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The Biggest Reason Why 90% of Retail Traders Lose Money

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Text Comments (13)
Ioannis Lazaridis (4 months ago)
He made me laugh tears !!!! Thanks and God bless you Mr. Kreil !
Public Ally (5 months ago)
and this video has only 9k views, no lambo for you guys
2069 (8 months ago)
Mr.Kreil, you are making a great content! I am your subscriber and a big fan! I have chosen you to be my mentor (for the moment it's enough for me to learn from you via your YOUTUBE videos). Frankly speaking, it is impossible to learn trading via cources, seminars etc. The only way to become a trader that lives his dreamlife and actually makes money from trading - is an insane hardwork on trading discipline! The one who you need to "beat" in trading - is yourself. YOU are the most dangerous enemy for yourself in trading (hope you understand what I am talking about). Mr.Kreil in his videos shows his lifestyle and how it is cool to be a trader. But you are hardly ever, even for a second, would have realised, how hard it is to do what he is doing... and what he had to overcome on the road to his own success. Don't be like a naive kitten - there is practically no chance that you will become a profitable trader. And there is a 100% chance that you could become a better trader if you listen to what Mr.Kreil is teaching you! Remember: he could show you the door, but YOU must enter it by yourself!
Scott Sycamore (9 months ago)
So then WHAT is the proper way to trade according to Kreil???
Harvey Parry (4 months ago)
Buy his educational course, shows you how to build a systematic process based on fundamentals and then gatekeeping for timing alongside risk management that 80 percent of hedge funds and investment banks use
Public Ally (5 months ago)
there is no proper way to trade
Joseph p (6 months ago)
Yep how
Dawgggyyy Dawg (9 months ago)
Tim Sykes is the master of bullshit
Adam Botha (9 months ago)
Is the guy in the front row sleeping when he asks the question haha
CycleWithChris (9 months ago)
solid audience. His audience on youtube is a little better, I'm only half asleep :)
Mr. Flo (9 months ago)
That guy is killing it and sleeps 😂😂
Steve Austin (9 months ago)
This dude is right..dont just follow the line but look for structure around it
Candelo (9 months ago)
In other words do the opposite of the advise being give.

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