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IOTA (MIOTA) Adoption Rate will Increase on a Scale Never Seen Before _ Founder

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Marcello Hansen (2 months ago)
its as great as this article i have seen. carvertical bringing internet of things into life with benefits! https://www.carvertical.com/blog/autonomous-future-bringing-iot-benefits-to-everyday-life
Dodie Mansour (2 months ago)
The application of IOTA is being implemented brilliantly in carvertical as i read this article and it caught me. carvertical.c0m/blog/autonomous-future-bringing-iot-benefits-to-everyday-life
Brasse Au Max (2 months ago)
Source ?
G Pach (2 months ago)
22 trillion dollars in debt. Best economy ever. Just like the Trump empire. Borrow money and spend it like a drunken sailor working a stolen credit card. Wash, rinse repeat, and own the laundry. The unwashed will pay for it all.

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