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What would a U.S.-China trade war look like? | CNBC Explains

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CNBC's Phil Han explains what a potential U.S.-China trade war could look like. ----- Subscribe to CNBC International: http://cnb.cx/2gft82z Like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cnbcinternational Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cnbcinternational/ Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/CNBCi Subscribe to our WeChat broadcast CNBC_international
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Text Comments (946)
Max Jing (13 days ago)
it looks like it's gonna end.
Trawm Mwart (2 months ago)
I know he is like china so much in trades or bussiness but he is a president. So ... you all knows
Al Loomis (2 months ago)
it's not rape when american companies beg to be allowed to produce and sell in china. you could say it's selling out the american middle class, but that's their own fault. too lazy to get rich, too lazy to join the military, to lazy to sell drugs, or their daughters. while trump is a truly contemptible human being, he also is perfectly representative of the american elite, aside from not bothering to hide his contempt for everyone else. but not unique, there, either. america was born to preserve the wealth of slave plantation plutocrats, and it did until the civil war. then it served to defend the wealth of industrial and mining plutocrats, just as it now defends bankers. the constitution defends wealth- period. it was designed that way. american reverence for the constitution is a cosmic joke, one which is wearing a little thin.
PrettyBoyErin (2 months ago)
I thought it was gonna be like world war lol
Jalpan sheth (2 months ago)
Wow.. great Please keep uploading such good content
Hari Vishwanath (3 months ago)
Bhartiya janta ko Jaan Lena chaiye ki China se liye Gaye cheez tikau Nahi hai aur usko khareedna Kam Karna chaiye . Agar demand Kam hoyega tho Apne aap Uske saaman ka koi mol Nahi hoga .
David From New York (3 months ago)
The Chinese hate white Americans.
ng joyce (4 months ago)
N0 play play play 0f trade war, wakeup negociation be well fine.
Nishant Singh (4 months ago)
Watching it, in Sept 2018 when this situation is true...
Cloud (4 months ago)
Trump is a big joke to the world. US deserve a better president like George Washington or Lincoln. His ego will lead US to failure. At the end of the day is the American who pay the price, not the rich Trump who already made millions trading with China. Wake up American!
Fly four (4 months ago)
Marlhon Joseph Lim (5 months ago)
Funny he is so angry with China and yet Trump online store are selling their Trump products made in China!!! Lol
vector b (5 months ago)
Nurul Ansari (5 months ago)
I want China to win trade war. I'm from india and i support China. Well i don't hate USA but i want China to be at par with USA.
tenzin sangpo (5 months ago)
No way..there is sure in collapse of china manipulation...it is barely depends on America of their stand against..
tenzin sangpo (5 months ago)
It is very important to maintain trade deficit..
akira j (6 months ago)
well like this mmmmmmmmmmmmmm see america is in e trade war but the countrys will do the same to america an now japan and the eu got free trade and you not so let say this //////////////well trump is smart he became ritch and leader off the usa and now trade wars and now he needs bigger pockets for all the money his familliy will make whit there stores factories and more from the trade deals not the americans but trumps familly and freinds good job dude realy fucking smart but you let you peeps pay more for all the stuff off the trade deals that the countrys will do back but you you can pay for all the stuff you need fucking smart dude your killing your poor peeps for more space and more order and you become more money and you own allot off power leader off the usa so you can do this and more and your save fucking smart dude realy holy crap but what whit your people trump let them pay more and if they cant well sorry thats the world but its you hahahahaha lol sneeky old man hahahaha lol but fucking smart and i am european but i see it americans open your freaking eyes you will pay more but not ritch so less money to save trump and freinds ritch can pay all crap they want so wtf are you so stupid or what he is not doing this for america you will pay more he does it for him sellfs and his familly and freinds they got mines factories and stores so if they wanna export the world pays more for it so they become ritcher not you and if you wanna get something you pay more for the stuff so do you wanna pay more for stuff look to it how mutch is your export and import //// you get it your country export so do you all own e factorie or stores or mines they become ritcher becuas thats export like cars oil gas food you name it and normal americans that do not own factories and all well if you buy something thats is from e material that is made from imported crap you will pay more for it so //////1 americas trade war let countrys pay more for stuff they import but lets say eu they do the same whit america but not whit japan and canada and the rest off the world lets say china america does it to china and china to america but not to the eu lets say canada america does it by canada and canada do the same to america but not to the eu lets say america will do the same to the rest but the rest does the same to america