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Trading Price Action like a Pro... Technical Indicators

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Welcome to the 4th instalment in my trading price action like a pro series. This video teaches how a professional price action trader may use technical indicators to compliment his or her price action analysis. Follow me! Facebook @lovethepips Twitter @lovethepips Price Action Trading learn more at www.love-the-pips.com Forex Trading Signals www.love-the-pips.com
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sk karim (2 months ago)
thnk u fr the stuff...god bless u
Samuel Morton (2 months ago)
Thank you
Gaius Caligula (11 months ago)
It's not about the system, it's all about money management. With EUR/USD for example you can flip a coin and say heads for a buy and tails for a sell. Flip that coin at least 100 times and you get near to a 1:1 ratio. With the right money management this alone can be profitable. Cut your losers and let your winners run.
Akshay Jade (11 months ago)
Nice video sir it is necessary to put pivot line while using price action or we can draw manually support and resistance which is better
Samuel Morton (11 months ago)
You are not always going to be right Akshay. You may also need to improve your strategy - a hammer at support is not enough to have a profitable strategy.
Akshay Jade (11 months ago)
Samuel Morton thank you sir today i after downtrend traded near support after hammer pattern but it's gon short side why ?
Samuel Morton (11 months ago)
It depends on the trader. I personally use manual support and resistance. I don't use pivot points.
Steve Austin (11 months ago)
Hi Samuel. Nice video! I have been a student for 18 months now and would like to ask you a couple of questions. Do you look for a fib level such as the 61.8 as a confluencing factor before considering a trade and how many entry reasons must there be before committing yourself? and do you go to lower time frames and look for patterns around the EMA's to pinpoint possible entries? Thanks.
Samuel Morton (11 months ago)
Hi Toma. I personally don't use Fib levels but they can be a useful part of a trading strategy. How many reasons? I first identify which direction I wish to trade. I guess there are 6-7 reasons why I would enter a trade from there. I do go to lower time-frames from analysis of the daily or weekly (1 hour & 4 hour) but not with every trade. I hope this helps Toma. My course will tech you the specifics of how I trade. Sam.
Maksudjon Mallabaev (11 months ago)
Samuel>>Great videos. I watched all of them Question: Are you trading as well or focusing to video making?
Maksudjon Mallabaev (11 months ago)
Iam waiting for your videos buddy !
Samuel Morton (11 months ago)
I mainly trade, hence why I don't upload videos too often. You can follow my trades and performance on my website - www.love-the-pips.com. Thanks for watching.
Dabuggerman (11 months ago)
Thank you Samuel. Another Great Video
Samuel Morton (11 months ago)
Thanks for the support

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