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IOTA explained in 2 minutes!

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For more information on IOTA please visit: http://iota.org Donations: » IOTA: FRTDWONRNOTMHJC9KSTKNDEZDPVCXMYRQIV9YBOKGEWLQDNGBWGBMCHAUQ9FZGOZKMEMZBBGLSEPASSQ9Q9VIXVHAC You can find IOTA here: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10795308 Background Music: Promising Endeavour 1 - Epidemic Sound Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to EVERYONE that donates. You make these videos possible! GIVEAWAY INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Subscribe! 2. Follow: https://twitter.com/allthingstangle 3. Retweet: https://twitter.com/allthingstangle/status/929018561678290946
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Text Comments (366)
Everything Tangle (11 months ago)
You can buy IOTA here: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10795308
Zimboiii (9 months ago)
Demand for use of the currency/platform which requires IOTA to be used.
Jonny Jones (10 months ago)
Everything Tangle so how if no fees does one make money on investing in This? Very cool.
Marcus Celsius (8 days ago)
Chris Tube (4 months ago)
I don’t understand how by holding this coin it’s ever useful to the every day man. If I don’t use it other than to hold it and sell when it is worth more. What’s the point. It’s just a stock. I want an actual usecase for me .. not an advanced crackpot future of everything story
Charlie Shin (3 months ago)
Bruh you didn’t research... it’s for the future (5-10years) every coin as of right now is speculative including bitcoin... when you “invest” in a coin it’s basically betting on becoming a use case. You didn’t read on there plans with their DLT. It will benefit all forms of business infrastructure. Data will be the new oil.
MD SYDUR RAHMAN (6 months ago)
Excellent video for iota coin market
Shane Greenup (7 months ago)
princed47130 (8 months ago)
FEES is NOT posessive -- for example, it's NOT "FEE'S" -- sheesh!
Everything Tangle (8 months ago)
You're a bit late.
Tactical Rants (8 months ago)
How do you spend time designing this graphic rich video and spell FEES with an apostrophe.
Luficarius Ratspeed (10 months ago)
So basically it's a "Pay it forward" system... literally.
Yves Nicollier (11 months ago)
great explanation
salaino channel (11 months ago)
IOTA totta !
parallel (11 months ago)
IOTA is Future.
Irish Girl Crypto (11 months ago)
Şehmus Arasan (11 months ago)
ShinJae Lee (11 months ago)
This is really amazing technology! I love IOTA!
Forever Crypto (1 year ago)
LazyLlama (1 year ago)
Saw this video in my recommendation heard of IOTA so I thought maybe this will give me a basic ran down of its tech.... Maybe I overestimate YouTube vids in general although I do come across fantastic simple explaination vids in the past but this really was a pretty dismal attempt at explaining almost anything about IOTA. The fancy animation and pleasant voice overs do nothing if you haven't got any substance to back it up like how does it create coins without miners or what is the tangle? The vid mentions that it's based on directed acyclic graphs but what is that and how does it actually work....?
LazyLlama (1 year ago)
everything tangle thanks for the extra info I will look into your other content.
Everything Tangle (1 year ago)
LazyLlama We have more explanations to come. This is our most basic explanation.. IOTA was created all at once. There are 2 quadrillion coins. The Tangle is a form of immutable distribute ledger. Everybody who makes a transaction is a miner. Your device is forced to provide pow for 2 transactions that were made before you. After it completes that task your transaction enters the Tangle. Our other videos explain this. I suggest checking those out!
Ggdivhjkjl (1 year ago)
I love IOTA! I used profits from it to diversify into 7 other cryptocurrencies so it can do whatever it wants now :) If you're with Genesis Mining, use the code "X08nQ7" to get 3% off every cloud mining contract! Also mine with Hashflare: https://hashflare.io/r/5C47FB70
Anthony Meno (1 year ago)
Buy IOTA here www.binance.com/?ref=12205709
Timothy Campbell (1 year ago)
exciting coin
JFomo (1 year ago)
Can a corrupt machine affect the network?
Joseph B. (1 year ago)
WOW! The 1st video I found that helps makes a totally cryptocurrency-absent minded newby like myself UNDERSTAND IOTA (some @ least). THANK YOU! :D
Cole (1 year ago)
How is IOTA created then with no miners?
Fatal Fury (1 year ago)
How safe to send iota from one wallet to other? Or exchange...so far I've only sent ltc and btc
加藤みずっち (1 year ago)
underrated channel, true quality, great job guys !