but not to the eu inda china Russia canada and africa so ho will pay more far allllot off stuff not the rest but america ho becoms ritch in america off this mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm not the normal americans that do not owns stores and things were things are sold or made or extrackted from the ground like oil rigs gas rigs mines so do you get it //////// but i thingk you need to read this again to understand what i mean and sorry for my english but i wanna say this for the normal americans that yust work and not own things the will pay more for stuff but the americans that own mines are ritch they can pay what they want for stuff but the normal americans that work and get e limitid pay check well they cant save more money for later or there kids becuas you gonna pay more for stuff from alll countrys and this is not for the rest off the world they do not do this to ohter countrys but only to america becuas america does it to them well trump not the normal peeps but trump and for how not the normal peeps but the ritcher americans not that yust work for the city or the county or e factorie or in e mine or on e gas rig and oil rig and hospitals and the post and polic fire dept and all the rest that nare not the owner off the store or mine so \\\\\\\\ again sorry for my eng but read it again if you want but thing about it but ye read it slow so you can understand it maby becuas off my eng but ye trump is e sneeky old basterd that does this for the ritch and ye but if you thing about this , this is fucking smart form this point read it again and you understand it well like i say maby becuas off my eng but fuck man and woman and kids from america this is yust fucking smart what trump does for trump and the rest off the ritch well ui say ritch but yoknow it now the people that own mines and …………….. so sorrry but thats yust fuckt up
Tea 1 (6 months ago)
JING WEI ONG (6 months ago)
Trump needs to learn how to pronounce 'China' properly.
Hung Nguyen (6 months ago)
Fuck china
simon huang (6 months ago)
America want to control the world if America can't control it , America want to destroy it . America is a destruction to the world .
MJ Rodriguez (6 months ago)
July 6, 2018 Trump has declared a trade war with China.
Joseph Castrona (6 months ago)
Those investors in China are greedy traitors placing their personal interests above their country and people. Greed is a bottomless pit. China has been stealing American jobs and technology, which annually costs the US hundreds of billions of dollars. The amount of money the US lost to Chinese espionage, could go as high as almost $600 billion yearly, according to CNN. Trump did the right thing by imposing high tariffs on Chinese imports. If Trump can make the leading thief China "refund" (by imposing high tariffs on Chinese imports) hundreds of billions of dollars, it can help "reimburse" American consumers and farmers/manufacturers. It's the right thing to do for our country and for all of us.
Yajaira Ramos (6 months ago)
bs went all his business are overseas n brand from China!!!!!!
REDLINE P.R.A (6 months ago)
Right now all stay the same who does it hurt
Donna McDonald (6 months ago)
We will start feeling the depression kick in around the first on the year Trump will have a break down or heart attack or the kremlin will take care of him, the white men have alway make fun on Asia peoples for not being smart and alway run around working hard and never getting ahead XI-Jinping need to break away from russian and North Korea and try to get along with Japan and South Korea become allies and make a super-pac with being Asia country and there need to let there big ego go you look out for there peoples country not yourself. Your Asia peoples may take your money with you when you died like getting buried with it, but you can not spend it in hell.
Jianmei Sun (6 months ago)
Now you can know what a U.S-China trade really looks like.
Siva 1985 (6 months ago)
long give Trump
Cosimo Kramarawicz (6 months ago)
I'm sick of this asshole president, time to sharpen up my tools of the trade.
sunchi cheng (6 months ago)
Love you for what ?you retard! For low wage labor?china factory worker 2-3 dollar hour.usa worker get paid 8-20 dollars a hour!for what reason you have factory in China or other country?who going pay that 25% tariff?weeeeeeeee ! The citizens of USA u moron!
D (6 months ago)
What it already looks like?
talin nalo (6 months ago)
Srinivasa Perumal (6 months ago)
US Industry will have major impact as most dependable on semifinished goods from China. While China has master manufacturing in past decades they marching towards performance and perfection. China's silk road is setting new business community and consumers alternative to US consumption. EU which getting kicked double impact of trade relation and US tariff hikes ... EU -China would build more business which China's objective. ITS silk road initiative and business loans have made more debts for those countries and also made submissive to lease their ports and business to China. A War is eminent as more chaos goes and more morons joins the broth.
da ne (6 months ago)
muy divertido
Vincent Vargas (6 months ago)
akash sinha (6 months ago)
support to chinese from india fuck those bastards usa
jamjamlui (7 months ago)
im very much in favor in taxing the imports to 45% TO CHINA,, china is really raping the UNITED STATES with consent ,,
rakzr (7 months ago)
And trump is that dumb to actually impose tariffs. Wow stupid moorica.
