din (10 months ago)
it s very helpful for trader
AVLRECORDS (10 months ago)
why are 90% of the people retarded is a better question
John Permabull Smith (10 months ago)
90% lost money simply because they can't fucking manage their money. Plain and simple.
kaisar imam (10 months ago)
Secret of trading success is using proper stoploss
macnossa007 (10 months ago)
it's not quite clear to me when the warning on every broker site says that trading cfd can result in losses higher than one's initial capital. does it mean my account can go below zero?
UKspreadbetting (10 months ago)
In theory yes, trading CFDs could result in losses higher than the funds in your trading account. This is because you are trading on margin - you could be controlling a 100% position (i.e. subject to its up and down moves) with just a 10% deposit. If you know what you're doing this shouldn't really be a big problem - simply avoid leveraging yourself to dangerous levels. Having said that, if you are located in Europe regulators are insisting that brokers have a no-negative balance policy on retail client accounts.
Rob Leese (10 months ago)
Excellent video and absolutely spot on ! I would also suggest first starting out trading with smaller amounts until your ready to increase the size ... it also helps to restrict the knee jerk reactions, losses and also you get to understand the market/markets your in..
Beugre J.M. Loic (10 months ago)
puffff i have done all of that but still losing...
Julien Lauzon (10 months ago)
cannot continue to work for a salary and not fuckin became crazy about how a fukin a lot of people make money to fuckin do nothing , it the worst torture . i cant be a fukin stupid worker anymore am gonna fukin shoot myself , i barelry can eat with my fuk salary crap even with a ''good'' salary and a diploma ! this world disrespect me to much i cant continue fuck humanity i work so hard for nothing FUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Cayden (10 months ago)
So essentially you have to switch off your emotional corner of the mind when trading I guess. Become a cold, emotionless robot.
ASDF123000 (10 months ago)
I like this guy a lot
ASDF123000 (10 months ago)
wow he explained it so brilliantly , respect
RUGGED BREED (10 months ago)
good job bald man
FX Game (11 months ago)
ONly use reliable EAs, that are Not martingale, hedge or anything (grid). You can make easily 10-15 % a m; isnt enought or wat?!
jay singer (11 months ago)
Great video i am fairly new to forex been trading for 4 months now i was told by somone who works on a Bloomberg terminal for a hedgfund that candlestick analysis and technical analysis is nothing more than a guess and unless you have a bloomberg terminal your win ratio and loose ratio with proper risk management would be the same as a professional candlestick and technical analysis trader who has been trading forex candelsticks for years is it true that we as retail traders are all in the same boat as all the othe professional retail candlestick chart traders once we learn the basics ?

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