Aramis7 (1 year ago)
The main selling point of the crypto currencies is the inalterable / unhackable / history-keeping blockchain. There is very little -other than a 20 second mention of the "tangle"- info on how IOTA is ensuring this points on its network...
Eric Eveleens (1 year ago)
and the explanation is...?
Champions League (11 months ago)
The explanation is IOTA is the King of all crytos :)
Anirudh Rowjee (1 year ago)
What's the difference between the acyclic graph of Iota and the Hashgraph system?
Dr. House (1 year ago)
When lambo?
Champions League (11 months ago)
In 2 weeks 4 days 5 Hours 12 minutes and 21 seconds
So.. What exactly stops anyone from designing an ASIC dedicated to IOTA Hashes and taking control over the network if the intended use is just: every transaction causes the verification of 2 other ones? You would just have to have enough Hashpower for #Tx*2 which should be a piece of cake on an ASIC considering that IOTA aims to be hashable by a smartphone.
So this scenario has not been considered? Go figure..
dustin bennett (1 year ago)
To bad the iota network failed.
Champions League (11 months ago)
LOL...your brain has failed.
John Smith (1 year ago)
2018-2020 will be the years I invest most of my income to IOTA. Creating hundreds of secure seeds. IOTA makes bitcoin and blockchain look archaic.
ordinarylover (1 year ago)
So people use USD, EURO, whatever to buy bitcoins, IOTAs, whatever crypto currency...explain me again how using these crypto currencies will free us from those traditional currencies ?
Champions League (11 months ago)
Yes you are right IOTA is the future and soon people will start to trade mostly with digital money. Big companies and governments are already working together IOTA to make this happen. You are right IOTA is the best Cryto, clever guy :)
ordinarylover (1 year ago)
That is very unlike to happen...if that happens they will simply substitute traditional currencies and there will be some sort of control over it...
Everything Tangle (1 year ago)
ordinarylover I believe eventually you'll get to a point where people will no longer trade their crypto for fiat. The only way to obtain it will be work or product/commodity trade.
ordinarylover (1 year ago)
Ok I see you don´t get what a retorical question is...Let me try this way: If you need traditional currencies to buy crypto currencies...well, then traditional currencies will always exists and any flaw they have will continue to exist..
Everything Tangle (1 year ago)
Most traditional currencies are owned by "private" also disguised as "federal" banks. The currencies can be manipulated with inflation making the value of the currency less. Cryptocurrency in most cases cannot be inflated or deflated. It has a set limit. Typically there is no governing body of a crypto except in cases like Ripple who are openly centralized and crypto's like bitcoin or ether where mining pools start to control the crypto. Most of these currencies are immutable and cannot be confiscated by any governing body. The only person that can access the funds is you. This creates a massive amount of responsibility on your behalf, but many people believe in a "free" society where this is how currency should work.
IntarwebUser (1 year ago)
When will iota addresses be safely reusable? That's a feature I require from a currency.
CHE GUEVARA (1 year ago)
1Schrankwand (1 year ago)
Top video
Aaron Blank (1 year ago)
These videos are really well produced, but PLEASE stop putting an apostrophe in "fees".
원이 (1 year ago)
Are we going to use iota as currency instead of using fiat currencies? I hope so! so much better than blockchain tech.
Leonardo Parra (1 year ago)
Wth I love iota now
Squishina (1 year ago)
so basically there's no miners because the everyone is a mini miner?
OK Computer (1 year ago)
modelmark (1 year ago)
If there is no blockchain, how can you sweep a paper wallet? Don't you need all transactions to determine how much an address holds? No user stores all transactions as far as I understand
VittoGoL (1 year ago)
A congested technology
Salman Ehjail (1 year ago)
buy electronium before its too late, once its currency being applied on various exchanges sites and they launch the iPhone app it will go to the sky buyyy you stupid fools and stop listening to the agenda behind youtubers
Educate Society (1 year ago)
This video explains it all so well! Thanks for making this!
Wasim Ahmed (1 year ago)
Mayank Purohit (1 year ago)
Which video editing software are u using ? By the way great video!!
Borsa Para (1 year ago)
iota is bubble, coming soon booooommmm
Borsa Para (1 year ago)
if you invest iota, you are crazy
Borsa Para (1 year ago)
it is comedy, who is David Sønstebø, i have never seen alive him.
pakonicoco (1 year ago)
The true value of crypto is the block chain technology, how is this better than that?