KL L (7 months ago)
island mentality !wake up Americans! The main reason for Trump's fight against China Cnanda and even EU trade war is not about economy but Iran and the Middle East. Nothing to do with trade which is a cover that All trade wars are camouflage. China helps Middle East countries resist war by Trump Divides Middle East Ambition and conspiracy, so Trump must suppress China with trade war, however directly cause the issue of U.S. employment and economy.
hundred cs (7 months ago)
Carlton Clare (7 months ago)
I’d be interested in a trade world.
Jaxx Brat (7 months ago)
Less nickel and dime junk imported. Less sales till the competition flairs
Achal Dhir (7 months ago)
I hate Chinese stuff coming to USA. What a low quality.
Rustin Pierce (7 months ago)
Can't we just all get along .
Marcus Mercer (7 months ago)
Tariffs... The most primitive and defiantly most inefficient way to protect the economy. It always bad for people who live in "protected" country.
ceciLOVEtaco (7 months ago)
It's never about what trade war , it's about who's going to be the biggest/strongest economic entity in the world and has the say . China is a political unit wheeled by the politicians who demand the businessmen to comply with the national security . While USA, on the contrary , is a unit wheeled by crony capitalist conglomerates demand this nation to comply with their own benefits . Who will win in the long term ? very obvious.
Felix Yang (8 months ago)
You Americans print all those green paper called dollar and then buy everything China make, of course there will be a imbalance in it, and you have been taking huge advantage from it for decades, if you don’t buy from us, your dollars will eventually turn into papers, and why you print them at the very beginning then?
HarvardRadRes (8 months ago)
Funny that most tech-savvy engineers in US are Chinese decent.
沉然 (8 months ago)
one of the picture is in London Chinatown haha
Nelson P. (9 months ago)
US scared of losing the power in every sector lol
wild smooth (9 months ago)
We need to diversify our trading portfolio. Fuck China.
Senada Pasic (9 months ago)
Trump could tank your economy if you're not careful . Better be ready for a vote of confidence if that happens. All they had to do was fix the automobile tariffs and make it fair with China compensating the US. I guess that's why the trade war . It's already a war, my friends. Start watching carefully and speak with your reps to interrupt a catastrophe.
David Clark (9 months ago)
So you would add the trade going in each direction rather than point out the surplus of China trade over US trade is just over 300 billion. Sounds totally fair to me! You subtracted the US exports from the Chinese imports and included the 40 plus billion in US service trade right? Are you related to Trump or just uninformed?
DaBoogie (9 months ago)
Apparently a China trade war looks like China asking for lower tariffs after MAYBE a fucking week. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☠️
Julius Ceaser97 (9 months ago)
its Happening my Friends.
Sujan Sau (9 months ago)
What..he said *rape*...his country..OMG..😨😨😨...& fact that, he is a precident😂😂😂
Jim J (9 months ago)
This video is from One year ago , and look at now
Super One (9 months ago)
Donald Trump has always had the "I'm the boss" syndrome. Everyone knew that when they elected him. What they didn't consider is that he isn't the boss of other countries or world leaders. It's their mandate to do the best they can for their country and their economy. China and Mexico, as examples, don't exist to serve the needs of the US. They are sovereign nations. Trump can't tell them what to do in his own interest. The same guy that didn't know that health care was complicated also thinks that it's easy to win a trade war. The man is an idiot and we'll all pay for that.
Lord Ha-Ha (9 months ago)
Stan M (9 months ago)
China to add 25% "export tax" on all goods sent to the US... problem solved
Stan M (9 months ago)
EU is the number one importer of China goods American's are a distant second
Brad Schlenker (9 months ago)
I am amazed, shocked, dismayed... As I read comments from confused and ignorant liberals regarding the proposed Terrifs on Chinese imports.. if you know the facts you wouldn't disagree with these proposals..  I guess most liberals have no clue that all our products imported into China are taxed heavily.. between 40 and 100% and believe me this is not just a story, I have lived there 10 years!  Why shouldn't we do the same to all the junk from China which we have been buying.?? I also suppose most liberals have no clue or even care to understand the devistating effects of the huge trade imbalance.. We have been bleeding out for the past 30 years! Shipping our wealth, manufacturing and American know how to China.  Making a level playing field by hitting their products with equal teffifs will cause manufacturing to return to the USA , thus creating jobs here!! Isn't that a good thing?! And during the past 30 years of bad policy, the Chinese have grown economically and educated at our expenses! Now look at there arrogance!! Especially manifested in the south China Sea.
Carlo Alilin (9 months ago)
No believe.
Merry Mary (9 months ago)
mauricio echeverria (9 months ago)
fuck china the fascist state
samsara dev (9 months ago)
most of,the commantator are 50cent chinese CCP hired worker. USA faces huge trade deficit with china. It cant be ignore anymore. also china should be checked to counter its bullying to entire world especially its neighboring countries from land grabing. Ultimately the CCP will colapse if trade deficit continues for long and its good to the entire world.
Raf M (9 months ago)
Oh no. My Chinese food ... :(
Roger didit (9 months ago)
Companies are LEAVING CHINA and moving to the United States! People don't want to wait to receive their order. Energy is cheaper here. Wages are rising in China. Don't believe it? https://youtu.be/li5sdxGllIs
Mike Williams (9 months ago)
Even harley parts are made out of the usa.
Eric Smith (9 months ago)
We should have ever opened to trade to begin with.
Marvin G. (9 months ago)
too late Trump your predecessors made it possible that the US is dependent on China's imports and exports the same, you should have first addressed where you would throw out your exports and get imports so you can stay away from China
Ryan Rodrigues (9 months ago)
The two largest economies going trade war with each other will effect every nation.
polite critique (9 months ago)
Chinese retards are doing new business with ivanker trump then traitors pretending that they will fight u.s what a joke Winnie the pooh xi jinping is
Fred Heigl (9 months ago)
Fred Heigl (9 months ago)
We have one product China compete with...food.
yebonet broyazo (9 months ago)
Trump is just talk ! no action !
Pepsi Ccola usa (9 months ago)
USA started losing all it’s manufacturing jobs when nafta started by bill Clinton in the early 90’s. Not only did they give other countries work but the technology of great American manufacturing industry inventions. Without the pride and guarantee of poverty to low wage foreign workers. Is this really better. I remember the ww2 generation use to say to buy American. I think there right
Sophie -gacha edits (9 months ago)
Player 1's ready(Donald J Trump) Player 2's ready(China) AND WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bam Game over their equal man cause your spending time on war when you can just be proud.China wants their people to be great there but you don't have to mind because the first YouTube vids I see normally have American Or Canadian people and the first country my family knows is America and Britain
Roger didit (9 months ago)
The video is correct. I'm not drinking Chinese tea. OR HUNDREDS OF OTHER ITEMS. I can make other choices. And I intend to.
Roger didit (9 months ago)
We've had enough cheap spatulas, silly Christmas ornaments, and poorly made clothing from the Chinese worker bees. We have a whole world of choices to give our slave work to. Why continue to enrich these Chinese criminals. It's time for a boycott of ALL CHINESE trade. Let's see who cries first.
Junn Kit Wong (9 months ago)
USA can spend less on china. the chinese didnt force your to buy their product.
Useless Cause (9 months ago)
Trump never thinks about how other countries or people could react because they do not exist. He is the center of the universe and the rest of the world are bit players in his show. All hail the Great Leader. Make America Great Again Trump! You MAGAT
Key Seong Lim (9 months ago)
oh... He doesn't know how to use chopstick properly...
Carba (9 months ago)
For The I Am (9 months ago)
I prefer to listen to Trump, not MSM Fake News.
Paul Z (9 months ago)
If the Costco or Kmart will rise up the price, i will buy them from Ebay from China.
Kc12345 (9 months ago)
China today is like Nazi in the 1930s. Have we learnt anything from the history book?
kuldeep der (9 months ago)
Shit just got real
liknlife (9 months ago)
Sounds like trouble for Wal Marts, Dollar Stores & their customers.
Roger didit (9 months ago)
CHINA has no "welfare" or "food stamps". When we put in place wee deserved tariffs on their products (like they do to ours) and it results in unemployment, it is FAR more damaging to them than us. Furthermore, the Chinese like to smile and say "yes, yes" as they continue to tighten the noose around your neck. If you complain the rope is too tight, they smile and schedule talks for next year. IT MUST STOP. before they hang us. SUPPORT TRUMP, support FAIR trade.