Victor Hugo (1 year ago)
set up a demo account on Libertex guys, so you are ready to trigger and go live at 11k
Ashish Solanki (1 year ago)
If there is no mining than who generates IOTA? Who makes decisions how many IOTA to be generated and when?
Everything Tangle (1 year ago)
IOTA maximum supply has already been distributed. There are 2.7 Quadrillion IOTA's. You can buy a million of them for roughly 3$
Andrew Allen (1 year ago)
2018 will be a great year for iota
Bobby Evans (1 year ago)
RaiBlocks is just as good, if not better, but only valued at 500 million market cap. That means that it will 20x
Everything Tangle (1 year ago)
- IOTA's vision is machine-to-machine communication, commerce, data storage and to become the premier protocol of IoT devices. RaiBlocks’ focus is on reliable, quick peer-to-peer payments and rapid exchange transfers for arbitrage.
mikeyb (1 year ago)
everything tangle It definitely is worth comparing the two. Iota sucks compared to Raiblocks. Makes it look already outdated.
Everything Tangle (1 year ago)
Bobby Evans Raiblocks has a completely different use case than iota. It's not worth comparing the two.
Flisker (1 year ago)
One question, nobody seems to address with most new coins and that is : Why is the coin used for ? Meaning, if I buy some IOTA coins, what can I spend them on ? If there are no fees, than what do I do with the coin ? What's the coin worth ? Why would i buy the coin ? Could anyone please help me out with this ? I have same question on EOS and others for example.
colinwoodsy (1 year ago)
Isn't this the same principle as Hashgraph?
steve tang (1 year ago)
Do we have a winner?
Guy Goddard (1 year ago)
It just makes sense
SanktGallus (1 year ago)
Everything Tangle (1 year ago)
SanktGallus would you like to elaborate
Jamin Hübner (1 year ago)
Universa and iota will probably crush all the competitors.
Norman Choplin (1 year ago)
There is one thing that i still do not understand in cryptocurrency, how a currency can transfer any other things than money ? Such as information, is that so impossible to create an algorithm which do the same things directly implemented in connected object ?
Henrique Florêncio (1 year ago)
Iota is awesome! I did a transaction with it and just after a small amount of 5 reattachments, many more broadcasts and twelve hours of wait it arrived on the destination wallet. I can relate to this video: the fear has no taxes! To anyone who wants to give it a try I recommend to do some transactions with it. It is an adventure!
fragment lab (1 year ago)
Still I love this content, such a good piece of com-design. Would you like to explain the "Tangel Coordinator", how he works, what he does, why he is necessary at this stage of IOTA? I'd love to see this.
Everything Tangle (1 year ago)
I thought about doing this, unfortunately I decided against it. I want my content to have longevity. The coordinator is super computer that houses a portion the tangle to keep it safe. The tangle needs to grow until it can support itself, once it can the coordinator will be removed. IOTA has worked successfully and flawlessly on occasion without assistance of the COO. Making a video on it would be a waste of time, as the COO will be removed rendering the video useless on that day. Glad you like the content!
Evren Yiğit (1 year ago)
Anıl Aykaş (1 year ago)
Thanks for the great videos here! Even if I don't win, still had the opportunuty to participate.
Lucas S. G. (1 year ago)
Seems a bit confusing to talk about directed acyclic graphs by showing an animation of a "moving" cyclic undirected graph. Aside from that, great video! Really looking forward to the full development of this coin.
Waseem Armaan (1 year ago)
join free- https://www.binance.com/?ref=12552700
Hapra Darson (1 year ago)
amazing video.. easy to understand as always!
No fees? Iota is the future.
Gentian Basha (1 year ago)
Hopefully I win the context. I do follow you on tweeter under GentMIOTA user name.
maG F (1 year ago)
Iota for the future
Hernán Tenorio (1 year ago)
Hernán Tenorio (1 year ago)
Hernán Tenorio (1 year ago)
Hernán Tenorio (1 year ago)
Hernán Tenorio (1 year ago)
Hernán Tenorio (1 year ago)
Leandro Pamplona (1 year ago)
Why I cannot withdraw iota from binance exchange?