Gwen Walravens (9 months ago)
"Apple just announced that they are bringing home their manufacturing back to the US." Not the first time and won't be the last. They have also stated that workers in foreign countries that made parts of the iphone weren't exploited. "Think about Apple alone. They make multi BILLIONS in profit that's on their books. They can EASILY afford to hire American labor." Dude, they literally BUY tech to put into their iphone from OTHER companies. Samsung makes more profit putting their screens into iphones. Sony delivers the cameras... And yes they do make a lot of profit. If they hire Americans, profits will smelt before their eyes, investors will be unhappy, and iphones might cost $1500 a piece. The USA is a consumer land, not a worker land/economy. You don't have the factories, you do not have the required skilled people and bringing everything over here might bankrupt even Apple. India? Have you recently checked the import/export tarrifs of India vs China? You must be crazy to think that would be a realistic alternative.
Roger didit (9 months ago)
Gwen Walravens That's not true. Apple just announced that they are bringing home their manufacturing back to the US. Think about Apple alone. They make multi BILLIONS in profit that's on their books. They can EASILY afford to hire American labor. We can just as easily hire FRIENDLY countries to do this work. India would be DELIGHTED to have cellphone manufacturing and television assembly, etc.. Stop "reminding" people of things that aren't true. https://nypost.com/2017/07/26/apple-manufacturer-to-create-3k-us-jobs-with-new-10b-factory/
Gwen Walravens (9 months ago)
Can I inform you that the US neither has the manufacturing facilities nor the know-how to create tons of electronic devices? The people, the consumers, will be paying and the American companies will have less profit. All of the silicon valley brains will stop coming to the real silicon valley (most of the people of SV aren't Americans) and go to the others in other countries, you know, like India, China, Israel, Middle east...
Bruce Chernovaski (9 months ago)
But aren’t you just shifting your deficit to India instead? What next then dumb trump? Trade with India ?
Gwen Walravens (9 months ago)
Trump's plan is to make everything in the US and stop import all together and create more export. He's just skipping a few very necessary steps. I guess that's one of the reasons Musk doesn't want to advise the POTUS anymore.
T Dutch (9 months ago)
Rogue state America, the former leader of the free world, under Dotard Trump turned into a pitiful dictatorship within one year, The world sees that and have taken their conclusions. Despite bully talk America is turned into a isolated isl just as North Korea. both rough states have more in common. both are lead by a narcist https://youtu.be/5fRhv3UkINE
Soul Element (9 months ago)
I am with China on this one
Eric ZZS. (9 months ago)
chinese went through a lot of hard times, they are not afraid of trade war or real wars. but American s are a different story.
homer30 (9 months ago)
United States, the so called advocate for free trade. LOL. What happened? Are you losing the competition? Now you impose tariff? China beat you in your own game! typical white attitude when losing! hahahaha
Mr. Boomguy (9 months ago)
He's only mad at China, because U.S. can't pay their. I got a solution. Cut the American military budget in half, and spend the remaining gained in debt.
James B (9 months ago)
Iphone will be made in India in a few years.
Santtu12 (9 months ago)
America and all Western world SHOULD STOP BUYING FROM CHINA. Why? Not because of trade deficit, but because of human rights and liberty! What are the basic values of the United States? Life, liberty and pursuit to happines. That's right, none of 'em don't happen' in today's China. China is still in 2018 country without democracy, without freedom to speech, without press freedom and without web neutrality. Government of China is leading the country without asking the people. There's just little over 10 years, when China officially stopped the one child-policy. For those who don't know what it is, it basicly meaned, that the parents could get only one child in their lifetime. So what's wrong with that? Well, the second children were killed by the chinese police. Does that sound right thing to do? China is killing opposition and the people who want freedom. Is it right, that we the people of the free world, Europe, America and Australia, buy anything from the country like that? Why is North-Korea banned, when China not? Why is north koreans lives more valuable, than the one billion chinese? WHY ARE WE SUPPORTING COUNTRY, THAT KILLS IT OWN CHILDREN? -Santeri Saarinen, from Finland
Serena Chen (4 months ago)
Why your mum gave birth to u🤣🤣🤣🤣
Journeyman (9 months ago)
No place on the planet for governments or "Islams" that want to hurt human beings I say!
Wanda King (9 months ago)
Why are you afraid of China? Ha ha

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