World Truth (1 year ago)
zimnojest bardzo (1 year ago)
OK, how do You want to ecourage users to install notes? Because without nodes there is no speed. If more them better. So how do You plan to do this if there is no reward for setting up a node?
btchard (1 year ago)
I hope i will win my first IOTA
Sergio (1 year ago)
How do you prevent bad actors in the network if there are no fees? What if there is a planned DoS attack to the network how are you supposed to stop this? It looks like there is no way to penalize them.
M Haley (1 year ago)
IOTA ftw, can't wait until its easier to buy in the states
Alitzel & Joshua (1 year ago)
What is a GI?
Dr. House (1 year ago)
Max Self anybody else read this as “three dollars and fifty dollars?”
Max Self (1 year ago)
1000 miotas. 1 miota is currently 3.50 dollars.
Rugved Mahamune (1 year ago)
IOTA is the conquerer of 7 kingdoms.
making blockchain almost obsolete ...great...watta great technology....
Lau taro (1 year ago)
And don't forget to tell about the serious security issues it has because the creators choose to use a self-made encryption instead of using a proved one.
Will It Break? (1 year ago)
1000 Gi will be worth a lot more in the years to come. What is underappreciated is the growth and potential of the Internet of things. Best of luck to all.
CipherBytes (1 year ago)
Sorry but mining is popular. I know the tech is good but that average dummy doesn't care about it, nor are they even going to try to understand it. They understand one thing and one thing only; how do I make money from it!. No mining? Pssssssssst that is what motivated the whole crypto thing in the first place. Let's list out the benefits IOTA claims and see why they're not the big deal they think.: 1. Fast transactions - Other alt coins already have this. 2. None/Lower fees - Other alt coins already have low fees and frankly no one gives a damn about no fee if it means no mining! Plus there is a hidden fee. (buying into it). 3. Future tech - Ummm the average person doesn't even understand the command line in Windows....they DON'T CARE! The Pet Rock had no tech and no purpose and look how well it sold. 4. No mining - This is not a positive. Overall the community likes mining. They like making money providing a service. Deny it all you want but if you cannot please the mining community, you've just cut out a big portion of the community that would support this. If there is no mining, then who is getting all the profits from initial sales of IOTA? Who's taking $ to convert into virtual currency? Bingo! (that hidden fee or should we just call it 100% pre-mining?). Plus, you expect people to handle transactions of other people for free? Good luck with pass the buck!
CipherBytes (1 year ago)
Max Self (1 year ago)
then you need to do more research, because your wrong.
CipherBytes (1 year ago)
I disagree. I think the mining is what is driving everything.
Max Self (1 year ago)
no mining is a massive positive. It is why the transactions are free.. Yes other coins have low transactions, but people will always choose free over even tiny fee's. Iota is the only currency that is completely free to use! If the founders of iota achieve all their goals, there will be many big companies wanting a piece of this tech. And that will create a solid foundation for massive, stable growth in the future..
NO Reply (1 year ago)
So what would happen to the world of everyone is a Millionaire?! Who is going to be a farmer? Where does the bread come from? What can you do with the money after that?
LutheV (1 year ago)
Retweeted and Subscribed! Twt- @LutheV_ To the future!
Conway79 (1 year ago)
So what's the best way to buy this in the UK?
Xi Xu (1 year ago)
Good idea, but the founders are liars and push fake news about to pump the price.
Chris Martinez (1 year ago)
The matrix is real
Daniel Molina (1 year ago)
I’m really really intrigued by IOTA. I literally just got into crypto currency at the beginning of this week and I’m still learning about it all. When I came across IOTA, idk it just seems like the next step, but what do I know, I’m a noobie. Still tho, my eyes are on you IOTA
Stefan SR (1 year ago)
Hi guys, can anyone tell me where and how I can buy Iota? I am from Hungary if it matters. Thanks in advance
The main exchanges where you can buy Iota are Bitfinex and Binance. As reported by some online media, Bitfinex could have some problem so it might not be trusted: https://medium.com/@bitfinexed/the-mystery-of-the-bitfinex-tether-bank-and-why-this-is-suspicious-a8a6407a1241 Bitfinex also seems to have problems with delays in processing transactions. So it seems safer at this moment to choose Binance to buy Iota. In addition, now you can buy on Binance with 50% discount trading fee: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10702733 To store your tokens, you can download the Iota wallet: https://github.com/iotaledger/wallet/releases
Rolly Barc (1 year ago)
I hope to get even a consolation price....lol

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